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Welcome to UTP, Malaysia

A guide for beginners

Majid Ali Wassan

Education is the only solution to bring peace, happiness and light among any society. History reminds us that only those nations have got successes who have kept the priority of education as their first choice. I am writing this article for all those students who wish to come in UTP(University Teknologi PETRONAS), Malaysia to continue their education for MSc/PhD on the scholarship. Usually there are two ways to get admission for MSc/PhD. a) Online application: For online submission of documents you have to get approval letter from the supervisor under whose supervision you want to work. You may visit the profile of different expertise for supervision, to do so follow these steps; Visit this site choose the Faculty option then choose department of your choice about organization chart(download this one). In this chart you will find name of different expertise, copy the name and paste in this site per&Itemid=451 to study the profile of that expert. Keep finding the profile of different teachers and choose that one who is concern with area of your interest. Prepare your research proposal according to area of your supervisor. You may write a good research proposal if you have read certain number of research papers minimum 10 and maximum 20 for research proposal. Follow the pattern of research paper given by UTP site. Once you finished your research

proposal writing send it to your supervisor that you have chosen. Pray to Allah and serve your parents InshaAllah you will be approved. Try to make your communication as good as possible. After getting your approval letter you may send it with your rest of documents to this address b) Appearing for live Interview. Generally there is the UTP Expert Team who visit different countries and pick the diamonds for their research and only those are chosen who are God Blessed. Therefore, you must get up to date knowledge about this or team at by registrar mailing mailing at . Face to face appearing for interview is little bit comfortable as compare to online application. You have to show all your documents to the expert. Especially it is your proposal about which he asked or about your study background and your research interest. If you got approval letter from your proposed supervisor then you can submit it there. In Face to face interview there is little bit relaxation regarding research proposal and approval letter, therefore you should keep face to face interview as your top choice. But processes for both are almost similar. Following are the steps to get financial assistances here; 1. Prepare all your documents for admission as per the requirement. You can visit for the application procedure; cle&id=79&Itemid=2991 2. In Hand-written essay you have to write the; (i) area of interest; (ii) scope of your field and; (iii) reason for applying. address

3. Research proposal according to the hint given in the web site. If you have not the research proposal then send it latter to the university email address. 4. English certificate from your university can be used instead of IELTS and TOFEL. 5. You may send your passport after month of interview but not later than that. 6. If you have not get all the documents from concern institutes but you have your degree and transcript then you can still appear in the interview but you must collect all those documents before their final decision that will be announced after 2 months. Note: For further up-to-date information you must keep yourself in contact with admission faculty. One more thing this is processes for applying in PETRONAS but process for applying in other universities is about same. It is rough format for all new candidates who wish to come in coming semester. Best of luck Wa salam o alaikum wa Rehmatullah What I need just pray for my Emaan and Strong Yaqeen. Only your brother Majid.