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A Blast from the Past: A Suggested Narrative

How Obama is Born in Kenya and yet has a
Hawaiian Birth Registration Record
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Felony Federal Crimes Have Been Committed by Obama. Click on Image for the

What Other U.S. President in History Has Government Officials and Family
Members in a Foreign Country Saying He was Born There. None Until Obama!

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A Blast from the Past: A Suggested

Narrative How Obama is physically
Born in Kenya but still Obtains Hawaiian
Birth Registration Record
By: CDR Kerchner (Ret) Originally Posted Online: Sat Jul 11 2009 @ 4:13 pm
Updated: Mar 04 2012, Jun 9 2013, and again Sep 26 2015 Re-posted on my blog
Mon Sep 26 2015

First, a comment about my narrative: Very little about Obamas early life narrative
has not been subject to constant changed and revision by Obama himself during
various stages of his adult life prior to running for high national office to suit his
then current agenda and objectives. As a genealogist of many decades experience
and familiar with putting together such things as proven data, unproven data,
records, statements of relatives, and other tidbits about a person over time to form a
plausible narrative to explain the alleged facts given the information in hand at
the moment of writing, and always subject to update as more facts are discovered
which support or dispute the suggested narrative, I cogitated on the facts about
Obama as known to me from early 2008 until the early summer of 2009 and finally
wrote this in June 2009 to try and explain things. I thought Id re-post this
suggested narrative, with updates, to try to explain events weve seen to-date
regarding the Usurper in the Oval Office. If you have Twitter, Facebook, and email
lists, feel free to tweet or forward this narrative to others. Thanks.

A proposed narrative to explain the

various seemingly conflicting statements
by various people made about Obamas
birth in Kenya and birth records in
By: CDR Charles Kerchner (Ret) written 11 Jul 2009
and last updated on 26 Sep 2015

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Underage U.S. teenager in Hawaii gets pregnant via a significantly older married man
and foreign national from Kenya which would have been a very unusual event in 1961.
Mother of teenager is in total shock over the event as would have been many mothers
of teenage girls getting pregnant in 1961 and says to her daughter you have ruined
your life and will make going to college much harder for yourself and convinces the
teenage girl to accept the suggestion of Obama Sr. that she should go to Kenya in the
2nd trimester or early 3rd trimester of her pregnancy with the plan to give up the baby
to the Kenyan natural family and relatives of the natural father of the child to be raised
in Kenya by them.
Mother travels to Kenya either directly from Hawaii or via Canada. If she was indeed
married to Obama Sr. as claimed she would have been able to get a British passport as
the wife of a British Subject, Obama Sr. Traveling via Canada would allow her easier
access to Kenya since as the spouse of a British Subject she would be flying from one
British Commonwealth nation, Canada, to a British Colony. That would make travel to
and entry into Kenya much easier. And getting into and out of Canada to and from the
USA for an American citizen (the mother) was easy back in 1961.
The Kenyan paternal step-grandmother of the child attends Obamas birth in Kenyan
hospital in Mombasa Kenya and is ready to take custody of the child and raise the child
for the foot-loose and fancy-free natural father with multiple wives. [Note: The Kenyan
paternal step-grandmother Sarah Obama has stated she was there at the birth of
Obama II in Kenya and held him in her arms in Mombasa Hospital and also stated at
another time that the President of the United States passed through her hands. The
birth in Kenya of Obama II is corroborated by many statements by Kenyan government
officials such as the Kenyan Ambassador to the USA who stated on a radio show that
Obama was born in Kenya. Also several members of the Kenyan Assembly stated such
on the record and it is recorded in the minutes of their Assembly meetings.] Many more
examples stating Obama was born in Kenya such his own published biography in 1991
and by many other people and many other publications over many years prior to
Obama deciding to run for President in 2007 are found at this link.
After the birth of her child in Kenya, the U.S. teenage mother is supposed to return to
Hawaii without her child, or fly directly to Washington State, or fly to Washington
State via Vancouver, Canada, leaving the child with the natural fathers family in
Kenya and restart her life back in Hawaii and/or in college in Washington State minus
the child and go to college, re-starting her life anew. In 1961, a pregnant teenage
girl giving up a child to restart their lives anew was not unusual.
But nature and maternal instincts throws the plan a curve ball. Maternal instincts kick
in and mother cannot leave the baby in Kenya, either due to pure maternal instincts or
in seeing the poor conditions in Kenya that her child would be raised in with a mostly
absentee father over there. Thus she changes her moms plan and she takes the baby
and Kenyan hospital birth certificate issued by the Mombasa Hospital to the American
Embassy or consulate in Kenya and shows them the Kenyan Birth Certificate for her

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child and explains the baby was born unexpectedly in Kenya while there visiting her
husbands family. U.S. officials then stamp her passport as traveling with an infant
Mother gets on plane or ship carrying the child and travels back to Hawaii and appears
at the airport or port upon arrival with the new baby in tow, or to Washington State, or
to Vancouver, Canada, and calls her mother in Hawaii telling her what she did, much
to the shock of her mother, the childs U.S. grandmother. Baby easily is passed
through U.S. entry officials due to the U.S. Embassy stamp on mothers passport and
the supporting Kenyan birth certificate showing her, a U.S. citizen, is the mother, or
Obamas mom brings him across the border from Vancouver, Canada, to Washington
State to start college in the fall of 1961.
The date of arrival back in the USA is on or about 4 Aug 1961. Obama II would likely
be a few weeks old by that time putting his real date of birth sometime in mid or early
July 1961 in Kenya.
Childs U.S. grandmother is very much beside herself at this change in plans by her
daughter, the mother of the child. The childs grandmother then knowing or learning
from legal advisers how lax Hawaiian birth registration laws were in 1961, then cooks
up a plan and scheme with the childs mother, to lie to Hawaiian officials and swear
and sign an affidavit at the birth registry office that the child was born in Hawaii at
home on 4 Aug 1961, the circa date of return to the USA and not the real date of birth,
with no witnesses but them, in order to get the child U.S. citizenship (a highly desirable
status) to make future travel and life easier on the family and new child.
They committed this fraud and lie and cover-up simply to gain U.S. citizenship for the
child, a highly coveted status for any child, not knowing that this child might someday
grow up and try to become the President and thus risk having their fraud, plans, and
lies exposed.
Birth registration office then routinely issues the announcements to the two
newspapers, as was the offices custom at the time, i.e., to send the papers lists of
babies birth registrations, of the birth event which at its source was only based on the
false sworn testimony of the grandmother or mother. If the mother was not in Hawaii
at the time, the grandmother may have even forged Stanley Ann (nee Dunham)
Obamas signature on the affidavit since there is no independent corroborative
evidence that Stanley Ann Dunham Obama was even in Hawaii in Aug 1961. There
are on pre-natal care records or post-natal care records for Obama with any doctor,
nurse, or mid-wife in Hawaii. There is no record of Stanley Ann Dunham Obama
being in HI or anywhere in the USA from circa the very early spring of 1961 until she
shows up in Seattle WA with her infant child in late Aug or early Sep 1961. Thus the
birth notices in the newspapers are not independent data; they came from the same
source, the false sworn statements from the mother and/or grandmother that the child
Obama II was born in Hawaii, that is registered as born at the grandparents home in
HI with no independent third-party witnesses or medical attendants, when he was

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actually not born in HI. HI birth registration laws were so lax back then that this was
easily done. Few if any would question such a registration back then.
Thus under this narrative the birth records in the vaults in Hawaii may be simply
sworn affidavits of the mother and grandmother saying Obama was born at home with
no witnesses, all based on lies and fraud, which seems to be a common occurrence with
Mr. Os entire life. Obamas birth may be REGISTERED as having occurred in
Hawaii, but he was not physically born there. And any current information currently
in the records of the Health Dept in HI may have been added via later amendments
upon Obamas adoption by Lolo Soetoro or amended by Obama himself as a politically
well connected adult (a U.S. Senator). Such adult amendments would permitted by law
to correct or flesh out the original limited (and likely falsified) record, especially
from an adult with a powerful law firm backing his political aspirations and to help
him. Or as has been alleged by many, when Obama sought high political national
office, additional forged documents were secreted into the HI Health Dept records to
protect Obama the presidential contender to cover-up his birth registration fraud and
other birth registration and certificate fraud that is alleged to be going on in HI similar
to what was uncovered and exposed in Hudson County NJ.
Also there is this to consider, a couple years into Obama IIs early life, he may have
been legally adopted by Lolo Soetoro in Hawaii (with those records hidden to us like
many other records for Obama). Lolo was the 2nd husband of Stanley Ann Dunham
Obama. Thus, Obamas legal name of record in the Hawaiian system is now still
Barry Soetoro or Soebarkah, or something else. Thus Obama cannot show the world
what Hawaiian authorities are sending him and thus the need to forge and alter
documents before proffering them to the world via the internet images to conceal from
the public what was in the original records and how they got there AND the fact that
there have been amendments made at various times. Possibly he was quietly and
secretly working to have his named changed back to Barack Hussein Obama II in the
Hawaii system and/or circa 2007-2009 even having an amended birth certificate
entered into the Hawaiian Health Department system to support Obamas own selfcreated life narrative. That would allow the HI authorities to say in a carefully parsed
and worded statement that the birth records in their possession match the data that
Obama has put out. It may now now match for key points in Obamas created life
narrative, but it did not prior to Obama probably amending his birth records in the HI
system (i.e., whatever original was filed in 1961 and subsequent adoption changes
made a few years later). He likely decided to file the amended birth record after he
decided to run for President. Thus one would expect to find more than one
amendment of the his original birth registration which was likely a falsified
registration using the lax birth registration laws in HI. Also notice that the HI
authorities never say that the PDF document on the White House servers is an
identical 100% true and correct copy of exactly what they have in their birth record
system in HI. The HI authorities are into this cover-up for Obama up to their eyeballs
but they still are trying to maintain plausible deniability by carefully parsing their
statements and letters to those who inquire and those that they choose to answer and
not just ignore.

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Members of Kenyas Parliament state on the record and it is recorded in the Assembly
Minutes that Obama was born in Kenya
When the truth and facts do finally come out, it will be interesting to see how close this
suggested narrative using the facts, data, statements, which we now have access to
from two sides of the world, which I have analyzed as an experienced genealogist and
composed this narrative to fit that data in hand thus far, actually fits the reality of what
happened back in the spring and summer of 1961.
This suggested narrative is thus hereby offered to the world to explain events and facts
as revealed thus far. It is subject to change as new facts emerge. Questions, comments,
and feedback are welcome OBOT [Obama Zombie Robot, aka OZBOT]
disinformation and misinformation spreading types excepted of course. The OBOTS
are reminded to re-read the blog rules near the bottom of the right frame.
Get a PDF file and printer friendly copy of this report here:
CDR Charles Kerchner (Ret)
Lehigh Valley PA USA
P.S. A radio show appearance I did back in August 2009 in which I explained much
of the above on air to Bill Cunningham as I had it formulated in my mind then
which is of course updated above: CDR Kerchner (Ret) on Bill Cunningham Show
WLW 700 Cincinnati OH Aug 2009

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P.P.S. Obamas short-form Certification of Live Birth (COLB) placed online in

June 2008 is a computer created forgery:
P.P.P.S. Obamas long-form Birth Certificate and other key identity documents
are forged per Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio cold case posse investigation:
P.P.P.P.S. Of course no matter where he was born he can never be a natural born
Citizen of the United States since his father was a foreign national, not even an
immigrant, and never a Citizen of the United States. Read why here: Citizen at
Birth is not logically identically equal to a natural born Citizen at Birth
The American people will never knowingly adopt Socialism. But under the name of
liberalism they will adopt every fragment of the Socialist program, until one day
America will be a Socialist nation without knowing how it happened. Ronald Reagan
alerting us to Norman Thomas and the socialist/progressives long-term stealth
agenda to transform the USA from a constitutional republic into a top-down, central
controlled, socialist form of government.