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Project Report On


Submitted in Partial Fulfilment for the Award of the Diploma of Post Graduate Diploma in Management (Session 2009-11)

Submitted to: Mrs. Surabhi Singh

Submitted By: OM PRAKASH OJHA Roll No PGD 09042 PGDM VI Trimester-Sec-A

INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT STUDIES, NOIDA A UGC Recognized Institute A-8B, Plot C, Sector-62, Noida


I OM PRAKASH OJHA bearing Roll No PGD 09042 Class PGDM of the Institute of Management Studies, Noida hereby declare that the Project Report-607 entitled Airtel is an original work and the same has not been submitted to any other Institute for the award of any other diploma. The suggestions as approved by the faculty were duly incorporated.

Signature of Student

Countersigned Signature of Faculty Guide

CONTENT Acknowledgement Executive summary Company profile Vision and promises CSR of company Business Services Investor relations Company current situation Award and recognitions Organisation structure Corporate governance Board of directors SWOT Analysis Company`s plan Group link Findings Recommendations` Conclusion Bibliography 4 5 6 8 9 13 18 21 23 25 26 27 28 30 31 34 35 36 37 38


It is more a liability for me to owe my deep sense of acknowledgement and gratitude to the faculty of my department, who has lent me esteemed support in his endeavour. I would like to pay my gratitude to Mrs Surabhi Singh for helping through throughout the course curriculum for the success of the event. I am deeply indebted as, every stands on its own nerves, which lies beneath the skin, and his work is no exception; the person who is constantly seen into my success, is my guide Mrs. Surbhi Sinha she is not only my guide but also a constant motivator. Lastly, I have the pleasure of presenting Project Report to my department of PGDM (IMS, Noida ) and thankful to them for their kind consideration and timely responses.


Executive Summary
The project was carried out for Bharti Airtel Limited, which is one of the leading Telecom company. PRIMARY OBJECTIVES : To identify the market standing of the airtel limited with its competitive telecom companies. To study and analyze the perception status and the movement of the airtel services. SECONDARY OBJECTIVES :-

Find out the potential customers, who can be very beneficial for the company. To make aware the customer about companys services and to educate them and aware about the different benefits . To have a healthy conversation with custoumer to build a good relationship, to find out the problem related with the service of the company. To motivate the customer towards companys services and to collect the meaningful suggestion for company betterment. To study the present, past and response of customer towards the services of airtel.

Telecom giant Bharti Airtel is the flagship company of Bharti Enterprises. The Bharti Group, has a diverse business portfolio and has created global brands in the telecommunication sector. Bharti has recently forayed into retail business as Bharti Retail Pvt. Ltd. under a MoU with Wal-Mart for the cash & carry business. It has successfully launched an international venture with EL Rothschild Group to export fresh agri products exclusively to markets in Europe and USA and has launched Bharti AXA Life Insurance Company Ltd under a joint venture with AXA, world leader in financial protection and wealth management. Airtel comes to you from Bharti Airtel Limited, Indias largest integrated and the first private telecom services provider with a footprint in all the 23 telecom circles. Bharti Airtel since its inception has been at the forefront of technology and has steered the course of the telecom sector in the country with its world class products and services. The businesses at Bharti Airtel have been structured into three individual strategic business units (SBUs) - Mobile Services, Airtel Telemedia Services & Enterprise Services. The mobile business provides mobile & fixed wireless services using GSM technology across 23 telecom circles while the Airtel Telemedia Services business offers broadband & telephone services in 95 cities. The Enterprise services provide endto-end telecom solutions to corporate customers and national & international long distance services to carriers. All these services are provided under the Airtel brand


Airtel was born free, a force unleashed into the market with a relentless and unwavering determination to succeed. A spirit charged with energy, creativity and a team driven to seize the day with an ambition to become the most globally admired telecom service. Airtel, in just ten years of operations, rose to the pinnacle of achievement. As India's leading telecommunications company Airtel brand has played the role as a major catalyst in India's reforms, contributing to its economic resurgence. Today we touch peoples lives with our Mobile services, Telemedia services, to connecting India's leading 1000+ corporates. We also connect Indians living in USA, UK and Canada with our callhome service.


By 2010 Airtel will be the most admired brand in India: Loved by more customers Targeted by top talent Benchmarked by more businesses We at Airtel always think in fresh and innovative ways about the needs of our customers and how we want them to feel. We deliver what we promise and go out of our way to delight the customer with a little bit more

Corporate Social Responsibility

At Bharti, CSR is a way of life. Each department and employee strives to be sensitive to the stakeholders and environment within their work context. Bharti encourages employees to take decisions and design business-linked processes that are sensitive to communitiesandenvironment. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in Bharti encompasses much more than only social outreach programs. It is an integral part of the way Bharti conducts its business. The essence of Bhartis commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility is embedded in the Corporate Values, which stem from its deepest held beliefs. These Values are: 1. To be responsive to the needs of our customers 2. To trust and respect our employees 3. To continuously improve our services innovatively and expeditiously 4. To be transparent and sensitive in our dealings with all stakeholders We encourage our employees to take decisions and design business processes, keeping in mind the following: Ethics, fairness and being correct Meeting and going beyond compliances and legal requirements Showing respect and sensitivity towards stakeholders and communities, and Nurturing the environment We practice our CSR beliefs and commitments through a three-pronged approach: Engaging with stakeholders Ensuring stakeholder sensitive policies and practices Undertaking programs for our employees, community and environment

We believe that one of the most important drivers of growth and success for any organization is its people. At Bharti Airtel, our Mantra for employee delight focuses on 5 Ps- People, Pride, Passion, Processes and Performance. Bharti Airtel has been recognized among the Best Employers in the Country for two successive years being 14th in 2003 & jumping ahead of several other large conglomerates to an enviable position of the 2nd Best Employer in the Country in 2004. This is a clear demonstration & acknowledgement of the robust, progressive, people as well as business aligned Human Resource practices, which the organization has developed and implemented remarkably in a very short span of time. Bharti Airtel follows an open door policy to approach the management, which helps resolve issues with mutual agreements. We encourage people to stand up against any unfair treatment for which we have the Office of the Ombudsman, where employees can raise any issues regarding business and workplace conduct. Bharti ensures transparency through the various communication policies, strategies and plans. . Regular Employee Communication Forums provides a platform for the employees to raise issues that require resolution. Our leaders strongly believe in facilitating and initiating activities that help employees manage their health and well-being. Our focus always remains to redefine leadership; we develop leaders who enable performance and inspire their people to unleash their potential. Our people orientation reflects in our vision of being targeted by top talent, and a key aspect of our business focus building a best-in-class leadership team that nurtures talent at every level. Employee friendly HR policies have been put in place, which amply reflect the organizations concern for its people. Some typical examples of these policies and practices include a family-day at office, half day leave for birthdays, gifts for anniversaries, compulsory 10 days off, festival celebration with family, no official meetings on weekends, five day weeks, concierge services, call centre engagement programs etc. These care policies and practices are applied across the organizational levels without any discrimination. From self-management workshops to aerobics sessions, yoga classes to provision of relaxation/meditation rooms, we ensure that every employee keeps a check on his/her fitness. Tie-ups with leading health service organizations enable our employees to undertake periodical health check-ups depending upon their age. This facility is also extended to employee family members at discounted rates. The company provides Flexible Group Mediclaim insurance to all employees, covering all kinds of illnesses, accidents and hospital coverage for serious ailments. Apart from these specific engagements, we regularly organize health check up camps, eye check-up camps and stress management sessions. Some of our offices have opened gymnasiums/fitness facilities to ensure that the fitness fanatics do not have to worry about time constraints 10

to remain fit. At many of our locations, we have hired psychologists who undertake personal counselling sessions for employees. Bharti Airtel offers a flexible compensation structure to its employees wherein the employees have the flexibility to structure their fixed component of their compensation according to their requirements within the ambit of legislation. Our Performance Linked Incentive (PLI) schemes are linked with the variable component of our compensation structure. This component is linked to both the individual performance against his/ her set KRAs (Key Result Areas) and the overall performance of the business entity that an employee belongs to. Our leaders and managers understand the need to bring clarity to employees about how their roles, goals and actions align the realization of organizations vision and goals. The mechanisms like Performance Management System (PMS) and Talent Management Process (TMP) are the key sources of identifying the training needs of the employees and check to competency levels for promotion. Environment, Health and Safety At Bharti we believe in the philosophy to refuse, reduce, reuse and recycle. The company has taken many initiatives in this regard, both within the offices for the benefit of our employees; and for outside world for the convenience of the people Few examples of the initiatives taken are mentioned below: (a) Most of the new Airtel buildings recycle waste water for sanitary and cooling of equipment purposes e.g. DG sets and AC systems. These buildings also have rain water harvesting systems for ground water replenishment where appropriate. (b) All Airtel offices have energy efficient light fittings and DG sets. We also ensure automation that enables energy savings in our buildings. Building Management System (BMS) Intelligent Building concept is being followed in all the new Airtel building and campuses that are coming up. The BMS controls The Heating, Ventilation and Airconditioning (HVAC) system,, electricity load management, water management, parking management, security and safety systems to ensure an efficiently run building on optimal resources. (c) New buildings also incorporate the concept of and Energy Wheel which optimises energy efficiency in buildings. The AC system in our buildings adds a certain amount of fresh air periodically; In the process of adding this fresh air the cool air within the building vents out which may result into higher usage of energy to bring the cooling/ temperature back. The Energy Wheel concept ensures that as we bring the fresh air in it is pre-cooled thereby optimizing energy efficiency. (d) Air quality is checked periodically in all Bharti Airtel offices, and based on the results, duct cleaning, carpet cleaning, chair and sofa shampooing is undertaken. Water quality is also monitored in cooling towers for DG sets and Air Conditioner systems so that water born diseases such as legionella, etc. are avoided.


(e) Use of air curtains on major office exits and double glazing also results in significant energy saving. (f)At the time of oil change in DG sets etc. the discarded oil for disposal is only sent to companies/ vendors approved by the Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB) for proper disposal as per CPCB approved processes. All Bharti Airtel offices follow the basic requirements specified by the Pollution Control Board) and ensure statutory compliance. (g) All Bharti Airtel offices have fire alarm systems. Periodic fire drills are carried out in Bharti Airtel offices as a practice. All Airtel offices are provided with First Aid boxes and have identified people as First Aid specialists.

Community Initiatives Corporate Social Responsibility is embedded in, and built upon, the stated values of Bharti the institution. These values guide all our activities and each employee is encouraged to take decisions and design business-linked processes that are sensitive to communities and environment. We have an obligation to fulfill to society and the communities in which we operate, and help improve the quality of life for everyone, today and in the future. Based on the basic guidelines and direction provided in the Code of Conduct, Bharti has undertaken many community programs. Bhartis contribution to society is structured through two channels, namely, (a) Bhartis Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Initiatives, including initiatives undertaken by way of employee mobilization as well as running environment related programs; and (b) Bharti Foundation, a separate vehicle established in 2000 to lead the CSR agenda of Bharti Group of Companies



Bharti Airtel offers GSM mobile services in all the 23-telecom circles of India and is the largest mobile service provider in the country, based on the number of customers.

The group offers high speed broadband internet with a best in class network. With Landline services in 94 cities we help you stay in touch with your friends & family and the world.

The group focuses on delivering telecommunications services as an integrated offering including mobile, broadband & telephone, national and international long distance and data connectivity services to corporate, small and medium scale enterprises


The Company compliments its mobile and broadband & telephone services with national and international long distance services. It has over 35,016 route kilometers of optic fibre on its national long distance network. For international connectivity to east, it has a submarine cable landing station at. For international connectivity to the west, the Company is a member of the South East Asia-Middle East-Western Europe 4 (SEA-ME-WE-4) consortium along with 15 other global telecom operators. Broadband & Internet

Broadband Advantage Now experience the internet in a new way with Airtel Broadband. It is powered by DSL technology which gives you blazing-fast; secure Internet access as soon as you switch on your computer . We give you the power of limitless discovery on Internet from shopping to banking, paying bills to making new friends and not to mention endless fun & learning for children. Switch today to airtel Broadband! Why wait to connect With Airtel Broadband, the internet is always ON, always available! No more waiting for dial-up to connect. You are ready to use the internet as soon as you switch on your computer. Power Surfing With speed of up to 2Mbps, feel the excitement of doing more on Internet. Shop, download MP3, exchange heavy files and chat at an enviable speed, all thanks to an extensive Broadband Services infrastructure. No more disconnections in the middle of download. Surf while you talk! No more missed calls or blocked telephone lines while using the internet. Airtel Broadband Services connection does not block existing telephone lines and allows one family member to use the phone while another member surfs the net. No more missed 14

calls and no more fight!

Robust installation Our world class infrastructure & end-to-end digital network of underground copper cable lines ensure an extremely robust connection that eliminates the risk of damage. Superior server technology and a dedicated port provide total security to data storage and information exchange through the Internet. 24x7 customer support We are just an email or a phone call away. Round-the-clock, 365 days a year! To help us serve you even better, we look forward to your feedback. Your suggestions for improvement, brickbats and even an occasional bouquet, will only help us realize our promise! Click here for the Airtel Broadband Services Helpline number in your City.

Hot and Happening Speed On Demand With our innovative service, you can enjoy a dedicated speed of up to 2 Mbps without having to change your subscription plan. Whats more, you only pay for what you use. With a view to simplify the process for our customers, we have set up a fully automated online process that delivers bandwidth upgradation as and when required. Key benefits of Speed On Demand Upgrade to higher bandwidth instantly No need to change your tariff plan Pay only as much as you use

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As an Airtel customer you have the convenience to access our 24-hr customer service number from any part of India, from your Airtel phone. What's more, you can access us from your landline too. Payment Centres

Choose from a host of convenient payment options only with Airtel. Walk into any Airtel relationship centre and make your payment by cash or credit card. Drop a cheque at any of our conveniently located cheque drop boxes.


Airtel Relationship Centres

Need to get yourself a new Airtel connection, subscribe to any of our value added services and get more information on them, pay your bill or get a new handset? Visit the nearest Airtel Relationship Centre.

Technology Airtel Broadband is powered by DSL technology DSL provides blazing-fast, secure Internet access and can be delivered to both homes and to businesses. Delivered right through a regular telephone line, data rates can vary from 128Kb to 8Mb per second depending on the type and cost of the service. Instant Access Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) technology provides instant Internet and network access at speeds up to 50 times faster than a 28.8Kbps modem on a standard analogue phone line. There are no dial-up delays, no busy signals. What used to take minutes or hours to download, will now take just seconds or minutes. Experience Multimedia With DSL Internet Service you can download graphics-heavy files, large documents, software, photos, email attachments, and more, instantly. It's perfect for real-time interactive multimedia, broadcast quality video, distance learning, and video-ondemand. And because DSL Internet Service sends data and voice over the same line, you can talk on the phone while you are online. Never Wait! It's also a service that you don't have to dial into. Just turn on your PC, open a browser, and you're ready to surf. (No more hearing those annoying beeps and tones, then waiting to be connected. You're always connected whenever you wish to!). Beyond Internet access, DSL also has the ability to carry additional phone lines and entertainment services using the same pair of wires. High-speed Internet access through DSL, changes your Internet experience perceptibly.


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Investor Relations
Creating value for our customers, employees, investors, partners, vendors and the society at large lies at the root of our fundamental business strategy. Our core principles of trust and transparency have come a long way in helping us develop and nurture longterm relationships with our key stakeholders. Our performance exudes from our belief in and commitment to the telecom sector; and translates into creating innovative exciting opportunities for one and all. We are one of Indias leading providers of telecommunication services with a nationwide presence in all the 23 licensed jurisdictions (also known as Telecom Circles). We served an aggregate of 82,748,790 customers as of October 31, 2008; of whom 80,199,747 subscribe to our GSM services and 2,549,043 use our Telemedia Services either for voice and/or broadband access delivered through DSL. We are the largest wireless service provider in the country, based on the number of subscribers as of October 31, 2008. We also offer an integrated suite of telecom solutions to our enterprise customers, in addition to providing long distance connectivity both nationally and internationally. We have recently forayed into media by launching our DTH Services in October 2008. All these services are rendered under a unified brand Airtel.


Fact sheet
Name Business Description Bharti Airtel Limited. Provides GSM mobile services in all the 23 telecom circles in India, and was the first private operator to have an all India presence. Provides tele-media services (fixed line and broadband services through DSL) in 95 cities in India. July 07, 1995, as a Public Limited Company Rs. 290,122 million (year ended March 31, 2009Audited) Rs. 194,202 million (year ended March 31, 2008Audited)
As per Indian GAAP Accounts

Established Proportionate Revenue

Proportionate EBITDA

Rs. 184,018 million (year ended March 31, 2008 Audited) Rs. 74,407 million (year ended March 31, 2007 Audited)
As per Indian GAAP Accounts

Shares in Issue Listings Market Capitalisation

1,898,101,604 as at September 30, 2008 The Stock Exchange, Mumbai (BSE) The National Stock Exchange of India Limited (NSE) Market Capitalisation (as on January 05, 2009) Approx. Rs. 1,301 billion Closing BSE share price = Rs. 685.35

Customer Base Operational Network

80,199,747 GSM mobile and 2,549,043 Telemedia Customers (status as on October 31, 2008) Provides GSM mobile services in all the 23 telecom circles in India, and was the first private operator to have an all India presence. Provides telemedia services (fixed line) in 95 cities in India.

Companys Current Situation


Bharti Airtel is one of Indias leading providers of telecommunication services with a nationwide presence in all the 23 licensed jurisdictions (also known as Telecom Circles). We served an aggregate of 92,748,790 customers as of October 31, 2010; of whom 90,199,747 subscribe to our GSM services and 3,549,043 use our Telemedia Services either for voice and/or broadband access delivered through DSL. We also offer an integrated suite of telecom solutions to our enterprise customers, in addition to providing long distance connectivity both nationally and internationally. We have recently forayed into media by launching our DTH Services in October 2010. All these services are rendered under a unified brand Airtel

The company also deploys, owns and manages passive infrastructure pertaining to telecom operations under its subsidiary Bharti Infratel Limited. Bharti Infratel owns 42% of Indus Towers Limited. Bharti Infratel and Indus Towers are the two top providers of passive infrastructure services in India Company shares are listed on The Stock Exchange, Mumbai (BSE) and The National Stock Exchange of India Limited (NSE) Partners The company has a strategic alliance with SingTel. The investment made by SingTel is one of the largest investments made in the world outside Singapore, in the company. The companys mobile network equipment partners include Ericsson and Nokia. In the case of the broadband and telephone services and enterprise services (carriers), equipment suppliers include Siemens, Nortel, Corning, among others. The Company also has an information technology alliance with IBM for its group-wide information technology requirements and with Nortel for call center technology requirements. The call center operations for the mobile services have been outsourced to IBM Daksh, Hinduja TMT, Teletech & Mphasis.

Managing Directors profile

Sunil Bharti Mittal

Chairman & Managing Director since October 2001 Board director since: July 1995 Age: 51 years Sunil Bharti Mittal is the Chairman & Managing Director of Bharti Airtel Ltd. head quartered at New Delhi, India. Bharti Airtel, Indias leading private integrated telecom company, has been at the forefront of the telecom revolution and has transformed the telecom sector with its world-class services built on leading edge technologies. Bharti has been a pioneering force in the telecom sector and today enjoys a strong nationwide presence. Sunil started his career at a young age of 18 after graduating from Punjab University in India and founded Bharti, with a modest capital, in the year 1976. Today, at 49 he heads a successful enterprise, amongst the top 5 in India, with a market capitalization of over US$ 40 billion and employing over 30,000 people

Bharti has grown successfully in partnership with various leading companies of the world - Singapore Telecom, Vodafone, Warburg Pincus, British Telecom to name a few. The other businesses in the group are consumer electronics (Beetel), life insurance with AXA of France (Bharti AXA), and a joint venture with the Rothschild group to develop Indian horticulture and export fruits and vegetables to the world (FieldFresh) Bharti has recently entered into a JV with Wal-Mart for setting up supply chain, logistics and cash and carry to support the burgeoning retail market in India. Sunil is an alumnus of Harvard Business School, MA, USA. Sunil has been conferred one of the highest civilian award Padma Bhushan Sunil has been conferred the degree of Doctor of Science (Honoris Causa) by the G B Pant University of Agriculture & Technology.

Awards and Recognitions

August 7, 2008: Bharti Airtel adjudged the 'Best Cellular Service Provider' and 'Best Broadband Service Provider' at the 2008 V&D 100 Awards. 24

July 11, 2008: Bharti Airtel Limited voted as India 's most innovative company , in a survey conducted by The Wall Street Journal . Bharti Airtel was ranked as the most innovative in responding to customer needs in a survey conducted to determine Asia 's 200 most-admired companies. June 13, 2008: Sunil Bharti Mittal received U.S.-India Business Council's 'Global Vision' Award . The prestigious award recognizes his entrepreneurial zeal and contribution to Indian business. June 11, 2008: Airtel voted the 2nd Most Trusted Service Brand in the Annual Economic Times-Brand Equity, Most Trusted Brands survey June 2008: Airtel wins the Platinum Trusted Brand Award in the Mobile Service provider category in the Reader's Digest Asia Trusted Brands Survey . May 26, 2008: Airtel was honoured with the prestigious 'Wireless Service Provider of the Year' award at the 2008 Frost & Sullivan Asia Pacific ICT Awards. April 17, 2008: Bharti Airtel had the distinction of being amongst 20 companies worldwide and the only one in India , to be honoured with the 'Gallup Great Workplace Award'. April 8, 2008: Airtel adjudged as the 'Best Carrier India' at the Telecom Asia Award 2008 . The Telecom Asia Awards, constituted by the Telecom Asia magazine, seek to recognize outstanding performances of companies and individuals in the Asian telecommunication industry based on criteria such as financials, market standing, technology and corporate governance.

Organisation Structure


As an outcome of a restructuring exercise conducted within the company; a new integrated organizational structure has emerged; with realigned roles, responsibilities and reporting relationships of Bhartis key team players. With effect from March 01, 2006, this unified management structure of 'One Airtel' will enable continued improvement in the delivery of the Groups strategic vision.

Corporate Governance

Bharti Airtel Limited firmly believes in the principles of Corporate Governance and is committed to conduct its business in a manner, which will ensure sustainable, capital-efficient and long-term growth thereby maximising value for its shareholders, customers, employees and society at large. Companys policies are in line with Corporate Governance guidelines prescribed under Listing Agreement/s with Stock Exchanges and the Company ensures that various disclosures requirements are complied in letter and spirit for effective Corporate Governance. During the financial year 2003-04, your Company was assigned highest Governance and Value Creation (GVC) rating viz. Level 1 rating by CRISIL, which indicates that the companys capability with respect to creating wealth for all its stakeholders is the highest, while adopting sound Corporate Governance practices.This rating was reaffirmed by CRISIL on April 20,2006.

Board of Directors Audit Committee Human Resource (HR)/ Remuneration Committee ESOP Compensation Committee Investor Grievance Committee Memorandum of Association Article of Association

Code Of Conduct

Board of Directors

The board of directors of the Company has an optimum mix of executive and nonexecutive directors, which consists of two executive and fourteen non-executive directors.The Chairman and Managing Director, Mr. Sunil Bharti Mittal, is an Executive Director and the number of Independent Directors on the Board is 50% of the total board strength. The independence of a director is determined on the basis that such director does not have any material pecuniary relationship with the Company, its promoters or its management, which may affect the independence of the judgment of a Director. The board members possess requisite skills, experience and expertise required to take decisions, which are in the best interest of the Company. The composition of the Board is as under: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9.
Sunil Bharti Mittal Rajan Bharti Mittal Akhil Gupta Rakesh Bharti Mittal Chua Sock Koong N. Kumar Kurt Hellstrom Mauro Sentinelli Paul OSullivan

10. Pulak Chandan Prasad 11. Bashir Abdulla Currimjee 12. Ajay Lal 13. Arun Bharat Ram 14. Manoj Kohli

Human Resource (HR)/ Remuneration Committee


Composition In compliance with the non- mandatory requirements of Clause 49 of the Listing Agreement, Bharti Airtel has constituted a Remuneration Committee (which is known as HR Committee). The HR Committee comprises of following six non-executive directors, out of which four members including the chairman of the committee are independent directors. S. No. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Member Director
Mr. Kurt Hellstrom(Chairman) Mr. Mauro Sentinelli Mr. Paul O Sullivan Mr. Rajan Bharti Mittal Mr. Bashir Abdulla Currimjee Mr. Nikesh Arora

Category Independent Non-Executive Director Independent Non-Executive Director Non-Executive Director Non-Executive Director Independent Non-Executive Director Independent Non-Executive Director

Secretary The Company Secretary or his/her nominee act as the Secretary of the Committee. Key Functions The key functions of the HR Committee includes the followings: Attraction and Retention strategies for employees. Employees Development Strategies. Compensation (including salaries and salary adjustments, incentives/benefits bonuses, stock options) and performance targets for the Chairman and Managing Director (CMD) and Joint Managing Directors (JMDs) Executive Directors. All Human Resources related issue. Other key issues / matters as may be referred by the Board or as may be necessary in view of Clause 49 of the Listing Agreement or any statutory provisions.



STRENGTHS 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Strong Brand Image. Good Network Connectivity. Wide Network Coverage. Attractive Promotional Schemes. Good Value Added Services. Operating In 65 Countries With 157 Operators. WEAKNESS 1. Perceived As An Expensive Brand. 2. Absence In The Rural And Interior Areas. OPPORTUNITY 1. Poor Network Connectivity of Its Competitors. 2. Large Chunk Of Dissatisfied Customer. 3. Though Being The 4th Entrant,They Are Oprating At 900 Frequencies. THREATS 1. Strong Visibility Of Competitors. 2. Sour Experience With Airtel By Few Can Lead To Bad Word Of Mouth. 3. Continous Improvement In Competitors Services.



Are you wary of committing yourself to a date for making your bill payments? Is it too much of a bother for you to remember dates for bill payments? Do you often end up paying late fees against your monthly utility services bills? Do you end up spending too much if you have the option to pay the bill later? Think over for if one of these represents you, we have a solution for you. Start thinking prepaid is our advise! So what exactly is this prepaid! It is simply a way of going cellular by paying for the talk time in advance. For eg if you feel that you need Rs 300 worth of talktime for a month, you can buy a recharge coupon which gives you that much talktime on your cellphone. Once that money gets exhausted you can buy another recharge coupon for the same or different denomination depending on your future need. Prepaid allows you to be in control of your cellular expenses even while you are spending. You will be surprised that today In India, Prepaid connections account for almost 60 to 70 percent of the total new entrants into cellular telephony. Thats because almost everyone of us wants to be in control of our cellular expense.

Advantages of prepaid:
Some of the many advantages that you enjoy with Airtel Pre-Paid...

Total Cost Control Enjoy the liberty of total cost control with your Airtel Pre-paid! Re-charge as much as you feel the need to! Now that's what we call complete freedom! No Rentals Buy an Airtel prepaid card without having to pay any rentals! No deposits Your Airtel prepaid card comes without you having to pay heafty deposits! STD/ISD facility till the last rupee Now experience complete freedom like never before with Airtel! Our STD/ISD facility allows you to make long distance calls in India and Overseas from your cellular phone! Instant Balance Inquiry Check your talk-time instantly by calling our toll-free number! 60 second pulse Airtel provides you with a 60-second pulse rate! Freedom for you to experience like never before! Instant Recharge Avail of instant recharge on your Airtel prepaid card with just a few simple steps! 24-hour recharge facility With our round-the-clock recharge facility, recharge you Airtel prepaid card anytime, anywhere! 31

Caller Line Identification Call Line Identification gives you the power to know the phone number of the calling party even before you answer the call, thus giving you the choice to either reject or take the call. It provides the added advantage of saving the incoming number directly in the Handset Phone Book. So that the next time you want to call the same person, you don't need to retype his number, simply use your phone book. Call Divert, Call Hold and Call Wait Avail of special services like call waiting, call hold and call divert all with your Airtel prepaid card! Short Messaging Service (SMS) With Airtels Short Messaging Service (SMS), send messages and jokes to your friends and colleagues, anytime anywhere! SMS based Information Services With Airtel's SMS based information services, you can get upto-the-minute cricket scores, order flowers as well as send couriers or check your daily horoscope! Voice Mail service Voice Mail lets you receive messages even when your handset is switched off or when you are outside the coverage area. You can listen to your messages whenever you feel like, from anywhere in the world. Voice Mail can store up to 75 messages, with each message of two-minute duration.

Post-paid Plan
Airtel welcomes you to a vibrant world of unlimited opportunities. More exciting, innovative yet simple new ways to communicate, just when you want to, not just 32

through words but ideas, emotions and feelings. To give you the unlimited freedom to reach out to your special people in your special way. Airtel Out of Home Circle We have established one of the most extensive roaming tie-ups - both national and international- with the best service providers in the respective regions to ensure that you get uninterrupted coverage throughout. We currently provide roaming coverage in more than 1000 cities and major highways across India. We also provide international roaming in 56 countries across 101 networks. National Roaming Our national roaming coverage currently spans across more than a 1000 cities across India. To subscribe to National Roaming, you have to pay the following: Security Deposit- Rs 1500 Monthly Rental- Rs 49 Customer Care Do you need any clarifications on your bills? Do you have any feedback or query on our Products & services? You can call us, send us an E-mail or meet us in person. We shall be glad to help you out in every possible way. Contact us by phone If you are on Airtel, just call us on 121 your Airtel Prepaid phone . If you are on Airtel postpaid, just call us on 9897012345 or toll free 121 from yourAirtel Postpaid phone. These toll free numbers however, cannot be dialed when you are roaming.

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About awareness of Telecom Company the secondary data shows that :The segment belongs to business class people like to have Post paid connection. 34

Whereas students, professional and service persons give their preference to Prepaid connection. People prefer to take AirTel because they believe in AirTels better coverage & cheaper rates after AirTel, People opt TATA Indicom services because of its cheaper rate and flexible schemes, then they prefer Reliance . Airtel is rich in attractive schemes and plans for business persons and persons related to corporate world.


I would like to suggest the following to Airtel that it should consider: 1. No charge for SMS advertising 2. Advertising should not be over contend, like Advertisements via e-mail 35

3. Small jingle and funny massage must be used preferably 4. Approach of Advertising should not be like T.V. Advertising but it must be in SMS Flash or in funny tone. If these suggestion and limitations will be entertained properly, Airtel is going to continue to maintain its good position in the market.


Coming to the end of project, I would like to say that Airtel has maintained it leading communication provider `s position by laying

emphasis on good market strategy, CSR activities, its human resources and finally to its customers. I would like to say that if in future Airtel maintains the same strategies, its future, no doubt is going to be the best one.