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English (Core) Class XII Section A: Reading Q 1. Read the passage given below and answer the questions that follow: 1. 20 12

The role friends play in our lives has become significantly greater than at any other time in our history. Today many of us live and work at great distances from where we were born or we grew up and are separated from our original families. The pain we feel when we are away from our families can be significant. The happiness of the individual relies on friendships which form a necessary human connection. It is perfectly normal to need and want friends and depression is more prevalent among those who lack friends. They lack the intimacy and richness friends can bring into our lives. Frequently friends reflect similar values to us. Yet these values are often different from the ones we grew up with; they are the values we created for ourselves in our adult lives. Communications skills are fundamental in all friendships. The more friends and acquaintances one has, the greater are ones communication skills. Some call these, people skills. Like watering a plant, we grow our friendships (and all our relationships) by nurturing them. Friendships need the same attention as other relationships, if they are to continue. These relationships can be delightfully nonjudgmental, supportive, understanding and fun. Sometimes a friendship can bring out the positive side that you never show in any other relationship. This may be because the pressure of playing a role (daughter, partner or child) is removed. With a friend you can be yourself and are free to change. Of course you are free to do this is all other relationship as well, but in friendship you get to have lots of rehearsals and discussion about changes as you experience them. It is an unconditional experience where you receive as much as you give. You can explain yourself to a friend openly without the fear of hurting a family member. How do friendship grow? The answer is simple. By revealing yourself; being attentive; remembering what is most important to your friend and asking them about it; putting yourself in their position; showing empathy; seeing the world through the eyes of your friend, you will understand the value of friendship. All this means learning to accepts a person from a completely different family to your own or perhaps someone from a completely different cultural background. This is the way we learn tolerance. In turn we gain tolerance and acceptance for our own differences. Friendships are made by being considerate which means all the skills come into play: active listening skills, questioning skills, negotiation skills, reflecting content skills, reflecting emotion skills, and editing yourself. Friendships offer a great opportunity to learn about yourself because a friend can reflect back to you how you come across in the world. They also allow you to practice skills in dealing with personal boundaries by looking after yourself as well as your friend. They help you develop resilience in relation to the wider social world beyond your family. (a) (i) Why do friends play a more significant role today than ever before? 2








Why is friendship considered an essential human need?

2 2 1 2

(iii) How is friendship different from other relationships? (iv) Mention two essential human values that help friendship to grow. (v) (i) (ii) Q 2. Which communication skills help in building friendship? basic essential (para 3) mutual discussion to reach an agreement (para 6) (b) Pick out words from the passage which mean the same as each of the following:

(iii) chance (para 7) Read the passage given below and answer the questions that follow: 8 Effective speaking depends on effective listening. It takes energy to concentrate on hearing and to concentrate on understanding what has been heard. Incompetent listeners fail in a number of ways. First, they may drift. Their attention drifts from what the speaker is saying. Second, they may counter. They find counter arguments to whatever a speaker may be saying. Third, they compete. Then, they filter. They exclude from their understanding those parts of the message which do not readily fit with their own frame of reference. Finally they react. They let personal feelings about speaker or subject override the significance of the message which is being sent. What can a listener do to be more effective. The first key to effective listening is the art of concentration. If a listener positively wishes to concentrate on receiving a message his chances of success are high. It may need determination. Some speakers are difficult to follow, either because of voice problems, or because of the form in which they send a message. There is then a particular need for the determination of a listener to concentrate on what is being said. Concentration is helped by alertness. Mental alertness is helped by physical alertness. It is not simply physical fitness, but also positioning of the body, the limbs and the head. Some people also find it helpful to their concentration if they hold the head slightly to one side. One useful way for achieving this is intensive note-taking, by trying to capture the critical headings and sub-headings the speaker is referring to. Note-taking has been recommended as an aid to the listener. It also helps the speaker. It gives him confidence when he sees that listeners are sufficiently interested to take notes; the patterns of eye-contact when the note-taker looks up can be very positive; and the speakers timing is aided - he can see when a note-taker is writing hard and can then make effective use of pauses. Posture too is important. Consider the impact made by a less competent listener who pushes his chair backwards and slouches. An upright posture helps a listeners concentration. At the same time it is seen by the speaker to be a positive feature amongst his listeners. Effective listening skills have an impact on both the listener and the speaker. (a) On the basis of your reading of the above passage make notes on it using headings and sub-headings. Use recognizable abbreviations, wherever necessary. 5 (b) Write a summary of the passage in not more than 80 words using the notes made and also suggest a suitable title. 3

SECTION B: Advanced Writing Skills Q 3.


You want to sell your newly built flat. Draft a suitable advertisement in not more than 50 words to be inserted in the classified columns of The Hindu giving all necessary details. You are Niranjan, 247, 3.P. Nagar, Bangalore. 5 OR As Secretary of the %co Club of St. Annes School, Ahmedabad, draft a notice in not more than 50 wards informing the club members about the screening of A1 Gores film, %convenient Truth in the schools audio visual room.

Q 4.

Alpha School recently organized a course in First Aid for students of senior classes. Vivek of Class XI1 writes a report en the programme giving necessary details for the school magazine. Write a report in 100 - 125 words. OR Write a factual description of the multi-storeyed shopping mall in your locality in 100 - 125 words. Include details of layout, special facilities like ATM, restaurants, escalators etc.

Q 5.

Sheela, a Class XI1 student of 15, M.G. b a d , Bangalore desires to be a fashion designer. She writes to the National Institute of Fashion Technology, Ahmadabad seeking information about their courses, admission procedure, eligibility criteria, fee structure, placement opportunities etc. Write her letter. OR As Mr. R. Singh, HOD Chemistry, Cambridge High School, Pune, you had placed an order with Messrs. Scientific Equipments, Dadar, Mumbai for test tubes and jars for the lab. When the parcel was received you observed that markings on the test tubes were not clear and some of the jars were damaged. Write a letter of complaint seeking immediate replacement.

Q 6.

Children living in cities are rarely seen playing outdoors in the neighbourhood. Being busy with other attractions like the television and computer games, they miss the joy of outdoor play, Write an article in 150 - 200 words for the magazine, Kids Talk highlighting the need and value of outdoor games. You are Vidya/Vinod. 10 OR Today the 24-hour television news channels give us instant news from every nook and corner of the world. But the fact remains that the importance of the newspaper remains intact. Write an article in 150-200 words expressing your views on The Relevance of Newspapers. You are Sunil/Sunita.

SECTION C : Literature Q 7. (a) Read the extract given below and answer the questions that follow: The little old house was out with a little new shed In front at the edge of the road where the traffic sped, A roadside stand that too pathetically pled, It would not be fair to say for a dole of bread, But for some of the money, the cash, whose flow supports The flower of cities from sinking and withering faint.

45 4


Where was the new shed put up? What was its purpose ?

2 1 1

(ii) Why does the poet use the word pathetic? (iii) Who are referred to as the flower of cities? OR Now we will count to twelve and we will all keep still. For once on the face of the Earth lets not speak in any language, lets stop for one second, and not move our arms so much. (i) How long does the poet want to stay still?

1 2 1

(ii) What does he hope to achieve by keeping quiet? (iii) What does the poet mean by not move our arms so much? (b) Answer any three of the following questions in 30 - 40 words each: 2x3=6 (i)

How does the world depicted on the classroom walls differ from the world of the slum children?

(ii) According to Keats, what makes man love life in spite of all its problems and miseries? (iii) Why did Aunt Jennifer choose to embroider tigers on the panel? (iv) What do the poets parting words to her mother signify? Q 8. Answer the following questions in 30 - 40 words each: (a) How did the incident at the Y.M.C.A. pool affect Douglas? (b) How was Gandhiji able to influence the lawyers at Champaran? (c) Why did the peddlar sign himself as Captain von Stahle? (d) Is it possible for Mukesh to realise his dream ? Justify your answer. (e) Account for Subbus importance in Gemini Studios. Q 9. Answer the following question in 125 - 150 words: 10 2x5=10

Jansie is just as old as Sophie but she is very different from her. Bring out the contrast between the two friends citing relevant instances from the story, Going Places. OR What did the French teacher tell his students in his last French lesson? What impact did it have on them? Why? Q 10. Answer the following question in 125 - 150 words: What are the similarities in the lives of Bama and Zitkala though they belong to different cultures? OR How did the Tiger King meet his end? What is ironical about his fate?

Q 11. Answer the following questions in 30 - 40 words each: (a) Why is Antarctica and its understanding important for the survival of the world? (b) Why did the General spare the American soldier? (c) What qualities of Mr. Lamb attracted Derry to him? (d) How did the wizard help Roger Skunk?



English (Core) Class XII MM 100 Section A: Reading 1. (a) (i) Friends play a significant role as they act as a family for all those who stay away from their home. 2 TIME 3 HRS 20

(ii) It is considered as an essential human need because the happiness of an individual relies on friendship which forms a necessary human condition. 2 (iii) Friendship is different from other relationships because there the pressure of playing a role gets removed. It also brings out the hidden past time aspect of ones personally. 2 (iv) One need to be non-judgmental, supportive, understanding and fun loving to help ones friendship to grow. 1 (v) Active listening skills, questioning kills, negotiation skills, reflecting content and emotions help in building relationships. 2 (b) (i) fundamental 3 (ii) negotiation (iii) Opportunity 2. (a) Title : Effective listening Notes: 1. Effective speaking 1.1 depends on effective listng. 1.2 takes energy to conc. On hearing 1.3 conc. on understge 2. Incompetent Listeners. 2.1 Fail in a no. of ways 2.2 Attention drifts. 2.3 find counter argumnts. 3. Different ways to be an effective listener. 3.1 art of conc. 3.2 Intensive note-making 3.3 Posture 3.4 alertness 5 (b) Summary : To be a good speaker one has to be a good listener. Effective speaking depends on effective listening. One has to be energetic to be a good listener, because it takes energy to concentrate on the topic and to understand it. The attention of incompetent listener drifts from what the speaker is saying. He may find counter arguments. There

are many different ways to be an effective listener. He should be aware of the art of concentration. He should jot down the important notes. His alertness and the posture help him to understand what is being said. 3 Section B Writing 3. 35

For sale Available for sale on MIG flat on the ground floor in JP Nagar, Bangalore, A 18, 10 drawingcum-dining room, two bedrooms with attached bathrooms, kitchen and a store. It is close to the main market. It has parking facility for car. Estimated price Rs. 20 lacs. Must sell before 20th April 200., the owner going abroad. Interested parties please contact Niranjan or ring 25329164. OR St. Annes School NOTICE 18 July 2009 Screening of Al Gores film. All the students are informed that the school has arranged for the screening A1 Gores film Invonvenient Truth in the school on 20th July, 2009 at 9 a.m. for further details contact undersigned. Rahul Secretary (Eco club) 5 COURSE IN FIRST AID (By Vivek) On 20th of January an NGO came to school to teach the students the method of First-Aid in case of any injury. Our schools principal welcomed them with a small token of gift. This NGO mainly called the senior students to attend the course. The people of this group came together and with full enthusiasm they said. It is better to be safe than sorry. The whole auditorium was revived from the dullness of students. The students boldly replied the same. Then the head of the NGO. Dr. Ajay Mehra addressed the students. He asked few questions in the beginning to check the basic IQ of students. But he was shocked to get such wonderful replies. He and his members drilled many situations which we all face in our day to day life. The depiction was awesome and in fun only. We all came to understand the basics of first aid. Then Dr. Ajay showed us a projection which was basically from a movie. It was done so that we could now get the main points behind the first aid. Dr. Mehra and our schools medical officer had a brief discussion in the meantime. After the video was over, Dr. Mehra listed out main reasons of the recent mishaps that had occurred in school. He himself told the acts that would have overhauled those mishaps. In the end, he was presented by a momento by the head boy of school. The students walked out of the hall with a sense of belongingness for the humanity. OR


Multi-Storeyed Shopping Mall (By XYZ) The pace at which world is overhauling is unimaginable. The reason for this statement is the all new construction of the multi-storeyed shopping mall. The location of the mall is undoubtfully accurate for an outing, and its layout cherished the fancies of ones mind. Besides, Air condition corridors and PVR cinemas and shopping centres of Reebok, Adidas, etc. The mall has escalators, restaurants and ATM facility. The security system is also appreciable. As soon as a person enters the premises, the screening 100 short-size hidden cameras capture the moves made by him at every point of time. There is a small gaming zone for kids of age 1-10 years. Its a place of fun for kids A major problem that every mall experiences is regarding parking of vehicles. To curb this issue, multi-storey parking lots have been made. This makes it a place to be with friends or family. There is even a restaurant which has facility for birthday parties, conference or a short reception. The top floor has a big disc which has an entry for bothstag or couples. 10 5. 15, M.G. Road Bangalore, 16th July 2009 National Institute of Fashion Technology Ahmadabad Sir Sub: Courses in fashion designing I have seen the advertisement about your institute in the newspaper regarding the above mentioned course. I am a class XII student with arts stream. I am interested in fashion designing after my board exams. I would like to get following details: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Duration of course and Fee. Submission of fee (lump sum/installments) Admission procedure Eligibility criteria Placement opportunities.

Kindly send the prospectus to the above mentioned address. A self addressed envelop is enclosed herewith. An early response would be appreciated. Yours faithfully Sheela OR Cambridge High School, Pune 17th March, 2009 M/s Scientific Equipments, Dadar, Mumbai

Sub: Replacement of test tubes and jars. We placed an order for test tubes and jars from your store. Two months back vide your receipt No. 001 dated January 12th 2009, you provided us a warrantee letter against any fault. We found the jars broken or cracked when we opened the seal of the box. The test tubes also had wrong markings. A 25 ml test tube was only of 20 mI. The practical exams are approaching, we would feel inconvenience due to it. As it is under two year warrantee, we would like it to be replaced as early as possible. Please dont send the package as it was sent earlier. It would be appreciated, if the test tubes are kept after proper checking. Yours faithfully R. Singh 6. VALUE OF OUTDOOR GAMES (By Vidya) The value of sports and games is recognised by all educationists today. Books develop our mind, but games develop our body. A sound mind is always found in a sound body. Physical fitness is the desire of every human being. Games, if properly played, make our body stout and muscular. They expand our lungs, increase the blood circulation and fill the body with strength and vigour. Games have a great recreational value also. They provide freshness to the mind after the days work at the desk. In the play ground, one forgets the worries of the routine life; Games are a good pastime too. Games and sports teach us many good qualities; they inculcate in us a spirit of sportsmanship, honesty, punctuality, regularity of habits, team spirit, leadership and obedience. They provide us a good training for playing the game of life in a sportsmans way. A true sportsn1an will not be sorry on his defeat, and will not be elated on his success. He will lead a balanced life. Games also teach discipline, which is needed at every step of life. OR THE RELEVANCE OF NEWSPAPER (By Sunil) Newspaper is the greatest and the most useful gift received by man with the invention of the printing press. A newspaper keeps a man usefully busy and keeps him in touch with all that is happening in the distant corners of the world. The newspaper is not merely a piece of paper carrying some news. It is much more than that. It is a powerful mass-media and a mighty force. Newspapers have become a part and parcel of our daily life. A newspaper gives us all kinds of news about our own country and about foreign countries. A reader of newspapers remains in touch with public affairs. Even while sitting in ones home, one can know what is happening in the world. The newspaper keeps the people in touch with all the different corners of the world. Businessmen advertise their goods in the newspaper to increase the sale of their goods. As the newspaper contains market reports, it helps the merchant in keeping uniform rates of their goods in various cities. Newspapers give a lot of information about religious topics, sports, arts and music and record the pulse beats of the nation. Moreover, the newspapers express the views of the government on important matters of public interest. They explain and elucidate the stand of the government on various programmes 10

and policies. They also express the reactions of the masses. In short, press in a medium of dialogue between the government and the people. In brief, newspapers are highly useful to the people in general. 10 Section C : Literature 7. (a) (i) The new shed was put up in front of a house on the edge of the road. It was put up by a farmer who desires to sell wild berries, squash and other products for money as he does not like charity. 2 45

(ii) The poet uses the word pathetic as the shed looked poor. It has a pathetic look. It pleaded for money in exchange of farmers product 1 (iii) It is a metaphor which explains the flow of fluid money supports the beauty of the city and also indulges the affluent. Flowers are compared to beauty of the city and also the rich. 1 OR (i) The poet wants to stay still for one second. 1 2 (ii) He hopes to reach at a place where our conscience is reinforced by keeping quit.

(iii) The poet does not want us to move our arms, in order to concentrate speculate and introspect. Doing so will also prevent us from getting into arguments or debates. 1 7. (b) (i) The world depicted in classroom walls differ from the world of slum children as the children cannot relate themselves with the world.Their world is the world of narrow streets and their landscape has no rivers or lakes. 2

(ii) Some shape of beauty removes the dark cover from our dull days. The beautiful objects of nature pour on us endless joy and dispel the gloom. Nature has a healing effect and it alleviates our pain and suffering. 2 (iii) Aunt Jennifer desires the freedom, confidence and fearlessness that her tigers display and she seems to be living out her desires through the tigers she is creating. She can fulfil her dreams only through her needle work. Her tigers would go on prancing and make the hands that created them immortal. Her art would be her triumph in a patriarchal society in which she lived. 2 (iv) The controlled parting words, see you soon, amma, may not show the poets hidden emotions on parting from her ageing mother, but they do lack the assurance and are tainted with the fear of not meeting again. The smile signifies a restrained expression of her feelings. 2 8. (a) This experience of the author about to face death, made him bold and strong. This experience wiped out feat and wiped out terror from the authors mind. He felt that there was no more panic and it was all quiet and peaceful. He felt that there was nothing to be afraid of. 2 (b) Gandhi chided the lawyers for collecting big fee from the sharecroppers. He felt the real relief for the peasants was to be free from fear.When Gandhi asked the lawyers what about the injustice to the sharecroppers? The lawyers withdrew to consult. They thought amongst themselves, that Gandhi was totally a stranger, and yet he was prepared to go to prison for the sake of the peasants; if they, on the other hand, being not only residents of the adjoining districts but those who claimed to have served these peasants,

should go home, it would be shameful desertion, they told him they were ready to go to jail with him. 2 (c) The peddlers theory expresses bitterness and a very negative view of the world. He believed that the whole world was a big rattrap, laying bait for the innocent people in the form or fiches, joys, shelter, food and clothing. Those who gave in to those temptations were trapped. The peddler felt so because he was a cheat. 2

(d) Mukesh can realize his dream of being a motor mechanic because of the indomitable will power and firm determination he seems to possess. Though his family-members are unlikely to agree to what he wished to do leaving the long-preserved art of banglesmaking, yet I hope he will be able to overcome the resistance. 2 (e) Though Kothamangalam Subbu had been a member of the story department, he had always been seen with the Boss. Pass gave him prominence as he was a talented person. Subbus opinion was taken on every problem. Subbu was always ready with suitable suggestions and with Subbu film making was not a problem. 2 9. Sophie and Jansie were not only classmates but also came from humble backgrounds. They shared their dreams with each other. Sophie was a typical teenager and had unrealistic dreams. She fancied herself owning a boutique or working as a manager or a sophisticated actress and a designer. Jansie, on the other hand, was more realistic and understood that all that required money. She thought that Sophie was impatient and her fancies were only wild. She knew that they would ultimately be working for the biscuit factory. Also, Sophie had more disappointments in life because of her unrealistic dreams and hero worship. She shared her wild story of meeting Danny Casey with everyone and then had to live with the burden of that wishful thinking. Everybody doubted her; even Geoff would slam the door on her, and that saddened her all the more. Jansie was more practical and had no such fantasies that could affect her so. OR The French districts Alsace and Lorraine were won over by Prussians who banned French language in these two states of France. Their French teacher M Hamel told the students that it was their last French lesson .the new teacher would come from the next day to teach them German. These words of M Hamel were like peal of thunder to Franz. He thought that he hardly knew how to write French. He would never be able to learn French anymore. He felt sorry for not learning his language seriously. His books which seemed nuisance to him were like old friends. The idea that M Hamel was going away made him forget all about his ruler as well as how cranky he was. 10 10. The two accounts that we have read are based in two distantness cultures. The commonality of theme found in both of them is discrimination and prejudice. The episodes are from the lives of two women from marginalized communities who look back on their childhood, and reflect on their relationship with the mainstream culture. The first account is by an American Indian woman born in the late nineteenth century Gertrude Simmons Bonnin, who adopted the pen-name of Zitkala-Sa and who struggled in a time when severe prejudice prevailed towards Native American culture and women. She criticizes the dogma, code of belief of the Americans and speaks of the evils of oppression. The second is by a contemporary Tamil Dalit writer of Roman Catholic family who writes under the pen-name Bama, she experiences and observes discrimination at the hands of the so-called upper caste or the rich people. Caste can be equated with race: Caste-based

discrimination and racial bias are the two sides of the same coin. Dalit rights activists see a similarity between race and caste in that inequality is intergenerationally transmitted in both. Prejudice and discrimination are both a part of caste and race. OR The Maharaja and his son played with the tiny little wooden tiger on the crown princes birthday. An unskilled carpenter had carved the wooden tiger. Its surface was rough tiny slivers of wood stood up like quills allover it. One of those slivers pierced the Maharajas right hand. He pulled it out with his left hand and continued to play with the prince. The next day, infection flared in the Maharajas right hand. In four days, it developed into a suppurating sore which spread allover the arm. Three famous surgeons were brought in from Madras. After holding a consultation they decided to operate. The operation took place. The three surgeons who performed it came out of the theatre and announced, The operation was successful. The Maharaja is dead. In this manner the hundredth tiger took its final revenge upon the Tiger K ing. 7 11. (a) A visit to Antarctica is significant in that it provides us clues about our past, present and future. We are forced to think of evolution and extinction. We become aware of the fact that global warming is having adverse effect on Antarcticas ice sheets. 2 (b) The Japanese General was ruthless. His attitude in the matter of the enemy soldier is difficult to understand. He promised Dr. Sadao that he would send some of his private assassins to kill the prisoner of war at his house quietly and secretly. He did not fulfill his promise. It could be simply self-absorption. He might have forgotten the matter, which seems to be quite unlikely. Most probably he was led by human consideration. 2 (c) Derry gets attracted towards Mr. Lamb when he comes to know that inspite of his disability. Mr. Lamb was at peace with herself. He had no bitterness towards children who used to call him Lamey Lamb. Mr. Lamb gave confidence and courage to Derry. He suggested him the ways to get over his physical impairment instead of brooding over this burnt face, he considered himself blessed. 2

(d) Roger narrated to the Wizard that he smelt awful and other little animals did not play with him. He, thus, desired to smell like roses. The Wizard held his magic wand, and muttered a magic spell. Roger smelt like roses in no time. 2