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Singapore 3rd Grade Math Worksheet: 5 Multiplication and Division Name:_____________________________

Math Problem 1 Green aliens landed in Chicago and rounded up 1479 math teachers. The bloodthirsty aliens then sucked the blood of 828 teachers and left them for dead. The aliens tied up the rest of the teachers and marched them into 3 UFOs. If there were an equal number of poor math teachers in each UFO, how many teachers were in each UFO?


Math Problem 2 My 3 friends and I were caught and tied up by 1023 screaming cannibals in a jungle last night. Soon we were feeling terribly itchy because of the mosquitoes. We begged the cannibals to scratch us. 219 cannibals refused because they were busy cutting vegetables. The rest of them, however, surrounded us in equal numbers and began to scratch us with their teeth, just like dogs. It felt good! How many cannibals scratched me?

Math Problem 3 Human terrorists landed on Planet Xintaks and abducted Princess Txsclotyl. The enraged aliens hurled 1420 asteroids at 7 terrorist training camps on Earth. 482 asteroids landed harmlessly in the Pacific Ocean. However, the rest of the asteroids smashed into each camp in equal numbers. How many asteroids smashed into each camp?

Math Problem 4 John's father gave him 1359 marbles on his birthday. John swallowed 585 marbles and died. 9 of John's friends came for his funeral the next day. John's grieving father gave the remaining marbles to John's friends in equal numbers. How many marbles did each friend get?

Math Problem 5 Wade Wolf crouched behind some bushes near a waterhole. When a brood of 6 chickens and 8 chicks approached the waterhole, Wade Wolf pounced on them and threw them into a sack. He then went to the market and sold the chickens for $9 each and the chicks for $5 each to Brian Bear. If Brian Bear had $62 left after paying for the fowl, how much money did he have in the beginning?

Math Problem 6 Molly Mongrel went to the market and bought 8 ostrich bones for $6 each and 7 camel bones for $9 each. If she had $129 after paying for the delicious bones, how much money did she have before buying the bones?

Math Problem 7 Adam Explorer needed some ropes and binoculars for his next expedition. He bought 4 ropes and 8 pairs of binoculars. He paid $3 for each rope and $4 for each pair of binoculars. If he had $552 after paying for the items, how much money did he have in the beginning?

Math Problem 8 My brother and sister kept 263 trolls in a huge cage in our backyard. They went into the jungle yesterday and caught more trolls. When they came back home, they brought back 8 sacks and 7 boxes. There were 8 crying trolls in each sack and 7 shrieking trolls in each box. They threw the trolls into the cage with the other trolls. How many trolls are in the cage now?

Math Problem 9 Marvin Monkey passed his Singapore math test with flying colors. His delighted mother gave him 9 pieces of $50 notes. Marvin went to a shop and bought 4 sunglasses at $21 each and 6 golden bananas at $13 each. How much money did he have after paying for the items?

Math Problem 10 Elvis Presley went to a shop with 19 pieces of $20 notes. He bought 9 frilled shirts at $14 each and 8 flared pants at $18 each. How much money did he have left after paying for the cool clothes?

Math Problem 11 Susan Shark had 15 pieces of $50 notes in her handbag and had to cook dinner for her hungry children. She went to the supermarket and bought 8 tender humans at $26 each and 7 juicy mermaids at $29 each. How much money did she have after that?

Math Problem 12 A UFO landed in my backyard yesterday. I had 34 pieces of $20 notes in my pocket. I bought 8 laser guns at $43 each and 25 cute long-haired zulags at $5 each from a purple-eyed alien. How much money did I have after that?

Math Problem 13 Brian, a brave member of a SWAT team in California, had a terribly busy week last week. He had to work for 7 whole days. He killed 163 terrorists, 296 murderers and 206 arsonists. How many criminals did he kill on average each day?

Math Problem 14 Hideous Hilda opened a witchcraft school in Singapore. 426 harpies, 215 vampires and 127 ghouls enrolled in her school. If she divided the knowledge-hungry monsters into 6 classes, how many monsters were in each class?

Math Problem 15 Tilda Tiger had many hungry children to feed on Thanksgiving Day. She caught 169 Africans, 526 Americans and 196 Indians. She then put the people equally into 9 enormous ovens to bake. How many desperate people were in each oven?

Math Problem 16 Fiona Fairy caught 209 parrots, 332 parakeets and 203 peacocks and put them equally into 6 huge birdcages. How many birds were in each birdcage?

Math Problem 17 A lumberjack cut down 926 trees. He chopped up 290 of the trees for firewood. He sold the remaining trees equally to 4 factories. a) How many trees did he sell altogether? b) How many trees did he sell to each factory?

Math Problem 18 My mother bought 1500 creepy cockroaches from the supermarket. She baked 548 of the cockroaches on my birthday. She packed the remaining cockroaches into 4 bags and put them in the freezer. a) How many cockroaches went into the freezer? b) How many cockroaches were in each bag?

Math Problem 19 Thomas Thief sneaked into a zoo late last night and kidnapped 791 porcupines. 105 porcupines stabbed him with their quills and escaped. Thomas was enraged. He boiled half the remaining porcupines in a huge cauldron and grilled the other half. a) How many poor porcupines did not escape? b) How many porcupines did evil Thomas grill?

Math Problem 20 When I was sleeping in a forest last night, 2555 fire ants crawled up my nose and built a nest in my brain. I woke up screaming the next morning. My distraught mother rushed me to hospital for an emergency operation. The doctor was able to kill 1953 fire ants. The remaining ants in my brain formed themselves into 7 equal-sized groups and fled to 7 different organs in my body, one being my stomach. a) How many fire ants escaped? b) How many ants fled to my stomach?

Answers Q1 - 217; Q2 - 201; Q3 - 134; Q4 - 86; Q5 - $156 Q6 - $240; Q7 - $596; Q8 - 376; Q9 - $288; Q10 - $110 Q11 - $339; Q12 - $211; Q13 - 95; Q14 - 128; Q15 - 99 Q16 - 124; Q17 - a) 636 b) 159; Q18 - a) 952 b) 238 Q19 - a) 686 b) 343; Q20 - a) 602 b) 86