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Tamashii Reiki:

Student Handbook


Tamashii Reiki is based on the Conscious Awareness of natural energies and their pathways. Energy leaves it's source, travels it's destined pathway, and eventually returns to the source. This is true on Every level of Existence. It is most evident among the physical elements. Lightning strikes a tree. The tree burns, releasing carbon dioxide into the air while taking oxygen away. The embers of the tree become ashes that nourish the ground. This allows for new growth which will take in the carbon dioxide that was created and release oxygen. This process is no different on the Etheric level. Things that we say or do have their effects on the people and things around us. The energy behind those effects then returns to the source. This is generally called Karma. It is the one Law of Existence. The purpose of this Law is to maintain Balance throughout Existence.

Many religions would have you believe that we are separate from the Divine Source. That is impossible, because we are formed from the Source. In theory, we serve our purpose and then return to the Source. There was never a separation, except in our Minds. This perceived separation resulted in the severe blockage of the energy needed to sustain life and evolve Spiritually. The purpose of Tamashii Reiki is to unblock the channels that Divine Energy uses to fuel our existence. This process allows for easier communication between one's conscious self and one's Higher Self.

The first degree of Tamashii Reiki strengthens the connections between the Spirit and Physical bodies. The Chakras activated are Grace and Divine Source Consciousness, Clarity, Yin, Creation, Free Will & Freedom, Knowledge of Good & Bad, Yang, Enjoyment, Harmony, and Abundance. These 10 Spirit Chakras form the outline of the “template” for a human Consciousness.

Harmony, and Abundance. These 10 Spirit Chakras form the outline of the “template” for a human

The Symbols learned are the Cho-Ku-Rei, Sei-He-Ki, E-Shi-Ki and Rama.

Cho-Ku-Rei: Directs and boosts Reiki energy on the physical plane.

: Directs and boosts Reiki energy on the physical plane. Sei-He-Ki : Balances Etheric (emotional/mental) energies

Sei-He-Ki: Balances Etheric (emotional/mental) energies resonating throughout the physical body.

energies resonating throughout the physical body. E-Shi-Ki : Grounds Spiritual energy into the Earth;

E-Shi-Ki: Grounds Spiritual energy into the Earth; Heightens Awareness of Consciousness.

Spiritual energy into the Earth; Heightens Awareness of Consciousness. Rama : Grounds Etheric energy into the

Rama: Grounds Etheric energy into the Earth.

Spiritual energy into the Earth; Heightens Awareness of Consciousness. Rama : Grounds Etheric energy into the

Energy Work

Tamashii Reiki is a “No-Touch” Healing Technique. The hands should rest, at this Level, between 3-5 inches away from the client's body. This “resting point” is within the Aura at it's densest layer. These energies are where the resonance from the physical and etheric bodies blend. Illnesses and dis-ease that manifest physically have roots in this energy field.

A well balanced healthy Aura is strong, even, and just feels right. Our hands tell us

how balanced the Aura is by their positions. They should be even with each other. An area with too much energy will force the first hand to cross it upward. An area in need of energy will pull the hand closer to the body. You may be “instructed” to use a Reiki symbol, go right ahead. Reiki energy is Conscious, it knows what is needed and how you can help it's processes along. Reiki is quite effective without any conscious effort on the part of the Practitioner aside from being an open Channel. However, adding our conscious awareness to the Healing process boosts the frequency of the healing energies. We're kind of like medical assistants holding a light for the Doctor.

A short session, 15-20 minutes, can be done with the client seated on a chair or

stool. Stand behind the client. Ground. Center. Activate Reiki.

Crown Etheric Heart Heart Root
Etheric Heart

Solar Plexus

Rest you hands just above and slightly behind their shoulders. The chakra point located here is called the Etheric Heart. It connects the Heart, Throat and 3 rd Eye and is the primary source of energy for the Aura. Working with these energies gives you a better feel for your client's normal energy levels. When you feel ready to begin brush your hands down the client's sides.

Begin at the Crown. Draw the E-Shi-Ki—This draws the client's Awareness to high frequency energies. This can have a “dizzy-ing” or vertigo type of effect on some people. Personally I enjoy the effect, but not everyone does. If a client begins to feel overwhelmed, simply brush the excess energy downwards and ground it.

Walk around to the client's right. At the Solar Plexus:

Draw the Cho-Ku-Rei—The Solar Plexus is the source of the body's energy. Applying the Cho-Ku-Rei 'boosts' the energy of this chakra.

Continue walking around the client to their left side. At the Heart Chakra:

Draw the Sei-He-Ki—This will balance the client's Mental/Emotional Body. Return to the client's back. At the feet:

Draw the Rama—This strengthens the connection to the Earth and it's resonant energies.

When ready, brush the Earth energy upwards. End the session by Grounding any excess ambient energy.

It is recommended that the Practitioner work from top to bottom and right to left. This pattern follows the flow of Universal Energy. On occasion you may be pulled to work on a specific area. Do it. The client will, most likely, explain. If they don't, it's not at all impolite to ask why you're drawn to work on a particular area. More often than not, they have some idea.

Long Sessions, 30-45 minutes, are done while the client lays on a massage table. I leave it up to the client whether they want to be face-down or face-up. If the client chooses to be face-down you have no problem accessing the Etheric Heart to get your “baseline” for their Aura. If they prefer to be face-up, then the Practitioner can use the Solar Plexus for the “baseline” reading.

The pattern for a general healing is the same. Begin at the Crown with the E-Shi- Ki. Walk down the right side and charge the Solar Plexus with the Cho-Ku-Rei. Rama, at the feet, Grounds and re-fills with Earth energy. Walking up the left side, charge the Heart Chakra with the Sei-He-Ki. Brush any excess energy upwards. When finished Ground excess energies.

One of the many benefits of Reiki Healing is physical detoxification. A key thing to remember to tell clients. “Drink plenty of water.”

Cleansing Items:

Other Uses

Cho-Ku-Rei—“Blasts” an item with Reiki energy literally raising it's frequency of vibration. Sei-He-Ki—Excellent for removing negative thoughts/emotions from (not-so-fast) food, coffee, etc. Rama—Removes negative influences and grounds them into the Earth.

Charging Items:

To “charge” an item is to infuse it with Reiki Energy. It can be a general Healing effect or something very specific.

For example, let's say you want to hear your True Self better. Get a piece of

jewelry, or a stone with complimentary attributes, clothing, etc.

Cleanse the item in question with the Cho-Ku-Rei, keeping in mind the Intent to cleanse the item.

Draw the E-Shi-Ki over the item. Hold the item in your hands, covering it as much as you can. This symbol raises our level of Awareness. A heightened sense of Awareness allows one the 'hear' their inner voice.

Next draw the Cho-Ku-Rei. This symbol is quite helpful for putting Reiki in specific spots.

Keep this item on you when you. It will be especially useful during meditation sessions. Feel free to re-charge it, should you wish.

The Rama makes an excellent personal Shield. House keys are a good target for this type of charging.

Cleanse the keys with the Cho-Ku-Rei. Draw the Rama, with the intent that it Ground negative influences effecting the holder of the keys. Visualizing a sphere of energy emanating from the keys is also effective.

Rough Draft Level I Tamashii Reiki Student Handbook

Nakia Geder

Tamashii RMT