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VOL 28, Issue 01/02 January - February 2007 541-779-7709 Aerodynamic Air Turbine Engine Renews 21

VOL 28, Issue 01/02

January - February 2007


VOL 28, Issue 01/02 January - February 2007 541-779-7709 Aerodynamic Air Turbine Engine Renews 21 S

Aerodynamic Air Turbine Engine Renews 21 ST Century Industrial Revolution

The Solution To The Energy Crisis In This Country Has Finally Arrived! A Source of Energy that will End Wars and End Fossil Fuel Burning is at Hand!

By TAB Staff

Adapted from Press Release December 21, 2006 Exclusive to The American’s Bulletin

“Aerodynamic Air Turbine Engine - The End of Fossil Fuel Burning - The Beginning of a Renewed Industrial Revolution for the 21 st Century” was the title to the National Press Release dated November 3, 2006 in regards to the new redesigned Air Turbine Engine Technology, as sent out to over 50 local and national news agencies and newspapers and the engine was the purpose of a trip to Washington, D.C. by the scientist/inventor Ron Rockwell and his co- hort Dr. Bob Beverly.

The trip was akin to the ‘yellow brick road’ with the hopes of success in acquiring the funding from the Federal Wizard. The Wizard of course did not reveal himself, but audience was given to a lowly Federal Agency Representative of the Department

of Energy, who evidently was brain dead or

merely following orders. However…. What you are about to read is absolutely the answer to the question that America and the world at large has been seeking for

decades; a clean and efficient energy source.

A source of energy that will abolish our

dependence on foreign oil and any oil for

that matter. A source of energy that will end wars, create a peace in war stricken oil rich areas as never before seen, while providing more economic security across the globe. What you are about to read is history being made. It is of the utmost urgency that this ‘engine’, this miracle of t e c h n o l o g y be brought to market now. We must stop depleting our natural resourc- es, as most people agree, and take hold of this historic and revolution- ary opportunity immediately. The solution to the energy cri- sis we face in

this country has finally arrived.

It is found in the Aerodynamic Air Turbine Engine (AAT Engine) presented by Ron Rockwell, a scien- tist, inventor and engineer. The AAT Engine is truly the most innovative, groundbreaking

discovery of the 21 st century. The name may sound complex, but the AAT Engine actually runs and operates using only ambient air – the very air we breathe. Skepticism often follows as a first reaction to any new and innovative technology or discovery. This

is why the cre-

ators of this clean energy solution have produced live video of the engine in oper- ation. T h e

have produced live video of the engine in oper- ation. T h e The Revolutionary Aerodynamic

The Revolutionary Aerodynamic Air Turbine Engine as developed by Ron Rockwell.

inventor and

e n g i n e e r

of the ATT Engine is Ron Rockwell, a researcher and gifted scientist since 1955. Mr. Rockwell and Dr. Bob Beverly have

twice appeared on the Lou Epton Show, nationwide radio program broadcast out of Las Vegas, Nevada, (which since then has been terminated, as believed… due to this topic!) to discuss the

ATT Engine and its unlimited uses. Ron Rockwell and Dr. Bob Beverly were recently in Washington, DC and met with the Department of Energy in hopes that they would embrace this unprecedented technol- ogy. Unfortunately, Ron Rockwell and Dr.

Beverly were met with bureaucratic indiffer- ence. The two ‘agents’ of the Department of Energy they met with immediately said that the funding was an issue. Funding? The end of oil dependency as this world knows it and

a truly clean energy source that is proven to

work, and they say that funding is an issue? This is a deplorable disgrace and a shame to every American and to the world at large! But if that was not a kick in the face,

the United States Department of Energy’s Secretary Bodman announced a $2 Billion Dollar Federal Loan Guarantee Program as part of his First Anniversary Celebration of the Energy Policy Act, according to the August 7, 2006 press release on the Department of Energy’s own website! The press release states, “U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) Secretary Samuel W. Bodman today unveiled DOE program guidelines for

a total of $2 Billion in loan guarantees to

help spur investment in projects that employ new energy tech-

nologies.” “With these loan guaran-

See ‘Engine’ Continued on Page 12

Federal Judge Rules Bush’s Post-Sept. 11 Terror Order Unconstitutional

November 29, 2006

By the Associated Press

LOS ANGELES — A federal judge struck down President Bush’s authority to desig-

nate groups as terrorists, saying his post- Sept. 11 executive order was unconstitu- tional and vague. Some parts of the Sept. 24, 2001 order tagging 27 groups and individuals

as “specially designated global terrorists”

were too vague and could impinge on First Amendment rights of free association, U.S. District Judge Audrey Collins said.

The order gave the president “unfet- tered discretion” to label groups without giving them a way to challenge the designa- tions, she said in a Nov. 21 ruling that was made public Tuesday. The judge, who two years ago invalidat-

ed portions of the U.S. Patriot Act, rejected

several sections of Bush’s Executive Order

13224 and enjoined the government from blocking the assets of two foreign groups. However, she let stand sections that would penalize those who provide “services” to designated terrorist groups. She said such services would include the humanitarian aid and rights training pro- posed by the plaintiffs. The ruling was praised by David Cole, a lawyer for the Washington, D.C.-based Center for Constitutional Rights, who rep- resented the plaintiff Humanitarian Law Project. It “says that even in fighting terrorism the president cannot be given a blank check


blacklist anyone he considers a bad guy


a bad group and you can’t imply guilt by

association,” Cole said. He said the Humanitarian Law Project will appeal those portions of the executive order which were allowed to stand. A U.S. Department of Justice spokes- man had a mixed reaction to the judge’s rul-

ing. “We are pleased the court rejected many of the constitutional arguments raised by the plaintiffs, including their challenge to the government’s ban on providing services to terrorist organizations,” Justice spokesman Charles Miller said Tuesday. “However, we believe the court erred in finding that certain other aspects of the executive order were unconstitutional.” The judge’s ruling was a reversal of her own tentative findings last July in which she indicated she would uphold wide powers asserted by Bush under an anti-terror financ- ing law. She delayed her ruling then to allow more legal briefs to be filed. The long-running litigation has centered on two groups, the Liberation Tigers, which seeks a separate homeland for the Tamil people in Sri Lanka, and Partiya Karkeran Kurdistan, a political organization represent- ing the interests of Kurds in Turkey. Both groups have been designated by the United States as foreign terrorist organi- zations. The judge’s 45-page ruling granted in part and denied in part a legal challenge brought by the Humanitarian Law Project, which seeks to provide training to the groups in human rights advocacy and provide them with humanitarian aid.




By Greg Evensen October 14, 2006

M aynard Brazeal, the retired Director of the Kansas Law Enforcement Training Center told me privately

in 1980, that the moral character of the men and women he was preparing for a career in law enforcement would determine if America remained free or would be under police state conditions. Mr. Brazeal is one of those few exceptionally talented men who knew police work well and also knows that society’s thin line between jungle rule and ordered soci- ety is but one riot away from catastrophe. Maynard was to become a very close per- sonal friend who was admired by thousands of Kansas Peace Officers, state and federal agency heads, and politicians two numerous to count. His word was his absolute bond and when he said, “buddy, I’ll stand by you,” he meant with his life, if necessary. Maynard was a Lieutenant for the Kansas City, Missouri, police department. He wrote the first organized riot control manual in the United States, and was involved in the great Paseo shootout that left several police offi- cers and several more crime figures dead or wounded on Kansas City’s south-east side. Maynard was a fearless defender of society and of the men and later women he person-

of society and of the men and later women he person- ally stood in front of

ally stood in front of and gave his extensive lifetime of experience to train. His training methods were straight forward, true to life,

and absolutely left no room for ethical lapses in judgment. Maynard was a real life John Wayne in size, courage but most importantly heart. He stood by me as I fought to con- tain an old lawless town in Kansas, where

I served as marshal after leaving the State

Troopers. We stood by each other as we both endured the untimely deaths of our precious wives. Maynard Brazeal is a legend. To Kansas Peace Officers and indeed police officers across America, he is still called on to assist in the defense of those who are on trial for split second actions that requires years of court reflection to sort out. He is a gifted public speaker, a Christian gentleman, and a very talented baritone vocalist who loves old Gospel quartet music. We have sung together many times and as Maynard would say; there are a few of us old timers “whose metal has

been tested severely in the fires set by the most evil among us.” We each came through and now in the later years of our lives, Maynard has written in his own hand to me, “remember Greg, you would be a good man to walk the river with.” This saying, first uttered by a Border Patrol agent many years ago, is the final test of how brave men huddle together to share their lives. “Talk low, talk slow, and don’t talk too much,” is the unspoken rule among men who took law-

ful orders, used constitutional justice as their guide, and knew when to do the right thing the humane thing,

the compassionate thing, when it was

See ‘NWO’ Continued on Page 9

knew when to do the right thing the humane thing, the compassionate thing, when it was


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It appears that sanity and our ‘America First’ compass has not only been thrown out the window, but was crushed first into pieces. Then we have the introduction of this AIR TURBINE ENGINE, front page, and it appears to be a ‘god send’ as to that type of technology to the extent ‘it’ could do miracles for humanity and the world, and as we are told, the federal government as well all major government controlled newspapers and government TV media has developed a fast and serious case of blindtosis and stupidtis unless you understand that ‘govern- ment’ today does not care about you, your rights, your property and their agenda is to keep you in state of debt, servitude, subjugation and controlled for their benefit and that of their masters. It’s called ‘controlled chaos’ and once you understand that, you know where you stand with it or them. Then you can decide what your gonna-do? This past year has been to say the least, very interesting. We were able to produce our first book catalog, our subscriptions are up, the ISA Sovereignty Information Packet was finally completed and has been mailed out and can be emailed as well. Our web page has a new face and we’re looking to 2007 to be even a better year, but extremely more interesting and we’ll do our best to inform your and provide you information in the best wake-up and smell the coffee-FREE PRESS newspaper in the Country TODAY!

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THE AMERICAN’S BULLETIN January/February 2007 - 3


Posted By: kbcjedi Via Rumor Mill News By: We Oppose Deception An Open Letter to BAR Attorneys with apologies to Patrick J. Fitzgerald, an American hero.

W e the People are getting mighty educated these days. We tracked down

the original 13th Amendment to the Constitution - you know, the one you started the War of 1812 over so you could burn the copies - and it says

you Esquires are not allowed to have

a title of nobility AND hold public

office in America. Up until now, you

have been getting away with it. We learned that the BAR

originates in the Crown Temple in London , England . Therefore, your oath to the BAR means you are not Americans anymore but agents for

a foreign power. You have no citi-

zenship. You claim to have licenses to practice law. As a matter of fact there is no such thing as a license to practice law. We searched in the statutes, codes, rules and regula- tions for every state and also their respective secretaries of state and supreme courts. No authorization for the “license to practice law” exists anywhere. That means every one of you is unauthorized and illegal in the Republic. JOHN HENRY DOE, ESQUIRE is a fiction that exists only on paper. What you do have is a BAR card that simply authorizes you to use the statutes, codes, rules and regulations, which are all copyright- ed. We can’t help but notice that all of the law you use is copyrighted, so the People can’t use it without using you. People, how well are you doing with these copyrighted statutes? It wasn’t easy since you have us hanging upside down looking in the mirror trying to read the news- paper, but we figured out that stat- utes, codes, rules and regulations are not law but abrogations of the law. Abrogate means “to abolish by authoritative action: ANNUL”. Applying the force of deadly vio- lence, you annulled the real Law and replaced it with color of law. Color of law is a false flag, a pirate flag. You’re all a bunch of actors. No license, and no law, either. We counted the number of stat- utes, codes, rules and regulations that you created, with the intelli- gence endowed by your Creator, to use against us. There are many more than 60 million statutes, codes, rules and regulations, certainly more than all of you BAR attorneys put togeth- er can keep track of without plenty of software, quarterly updates, and teams of legal researchers - and, voila! You have billing! You write statutes, codes, rules and regulations at the behest of the putrefyingly corrupt Chosen Masters, the ancient hate-driven cult within a hate-driven racist sect that are the tiresome take-over-the-world crowd and the blueprint for criminality. The

beasts of this world have more honor than you. You herd the People you have defrauded into the system of the Matrix like so much cattle, to be processed, robbed of their freedom, families and property, experimented upon with drug sorcery, and all too often killed. You do this because the BAR Association is a hate-driven money cult. Your masters reward you with obscene hourly rates for the building of your personal empires. You are so far gone from the sight of God that you think you have the authority to write rules to justify torturing your

fellow beings. You have much blood on your hands. And your “noble cause” is what? Why, the U.S. bankruptcy is your noble cause, your reason for destroying millions of lives min- ute by minute. The U.S. bankruptcy is George W. Bush’s noble cause.

Claiming the authority to enact and enforce new “bankruptcy laws” (statutes) that create debtor’s prisons for the People, who since 1933 have had no money to pay a debt with, the U.S. corporation is itself bankrupt and has made us into the surety for the debt. In fact all so-called govern- ing bodies in the U.S. are bankrupt corporations telescoping from one to the other, back and forth between federal-state-county-municipal, due to the Federal Project of Credit. The SUPREME COURT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA is a bankrupt corporation and does not exist. Your law firm is bankrupt. There is no money. We have no law because we have no money. Whether or whether not you BAR attorneys swore a secret oath to administer the U.S. bankruptcy, the bankruptcy is in each and every letter you send, every form you sub- mit, every court pleading you file, every plea bargain you negotiate. It is a fact of your every professional thought, besides billing. “Law” has nothing to do with it. At this point you attorneys have made your true function patently obvious. “Attorning” means to take all of the property of the People and give it to the Chosen Masters. Well, your masters’ day is over. Oh, it may seem that they are consolidat- ing their control of all the Earth, therefore assuring your positions as their agents for profit and mayhem; but always profit; but we continue to expose the Chosen Masters in this forum and many others, and we are getting quite ready to jam their sig- nals, crash their programs and round them up. Guess where we are going to put the Chosen Masters! You are being destroyed by leaks from within. From the 13 European families of banking perversion to the Every-town, USA municipal traf- fic court judge (who would not be caught dead retiring with less than $30 million of the People’s money) and all the Satanist racketeering extortionist blackmailing pedophile warmongering purveyors of human

blackmailing pedophile warmongering purveyors of human flesh in between, the Chosen Masters are finished. Some of

flesh in between, the Chosen Masters are finished. Some of you attorneys may be hearing the jungle drums and growing uneasy, but most of you are 100% in your ego at all times and proud of being arrogant. Your arrogance may interfere with your understanding of this message, but check it out, because now it is your turn to “understand” something. The jig is up. The truth herein is ugly, but we believe Americans are very angry about the truth to date and that they are ready to hear more. Many will even act on it according to their conscience. Just when we thought your deeds could not possibly get more hideous, we discovered that you create commercial paper for each inmate in prison and put a price on him and hypothecate that price many times. Correctional Corporation of America ( Nashville , Tennessee ) creates the bonds, and Lehman Brothers underwrites those bonds for being bought and sold on the world financial markets. The Chosen Masters cut you in on the deals and you all take profits from this. We are enraged to know that U.S. cor- porations are being funded by our brothers and sisters who were busted for pot or for not having a current drivers license. You BAR attorneys created crimes out of nothing and wrote the rules for this heinous and sickening theft of the People’s ener- gy, all for administering the U.S. bankruptcy and your own unjust enrichment. We the People, the ones in whom the power is truly vested, are putting an end to your trafficking in human flesh and spirit. We used to have common law courts in this country. In com- mon law, unless a living being has been injured or property loss has occurred, there has been no crime. We also found out that you BAR attorneys raised the level of the Sea on paper so that it “covers” the land, thereby fraudulently subjecting us to admiralty/maritime law, to the Law of the Sea, to piracy. A cop pulling us over is an act of piracy. It is a kidnapping. That’s a pirate flag he’s flying, so cops reading this take heed, for the Chosen Masters put you where the rubber meets the road. Get this through your heads now:

codes do not apply to the People, only to the corporation for which they were written, and that means you, and it means you are nothing more than corporate thugs. Some of you became cops in order to get respect. But we have been giving you not respect but fear, and people can overcome their fears. We have a God-given right to defend ourselves and our property. Just keep it up, and the survivors of you cops will your- selves become defendants. The Chosen Masters have decreed that there are too many of us, so you BAR attorneys make it “legal” on paper for vile toadies of the Chosen Masters to poison us and the entire Earth through the food, air, water, and land, and when we sicken, to force dangerous drugs upon us, and when we die, our former employers receive death ben- efits$$$$$$ on secret, illegal life insurance policies on us, unjustly enriching a variety of corporations so that the Chosen Masters may take profits. You (and the cops) will answer to the People in the lawful courts we establish and you must answer to your families, friends, neighbors and all whom you sold out and sold. Just about everyone - except Freemasons of course - has been to traffic court nowadays. What did you think was going to happen? You BAR attorneys are the original back-door men, the ones in the back room, failing to adjust the accounts. You never pay your bills. Once you take a case you are the holder of the account for the case. This means, under Public Law 73-10 wherein all crimes are commercial crimes, and under Public Policy, that you must adjust the account to offset the liability for closure and settle- ment. You always fail to make the ledger entry - there is NO money and the People are exempt from levy - so you attorneys never pay your bills. You impose the charges upon us and put us in prison instead. You get paid whether you “win” your case or not, and the judicial

system enforces the payment of your fees. This is conclusive proof of the criminality inherent in the U.S. judi- cial system. What else is a criminal but someone in possession of a valu- able commodity - human energy - that was acquired without exchang- ing something else of value for it? Well, it is painfully obvious to the People that those are not our courts and we will never get justice in them. We are going to do away with them and you. Don’t look now, but persons in positions of authority are going to seize the reins. Even now we are turning the tide for a permanent return to a constitutional form of government. The People will no longer tolerate the lies, the cor- ruption and death that are your daily bread. You BAR attorneys are all drunkards drunk on debt, chasing Federal Reserve Notes which are debt notes and debt (death). You have made it illegal for the People to get out of debt! You put every man, woman and child under the probate statutes and made us into corporate fictions so you could cre- ate life-destroying industries such as taxation and the judicial system. You attorneys are harming the entire world, and you cannot make it more clear that you are anti-Life. Through trickery and the deceitful use of lan- guage, you would reduce our lives to nothing more than a series of commercial transactions. We who now must pursue such life-diminish- ing goals as “getting out of debt” or “making the rent” or “paying the bills” - we demand that the BAR stand down and stand aside, now, and make way for the true Law. For starters, the People are exempt from levy. In common law there are only two laws: do not harm another living being, and honor all of your contracts. But then there is really only one Law: do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Speaking of “personal debt”, we learned from our research that the People, the living men and women of this land and all the lands, are the source of all pretend money; i.e., “credit”; i.e., “commercial credit”. So-called credit does not exist until We create it. We living Beings of Light are the source of all the energy that is expressed as “credit”. Thus, the People can never be debtors, and you attorneys have slandered our names in your collection let- ters. We will make claims against you for the slander of your deceit, so EXPERIAN, TRANS UNION, EQUIFAX, take note. Your BAR attorneys will not be able to save you. EXPERIAN, TRANS UNION and EQUIFAX are bankrupt cor- porations. Yes, People?, in this the Bizarro world the credit reporting agencies are insolvent. We recently heard that the authorities will start to confiscate our gold fillings and gold teeth. (This is for paying interest on the U.S. bank- ruptcy, folks.) Attention municipal, county, state, federal, United Nations Chosen Masters/Powers in Charge:

We will not tolerate it. We denounce your obscenely unjust and unlawful codes and refuse to obey them. We hereby declare your illegal statutes, codes, rules and regulations to be null and void and of no further effect. You can take my drivers license and shove it! You are parasites. You create no value. You bring nothing to the table. All of the invisible so-called contracts by which you think you have us in a chokehold are null and void for lack of consideration, lack of full disclosure, for threats, duress and coercion in the formation of the contracts, and for being unconscio- nable. You ain’t got nothin’! We the People demand forgive- ness of all the debt. We demand the restoration of money of sub- stance, backed by gold and silver. We demand our money back for all

the illegal income tax on our labor that you converted (stole and gave to a foreign corporation; i.e., the Federal Reserve’s collection agency INTERNAL REVENUE SERVICE - also a bankrupt corporation). We demand the return of all the money you defrauded us out of for your cash cow Social Security Ponzi scheme. We demand our money back for all of those bull##### ille- gal parking tickets and illegal court cases. Inasmuch as those funds are collected by corporate thugs and therefore illegal, the funds cannot be added to municipal budget so therefore the People’s property goes straight into the judge’s retirement fund. We demand that you make rep- arations to us for having defrauded and enslaved us. We demand the immedi- ate stand-down of INTERNAL REVENUE SERVICE. Further, once INTERNAL REVENUE SERVICE has returned to us every penny plus interest, we demand the per- manent abolishment of INTERNAL REVENUE SERVICE. Then we shall sue our corporate employers for theft (Form W-4 and wage lev-

ies). We learned that our real govern- ment is in the county. In the Republic, where all of our rights are intact, our highest elected official is the county sheriff. We will restore lawful gov- ernment first at home, in our coun- ties. Generals and Provost Marshals, duty calls like never before, and we are taking names. Do your duty and put the county sheriffs under arrest, or we will! We will open the prison doors and send home everyone busted for pot and every other innocent victim of your unlawful codes. They will go home with all of their property restored to them plus reparations and public apologies. A goodly portion of those reparations will come from your pocket, Mr. BAR Attorney. We will return back to the prisons all of the real criminals routinely set loose into our communities by the pedophilic treasonous “authori- ties”, and many, many of you BAR attorneys will join them for your crimes. Judges merit a special note. Municipal traffic court, bankruptcy court, probate court, federal court, makes no difference, you are the most venal and rapacious type of creature imaginable. We have awak- ened to the real state of affairs: that we live in the Bizarro world. Thus it should come as no surprise that the man in the black dress, sup- posedly learned in the “law”, is in

reality an extortionist, a career crimi- nal, the most unlawful creature on Earth. The judge’s bench (“bank”) is a moveable feast, his black robes highly appropriate for a bird of car- rion. You are all in breach of the Covenant, in breach of the Trust, in breach of the Contract. In your souls and in commerce, you are in dishonor. Your rights are forfeit and your property is forfeit - trust or no trust. We the People who are Beings of Light are taking responsibility and taking over. We are creating a world without parasites. Even as you read

this we are

phasing you out. You

cannot turn back this tide. Members of the BAR, here are your choices:

Come into the Light, or go into the Light. You very dark ones face uncreation or the Hell planet. You will not be missed.

P.S. for the People: BAR Attorneys passed a very sneaky law in 1980 that says they represent both sides in a case! But it is a felony for an attorney to take money from some- one he does not represent. So if an attorney bothers you, tell him he’s fired! Enjoy!


to take money from some- one he does not represent. So if an attorney bothers you,


- January/February 2007 THE AMERICAN’S BULLETIN




American Concentration



Texas Representative urges repeal of neo- fascist laws in America before it is too late

Steve Watson

November 13, 2006

R e-elected Texas Republican

Congressman Ron Paul joined Alex Jones on air

last week to discuss the fallout of the midterm elections and what he sees transpiring over the next two years. He ended by ominously warning that if something is not done soon to overturn legislation such as the Military Commissions act, the law officially allows for citizen concentration camp facili-

ties. Beginning with the positives to come out of the election, Ron

Paul stressed that it has provided an important indication to the rest of the world that the people of America are unhappy with the usurpers that have seized con- trol of their government and are trying to initiate change. The Congressman was quick to point out that this may not be carried into policy however:

“Not a whole lot will change because the leadership on the Democratic side, even if they had their way, don’t have a different foreign policy. They have been supportive of an interventionist foreign policy in the middle east, and they are not about to back

away from that

to criticize the policy but only as a means to get power.” As we have seen over the past week, leading Democrats are all towing the party line, unre- servedly dismissing any notion of the possibility of impeaching the President over Iraq.

They are willing

The Congressman also stated that monetary policy will stay the same, which can only mean bad news for the American economy. “ They all believe in the fed- eral reserve, they are not going to get rid of the IRS and the income tax. I think the dollar is going to keep sliding, which means prices are going to rise, when curren- cies self destruct, the end goes quickly. There are no signs that there is anything being done in

care not about preserving and protecting American sovereignty when there is a quick buck to be made. “That’s also part of the foreign policy to be in position to hold onto natural resources, that’s one of the major reasons why we’re in the middle east, so yes if there is a financial crisis, they’re going to have the guns, and they have control of the natural resources It’s not a good scenario, because

of the natural resources It’s not a good scenario, because Washington to correct the prob- lem.

Washington to correct the prob- lem. Spending is going to continue and probably going to get worse, the deficits are going to stay high if foreign policy is not going to change.” The Congressman agreed that the elite globalists within the US government may not care about this too much because it means they can blow out the economy and then come back and buy it up very cheaply. These Internationalists

what usually happens when you wipe out a currency is that you wipe out the middle class, and we already see this happening. The standard of living is going down.” Paul asserted. Ron Paul’s comments echo those of Former World Bank Vice President, Chief Economist and Nobel Prize winner Joseph Stiglitz, who two weeks ago pre- dicted a global economic crash within 24 months - unless the

current downturn is successful- ly managed. Asked if the situa- tion was being properly handled Stiglitz emphatically responded

“no,” and also drew ominous par- allels to the development of the NAFTA Superhighway and the North American Union. What real Conservatism there was left in the House, to block such moves, as well as Bush’s amnesty program for illegals, is gone. With Pelosi at the helm Ron Paul sees it as a forgone conclusion that such policies will sail through. “I think that’s right, although I complain about the

two parties being

exactly alike, I would say on this amnesty issue and what’s happened with the election, there probably was a dif- ference between the two. It is more likely with the Democrats in charge, and Judiciary and the other major committees, and with the President not really fighting for our national borders, he’s always argued for some type of worker program, yes I think there’s a much greater danger that that is going to be coming in the next session.” Commenting on strategies to defeat the North American Union, the Congressman urged a continu- ance of educating people on the real issues and reaching more and more Americans who care about preserving their national sover- eignty:

“You have to keep doing what you are doing, you are reaching a lot of people, and they have to get to their members of congress, and in many ways the current House has been pretty good with this. With the new House we don’t know exactly what is going to happen, but I had something very encouraging come to my attention just this week. I had a call from a young lady that won in Kansas as a Democrat, and in her literature she put my whole article on the NAFTA super corridor in there

She is not going to vote with Nancy Pelosi.” Finally, and perhaps most importantly, The Congressman

spoke on the issue of going about demanding a repeal of freedom crushing legislation such as the Patriot act and the Military Commissions act and the Defense Authorization


act and the Defense Authorization Actwhichessen- Congessman Ron Paul, TX. tially wipes out Habeas Corpus.

Congessman Ron Paul, TX.

tially wipes out Habeas Corpus. “We might have to hope that our Supreme Court helps us out a little. The Court has been better than the execu- tive branch and a heck of a lot better than the Congress, because we’ve

given the President everything he’s asked for and the President has been

begging for all this authority, so immediately we have to hope that the courts will save us on some of these things. But once again ulti- mately its only when the people wake up and say they don’t like

sometimes the people wake

up to late. Right now we don’t have concentration camps, but like you have pointed out, the author- ity has been given so that concen- tration camps can come without Habeas Corpus . I have heard the argument that there is nothing else left in the Bill of Rights. If they can lock you up, what good is freedom of speech or what good is a gun? That is now part of the books, part of the law.” Take Ron Paul’s suggestion up and contact your new or re- elected members and demand a move to repeal legislation paving the way for fascist government control in America today.



“If A Nation expects to be ignorant and free, in a state of civilization, it expects what never was and never will be”

……. Thomas Jefferson.

Nickel Rant tm:

Listen Up, You Congressional Morons!

by Edgar J. Steele November 13, 2006

“Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.”

--- John F. Kennedy, 1962 White House speech (35th president of the United States of America, 1961-1963)

My name is Edgar J. Steele. This is a Nickel Rant.

E very politician and pun- dit has tried to explain why the Republicans lost

big. They all are wrong. Now, for the first time, hear the truth. How can all of them be wrong?

Ever wonder why movie critics promote dreary, boring movies filled with plot twists and convo- luted language, while regular guys like straightforward action flicks and the average woman is drawn to heart-rending romantic dra- mas brim full of domestic strife? Movie critics don’t have lives, that’s why. They spend all their time watching movies and search- ing for deep meanings upon which to comment. They are out of touch and incapable of wanting what the rest of us want when we decide to watch a movie. Critics probably started out okay, as pure fans, but a steady diet of anything will change one’s taste (“refining it” is the way they would describe the process, of

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course). Too close to the trees to see the forest, in other words. Even more out of touch are the movie studio bosses, who fancy themselves as opinion molders, in any event, with their own expecta- tions shaped from wishful thinking born of the lust for money and power. They should ask newspaper publishers and television network owners, hopelessly out to lunch and claiming befuddlement at the rapid decline of their own audiences, just how that attitude is working out for them! The same rationale applies to the radio/TV talking heads now pon- tificating upon why the Republicans took a shellacking in the mid-term elections. Pat Buchanan and others opine that Republicans lost because



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their party lost touch with its core conservative values. Liberal com- mentators consider it an awakening and revalidation of leftist thinking. Politicians seem the most out of touch with the message deliv- ered by America’s electorate, with some considering it a mandate for Clintonesque government and oth- ers a simple repudiation of war done wrong. Well, listen up, you morons, particularly those of you in Congress, both coming and going, because I am going to tell you, in plain language and without subtle innuendo, exactly what it is that voters said this past week. None of you has a mandate for anything. Not one. Had each elected position on last week’s bal- lot carried an option marked “leave this job vacant for the entire term,” a much larger number of you now would be seeking new employment than you possibly can imagine. Very few of you actually are wanted in your position. You newly elected are there simply because we wanted to deliver a message to all of you, not because you somehow are better in our eyes. Those of you

heading out the door are leaving for the same reason. Make no mistake about this fact and get over your- selves. Are you listening, incom- ing House Speaker Nancy Pelosi? Get over yourself and do it now. Our patience with Congressional hubris and incompetence has grown exceedingly thin. Here’s the message: We are fed up with your bullshit. Let me repeat that in words of one syllable for those of you unaccustomed to lis- tening to your constituents: We are fed up with your bull shit. Admit it - you know the truth when you hear it and this is truth at its simplest and most fundamental level. This has nothing to do with being Democrat or Republican. Neither do conservative nor liberal values figure into the equation. You are not blameless simply because Bush has proven so frightfully bad at being President. After all, you made possible every single thing that he has done. You were our trump card - our safety net - and you let us down!

See ‘Listen Up’ Continued on Page 11

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THE AMERICAN’S BULLETIN January/February 2007 - 5

Keep Your Mouth Shut

By Anonymous

W hat to do (and what not to

do) if you are ever ques-

tioned by alleged gov-

ernment agents or alleged federal public officers. The following advice applies mainly to our USA readers. But it can be applied to situations in other countries, especially the UK and Australia. This is a very important article. You never know when a nasty situation could entrap you! Basic rule: NEVER, under any circumstances, answer questions put to you by any alleged govern- ment agent. The exception is at border crossings where you have to answer all questions truthfully (or at least with plausible responses) if you expect them to let you in. In the USA, there is a sec- tion in the federal code, referred to as “1001” by legal eagles. This law makes it a crime to lie to a federal agent. The agent doesn’t have to put you under oath or even have to tape the conversation. All he or she has to do is produce hand- written notes that indicate you made false statements. If you tell him or her a lie, you are guilty. If he says you lied, you are guilty if a judge or jury finds the “G-Man’s” version of your conversation more believable than yours. Maybe you misspeak, or the agent mishears. Or maybe there is an ambiguity that the agent chooses to interpret in an unfortunate (for you) direction. You are on the hook and can spend some time in the clink for basically nothing! Lying to a federal agent does not have to mean telling lies in an important criminal case or when you are under arrest. IRS officers are federal agents too. There’s always the possibility that you might be tempted to shade the truth a bit when an IRS agent is quizzing you about that tax deduction you took for a trip to Vegas; or asking you to produce a return, or pay a tax. Our advice to you is:

Keep Your Mouth Shut!

Let’s repeat that in other words. To be on the safe side, when confronted by an alleged fed- eral agent, don’t say anything at all. Well, not exactly. You need to ask them to sign a letter so they can’t later lie about what happened. Keep reading. It’s a shame things have come to this. It used to be, people felt it their duty to cooperate with authorities. That was before the “War on Terror” and Law 1001. We now live in an era of government terror where civil rights are almost non-existent. You have to know enough to protect yourself at all times. WHAT HAPPENED TO MARTHA STEWART Take, for example, the highly publi- cized case of lifestyle guru Martha Stewart. Stewart was sentenced to jail in 2004. Her case reflects what has happened to thousands of other less high-profile cases: nor- mal, respectable, honest business people. Maybe friends of yours were already caught in the net. So what did Stewart do wrong? She was caught out by rule 1001. She was convicted of lying about the reason she sold her shares

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in a biotechnology company. She said she sold the shares because they had fallen to the price where she had told her bro- ker to sell. She claimed that she recalled having placed a “stop loss” order with her broker. The government argued (and the jury

accepted) that she sold only because her broker passed on some inside information that the stock was going to plunge in the next couple

of days. She lied, said the Federal

Agent. True, her stock trade, one of

many she had made, had a smell

of illegal “insider trading” about

it. But,theprosecutorsdidnotcharge

her with insider trading! They only

charged her with lying about it, under “1001”. Stewart was con- victed of lying about a crime. But the government did not have to prove that any actual crime ever happened. Merely stating her rec-

ollection of a single small (for her) transaction was enough to get her a


sentence. Stewart saved all of $45,000 on


stock transaction when the stock

went down. Later the same stock soared way above her selling price! But her prosecution has caused her business to go to blazes and stockholdings in her own company decrease by hundreds of millions. Why? Because of the accusations and the criminal trial. What happened to Martha, who was certainly no villainous insider trader, does not seem fair to us. Whether insider trading is real- ly a crime is another question. Our personal experience is that when given so called insider tips, the stock involved usually went the opposite direction the tipster indi- cated it would go! Martha’s “crime” was a step removed. Her spontaneous response to one of an agent’s many questions, her best memory, was deemed to be a criminal offense in and of itself. Her co-operation and willingness to talk was transmuted into a crime. Is that justice? But then, what is fair about “justice”

these days? It has been said that Justice to the Department of Justice, is as military bands are to music. The Martha Stewart case and many others are purely for show:

a politically motivated crack-

down on successful people. The prosecution had its roots in the jealousy and ambition /of a government bureau-rat. This is exactly as predicted by Ayn Rand and the anonymous author of “A Lodging of Wayfaring Men”. The government has so many potential crimes on the books that a crimi- nal case can be made against any individual who is investigated. The fear of prosecution is what gives government its power.


What other mistakes did Stewart make that we could learn

from? She irritated prosecutors with

her arrogant attitude. “I’m innocent

and you don’t have anything on me!” It’s a natural reaction, a com- mon error that people (especially successful people) often make when confronting for the first time a low- level, bureaucrat who asks accusa- tory questions. But it’s always a ba idea to make Big Brother’s Minions

mad by truthfully claiming you are

Big Brother’s Minions mad by truthfully claiming you are not a criminal. What should you do?

not a criminal. What should you do? How

should you handle a situation where you are questioned and don’t know exactly what the government guy is after? Here it comes a third time:

You shut up. Then the odds are that there will be no evidence to make

a case against you. If you do get

indicted, try first to negotiate. Re-

member, the Feds won’t bring a

Dear Sir:

Due to rule 1001, I do not feel I can answer any oral questions at all unless I first clear all your questions with a lawyer. Please submit all your questions in writing. Mail them to me and I will get back to you. Please give me your calling card, let me photocopy your official identifi- cation credentials and fill out the information needed below and sign this

letter below as well. Be sure to send me a certified copy of your ‘Oath of Office.’ I will forward you a copy by mail as a receipt and as evidence that I gave you no information whatsoever in this or any other interview.

case unless they are pretty sure they will win. Instead of warning Stewart

Signature of government agent:

against protesting her innocence too loudly and fighting the case in

Date & Time:

the media, her high-priced attorney, Robert Morvillo, only exacerbated

Name and official position:

her problems. His chief argument was that Stewart and her broker

Office Address:

were “too smart to pull a dumb stunt like intentionally lying.” But

ID number:

as one juror said later, “How could we tell anything about how smart

Bond Number:

either of them was if they never took the stand?” Martha was sent

Telephone / Fax number:


jail. For nothing. How could it

have been avoided?

E-Mail address:



Besides keeping your mouth shut, it’s a good idea to have evi- dence that you have indeed kept your mouth shut. We suggest typ- ing out the following letter and car- rying two copies of it with you on your person at all times:

You hand it to any alleged Law Enforcement Agent who says, “Can I ask you a few questions?”

This is the letter:

“Can I ask you a few questions?” This is the letter: ************************* If the agent won’t


If the agent won’t sign, you should fill in the above blanks. Where the agent should have signed, print on the letter the agent’s name, fol- lowed by “refused to sign”, plus your name. In all probability, the man or woman claiming to be a federal agent, employee, or marshal will not submit any questions to you in writing. That is because they have absolutely no authority or jurisdiction to be contacting you, a private American sovereign.


If, for some reason the alleged federal agent or marshal becomes belligerent or insists on interviewing you, remind them of your request to mail you a set of their questions for your attorney to review. Then ask them politely to leave since they are trespassing upon private property. You then advise them you DO NOT consent to be interviewed and close the door. ●●●


1. An armed man is a sovereign. An unarmed man is a subject ( citizen ).

2. A gun in the hand is better than a cop on the phone.

3 Colt: The original point and click interface.

4. Gun control is not about guns; it’s about control.

5. If guns are outlawed, can we use swords?

6. If guns cause crime, then pencils cause misspelled words.

7. “Free” men do not ask permission to bear arms.

8. If you don’t know your rights you don’t have any.

9. Those who trade liberty for security have neither. The United States Constitution (c) 1791. All Rights reserved. What part of “shall not be infringed” do you not understand? The Second Amendment is in place in case the politicians ignore the others. 64,999,987 firearms owners killed no one yesterday. Guns only have two enemies: rust and politicians. Know guns, know peace, know safety. No guns, no peace, no safety. You don’t shoot to kill; you shoot to stay alive. 911 - government sponsored Dial-a-Prayer. Assault is a behavior, not a device. Criminals love gun control -- it makes their jobs safer. If guns cause crime; then matches cause arson. Only a government that is afraid of its citizens tries to control them. You only have the rights you are willing to fight for. Enforce the “gun control laws” we ALREADY have, don’t make more. When you remove the people’s right to bear arms, you create slaves. The American Revolution would never have happened with gun control. ”


















“A government of the people, by the people, for the people




…Americas first truth exposing- wake-up and smell the coffee Free Press news paper in the country TODAY!

Bulletin …Americas first truth exposing- wake-up and smell the coffee Free Press news paper in the


- January/February 2007 THE AMERICAN’S BULLETIN

Free Eddie Kahn

Update from Kookie Kahn From The Lighthouse <thelight@

I t is important for me to let you know how very important you are in Eddie’s and my life. I

thank each of you from the bottom of my heart for all the help and support in prayer, in actions, and monetarily that you have assisted in since our nightmare in Panama began. On Oct. 31, 2006 Panamanian Immigration Officials (instruct- ed by the FBI), kidnapped Eddie off the streets as he approached his attorney’s office to meet with her and a reporter who said he wanted Eddie’s side of the story regarding the Wesley Snipes case. What a co- incidence that they knew where Eddie was going and why espe- cially since phone tapping is illegal in Panama. Timing was such that apparent- ly the FBI felt they had to stop Eddie before the media got the TRUTH about Wesley’s tax return. I am told Eddie’s office had over 100 people in 32 states filing amended returns and they were receiving funds back. It was only when Wesley filed his that the big flag was waved. Why? If it was not legal and acceptable, the IRS would not have allowed ANY monies back to ANYONE. These forms also had attached a state- ment saying that IF for ANY reason they were unacceptable or deni- able, then please contact the cli- ent for an administrative hearing. This is the proper legal procedure. WHERE’S THE CRIME? To my knowledge the IRS did NOT send any money back to Wesley and the IRS did NOT schedule an adminis- trative hearing… what they DID do was file CRIMINAL CHARGES against Wesley Snipes, Eddie Kahn, Presiding Overseer of Guiding Light of God Ministries and Manager of American Rights Litigators, and Douglas Rosile, the gentleman who prepared the return. When Wesley Snipes decided to file using the 861 argument he stood to receive a lot more money than most people would. Rather than address the issue, the IRS and Dept. of Justice (DOJ) just wrote “fabricated” press releases so the media could have a heyday. People “hear” on the TV, and “read” in the paper that it is a scam or fraud or whatever other negative connotation they choose to call it. It would be simple enough if even one reporter would look at the 861 statute, and “show the law” but instead they let the IRS and DOJ press releases think for them. What kind of investigative reporting is

that? Congratulations to those of you who actually checked it out, and did not take the media’s word for it! You are one in a million. In fact, the IRS is counting that most of the people will be crippled by FEAR and conform to the threats, rather than ask to see the law itself. If it was not allowed or illegal, the IRS would not allow it for anyone! It is our experience and belief that the 4 letter word FEAR is crip- pling the American public without their awareness or true knowledge of what is happening. It reminds me of the story about a frog in the pot on a stove and how he will cook to

death because he is unaware that the

heat is getting hotter, when he could have been saved by simply jumping

out of the pot long as he did

it in time. Welcome to what is cur-

rently happening in America. Remember Willie Nelson?

Red Fox?

for Wesley Snipes. Eddie is just the fall guy this time around. The IRS always needs a poster boy for the upcoming tax season. Wesley

well now it is time


is the perfect target… he’s a black man… good looking black man…

a wealthy good looking black man,

and a celebrity to boot! Eddie did

to ultimately judge them, that we are all held accountable for our actions, and we know that unfor- tunately, their actions are a witness

to their children showing their true character. As sad as this is, for us, we remain faithful to the ONE who matters. We have already forgiven them for what they are doing to us, but we are ultimately not the one they are accountable to. What Eddie will do is continue to stand in TRUTH wearing the full Armour of God. That is what he has been

called to do… this is the Lord’s bat- tle, not Eddie’s. He will do his part

is the Lord’s bat- tle, not Eddie’s. He will do his part a private seminar a

a private seminar a few years ago

in Wesley’s California home. Eddie explained to Wesley that he admired Wesley’s interest in the Tax Honesty Movement, and reminded Wesley that if the IRS ever came down on

him that he had a lot to lose. Wesley discussed with Eddie the fact that he himself had studied the docu- mentation of the law, and believed Eddie to be right. He also said he wanted to proceed because this was not about money but his decision was based on principal. He wanted to stand up for truth. We have no idea what Wesley will do or say. He has not been in touch with the people working to free Eddie thus far. From what we saw in Wesley he appeared to be an honorable, deep thinking and intelligent guy who believes in and stands up for truth. Will he turn against Eddie now and just try to make a deal with the beast? You never know what someone will do when their back is to the wall and they are threatened with years of incarceration. This is Wesley’s and Wesley’s decision alone. He was given the information, studied

it himself, agreed that the truth was

there, and he asked to proceed hav- ing full knowledge that the IRS does not play fair and could make his life a living hell. From what we understand there are others who have sup- posedly turned against Eddie and made “deals” with the government to be prosecuting witnesses. It hap- pens all the time. We know these individuals know the truth. They know that we will not be the one

no matter what anyone else does or how it will affect his outcome. I will do my part in supporting him no matter what. We have other good friends in this fight who continue to stand for TRUTH and are currently being harassed. It is only because of people like this who are willing to give their lives for this cause that America has any freedoms to begin with. This country is loos- ing their freedoms right and left because there are few people will- ing to fight. The night of the kidnapping Eddie stayed in the Ancon jail. I was allowed to see him for 5 min- utes with our attorney present. The chief at the police station shook my hand, looked me in the eye, and assured me that they had no plans to deport him the next day and that I could rest well that night. The FBI put Eddie on a plane the following morning! They had no warrants, no proper paperwork, and the entire drama was totally illegal. An unnamed immigration worker said that this was the most cor- rupt incident she had ever seen hap- pen in the Panamanian Immigration

Office. Furthermore this illegal act was carried out against the Panama Supreme Courts orders. Eddie’s attorney was threat- ened by David Wattley from he FBI, that if she continued to help her client that he would see that her US Visa was revoked and that he would cause other problems for her intimating jail time, fines or both. Sandra, his attorney was upset as were other attorneys in Panama that their profession was being compro-



TTaaxx AAddvviissoorryy SSeerrvviiccee -- OOvveerr 3300 YYeeaarrss EExxppeerriieennccee HHeellpp wwiitthh TTaaxx AAuuddiittss,, CCoolllleeccttiioonnss aanndd HHeeaarriinnggss

d d H H e e a a r r i i n n g g


Dr. Robert Clarkson

mised and that greasy palms in a slew of events could even persuade Immigration officials to ignore the

highest court decision of their coun- try. Due to this series of events,

I was asked by the attorneys and

several people in Panama to make

a statement on the news. David

Wattley advised our attorney that

for my own safety I might not want

to do that.

As soon as the media frenzy with Wesley Snipes hit the streets, Panamanian Immigration did the research and called our attorney to let us know that our Pensionado Visa papers were all in order, done correctly, and as far as they were concerned, Eddie had nothing to worry about. We chose Panama as

our place of residence after the IRS and FBI raided and shut down the Guiding Light of God Ministries Office in 2002. As some of our close friends in Panama say ”It’s time to live in Freedom instead

of continuing to fight for it.”

After Eddie was taken he was interviewed by Ricardo Julio Vargas, Director of Immigration, (who incidentally happens to be up for a promotion). Mr. Vargas questioned Eddie about any other

problems he might have with the US Government. Eddie told him that after we came to Panama over 2 1/2 years ago that apparently there was a hearing scheduled and

a notice sent out to him which

he never got. Not knowing about

it, and subsequently not attending,

the judge held him in contempt of court (a civil matter). Eddie said

“YES, I have this issue.” What did Ricardo Vargas do with this information? He reported that

Eddie said NO… no other issues with the US Government. This lie

is what immigration (instructed by

the FBI???) used to build the story

that Eddie Kahn was a liar. The news casts that night all talked about how Eddie lied to them when questioned about other issues with

the government, how he lied to get

a false Pensionado Visa, and how

he will lie about anything. The expat community knew Eddie as

a strong Christian believer and

Eddie was often the one to offer prayers when gathering for meals, etc. The news capitalized on Eddie’s

principles and furthered their story

to produce a fabricated story that

Eddie was a liar by interviewing a gentleman who was a member of the First Baptist Church of Balboa.

See ‘KAHN’ Continued on Page 14

What the MEDIA has not dis-

closed about the Snipes/IRS case:

A former Florida policeman (now

in jail in Ocala, Florida) is the force behind the Wesley Snipes/IRS

issue. As a policeman, Eddie Kahn (pronounced “CAIN”) researched

issues exposing fraud in govern- ment. He uncovered facts about the Internal Revenue Service -- facts

truthful beyond controversy. As an advisor to Wesley Snipes, Kahn influenced Snipes to study these issues. Snipes phoned me and said his application for refund brought no response from the IRS -- no rejection: no refunds. According to the e-mail below from Mrs. Kahn received today, each filing with the IRS was sent with a statement of willingness to sit down with the IRS and discuss the claims being made. No such administrative hearing was ever held. Instead, the IRS unlaw- fully is inflicting misery and tor- ture on well-intentioned, patriotic

people, whose ONLY INTEREST

is honesty and integrity in govern-

ment. Meanwhile, the FBI (pledged

to uphold the law), has through its

agent David Wattley broken US and Panamanian law by kidnap- ping Kahn from Panama, violat-

ing extradition laws. The urgently important background story is told

in the unedited, untouched e-mail

from Mrs. Kahn, below. I am sending this out to media contacts, to attorneys, and to my

local sheriff. If you care about the future of our nation, if indi- vidual liberty means anything to you -- you need to read carefully every word written by Mrs. Kahn. Then, forward this to your friends. Responsible people take respon- sible actions.


In my 75 years of life, I have never

observed any IRS agent to operate with intelligence, knowledge of the law or even a sense of psychologi-

cally appropriate behavior. The IRS

continually shoots itself in the foot

by using unlawful tactics to frighten

people into unthinking cooperation with unlawful demands.

This is from Richard Palmquist Truth Radio: PO Box 344 Nipomo, CA 93444

demands. This is from Richard Palmquist Truth Radio: PO Box 344 Nipomo, CA 93444

THE AMERICAN’S BULLETIN January/February 2007 - 7


and Taxation Code, means the de facto military social construct defined as a federal territory via the Buck Act under military con- trol of the United States located in the District of Columbia (See What is United States?).


From Peter Dorsett

E very so-called State in the Union has laws on their books forbidding the unau-

thorized practice of their Law. This fact alone might lead one to con- clude that being a licensed member of the legal professional is not only required, but that one not so duly appointed had better not even think about offering legal writings or advice without having a “license to practice law.” To test this assump- tion, we go to California, the so- called Union’s most populace so- called state, our test subject, to see how they do it, California style. To begin this journey of dis- covery you can go online to the Secretary of State for California web site. All bona fide corpora- tions public and private must be registered with the Secretary of State. Do a search for “California Bar Association” and notice several strange anomalies with the posted information. For one, while the incorporation date of record is listed as 1907, this date differs from the date on the seal of the letter head for the California Bar that lists an incor- poration date of 1927. Now notice that the status of the California Bar is inactive. Also notice that there is no registered agent listed for service of process, nor is there a listing for the corporate address. Go to the Secretary of State web sites for the so-called states neighboring California and you will discover the same anomalies--listed but inactive, without contact information. Now call the California Corporate Commission to discover if they can explain the so-called anomalies and they will advise you that the State Bar of California was formed by statute (legislative act), and therefore not formed in accordance with the California Corporation Code.

Next, call the Executive Director at the headquarters for the California Bar Association in San Francisco and ask the fol- lowing three questions: 1. Why is the California Bar Association an inactive corporation? 2. What type of organization (legal clas- sification) is the California State Bar Association? 3. Why does the incorporation date on the letter head seal differ from the date of incor- poration listed with the California Corporation Commission? While the Executive Director will not be able to clear up the mystery to any of the questions listed above, you will be assured that the State Bar of California is a constitutional agency, with the judi- cial branch of State government. It serves an administrative function for the California Supreme Court in matters relating to the regulation of the legal profession. However, the California State

Constitution and the California Business & Professions code, does not agree with this claim—these two authorities describe the State Bar of California as a public corporation, not a ‘constitutional agency.” To complicate matters still, the California Secretary of State refuses to issue a “Certificate of Non filing,” a five dollar ($5.00) fee, a standard form for any unreg- istered, non-filing public corpora- tion. By claiming that the State Bar Corporation was created by legislative act, the Secretary of State can take the position that it lacks authority to issue the cer- tificate, even though the State Bar Association actively touts itself to be a public corporation. In so doing the California Bar has effectively exempted itself from registration and shielded its books from public scrutiny. The following obscure cite from 7 Corpus Juris Secundum 9 reveals the deceit being perpe- trated here: “In view of the decision that the creation of public corpora- tion by special acts is prohibited by state constitution, state bar act cre- ating state bar corporation as pub- lic corporation has no validity and designation of state bar as ‘public corporation’ has no legal efficacy.” Bridgegroom v. State Bar, 550, P.2d 1089, 27 ArizApp. 47. To further interpret what this means: the State Bar of California enjoys the best of both worlds; an apparent agency of government enjoying the power and protection of the state, including exemption from taxation, while in fact a pirate institution without legal basis. Whereas, the notion of a “license to practice law” is scarcely mentioned in state and federal codes, the requirements relating to every other kind of license in existence is spelled out in mind-numbing detail (e.g. Vehicle Code, Internal Revenue Code, etc.). The sacred “license to practice law,” however, remains undefined! Answers to questions regarding where it comes from, how it is conferred, where one goes to see what it looks like, its tenure, its cost, remain elusive like the wind. These and other intensely pertinent questions remain unanswered by the codes that imply its existence. So pull up a chair and take a front row seat as we examine-what the word manipulating Esquires have done to convince us that such a thing ‘really’ exists. As always the subterfuge is in their definition of the words and what is conveniently omitted. It is up to you to guess which words are ‘suspect,’ which assumptions are implied to lead you off track, what remains unspecified, and where to go to find the appro- priate ‘definitions.’ Code Series 6000 of the California Business & Professions Code (Cal. B&P) is known as the

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“The State Bar Act”. Section 6002 is the solitary code section in all of California Code evidencing the supposed issuance of a “license to practice law.” I will list out the relevant sections in Cal. B&P relating to the issuance of licens- ing and also section 9 of their California State Constitution. Look these over to see if you can tell were the clues are and note what questions to ask. Cal. B&P Code Section 6001

- “The State Bar of California is a

public corporation.” Cal. State Const., Sec. 9 - “The State Bar of California is a public corporation.” Cal. B&P Code Section

6002. - Members “The members of the State Bar are all persons admit- ted and licensed to practice law in ”

this state Cal. B&P Code Section 6125. - Necessity of Active Membership in State Bar “No person shall practice law in California unless the person is an active member of the State

Bar Cal. B&P Code Section 6060

- “To be certified to the Supreme

Court for admission and a “license to practice law”, a person who has not been admitted to practice law in a sister state ” Cal. B&P; Code Section 6060.5 - “Neither the board, nor any committee authorized by it, shall require that applications for admis- sion to practice law in California pass different final bar examina- tions depending upon the manner or school in which they acquire their legal education.” Cal. B&P Code Section 6064 - “Upon certification by the examin- ing committee that the applicant has fulfilled the requirements for admis- sion to practice law, the Supreme Court may admit such applicant as an attorney at law in all the courts of this state and may direct an order to be entered upon its records to that effect A certificate of admis- sion thereupon shall be given to the applicant by the clerk of the court.” Cal. B&P Code Section 6064.1. - “No person who advocates the overthrow of the Government of the United States or of this State by force, violence, or other unconsti- tutional means, shall be certified to the Supreme Court for admission and a license to practice law.” Cal. B&P Code Section 6067. - “Every person on his admission shall take an oath to support the Constitution of the United States and the Constitution of the State of California, and faithfully to dis- charge the duties of an attorney at law to the best of his knowledge and ability. A certificate of the oath shall be indorsed upon his license.”


Sections 6002 and 6125, appears straight forward, until the jurisdictions are compared. The jurisdiction “California,” means the dejure social compact known as the California Republic as described in the 1849 California Constitution. The jurisdiction “ / this State,” per California Revenue

Since the so-called bankruptcy in 1933, “/_/* this state” signifies the military federal social construct known as the “State of California,” with its subject “citizens of the United States,” artificial persons existing under statute in an artificial realm. In the de jure California, the word person means the flesh and blood man or woman. Thus 6002 says that only artificial persons (legal fictions) may be admitted

and licensed. Real persons need not

apply! Since the de-jure social com- pact known as California no lon- ger truly exists due to the fact the compact went out of legal existence in 1933, as a pledge to the mili- tary social government construct bankruptcy, 6125 is nonsensical; It makes about as much sense as stating “No person shall drive an 18-wheeler on interstate highways in California unless that person is a member of the Teamsters Union.”


Another fatal flaw in both 6002

and 6125 according to Corpus Juris Secundum 9, listed above, and the Secretary of State, is that the State ‘Bar itself has no legal existence in contradiction to Sec.9 of their California State Constitution and the California State Bar Act, 6001, state that the State Bar is a public corporation. The State Bar is a public corpora- tion that is NOT, and the State Bar Act creating the State Bar has no legal efficiency.


Cal. B&PSection 6002 informs us that “members of the State Bar are admitted and licensed to prac- tice law.” Admitted into what! And who does the licensing? Section 6002 is framed to satisfy the read- er’s perfunctory inquisitiveness, while remaining firmly ambiguous. Also, the reader of section 6002 may get the impression that Bar members are the only ones that may be “admitted and licensed to prac- tice law in this state.” However, because of the way Section 6002 is worded, non-members of the State Bar are not excluded from being “admitted and licensed to practice law in this State.” In addition bar membership is a result of being admitted and licensed to practice law, whereupon the admitted party is then granted membership in the State Bar by a bar card-not the other way around. “Generally, membership in a bar association is optional with the individual attorney, but where a uni-

fied or integrated state bar organiza- tion is established, membership and payment of dues may be required as conditions of practicing law in the ”


8, In re Gibson, 4 P.2d 643.35 N.M.

7 Corpus Juris Secundum

550. Though the controlled and licensed media and courts would have us believe otherwise, non- State Bar members are not excluded from being “licensed to practice law in this State.”

from being “licensed to practice law in this State.” Cal. B&P 6060, 6060.5 - reveal that

Cal. B&P 6060, 6060.5 -

reveal that the “license to practice law” follows (is one in the same) “admission to practice law,” not membership in the bar-association. Section 6060 says that one may be certified to the so-called Supreme Court (admitted/licensed to prac- tice law) even if they haven’t been “admitted to practice law” (no bar- card) in another state. An article in the Los Angles Times entitled “Clinton Resigns from the High Court Bar” under-


President Clinton hereby respect- fully requests to resign from the bar Of this court’, his lawyer, David E. Kendall, said in a two-page letter to ”

the high court’s clerk

resignation from the Supreme Court bar will have little practical impact. Clinton; has not practiced before the Supreme Court and was not expected to argue any cases in the future ” Clinton resigned only from the Supreme Court bar, and from no other bar. Every other “license to practice law” is still in force and is just like the one issued in the so- called de facto State of California. The only possible license to prac- tice law, the certificate of admis- sion, is the real “license.”


scores this point: “


Cal. B&P Section 6064 gives provides additional evidence that bar membership doesn’t confer a “license to practice law” Otherwise Cal. B&P 6002 would be sufficient in itself, with no further require- ment that an examining commit- tee must certify that an applicant “has fulfilled the requirements for admission to practice law” for being “licensed.” Regarding the true impor- tance of the “examining commit- tee” referenced above in Section 6064, the so-called chief justice of the Supreme Court can unilat- erally overrule its decision and admit any applicant they see fit, even one who has been rejected as unfit or unqualified. As the follow- ing case cites show, “Admission to practice law” is ultimately con- trolled by the chief justice of the Supreme Court of the jurisdic-

tion. In fact the chief justice is the Supreme Court. “Supreme Court has inherent power and authority to admit an applicant to practice law in this



upon such applicant by Board of Governors of State Bar.” Lacey, In re (1936) 11 CA2d 699, 81P2D



935. “TheauthorityoftheCommittee of Bar Examiners is limited to investigating and recommend- ing for admission those applicants found to be of the prescribed stan- dards. Only the Supreme Court has plenary power to admit applicants who, in the opinion of the court, meet the prescribed test, whether or not the Committee agrees with the conclusions of the court.” Green v. Zank (1984. 2dDist) CalApp 3d 497, 204 Cat Rptr 770.


The State Bar of California

does not issue licenses--cannot issue licenses--because it is a free- wheeling, private trade union pos- ing as an agency of government. Quoting from a statement issued by Governor Pete Wilson’s office in a May, 30 1998 article from the Los Angeles Times: “Beleaguered State Bar Faces Uncertain Fate - Agencies: It will begin going out of business as a result of Wilson veto unless Legislature acts

two years ago

quickly” “

launched a referendum on whether to abolish the bar, but with just over half the state’s lawyer’s voting the bar survived. About 65% of the respondents opposed dismantling it.

“The bar has escaped other brushes with death. In 1985, the Legislature


See ‘MYTH’ Continued on Page 18


- January/February 2007 THE AMERICAN’S BULLETIN

Politically Gagged:

Religious Organizations’ Self-Inicted Prohibition


Law and Justice, however, believes that there is no jeopardy in coming in to contract with the IRS and that endorsing or opposing candidates is the only restriction. In an email I received from Mr. Sekulow on Thursday, October 19, 2006 3:04 PM with the subject line “Equip your pastor with this vital information”, he states the fol- lowing: “In direct response to my email, Americans United conceded that pastors do have the right to speak out on the moral and biblical issues of the day, even during elec- tion season. “To further clarify, the only thing pastors are prohibited from doing is endorsing or opposing can- didates for public office (this prohi- bition does not apply to the pastor in their individual capacity). Therefore, the distribution of non-partisan voter guides, the holding of political debates, and the preaching of moral issues are all allowed to take place within a church facility.” Yes, pastors do have the right to speak out on the moral and bibli- cal issues of the day, but, a qualifier for tax-exempt status recognized by the IRS is “[t]hat the practic- es and rituals associated with the organization’s religious belief or creed are not illegal or contrary to


October 31, 2006.) The article ends

by stating the following:

In many of these cases, the drive for “hate crimes” laws even-

tually trumped the freedoms of Christians to express their beliefs.

If America does not learn from

the experiences of these nations, she too will sacrifice more than 200 years of religious liberty on the altar of politically correct nonsense. Mr. Sekulow is misleading American pastors in giving them incomplete information. The issue of endorsing or opposing can- didates from the public is not the only “thing pastors are pro- hibited from doing.” They are pro- hibited from being discriminatory; they are prohibited from speaking about IRS (do an internet search on Indianapolis Baptist Temple); and they, and any member of their

congregations, will be arrested for similar violations:

Tennessee: two men were arrested for carrying large wood- en crosses during a “Gay Day” Parade. The men were charged with “interfering with a special event.” In Vermont, a family- owned inn is facing a state law- suit after its Christian owners expressed a lack of interest in hosting a same-sex civil union ceremony. California has already enacted hate crimes legislation. (Ibid.) If a pastor’s preaching encourages his congregation pub- licly to protest ungodly behavior, they, too, may be arrested. Finally, one day on his radio show, Mr. Sekulow stated that the church was “under attack.”

I called in and said that the

church was not under attack; it

was “under contract.” I read the information in Publication 557,

to which he quickly responded by

saying that I did not know that 501(c)(3) status was started by Senator Johnson, which I already knew but could not tell him since he muted my line. I could not defend his allegations about my knowledge or lack thereof; a few seconds later, I was disconnected. Public policy is mutant; it will reflect the social mandates of changing society. Since we are in the post-Christian era, we cannot expect that social mandates will reflect biblical values. The time has come when we believers will

have to forget about the privileges

of tax exemption and owning cor-

porate property, and grow tighter and deeper in our personal rela- tionship with each other; meet each other’s need from our own pockets; and congregate to wor- ship our Adonai without any com- mercial privileges attached. It will be simple, but it won’t be easy. It’s time we put our faith where our beliefs are.



Tayra de la Caridad Antolick

© 2006

Form 1023. These include: church-

es.” p557.pdf. Section 508 (3)(a) of the Code of Federal Regulations sup- ports the publication, stating that churches and its integrated auxil- iaries have mandatory exception from notifying the Commission of their intent. See


under the section “Exceptions, Mandatory Exceptions.” If the fear arises from the potential loss of contributions to the church, IRS Publication 526 can dispel it. On page two, under the section “Organizations That Qualify To Receive Deductible Contributions,” the publication states that a person can deduct con- tributions to a charitable organiza- tion only if it is made to a qualified organization. However, churches do not have to apply to become a qualified organization. The fear seems to be not so much that the churches are gagged from political free speech—the most highly protected form of speech—but rather that contribu- tions may not be deductible for the contributors if the church is not formally recognized by the IRS. Potential contributors’ donations may be audited if the churches receiving the contributions have not established their status with the IRS by filing Form 1023. Page 25 of Publication 557 states, “Churches. Although a church, its integrated auxiliaries, or a convention or asso- ciation of churches is not required to file Form 1023 to be exempt from

federal income tax or to receive tax deductible contributions, the orga- nization may find it advantageous to obtain recognition for exemp- tion…” Also, on page 18, “If the organization wants to establish its exemption with the IRS and receive a ruling or determination letter rec- ognizing its exempt status, it should file Form 1023. By establishing its exemption, potential contributors are assured by the IRS that contribu- tions will be deductible” (emphasis added). If an organization files this form, the organization receives a determination letter establishing the status, thus protecting the contribu- tors’ deductions on their income tax returns. Once a group of religious people wants to incorporate to be recognized as a tax-exempted entity under federal laws, it knowingly, intentionally, and voluntarily sub- mits itself to obey the contract, part of which curtails political free speech. If Dr. Kennedy is concerned with the effect the revocation of

his organization’s tax-exempt status would have on his church, school, and seminary, then he should not have filed Form 1023 to establish its status. No group of religious people is legally compelled to file Form 1023 or to become a 501(c)(3) corporation. The only real threat is that contributions given to organi- zations not officially recognized by the IRS and posted on contributors’ 1040 forms may be questioned. Becoming a 501(c)(3) religious cor- poration subjects that legal entity to the rules of its contract; it is a creature of the state, a creation of the state, and it must abide by all the statutes connected with that cor- poration. Therefore, if any pastor wants to secure his contributions, filing Form 1023 is the way to go. This status is a privilege, however, and can infringe on rights otherwise possessed by men and women. There is a misconception that creatures of the state have the exact rights as men and women. One of the contingencies on acquiring the

D r. James Kennedy, senior pastor of Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church in Fort

Lauderdale, Florida, is gagged. Understandably, he and thousands of Citizens are gagging on the IRS’s prohibition on political free speech from the pulpit, considering our colonial political/religious history and heritage. In light of this pro- hibition, Dr. Kennedy has acquired over 60,000 signatures in support of The Houses of Worship Political Speech Protection Act, which is to restore freedom of political free speech to those who speak from the pulpit (http://www.wallbuild-


His organization, Reclaiming America, has engaged in this cam- paign alleging that churches whose

pastors endorse political candidates, engage in substantial political activ- ity, and/or violate public policy will lose their tax-exempt status. This restriction came into being in July of 1954 when then Senator Lyndon B. Johnson introduced a bill to pro- hibit “political activity” by organi- zations, including churches, which enjoyed the state-granted privilege of tax-exempt status. There were no hearings, not debates, and the bill passed on a voice vote (http://


Dr. Kennedy believes that the IRS has “gagged” the churches:

“Take the last presidential election. There were numbers of things that

I knew that I was never able to

say from the pulpit because if you advance the cause of one candidate or impede the cause of the other you can lose your tax-exemption. That would have been disastrous not only for the church, but for our school and our seminary, every- thing. So you are gagged.” The fear of losing the tax- exempt status, however, may be unsubstantiated. The IRS has stated in several official publications that organizations such as churches, integrated auxiliaries of a church, and conventions have a mandatory exception from filing Form 1023, Application for Recognition of Exemption Under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, which notifies the Commissioner the intent to be an tax-exempt orga- nization. IRS 2005 Publication 557 entitled Tax-Exempt Status for Your Organization states the exemp- tion on page 18: Organizations Not Required To File Form 1023 “some organizations are not required to file

Form 1023 “some organizations are not required to file 501(c)(3) privilege, which is really a contract,

501(c)(3) privilege, which is really a contract, is an infringement on political free speech. The lawyers of any group desiring to receive a determination of status from the IRS knows or should know that the religious corporation does not have the same individual religious rights protected by the Bill of Rights and state constitutions. The “creator” of tax-exempt corporations has every right to “gag” its creatures if it wants to do so. Therefore, the real issue is not to “restore” freedom of political free speech to the religious organization, but rather, to change the terms of the contract that “gives birth” to the organization seeking a tax-exempt determination. Is there hope for Dr. Kennedy and all other people wanting to receive limited liability by incorpo- rating? Is incorporating really nec- essary or even biblically desirable? The present hope is that no one is compelled to file any form with the IRS to secure a tax-exempt status. The only thing that can protect the visions and hopes of religious groups is the degree of the integrity of their contributors and the IRS’s unquestioned recognition of their contributions. Jay Sekulow, Chief Counsel for American Center for

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clearly defined public policy” (IRS Publication 557, 2003, page 25). If that were not the case, then Bob Jones University would not have lost its tax-exempt status for racial discrimination was against pub- lic policy Bob Jones University v. United States, 461 U.S. 574 (1963). Herein is the danger of filling out Form 1023 and coming into con- tract for tax-exempt status. Who is to say that future public policy will force a pastor to do things in viola- tion to the Scriptures, or that exer- cising free speech about behaviors that are, in the mind of the pastor, clearly against the Scriptures, are also against public policy? As early as 2005, an article in Reclaiming America, pastor Kennedy’s own organization, reported on how other countries are prosecuting and convicting pastors and laymen for speaking against homosexuals, Muslims, exposing the faults and hostilities of the Koran, protest- ing at a homosexual parade, and “ethnic intimidation.” (http://www.

March 9, 1933




“If the Republican Party had released itself from the clutches of Wall Street and expanded the currency immediately after the Stock-market crash in 1929 or within a year after the crash, our people would have been saved from this awful money panic. Our President will doubt- less ask amendments to this new law when conditions are more normal and when it is bet- ter understood. Under the new law the money is issued to the banks in return for Government obligations, bill of exchange, drafts, notes, trade acceptances, and banker’s acceptances. The money will be worth 100 cents on the dollar, because it is backed by the credit of the Nation. It will represent a mortgage on all the homes and other property of all the people in the Nation.” (emphasis added) [Mortgage equals a Lien!]

H.R. 1491

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THE AMERICAN’S BULLETIN January/February 2007 - 9

There is

NO Constitutional Authority

By Rod Remelin October 28, 2006

I was wondering today if the American people are really pre- pared to live within the original-

ly casted Constitutional Framework; which by the way, no past genera- tion has ever done since the forma- tion of this country.

Before you decide whether or not you would like to try it, contem- plate this:

1.) There is no Constitutional authority for any of the Federal Police or Regulatory Agencies now in existence. Which means that if they were all dissolved tomorrow, which they would be, at least 10 million people would be out of work; that figure being much higher when taking into account all of the additional parasite companies that service their host. 2.) There is no Constitutional authority for any standing army to be activated, except in the instance of an unprovoked attack on the contiguous land mass known as The United States of America,

which has never officially hap- pened. Not even the attack on Pearl Harbor by the Japanese was technically on American soil, as Hawaii had not yet been tricked into surrendering their sovereign- ty to International Jewish money interest until their official absorp- tion into the fraudulent so called Reconstituted Abraham Lincoln Union, in 1959 &#8213; well after the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. Even if the United States of America were ever really attacked by a foreign entity , understand- ably necessitating a lawful reason for constituting needed organized resistance to repel such an invasion, after the threat had been neutral- ized, that standing Army could not be held together for more than 2 years after the fact. United States Corporate impe- rialistic expansionism policies, hav- ing their birth during the Lincoln administration, under the Leiber Code, along with countless procla- mation executive orders by all sub- sequent administrations, have con- tinually managed to impose extra

constitutional authority dictates not only on poor hapless eunuchs called U.S. Citizens, but on the rest of the world as well by an ever growing occupation of U.S. Military Police bases. Estimates are that if all four branches of our Military were dis- solved that well over 30 million people would be out of work, absent any custodial surrogate caretaker to pick up their deeply ingrained dependency on eating at the public trough. So where are we at this point, 40 million out of work, give or take one or two ? Keep in mind folks that we are only just getting started here, we haven’t even begun to dismantle the current Federal Mafia, and its accomplice agencies; consisting largely of the most incompetent work force since the dawn of man- kind. 3.) There is no Constitutional authority for any Social services programs, meaning direct payment to the eunuchs via Social Security credits, Medicare, Food Stamps, HUD Housing, entitlement pro- grams of every color and stripe,

grants, ad-infinitum. Ok, where are we here 100 million people with no monthly check coming, no access to any Socialized health care, “which by the way would be a blessing for most grain fed eunuchs, as they would immediately be forced to

take direct responsibility for their own health instead of surrender- ing it to a big-brother mind-con- trol medical establishment, who is currently using them as lab rats in the largest DNA altering chemical experiment in history”. 4.) There is no Constitutional authority for paper money, none… never had it and never will. Think about just this one huge violation of the Constitution for

a moment, and think about the

ramifications if you will of hav- ing to carry around gold and sil- ver coins in your pocket in order to partially participate in acts of widespread commerce. It would mean no more inflation with strong potential for honest weights and measures, no banks as we have come to know them, no credit or

debit cards, no arbitrary devaluation

of your portable medium of worth

could ever take place again. The ramifications of a lawful money are mind boggling to say the least. 5.) There is no Constitutional authority for any so called Bar

Association, nor for any one in public service to have had, or hav- ing now, a title of nobility, which means that every lawyer and every judge, with maybe the excep- tion of clerks and paralegals, would not be able to practice in Constitutionally approved courts. So how many black-robed, blood sucking vampires, with their atten- dant army of sycophant bar attor- neys would be out of work ? 10 mil- lion ? Maybe more ? The thought of

just this one small ramification of having to live within the confines

of a strict Constitutional framework

might very well elicit more than just

a passing sober moment. With all of the aforementioned, do you really still want a lawfully

organized working Constitutional

government ? I say that after being presented with the direct affects of dismantling almost every aspect of government, “as it has now become

to be viewed and interacted with”,

that most will summarily reject the notion as being far to traumatizing for the most part, opting rather for the more preferential medicated- state, of a dependent nation, consist- ing largely of entitlement junkies, bedwetters, and whining crybabies.



Continued From Page 1

needed the most. Other than Maynard, it is hard to find men of such sterling char- acter, brave and steady courage, and unshakeable, rock-solid beliefs. There is not one square inch of

political correctness in men like this and thank God, they would never consider a favor done as a license to plunder later. Jim Schwiesow is

a man in the molding of Maynard

Brazeal. As a former Iowa sheriff, Jim demonstrated his dedication to

his county and to the people who entrusted him to serve them fairly and honestly. He never let them down. Jim, like Maynard is a hero to me, and I am honored to have shared personal correspondence with him. Read him carefully, he

is a great authority on law enforce-

ment past and present. He is a brave man of honor. Rick Shumard, Brian Berntson, John Daniels and my brother Jeff, are all such cou- rageous, rock-solid men as well. There are many equally fine men and women in police ranks today; however, their command staffs are mostly politicians. I set the stage in this article carefully, for what follows now will not be easy for me to say. I will suggest that you consider my view of our near term future. It is a future nearly upon us. It will test character, strength and the dispensation of street justice by police officers at all levels beyond anything Maynard, Jim or I have thus far experienced.

We are re-entering the “dark ages” as my neighbor Nancy Levant has stated. She is also a hero in this struggle to wake up Americans to our coming disaster. When the time comes to begin enforcing the decrees and the full agenda of the new world order, our friends in law enforcement will have a very tough set of choices to make. But make them they will. How and why I will explain to you. The results will either finish our destruction or

deliver us from it because these men and women of character, knew how, when, and WHY to truly “serve and protect” the public.


There exists in our nation and

in each of our states, scores if not hundreds of “laws” that are not constitutional. They do not pass the benchmark set by John Jay, our first Chief Justice of the US Supreme Court.” Any law that is repugnant to our constitution is no law at all.” The outrageous expan- sion of the federal government during Lincoln’s administration, Wilson’s debacle, FDR’s social- ist regime, LBJ’s criminal tenure, Nixon’s demented presidency, and King George II’s reign, are a few examples of executive power gone berserk. The Federal Reserve, income tax, social programs, wars without declaration, and regulatory agencies at every turn meant to cor- ner Americans into submission by

at every turn meant to cor- ner Americans into submission by making business and manufacturing so

making business and manufacturing so difficult as to drive them from our shores. Tax us to death, take our homes and property at will and then tell us, “sue to get your rights BACK!” Now add to this the interna- tionalist factor, the UN dictator- ship and the blending of all of the world’s problems into a shared responsibility none of us can escape from, and you have the final recipe for a United States Police State. Government (read that police agen- cies) will be required to collect a UN tax, enforce mandatory con- fiscation of all firearms, required one world schooling and religion, uncompensated land forfeitures, Agenda 21 repression in every com- munity and state, monitored phone, internet, credit, and medical histo- ries. Add to that, constant threats of loss of employment for any failure to comply at any point with these and pending regulations beyond those listed here, and you have your future. Police officers will be given the ultimate responsibility to see that each one of us is carrying out the dictates of the government. They will do so because they have sworn to uphold the “law.” Ultimately, law will be what politicians and corrupted courts say that it is. Not what our constitution clearly states it actually is or is not. The due process protections will be gone as will be our dwindling Bill of Rights. Officers who have survived extreme background checks for compatibil- ity with authority dictates and those


Expounds on HJR 192

By Edwin Viera Jr. 1722 p. 2 Volume Set $100.00 – New Send M.O. to: Janet

12766 Seminole Blvd. 72

Largo, Florida [33778]

The American's Bulletin

…Americas first truth exposing- wake-up and smell the coffee Free Press news paper in the country TODAY!

who have proven that they will


Public Law 109-364, or the “John

carry out ANY order given, will use

Warner Defense Authorization Act

this new definition of “character”

of 2007” (HR5122) (2), (that)


justify the investigation, arrest,

was signed by President Bush on

detention, prosecution and impris-

October 17, 2006. It was signed in

onment of “enemies of the state.”


PRIVATE Oval Office ceremony.

The same will be true of mili-


allows the President to declare

tary forces. The failed Nuremburg


“public emergency” and station

defense (“I was just carrying out orders”) will be long forgotten or overlooked entirely. The only thing

troops anywhere in America. It also allows him to take control of all state based National Guard units

that will matter to the vast majority

without the consent of the gover-


American police forces will be

nor or local authorities, in order to

that: 1) they obeyed their orders- and- 2) they obeyed their orders. The thought of not carrying out orders from the traditional com-

“suppress public disorder.” Further, Section 1076 of this Act, entitled “Use of the Armed Forces in Major Public Emergencies” and Section

mand structure is unthinkable, for it amounts to (gross insubordination)

333, “Major Public Emergencies-- interference with State and Federal


mutiny and immediate dismiss-

Law,” says that the President may


and prosecution. Their disgrace

use these forces when HE deter-


State is incapable of (read that

and sense of betrayal among fel- low police officers for disobeying (un)lawful orders (although a cur-

and in the military so as to avoid the

mines that domestic violence has occurred to such an extent that

rent requirement in all jurisdictions

Nuremburg hangman) would create tension, confusion and dissension

“refuse or fail” in) maintaining pub- lic order, ‘”n order to suppress, in any State, any insurrection, domes- tic violence, unlawful combina-


the ranks. By exercising inde-

tion thereof or conspiracy to com-

pendent judgment, common sense, compassion, and the application of

mit these acts against the United States.”

huge amounts of resistance by those officers to unlawful commands (New Orleans Police during Katrina

This “repeal” of the Posse Comitatus Act (PCA) is a deadly blow on this historic prevention


they confiscated firearms), these

of US army units intervening in

courageous people will pay with the loss of their jobs and a certain addition of their names to the list

local disputes. The 1878 Act, pro- tected local jurisdictions and even states from the willful intervention

of American patriots condemned to

pay the ultimate price for bravery and commitment to the founding spirit of our nation. In addition to this “group think” concerning the police “mission” of enforcing the law -- regardless of whether or not the law is righteous or constitutional---is the recent historic change in federal law. I am referring

of corrupted or dictatorial executive

branch orders being forced upon the locals by Army units in a law enforcement capacity. As to be expected, the main- stream press has provided the American public with absolutely no information in regard to this police-

See ‘NWO’ Continued on Page 17

provided the American public with absolutely no information in regard to this police- See ‘NWO’ Continued


- January/February 2007 THE AMERICAN’S BULLETIN

10 - January/February 2007 • THE AMERICAN’S BULLETIN Electoral College Vote vs. One Man/Woman, One Vote

Electoral College Vote vs. One Man/Woman, One Vote

By, Sharon Lee; Shields eagleinflight

“Americans’ are in desperate need of enlightenment (disclo- sure), honest leadership and positive changes; but, instead

of securing that through a “one-

man/woman, one vote” (choice)

process; the private federal gov- ernments continue to provide its “Citizens” with a pathetic illusion of choice; an Electoral College Voting process. What does the Electoral College Voting process mean? Nothing! The Electoral College Voting process is nothing more than

a premeditated changing of

the private federal government

guards. —Sharon Lee; Shields

Pawn, Puppet or Both

“Happy 2007 Year!” Already a busy and fruitful year for those of us working to peacefully restore the Peoples’ lawful government; and, exposing the current government for what it’s not. With the predictable demise of the so-called November 2006 elections, I was reminded of my own political warning that eventu- ally ended any thought of being involved in this government. But, my warning will shed light on the possible events of “Sarah Palin” becoming the State of Alaska’s new Governor. People are at their wits end and feel betrayed, and frustration mounts over government agencies, agents, courts and public safety all resembling Mafia practices, opera- tions in harmony with thieves and thugs, providing bogus administra- tive processes, acting as if being traitors bears has no consequences for violating our “Bill of Rights”, both on and off the federal clock. With our efforts of reinstituting the Original Constitution of the United States and the people’s lawful gov- ernment, some have entertained the idea of reviving Sunday afternoon hangings, as guaranteed for treason in the Original Constitution! Many “facts” have to be sorted out before such drastic measures as Sunday afternoon hangings can be reinstituted. The good news is that it appears the handpicked private “Federal Judges” are getting the message that they have overstepped their boundaries! The issues of jurisdiction and venue have to be defined back to grass roots of the problems (evils). You have to understand that there are “no” governments today that

represent the people; only, fed- eral corporations, private inter- ests groups such as the “State” of Alaska. And, there is no such thing as “one man/woman, one vote”— gone when Lincoln signed the first

executive order, instituting the pri- vate Congress and private Federal corporations. Local and state gov- ernments are under “federal juris- diction and venue,” with their headquarters in Washington, D.C. (Anyone wonder why Congress will not go out on a limb for the IRS to pass a “law” to lay taxes upon the People? Congress doesn’t have the authority. It’s nothing more than a corporate entity, which some-

how throughout the years of all this government tyranny Congress hasn’t overstepped that boundary!) Does the Original Ten Articles of the Constitution of the United States grant Congress or the federal governments any powers over the people; or reference a “Democratic

or Republican form of government?”

It’s time to wake up, People! When you voluntarily appear in any State or Federal proceed- ing, you’ve unknowingly accepted the so-called privilege of the pri-

vate federal government’s jurisdic- tion and venue. Where “treason” comes into play is that the pro- cesses provided are not disclosed

as being private processes (non-dis-

closure.) You are provided nothing

more than a Fourteenth Amendment proceeding pursuant to the Federal Constitution for the United States (two Constitutions referenced here

by the terms “of” and “for”).

Federal charters are discrimi- nation free because all “races of people” are equally classified as State and/or Federal Citizens/citi- zens. The rules have always been the same, under the protection of the Federal Constitution’s Fourteenth Amendment; and, those rules are this: The outcome in every federal proceeding is made in advance, in the best interest of the Federal gov- ernments. Period! What’s wrong with that? If you owned a private corporation, wouldn’t your decisions be in the

best interest of your corporation, its elders, successors and stockhold- ers? That’s what the private federal governments do; create its own pri- vate rules, regulations and statutes! Americans’ are provided with the same “rights” to create

a fictional image or corporation.

Unfortunately, the problem with the federal government corporation is “non-disclosure”, dragging unsus- pecting Americans’ into it jurisdic- tion and venue without disclosing that their authority is only over its

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federal employees and federal cor- porations. See Coleman vs. Miller, 307 U.S. 448, 59 S. Ct. 972; 28. The term “corporations”, as it relates to the private federal gov-

ernments, are founded in the capi- tal letter “S”in “States”, known as federal zones, with “Citizenship/ citizenship” in each State being nothing more than membership in

a private corporation. Membership

can be cancelled or annulled at any time, you know! This leads us to the “Electoral College Vote” process, exam- pling the State of Alaska’s Federal Corporation’s recent electoral pro- cess for Governorship. After the alleged elections, I had a discussion with a long time friend who reminded me of my own warning with Alaska politics, which will shed light on how Sarah Palin (hereafter Palin) allegedly won

Governorship, in light of the gossip about her personal life and costly

political blunders. In 1994, I moved to Unalaska, Alaska (known as Dutch Harbor). I loved the isolation and people and, tried making it my home, work- ing endlessly to fit into the small community and becoming a City of Unalaska employee; taking EMT Classes, college classes, volunteer- ing on weekends at the domestic

violence and sexual assault pro- gram, and spending my leisure time learning about the history of the Aleut People from the handful of Elders, left.

I put a lot of effort into secur-

ing a job with Public Safety; and, in two months applied for several dif- ferent positions; but, wasn’t even a candidate for any of them. Just as I realized something was amiss in the hiring processes, one of the Public Safety employees, whom I only knew from dropping off my appli-

cations, walked across the street one Saturday morning and quietly said, “Sharon, your efforts at employ- ment are commendable; but, you’ll never get a job with Public Safety because you have a clean record; candidates are hired in accordance with their criminal records; so they can be controlled.”

I was stunned and insulted, and

walked away in disbelieve of such

a lie! I only confided that political

warning to one friend because back in 1994, I didn’t believe what was said, even if the Individual was a

respected long time member of the community. Those words haunted me for years. Then after years of my own dead-end dealings with various federal corporations, I realized the warning wasn’t a lie. It was the truth! And, now eat those words every time I dare to believe in gov- ernment. So, the “rule” of politics, including the “Electoral College” voting and being a candidate, mate- rialized before my eyes with Sarah

Palin’s Governorship! In the “Electoral College” vot- ing process the candidates are cho- sen for you because you’re deemed incompetent through the Federal Fourteenth Amendment. See Black’s Law, Fourth Edition, explaining the separation of governments in the two terms “electoral” and “vote.” Palin winning is a strange term for being hand-picked years prior;

nothing to do with the people having

a choice. Then, if your name appears

as a Citizen on a “States” voter reg- istration list, you’re automatically

subject to the Federal Corporations private Electoral College process. Voter registration is exam- pled in the reason why so many

“Immigrants” are being admitted into North American, two fold:

They become “Citizens” and “Sign up to vote!” Most Immigrants have bare-bones broken English, at best, and can hardly communicate. How in the world would we expect them to cast an honest vote? Not a prob- lem. The “electoral college” vote is cast for them whether they show up

or not! Could you have nominated your outstanding neighbor, known for his/her service to your com- munity and having fulfilled all the qualification of a candidate? No. Ahandful of “federalist” behind closed doors hand picked Palin and her opponent. Palin was brought out of the federal employee pool, polished and her words dictated and memorized; while the People were mesmerized in hype and charade that they had chosen the candidates; but, in truth they “settled” for the candidates! It doesn’t matter if a Republican or Democrat secured the Governorship, or in any other feder- al office for that matter; because the “Electoral College” of candidates came for the same tree so to speak; and, apples don’t fall far from the tree! Translated: If the candidates are not of “like minds and perform the will of the present régime”; they can’t be trusted or controlled; there- fore, are not even a consideration for the “Electoral College Pool.” As exampled in my political warning! So, let’s unravel the accom-

plishments that afforded Palin supe- rior to fill “Federal Man” Frank Murkowski’s Governorship-shoes. I met Sarah Palin in 1994, just before leaving for Unalaska. We attended the same aerobics class at what was then called “Family Fitness Center” in Wasilla, Alaska. She was quiet and appeared to be a loner; but, so was I. So, we worked out along side each other for weeks, not saying a word, just acknowledg- ing each other’s presence. I thought Palin was guarded because of the locker room gossip, which was Palin, and her husband got busted growing a marijuana crop; and, the previous owner of

their property was quickly black- balled from Wasilla and then Alaska

for letting the cat out of the bag, so to speak. With so much community interest and gossip it appeared true. Wasilla was in a buzz. No one could figure out why Palin and hubby wasn’t arrested and sen- tenced to long prison terms; their property and crop seized, and chil- dren taken away; normal federal procedures, now days. My input in the gossip was that if Palin or anyone else had claimed a crop as being “hemp” the Fed’s had no jurisdiction or venue over hemp. Hemp was banned for convenience sake when the wealthy Hurst family (Remember Patty Hurst?) brought most of the timber in North America and promoted timber sales, instead of “hemp” sales. Timber sales can be controlled easily and hemp sales cannot! In the federal government’s

infinite wisdom, it made a new term for hemp calling it “marijuana”, putting it into Federal jurisdiction, statutorily making it illegal to have and or grow. Then, that gossip had no more than died out, when I heard that Palin was elected Mayor of Wasilla, Alaska! Wow! My thoughts whirled, “Only in America could an alleged busted marijuana grower become Mayor in such a small commu- nity!” But, time and political warn- ings had a way of changing that thinking, though. Then the next horrendous gos- sip was that Mayor Sarah Palin authorized road and power improve- ments on private property, land in the vicinity of the new Wasilla Airport site. It was said that Palin boasted about having “power, money and big attorney firms” backing her if she ran into any snags. Does anyone see the begin- nings of the Fourth Reich, here? Palin and company exampled top performances on how govern- ment runs over People as business as usual in the federal government. At least Palin and company pre- sumed they’d be dealing with ordi- nary People owning the property, perhaps even struggling to hang onto it. Had there been objection to her tyranny, the People wouldn’t have a chance up against Palin’s unbridled power and money interest groups who had every intension of improving the property, stealing it! The property was improved with roads and power; with visions of tying it up in litigation for years, knowing that time, power, money and sheer greed would swallow- up and ruin any ordinary man or woman in short order. However, the “Mayor Sarah Palin and attorney plan” back fired on them. Big time! Gossip applaud- ed and celebrated, anxious to see how Palin and company were going to back peddle out of this one! Gossip provided an ending that warms the heart of honest men and women, everywhere, and sends a clear warning to govern- ment. Wasilla Mayor Sarah Palin, (the new Governor) and attorneys were indeed tied up in litigation, secret litigation, costing the City of Wasilla millions of dollars, includ- ing the unauthorized improvements on private property! If it was publi- cized it was tucked in a real small corner of the news and toned down to a whisper. Palin and company got what their arrogance and greed deserved:

They came up against big power and big money, complete with its own attorney firm(s)! The private party owning the Wasilla property was enjoying the sun on their own private Island when news came that their Alaska property was being developed by the City of Wasilla! Litigation consisted of big money vs. bigger money; power vs. unlimited power; shiftless attorneys vs. shiftier attorneys; and, in the end when all the smoke cleared and magic mirrors failed, truth was the only thing left; and, the truth was that Mayor Sarah Palin trespassed and destroyed private property! Palin was put back into the fed- eral closet. Then, low and behold, true to federal-form had been prepped and ready to fill the State of Alaska’s Governor’s position! Is Sarah Palin a puppet, a pawn, or both? Can she be con- trolled to do and say whatever the federal Elders’ desire? Those who had knowledge of the marijuana

See ‘EAGLE IN FLIGHT’ Continued on Page 20

the marijuana See ‘EAGLE IN FLIGHT’ Continued on Page 20 ISN’T IT TIME TO GET OUT



THE AMERICAN’S BULLETIN January/February 2007 - 11






By Christopher Story FRS Editor and Publisher, International Currency Review, World Reports Limited, London and New York:

US Treasury Secretary Paulson has been arrested by German authorities on a subpoe- na issued by the International Court of Justice, and brought before an ‘ad hoc’ Tribunal accused of money-laundering, misappropriation/diversion of colossal amounts of money, and

non-payment/non-performance on the $4.5 trillion Wanta Plan Settlement. He has been sentenced to severe penalties [see below]. Henry M. Paulson’s arrest by German authorities imple- menting the ‘World Court’ subpoena, took place on 23rd or 24th of December 2006. Although we have been ‘sitting on’this intel- ligence since the Christmas week- end, pending further information, we now have very high-level con- firmations from both London and Washington, and a total of seven sources for this intelligence.

The basic details are as follows:

1. Records exist confirm- ing that International Court of Justice subpoenas were issued

against Henry M. Paulson, the U.S. Secretary of the Treasury,





Cheney, citing inter alia money-


or diversion of colossal amounts of money, and non-performance


on the




funds of $4.5 trillion, subject of

since June 2006. This is an inevi- table consequence of the corrup- tion exposed on this website over the Wanta Settlement, for the past six months and more. 2. A senior official within the US Treasury was placed under a gag order and was subpoenaed


to travel to Germany to testify against Henry M. Paulson. The official has been in Germany for the past two weeks, testify- ing before US Consulate and Tribunal officials, and Germany’s Attorney General. The subject of his testimony has been the struggle that Ambassador Leo Wanta and his corporate Treasurer, Michael C. Cottrell, M.S., have been hav- ing to endure, in order to pro- cure payment of the $4.5 trillion Wanta Plan Settlement signed in May 2006 by the President of the United States, US Supreme Court Judges, and other prominent US parties, and warmly welcomed by the Group of Eight (G-8) coun- tries in July 2006. He has also been testifying in detail about the ransacking of funds that has been taking place in recent months, and the illegal activity over which Mr Henry M. Paulson has been presiding in this context. Mr Paulson, who has sole signatory power over Wanta’s hijacked $4.5 trillion, was previ- ously the Chief Executive Officer of Goldman Sachs and Company, so that his behaviour represents the Grandfather of all US and international financial conflict- of-interest scandals. 3. The official was required to present the Tribunal with the

See ‘WANTA’ Continued on Page 17

‘Listen Up’

Continued From Page 4

Above all, we are sick to death of being the World’s bad guys! We want America once again to be at the forefront of the good guys. We don’t need or want to run the world. You have proven yourselves incapable of running small nations that America bombs back into the Stone Age on behalf of foreign interests. You thereby have proven our own inability to select decent leadership for ourselves. Why, you have proven incapable of putting your own political party houses in order! Your individual records of corruption, fiscal mismanage- ment and sexual misbehavior defy description and thus demonstrate your inability, even, to run your own lives. It is folly to think you capable of running the lives of others, let alone entire nations of people and, least of all, the rest of us. We are through with tolerating the death of our children in for- eign lands for the benefit of special interests, particularly those foreign to America. End that stupid war and do it NOW. Get our sons and daughters back home in time for the holidays. Make no mistake about our resolve in this regard, inciden- tally. We have had it with the sex scandals and stupid personal behav- ior of every sort on the part of you clowns. That explains a good deal of why we voted “yes” on Marriage initiatives everywhere they appeared on the ballot. You are there to work on our behalf, not to fornicate and not to molest our children! Corruption has to be reduced dramatically, if not eliminated alto- gether. In particular, you had bet- ter stop lining your own pockets with bribes and graft while vot- ing yourselves princely wages and perquisites. Thinking yourselves better than the rest of us is salt in the wound. Even more particularly, you had best shut down the Israeli lobby and start tending to tradi- tionally American interests again. Otherwise, consider what the view might be like while dangling from the end of a rope tied to a lamp

post. All of Bush’s illegal Executive Orders and Signing Statements are to be declared null and void. We want illegal immigration stopped. Now. In fact, we want it reversed. No amnesty, no how, for nobody no more. The American police state must be dismantled immediately. We are not the enemy. Try to use what you have created and you will learn the

real meaning of force. The Military Commissions Act, Warner Defense Authorization Act, both Patriot Acts

and all related limitations upon the U.S. Constitution are to be rescind- ed. All prosecutions under these un- Constitutional laws are to stop and all previous convictions are to be vacated with records expunged. The Department of Homeland Security is to be disbanded. Michael Chertoff

is to be investigated and charged if

shown to have acted beyond his authority in any regard. You must stop spending our grandchildren’s wealth. Already, you have squandered that built up

over generations by our forebears. We realize it is too late to stop the economic freight train now bear- ing down upon our children and ourselves, but you must stop this madness before we become a nation

of debt slaves in perpetuity.

George Bush and Dick Cheney must be impeached, convicted

and removed from office. It is not enough to stop their mindless ram- page through domestic freedom and international orderliness via Congressional gridlock. We require

a symbolic cleansing. We must

show the world and our children that no American is above the law. Afterward, along with their Neocon handlers, they are to be bound over

for criminal trial for the high crimes they have committed, particular-

ly their war crimes against all of

humanity. The impending NorthAmerican Union of the USA with Canada and Mexico is to be repudiated. All financial market interfer- ence and manipulation must stop now. Devalue the dollar to its true worth, vis-a-vis international cur- rencies and release all other coun-

tries from any requirement of using the dollar as the world’s reserve currency. Most important of the finan- cial reforms, the Federal Reserve Bank must be dismantled and its private, mostly foreign, owners required to disgorge their ill-gotten gains. This can be accomplished simply by printing a single Federal Reserve Note with the face value

of America’s entire national debt plus the value of those foreigners’ holdings within America and hand- ing it over to them in payment for their holdings and satisfaction of the mind-boggling sums they claim to be owed. Yes, it can be that easy. The international banking fam- ilies who own the Federal Reserve Bank created the problem of the incredible shrinking American dol- lar to mask their own underlying theft of our wealth. Therefore, they cannot complain if there is no inher- ent value to what they receive for their exceedingly evil machinations of the past 90 years. There must be an orderly tran- sition to a new American dollar, limited in its growth by an exter-

nal, non-manipulable standard. Gold and silver traditionally have served this purpose, merely because their extraction from the ground has matched, approximately, the gen- eral increase in the world’s popula- tion and productivity. This single,

simple expedient automatically will eliminate inflation for all time, together with the related impover- ishment that it brings to our parents and grandparents. That will do for starters. Accomplish these things and we might just re-elect you next time around to work on an all-new to-do list. Fail and we all fail, because

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- and make no mistake about this, either - if we go down, we will

and it won’t be

pretty. I, for one, will spend my last pennies on a length of good, solid rope. My name is Edgar J. Steele. Thanks for listening. Please visit my web site, http://www., for other messages just like this one.

take you with us


Editor comment; HERE’S MY FIVE-CENTS WORTH; While I’m not too impressed with attorneys, I’m in favor of the above, but while we’re at it, let’s go all the way. Exterminate the IRS, terminate the National Emergency and the

U.S. Bankruptcy, return all prop- erty and its titles to the American people, incarcerate all judges for 20 years who have ruled against any American which cost either the life or loss of property, fines, jail, prison or and/or any destruction to ‘Life, Liberty or pursuit of Happiness,’ and demand our public servants to make a National Declaration that the people have a right to travel in their private conveyances without license and are above government so long as they do not harm the life, liberty and property of another American and that the people have a right to carry an ‘Arm’ (gun) any time any where in their country! Well, it’s a beginning and we can certainly extend the list later!




- January/February 2007 THE AMERICAN’S BULLETIN

12 - January/February 2007 • THE AMERICAN’S BULLETIN In Service; Patrick McCormick Special Counsel to Majesty

In Service; Patrick McCormick

Special Counsel to Majesty Akahi

Nui, King of Hawaii December 20,2006

was nothing the courts were able to do against him during his many years of battles with them. A year or two just prior to that, they “removed from the court record” the 500- 600 traffic tickets he got for don- ning florescent orange “Kingdom

of Hawaii” license plates in 1992,

proving their inability to collect the more than $50,000 in fines they had accumulated against him. So they had to rig another bogus charge against him. Resurrecting the original “trespass charge” from

1980, for going on his family’s land and praying to his ancestors for guidance at his great-great-great- great-great grandmothers grave from the Konohiki Council of 1840, they gave him 5 years and put him Halawa Prison, where the murder- ers and rapists were, to have him

taken out. Five months later, they released him and paid his flight back to Maui. After that, everything changed. People started acting dif- ferent. The lawyer for the State of Hawaii contacted them and said; “I told them not to throw you in jail. They didn’t listen, and now its a

anyone buying land to know the Kingdom owned it all and had supe- rior interest, now both in ownership and possession. What does that mean? It basi- cally puts an “original cloud” on their cloudy fraudulent title, effec- tively voiding all current land title in Hawaii. This was possible because the land trust from 1855 had placed all land in Hawaii (and then Polynesia) in allodia in its own law system, making it impossible for anyone to “own” land thereafter. Majesty had effectively national- ized all land out of United States and back into his original jurisdic-

tion. While this was happening, since 1998, we got the Kingdom case into the ICJ (International Court of Justice) at the Hague, where it was weighed for five years. The thing about the ICJ is that it can only “recognize” another states existence, it cannot enforce a juris- diction. But the fact that they rec- ognized the Kingdom “exists” in this time, means that now the U.S. must deal with Majesty Akahi and the Kingdom as a nation with whom it has treaties. Which brings us to the fact that has recently been discovered that all treaties the Kingdom had from the 1800’s are still valid and enforce- able. Among the 90 nations, empires and monarchies the Hawaii Kingdom is in treaty with, the United States has five treaties with them, which they effectively stepped on when they facilitated the invasion with weapons of mass destruction (cannons and Gatling guns) in 1893 by the greedy descendants of the missionaries, thus implicating the U.S. in state liability. President Cleveland was furious, so he sent Special Envoy James Blount to study the situation, who subsequently wrote a 1200 page congressional report for Cleveland. Although he demanded they return Hawaii, the greedy missionary descendants claimed themselves as their own country. It was not until 1898, when McKinley’s gang was trying to take over the world during

See ‘PARADISE’ Continued on Page 18

I t has been a while. It has been

while since our last update



the American’s Bulletin, and

its been a long while that the cause in Hawaii to restore a Sovereign Kingdom of God back into its seat

of power as the True Government of

Hawaii has been going on. So this is

a brief update; Although there are over 100 groups trying to get some sort of control of the commercial gov- ernment in Hawaii, the Hawaii Kingdom/Kingdom of Hawaii, under Majesty Akahi Nui as King

and Head of State, is not a group. It

is the true government returning into

power. Majesty Akahi Nui, King of Hawaii, is 100% royal blood, descended from a long ancestral line of kings and queens. During our many years of

research, one of the main things we discovered is that there are two types of property titles; titles

of ownership

and titles of possession. In those many years (since 1980) of arguing the issue of who owns

the land, the state courts in Hawaii never told His Majesty the truth. They never argued the fact that the

K i n g d o m

owns the land, as declared by Kamehameha III’s sigature from the 1800’s, which is what His Majesty proclaimed. You can “own” the land, but you will not control it until you have title of possession, which the State of Hawaii had, until just

recently when it all reverted back to the Kingdom. The issue came to a head around 2002. Majesty Akahi never bent, gave in or sold his (or his Kingdom’s) sovereignty, and there

in or sold his (or his Kingdom’s) sovereignty, and there diplomatic issue. So I want to

diplomatic issue. So I want to work for you guys.” It was then that the Royal Patent “Island” Deeds emerged, on January 9th, 2002, where the Kingdom recorded all its land in allodial, Island by Island, and district by dis- trict, with tax exempt status verified by the attached IRS document. The State Bureau of Conveyance sent them out to the different counties, but they did not get recorded. This was done because they didn’t want

not get recorded. This was done because they didn’t want ‘ENGINE’ Continued From Page 1 tees


Continued From Page 1

tees we hope to encourage creativ- ity and ingenuity that will help us strengthen our nation’s energy security,” Secretary Bodman said.


htp) Just last month yet another press release dated October 24, 2006, which can be found on the

Department of Energy website, states “U.S. Department of energy (DOE) Secretary Samuel W. Bodman today announced $100 Million to fund 25 hydrogen research and development projects that can help change the way we power our nation. These projects support President Bush’s Advanced Energy Initiative, which seeks to reduce our dependence on foreign sources of energy through the research, development and deployment of transformational new clean energy technologies.” (http://wwww.


sent to the White House, the Department of Energy, local and national news agen- cies (55 in total), and any other institution that truly wants to see and promote a tech- nology that will increase economic and national security, end oil wars, create tens of thousands of jobs in this country and hundreds of thousands more across the globe and stop the pollution of our oceans, air and soil, and be a part of history; that they would contact anyone and everyone they know that could help bring the AAT Engine to market. All major medias and otherwise that were sent the press release have gone stone cold silent! It now becomes necessary to take the gloves off, so to speak, and go to the people and seek your assistance and your help in forwarding this information/ article to at least 10 people to inform them of this life changing, almost STAR TREK


body have a screw loose? The Aerodynamic Air Turbine Engine will change the way we power our nation. That is exactly what the AAT Engine will do. The question is; Is the federal government’ seek- ing a “transforma-

tional new clean energy technology” or not? That

is exactly what the AAT Engine

is. All of these federal funds being used (300 Billion expended on the Iraq war!) and press conferences being held are in vain – while the AAT Engine is already developed, tested and proven to work! There is LIVE VIDEO of the AAT Engine running, which is readily available for anyone to see. Last month was Energy Awareness Month and Samuel Bodman, Secretary of Energy, spoke about promoting greater energy efficiency on October 2,

2006. He went on to say, “The

Department of Energy continues to be the largest funder of basic scientific research and develop- ment in the physical sciences. This commitment will allow our nation to continue leading the world in scientific breakthroughs and inno- vation.” (http://www.whitehouse.


Where is this commitment Secretary Bodman speaks of? Where is the passion for clean energy that the White House and Department of Energy readily spew out during these press conferences, when the solution is staring them in the face? Ron Rockwell and others prayed that once their ‘Press Release’ was



Dr. Bob Beverly - Ron G. Rockwell - RET. A (Scientist) Pau Gathered in D.C. to present AAT Engine to De

technology! Ron Rockwell and Dr. Bob Beverly, while in Washington, D.C. contacted Fox News Channel 5 earlier that morning of November 3 rd , in hopes to bring more media attention to the ATT Engine. They spoke to a fox agent there named Sheila. Sheila said that unless they had a story about the Iraq war or the upcoming elec- tions that Fox probably wouldn’t run a story on it. She said that those were the 2 most pressing issues that people wanted to hear about. Unbelievable! Is that because Fox, ABS, CBS and NBC, etc. are government controlled corporations and therefore are part of the problem? It is this kind of attitude and indifference towards true solutions for peace and clean energy which has prevented this country and this world from realizing its full potential? And people like Sheila appar- ently fail to realize that if Iraq weren’t an oil rich country we wouldn’t be there at all. The indifference and the bureaucracy Ron Rockwell and Dr. Bob Beverly had to endure just to get someone, anyone, to assist in the launching of the AAT Engine is almost as incredible as the Engine itself! But the Wizard proved not to be so…. intelligent! The eminent threat of decreas- ing oil supply to the United States has been known for years. Just last year the Washington Post released an arti-



COVERING: The Conspiracy, the Fraud and unlawful Conversion, the Bankruptcy, Honor and Dishonor. That All Cases

The Conspiracy, the Fraud and unlawful Conversion, the Bankruptcy, Honor and Dishonor.

That All Cases are won or lost before you get into court, Proof of Claim, Evidentiary 'SHOCKING' Transcripts, The Fair Debt Collection Act, Conditional Acceptance RE:

Credit & Banking and Generic Samples - for Traffic, Claim for Injuries Form, National Notary, Glossary of terms and MORE!


Order this Book today.

Only $51.00 - Shipping Included Postal Money Only Made out to The American's Bulletin!

The American's Bulletin

P.O. Box 3096 Central Point, Oregon 97502

THE AMERICAN’S BULLETIN January/February 2007 - 13

cle about a “war game” performed with high-level participants. The exercise was called “Oil Shockwave.” The exercise had real-life former top U.S. officials taking on the role of members of the

President’s Cabinet, convening to respond to escalating energy crisis, culminating in $5.32-a-gallon gasoline and a world wob- bling into economic recession. The article went onto say “The American people are going to pay a terrible price for not hav- ing had an energy strategy,” said former CIA director Robert M. Gates, who took on the role of national security adviser. Stepping out of character, he added that “the scenarios portrayed were absolutely not alarmist; they’re realist.” “The par- ticipants concluded almost unanimous- ly that they must press the President to invest quickly in promising technolo- gies to reduce dependence on overseas oil…” “They all agreed these proj- ects would take years to yield any benefit but should not wait for the kind of crisis they were dramatizing.” What’s the normal reaction/solution to problems facing government? Why “RAISE TAXES!”





html) No longer do we have to wait years as was thought in 2005 for a solution to the biggest crisis st


The solution is here and it is proven. The AAT Engine is the

answer we’ve all been waiting for


OUR Country, for our children and the WORLD! Time is of the essence and we must act now!


DMIRAL l Mulloy pt. of Energy.

of the 21

For more information, contact Dr. Bob Beverly at (619) 733-1477, email him at or contact Ron Rockwell via email at; rockwellsci-

or you may write him


ROCKWELL SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH, L.L.C. Ronald Rockwell, Scientist P. O. Box 26192 Las Vegas, Nevada 89126-6192 U.S.A. New Web page coming SOON!


See ‘ENGINE’ Continued on Page 17 for Editor Comment.

See ‘ENGINE’ Continued on Page 17 for Editor Comment. By Karen L. Tappert Back from the

By Karen L. Tappert

Back from the Evil grip of a mad-


Y ou wouldn’t think meeting someone on your birthday, would turn out to be such a

poor gift. At the first sight of the Pirate I was intrigued with his wis-

dom, so much so I recorded what

I could during our short afternoon

meeting. The money amounts he wanted to charge (for what I thought

was intellect and legal services) was much too rich for my blood. Who could pay $500.00 an hour at a ten hour minimum anyway, so I just let it slide off my back, and told the Pirate I could do what was needed with what I had record- ed. The Pirate was coy through worming and manipulating his evil force toward me. He saw value and worth through my tale of calam- ity and already saw himself wheel- ing my carriage of transportation about town, managing his evil and wrongdoings. Already within his grip, he sacked me on the playing field and said he would only charge me costs, and would split whatever settlement I might get from my suits in Oregon. Of course no contracts, handshakes, or agreements, just his word was his bond of trust and was all he required. That should have been my first clue, as most who use their word as their bond, are actu- ally using their very soul as their seal. What I failed to realize was one lacking a conscience has no soul. I later would find out his sly ways would, seize, steal, and loot, me as his privateering acts would soon sink his ship called PIRACY and PLAGIARISM. After meeting with the Pirate, I went back to work at The American’s Bulletin, doing this and that to help Robert Kelly with his office tasks. I spent countless hours which changed into days of time organizing my docket books regarding my cases in Oregon for the Pirate aka; Charles C. Miller, being newly released from prison.

I made several trips to Miller’s new

office in Reno, NV to bring docu- ments, dockets, information and of course the old mighty dollars he so counted on from me. In cash of course when in person, and Western Union when I couldn’t make it in person. I was running around frantic most of the time. And by this time back and forth to Oregon, trying to stay on top of the game, going to court, hiding out in my house and the truck in the garage to protect my assets as the thieves came

Present Day Pirates

Still Pillaging, Plundering and Stealing

…The first meeting

knocking at my door on a daily basis. Miller required more and more documents, wanting me to

overnight them most of the time and sometimes that never ending $20.00

a mailing would cut me quite short with already very low funds. The Pirate aka Charles C.

Miller soon became known as Evil, as his goal was to help me in ways to produce more money, which

would eventually end in Reno, NV aka Sodom and Gomorrah and in his grip to use in his continuing cor- ruption. My property was finally sold the very morning of foreclo- sure, landing me in the hospital with heart failure due to the stress of the ordeal. My recovery continues as

I was pushed and prodded to help

the Evil One now that he had writ- ten a few letters and made a few phone calls on my behalf. After all there was a $120,000.00 insurance account waiting to be seized just 48 hours away. Off to Sodom my son went taking office furniture, equipment, and household furniture to live and build a business in Gomorrah. I soon followed, after I paid a few things up and settled a few accounts in Bend, Oregon. The main suit was still ongo- ing and had to be attended to with trips back and forth. Court appear- ances, and never ending papers to be filed, of which was beginning to get repetitive to say the least. By this time I had given the Evil One over $12,000.00 in cash money for whatever he does, as I was getting nothing from the Bend suits. The only paper that was written was when the Evil One felt I was getting upset, and was afraid the bank roll would go away. My personal funds paid for rents, office space, phone bills, groceries, utilities, and my personal things in Oregon. My personal things in Oregon were starting to wear on the Evil ones nerves, wanting that money to himself, suggesting I sell my home, my huge water truck that has been moved to Sodom, even my motor home could bring

in a smooth 5 grand. At least that is what his sister would have paid for it. He got the $2,000 to pay his brother for a car that his dad had left, but wanted to sell it as soon as he got it for more money. I gave him more money and he put the car into my name and business name I had then financed. The car sat day after day, as he drove my newer Chevy pickup. The Evil One got two traffic tickets in my truck, and was proud to say he beat the raps! The truth of the matter is; I paid the fines! You don’t beat anything when you pay the fines, but Charles C. Miller wants everyone to think that he beat’em for whatever reason.

Living with the Evil one I soon saw with my very eyes the den of iniquity, and sewer I have found myself in. The Evil one was using everyone he came in contact with, taking their money and not keeping his word, where he placed his bond

of trust. I saw men go to jail after handing over $15,000.00 to the Evil one in hopes of help. I saw a little ole’ lady in Florida desperate for help wire him $5,000.00 to help

in Florida desperate for help wire him $5,000.00 to help her in her case, only to

her in her case, only to find more empty promises. Others, paying thousands of dollars to escape tax messes, only to find felony charges against them. One airline Pilot gave his precious thousands of dollars to obtain help, only to be thrown in jail and then blackballed by the Evil One for obtaining an attorney after four long months in the county jail all the while this Evil One did nothing. Felons don’t fly planes, and it ends careers, so I am doing whatever I can to hopefully reduce the charges to misdemeanors. Men are ending in jail after associating with the Charles C. Miller, myself with a warrant, preventing me from going back home to Bend, Oregon, all from using his paperwork and words of not so wise wisdom. All thanks to the Evil One, Charles C. Miller, a 9 Year Felon, out on parole for Bank Fraud, Mail Fraud, Extortion and Theft. And now continuing his demonic acts of evil and deception with every- one being seduced in blindness by his hypnotic words. Felons are not allowed to associate with Felons, Charles C. Miller is staying rent free in his second office building in downtown Reno lawyer-ville; 491 Court Street, Reno, NV 89501 (Gomorrah) rented for him by another known felon who’s a stockbroker who does inside trading. The Evil One and one of his mob-buddies threatened on many occasions to destroy a fairly new company called Safe Pay Solutions, which I believe they have done suc-

cessfully, as I have purchased stock in this company at their advice, and now it has dropped like a rock, just as the Evil One and his mob- buddy told me it would, and they are destroying it. The Evil One billed Safe Pay for $69,000.00 for reasons unknown, and said if they didn’t pay they were going down.

I guess somebody is taking them

down, because my stock is worth- less these days. The Evil One asso-

ciates with another known felon, of which at the time I did not know, of whom I paid $3,500.00 to set up his business, a data mining company

called Pleading Pro. Inc

shocked to find out I had the receipt for money received and it was not

the Evil One who paid for it. He continues to promise me stock in Pleading Pro. Inc. and informed me he had been giving the funds back

to the Evil One, not to the one who

paid it originally, me!. However, he doesn’t want me to mention his name, but being associated with the Evil One and possibly ex C.I.A., I could care less. I have been told they are all terror- ist, so I certainly can’t stop any of them so I simply wrote an affidavit for my protection and safety, and have mailed it out to many people across the United States who knows

He was

me. I found packets of information that people scraped together using their last dimes to overnight these packages to the Evil One for help, left unopened, no money enclosed… no help provided. Whatever that means, as I do not know of even one person the Evil One has helped. I watched as my pregnant dog ‘Whisper’ was stolen from our back- yard only after I had completed a

rental agreement for the office I had rented, showing the home address. Within days the dog was gone, and

I on my way back to Oregon for

more court affairs. Strangely the Evil One assured me she would come back. Sure enough she did, and was dropped at our home at midnight, in Sodom while I was left helpless in Oregon, stripped of her puppies the very day she was due. What a pitiful sight, watching as she lay there trying to nurse phantom puppies that had been stripped from her side. Its my belief that the Evil One made the arrangements for her disappearance to obtain the money from her puppies. What wickedness lurking within his empty soul, what venom spews from his bowels of darkness. After months of supporting the Evil One, providing my truck for his disposal, he starts to unravel at his core, his trips to Sin City (Las Vegas) on business trips caught up with him, his affair with another came apart, his contacts ended, his romancing with the thoughts of

See ‘PIRATES’ Continued on Page 19

with another came apart, his contacts ended, his romancing with the thoughts of See ‘PIRATES’ Continued
with another came apart, his contacts ended, his romancing with the thoughts of See ‘PIRATES’ Continued


- January/February 2007 THE AMERICAN’S BULLETIN

More Positive Changes For 2007

Key word – POSITIVE, that’s right no more moaning, groaning or com- plaining. If you have something to share with The American’s Bulletin and our readers we are asking that you now:

Give it a positive slant when you are writing it - if it is your original


Look for and share a remedy, solution or action to take along with

the injustice you may be seeing.

Focus on solutions rather than problems – corny we know

but “where the thought goes, the energy flows this is called the power of your intention, so make it your intention to be a problem solver, rather than a ‘chicken little’ – didn’t work for him, doesn’t work for us.

There is always a solution to the problem, whatever it may be – the challenge is to seek it out, then apply it in your life and ultimately to share it with others

What we are talking about here is more ‘attitude’ than actual action, for example - just being a Secured Party Creditor – filing the UCC-1, 3, 11 - having a SPC ID card, stamp or whatever does not make anyone truly Sovereign.

You never really lost your Sovereignty – God Created you as a sover- eign person – you simply have gone through a formal process [Redemption] to take back control of your life as it relates to the commercial world we live in.

This is a POSITIVE action – one that benefits you, your family, your friends, business associates and ultimately everyone you come into contact with.

and ultimately everyone you come into contact with. We know that each of us looking for

We know that each of us looking for a better way – the higher way to deal with our life and all of the challenges we each face and we know that 2007 is going to be a GOOD YEAR for everyone.

The following is a review of a movie my wife and I saw recently that was just released on DVD – it typifies the point I am trying to make.

Treat Yourself to a WONDERFUL Adventure Rent This Newly Released DVD and Watch It With Your Family

Facing the Giants

From the award winning producers of FLYWHEEL, comes an action-packed drama about a Christian high school football coach who uses his undying faith to battle the giants of fear and failure. In six years of coaching, Grant Taylor has never led his Shiloh Eagles to a winning season. Even the hope of a new season is squelched when the best player on his Shiloh Eagles decides to transfer schools.

After learning that he and his wife Brooke face infertility and then losing his first three games of the season, the coach discovers a group of fathers are plotting to have him fired. Combined with pressures at home, Coach Taylor has lost hope in his battle against fear and failure.

When Grant receives a message from an unexpected visitor, he searches for a stronger purpose for his football team one bigger than just victories. He dares to challenge his players to Believe In God for the impossible on and off the field. When faced with unbelievable odds, the Eagles must step up to their greatest test of strength and courage. Devastated by his circumstances, he cries out to God in desperation

Daring to trust God to do the impossible, Coach Taylor and the Eagles discover how faith plays out on the field--and off. With God, all things are possible. What transpires is a dynamic story of the fight between faith and fear. Facing the Giants is a powerful experience for the whole family inspiring viewers to live with faith, hope, and love!



Continued From Page 6

This is not the church we attended. The reporter questioned the gentle-

man and said that Eddie told people he was the pastor (NOT!) and asked the man if this was so. The mans understandably reported that no, in fact Eddie was not the pastor, that he did not know who Eddie was nor had he ever seen him. So from what I am told the records show that Eddie was kicked out of Panama for perjury. Incredible… especially when that is the one thing he stressed to the kids… do

be commission or by

omission… simply do not lie! I have always been told to believe only half of what I see and nothing of what I read. I understand this concept to the fullest now. Our time in Panama was very refreshing and renewing meeting people who were like minded think- ers. As we see events unfold in the US and see the way people react- ed to them it confirms our beliefs regarding our ountry. Forgive me but I see the country I love turning into another Germany right before my eyes. As a couple, we have done all that is humanly possible to help avoid that. That has been our heav- enly assignment, and we have been

not lie


faithful to that calling. Some of you do not understand how we could jeopardize our family life by stand- ing for this truth. Others understand if very well and have commented to us that they agree wholeheartedly but just did not have the guts to do what Eddie has done. Yet, others love us and grieve for our situation saying that the Lord puts different things on different people’s hearts but this is not something that He has put on theirs. Whatever your position is, please know that we do not hold anyone else in judgment and that we count you all as dear ones and a positive influence in our lives.

I have been asked by so many

people to keep them updated on Eddie’s situation as things develop. If you care to be included on this list there is no need to respond as I have included you in this thank you.

I know there are others that I would

have liked to include here but I do not have their emails. If you know others who did not get this message and would like to have it, please feel free to forward this message and they can return an email to this address asking to be put on the list. In the same token, if you have received this email and wish to be

taken off the list for personal or other reasons, all you have to do is let me know. I will not harbor any ill feelings.

I will try to keep you updated

as things develop but please know and understand that it will not be on

a daily basis. My duties since I landed on American soil are a nonstop effort to help free Eddie. He is being mis- treated in the jail and his health is

He is being mis- treated in the jail and his health is being compromised. A Physician’s

being compromised. A Physician’s Assistant has indicated his needs but those evaluations are being ignored. Up to this point the Judge has said that Eddie was a flight risk and did not want to let him out on any bond. If the truth be known, they do not want to let him out so that he can properly prepare for trial which has been scheduled for March. I have surrendered his pass- port and also turned in a copy of his Offer of Conditional Acceptance. This document was originally given to FBI Agent David Wattley by Sandra Cerrud, Eddie’s Attorney in Panama at the US Embassy. When handed to him, he rudely threw it back at her and said that he would not accept it. Eddie could also wear a fashionable ankle bracelet. Well, the good news is, that Thurs- day, December 14th at 10:00 AM (changed from the original 2PM time), there will now be a Bond Hearing. Please keep him in your prayers regarding this. For those of you asking about sending Eddie mail or a note of encouragement, his address is:

Eddie Kahn #0101545 Pod D - D c/o Marion County Sheriff’s Office Detention Center 700 NW 30th Ave. Ocala, Florida 34475

At this point I would wait to see how the Bond Hearing goes before sending anything because hope- fully he won’t be there to receive it after Thursday. This is my positive thinking happenin’! I will return to South Florida and let you know the news within a few days. Some of you have also request- ed the address to send donations for Eddie’s defense fund. That address is:

This Day Christian Ministries c/o Eddie Kahn Fund 6558 Racquet Club Drive Lauderhill, Florida 33319

And, last but not least if you havenotseenthemovie“FREEDOM TO FASCISM”, an Aaron Russo Documentary, I encourage you to

do so. It is our life in a nutshell and many of the people in the movie are our very close friends who have also been victimized. In an effort to educate the American public a friend of ours contacted Aaron Russo about making copies

of his movie for distribution to the public. I got an email from Aaron

a few days ago telling me that in

efforts to free Eddie we could copy and distribute as many copies as we

wanted. I am told you can view this movie online at www.freedomtofas-

The quality and sound

may not be as good as in the theatres but it is scarier that any Halloween movie. You undivided attention will keep you from missing some excel- lent quotes. It runs 1 hour and 49 minutes.




Freedom to Fascism Synopsis Wednesday, 28 June 2006

Determined to find the law that requires Americans to pay income tax, Aaron Russo (THE ROSE, TRADING PLACES) sets out on

a journey. Neither left- nor right-

wing, this startling examination exposes the systematic erosion of civil liberties in America. Through interviews with US Congressmen, a former IRS Commissioner, former IRS and FBI agents, tax attorneys and authors, Russo connects the dots between money creation, fed- eral income tax, voter fraud, the national identity card (becoming law in May 2008) and the imple- mentation of radio frequency identi- fication (RFID) technology to track citizens. A striking case about the evolving police state in America.

IN GOD WE TRUST, Kookie Kahn “It is the duty of the

Patriot to protect his country from his govern- ment” -




Writs Act 28 § 1651 Motion & F.R.APP.P. RULE 22 MOTION for
those prisoners on direct appeal.
MEMORANDUM includes; Civil Cover Sheet, 2255 Motion
(14 pages), Memorandum of Law (25 pages), Exhibits (15 pages)
and Motion for Leave to File Supplemental Pleading pursuant to F.R.
App. P. Rule 22 (2 pages)
ATTENTION; Federal Prisoners… Title 3,18, 21 are unconstitu-
tional! Order this 'TITLE 18 MEMORANDUM' And identify as
'T18MEMO' on your order…
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The Author states; "This motion
has already released several
inmates from prison."
Extensive research has gone into this motion, however, based
upon such research, its application applies ONLY to 'White Prisoners'
due to the misapplication of the 14th Amendment by the 'Corporate
De-facto Military government upon the white population since it's
dubious ratification!
14thAMENDMENT MOTION includes; Cover sheet, Certificate
of Service, Motion Challenging Jurisdiction, Memorandum of
Law, Certificate of Appealability 28 § 2253, Statement of Status
& Jurisdiction, Arguments, Memorandum of Law, Conclusion,
Certificate of Service, and Rule 22 Motion. Consists of 63 pages!
…………AVAILABLE for $49.00 - Shipping included.
Payment by Postal Money Order or in some cases 'government
check' or if by outside family member; any well known money
order… made out to 'The American's Bulletin' - allow 3 weeks for
delivery - envelope can/will be marked as 'LEGAL MAIL'.
These 'Self-help' - 'Redress of Grievance' instruc-
tional Motion/Memorandums were researched and
written by Anthony Steven Wright©, S.P.C.



THE AMERICAN’S BULLETIN January/February 2007 - 15

will fail, putting tens of millions of Americans on the unemployment line and putting unbearable pressure on the US Government. Then, with the U.S. economy in shambles and its manufacturing base eroded by a steady stream of manufacturing plants moving out of the US., the American government will be too occupied with troubles at home to do much internation- ally. America will be in no position to challenge China, allowing the Chinese to act militarily elsewhere in the world; Further, if the U.S. attempted to intervene against any Chinese military action, the only plant in the world which can manufacture the specialized gyros needed for U.S. Cruise Missile guidance systems, is

now located

China could prevent that plant from shipping to the U.S., and once our arsenal of cruise missiles was depleted, it would take a long time to re-tool a plant to make more gyros and re-supply cruise missiles

for battle. The Chinese feel they could accomplish certain military goals before the U.S. could re-tool. They are also confident the U.S. will never “go nuclear” as long as the U.S. itself is not attacked. The Pentagon source went so far as to say “Even if China was to lose the entire one trillion in cash to a collapse of the Dollar as a cur- rency, they will have succeeded in taking the U.S. off the world stage as any type of effective military or economic power -- without firing a shot!” A ‘classic’ Sun Tzu paradigm of victory - the art of fighting, with- out fighting. The crippling of the US is a highly desirable military benefit for China at a relatively cheap price since it will leave their human capi- tal and infrastructure assets in place; assets they know they would lose if a hot war erupted with the US.



From: Gary Reil <> Date: Sun, 17 Dec 2006 16:46:20 GMT

BEIJING -- Sources with a U.S. Delegation in Beijing have told The Hal Turner Show the Chinese government has informed visiting Bush Administration officials they intend to dump One TRILLION U.S. Dollars from China’s Currency Reserves and convert those funds into Euros, gold and silver! China was allegedly asked to withhold the announcement until

Bullion Markets closed for the weekend to prevent an instant spike in gold and silver prices. This delay will give the world the weekend to consider appropriate actions rath- er than have a knee-jerk reaction which could see the U.S. Dollar totally collapse in value Monday. According to this Senior source, China told the U.S. delega- tion they no longer have faith in U.S. Currency for several reasons:

1) The Federal Reserve Bank ceased publishing “M3” data in March, making it nearly impossible for anyone to know how much cash is being printed. China said this act made it impossible to tell how much

a Dollar is worth. 2) The U.S. Dollar has lost upwards of thirty percent (30%) of its value against other foreign cur- rencies in the recent past, meaning China has lost almost $300 Billion simply by holding U.S. Dollars in its reserves. 3) The U.S. has no plans what-

soever to reduce deficit spending or ability pay down any of its existing debt without printing money to pay

it off.

For these reasons China has decided to implement an aggressive sell-off of U.S. Dollars before the rest of the world does so. China reportedly told the US delegation; “we are the largest holder of U.S. Currency and if the rest of the world unloads theirs before we unload ours, we will lose our shirts.” Early this week, in an unusual move, the Bush administration sent virtually the entire economic “A- team” to visit China for a “strategic economic dialogue” in Beijing Dec. 14 and 15. Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson and Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke lead the delegation, along with five other cabinet-level officials, including Secretary of Commerce Carlos Gutierrez. Also in the delegation is

The American’s Bulletin is the newspaper- forum for the sovereign American people, who are fed-up

with the tyranny, the fraud of taxes, the violation of their un-a-lien-able Rights,theNational Emergency, the compelled per- formance of the pledge of their



want the truth! The American’s Bulletin remains

the only America


Exposing, Wake- up and Smell the Coffee, Free Press Newspaper for the sover- eign American people in this Country TODAY!


Labor Secretary Elaine Chao, Health and Human Services Secretary Mike Leavitt, Energy Secretary Sam Bodman, and U.S. Trade Representative Susan Schwab. The Bush administration want- ed to get China’s cooperation in preventing a dollar collapse. The Hal Turner Show has been told the effort failed. According to the source, Fed Chairman Bernanke left the meet- ing “pale and in a cold sweat” as the implications of China’s decision seemed to sink in. The implications are enormous:

The U.S. Dollar is likely to collapse in value against all other major currencies as early as Monday, December 18. This would cause a worldwide sell-off of dollars, create almost immediate “hyper-inflation” in the US and also impact world markets at a level “worse than the Great Depression of 1929.” Arabs to the rescue? In a strange twist of fate, Arabs and OPEC may come to the rescue of the U.S.! Senior officials in OPEC made clear that they too would be severe- ly harmed if the U.S. Dollar col- lapsed, and hinted they “would not

be inclined to sell oil to any particu- lar nation that intentionally caused such a collapse.” This was a thinly veiled threat to China, which depends heavily on OPEC oil for its rapidly developing energy needs. The OPEC officials even went so far as to say “Since China lacks the ability to project their mili- tary power, OPEC nations need not worry about any Chinese military

response to an oil cut-off.” Such brutally candid remarks will not sit well with China; and signal ominous things for the U.S. Arabs and OPEC will want something in return for saving the U.S. from economic collapse and it is already widely speculated what they want will be a complete change in U.S. backing of Israel in the Middle East. If such demands are made by the oil-rich Arabs, the U.S would be left with little choice but to vir- tually abandon the Jewish state to preserve itself.

UPDATE - 10:18 PM 12-14-6 The Washington Post ‘US, China Clash On Currency’

UPDATE - 12:07 AM EST Saturday, December 16, 2006:

Additional sources, one in the U.S. Commerce Department and another in the US Treasury have confirmed the initial report above and referred me to another, Third, source in the Pentagon. Both the Commerce and Treasury Sources report that while China will not be able to simply trade their Dollars for other paper currencies, they will spend their U.S. Cash on commodities such as gold, silver and Rhodoium as well as military hardware; ships



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and planes, placing large orders and paying for those orders with the one point one trillion in cash dollars they possess. Extreme Military Concern - In speaking with the contact at the Pentagon, I am able to now report the Pentagon views this currency- killing as a cunning military aspect to Chinese plans:

The Pentagon says that while China has a 2 Million man army, they lack the logistics and heavy lift capability to move that army and supply it. They can, however, get that military to South Korea and to Japan. The Chinese see that the U.S. Military is over-stretched and almost exhausted by its globe trot- ting Commander-In-Chief. They feel that by intentionally destabiliz- ing the dollar, the U.S. economy


The Dollar’s Full-System Meltdown

By Mike Whitney October 30, 2006

Information Clearing House -- -- The U.S. Dollar is kaput. Confidence in the currency is eroding by the

day. A report in The Sydney Morning Herald stated, “Australia’s Treasurer Peter Costello has called on East Asia’s central bankers to ‘telegraph’ their intentions to diversify out of American investments and ensure an ‘orderly adjustment’….Central banks in China, Japan, Taiwan, South Korea, and Hong Kong have channeled immense foreign reserves into American government bonds, helping to prop up the US dol- lar and hold down interest rates,’ said Costello, but ‘the strategy has changed.’” Indeed, the strategy has changed. The world has come to its senses and is moving away from the green slip of paper that is currently mired in $8.3 trillion of debt. The central banks now want to reduce their USD reserves while trying to do as little damage to their own economies as possible. That’ll be difficult. If a sell-off ensues, it will start a stampede for the exits. There’s little hope of an “order- ly adjustment” as Costello opines; that’s just false optimism. When the greenback begins listing; things will turn helter-skelter quickly. In September, we saw early signs that the dollar was in trou- ble. The trade deficit registered at $70 billion but the Net Foreign Security Purchases (NFSP) came in at a paltry $33 billion. That means that our main trading partners are no longer buying back our debt which puts downward pressure on the greenback. The Fed had two choices; either raise interest rates substantially or let the currency fall. Given the tenuous condition of the housing bubble and the proximity of the midterm elections, the Fed did neither. A month later, in October, the trade deficit hit $69.9 billion but, then, without warning, a miracle occurred. The Net Foreign Security Purchases skyrocketed to a “historic high” of $116.8 billion; covering both months’ shortfalls almost to the penny.

Coincidence? Not likely. Either the skittish central banks decided to “stock up” on their dollar-denominated invest- ments or the Federal Reserve (and their banking-buddies) is buying

or the Federal Reserve (and their banking-buddies) is buying back its own debt to float us

back its own debt to float us through the elections. This is exactly the kind of hanky-panky that people expected when Greenspan stopped publishing the M-3 last March keeping the rest

of us in the dark about what was

really going on with the money sup-

ply. Are we supposed to believe that the skeptical central banks suddenly doubled up on their T-Bills while they’re (publicly) moaning about the dollar’s weakness and threaten- ing to diversify? That’s a stretch.

According to the Wall Street Journal the Chinese Central-bank governor Zhou Xiaochuan stated unequivocally that “We think we’ve got enough.” The Chinese presently have nearly $1 trillion in USD and US Treasuries.

“Enough”? The United States runs a $200 billion per year trade deficit with China. If they’ve “got enough” we’re

dead-ducks. After all, it doesn’t take

a sell-off to kill the dollar, just

unwillingness on the part of the main players to stop purchasing at the same rate. Of course, everyone in Washington already knew that doomsday was approaching. That’s the way the system was designed from the very beginning. It’s all part of the madcap scheme to “starve the beast” and transfer the nation’s wealth to a handful of western plu- tocrats. That’s explains why the Fed and the White House whirred along like two spokes on the same wheel; every policy calculated to thrust the country headlong toward disaster. The administration never cre-

ated a funding mechanism for the $400 million tax cuts or for the 35% expansion of the Federal govern- ment. Defense spending increased by leaps and bounds as did the “no-bid” contracts for friends of the

THE REAL AMERICAN WO_MAN Business and Personal Consultant Also UCC Preparation Voice / fax 1-206-666-4USA
Business and Personal Consultant
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Bush clan. At the same time, interest rates were lowered to rock-bottom to put as much money as possible into the hands of people who couldn’t meet the traditional criteria for a mortgage. And, if gluttonous waste, reckless overspending and “Mickey Mouse” loans were not enough; the Fed capped it off by doubling the money supply in 7 years; a surefire prescription for hyper-inflation. So, which one of these policies was not deliberate? The financial crisis that we now face was created by design. It is intended to destroy the labor move- ment, crush the middle class, quash Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security, reduce our foreign debt by 50 or 60%, force a restructuring of America’s debt, privatize all public assets and resources, and create a new regime of austerity measures which will divert more wealth to the banking and corporate establish- ments. The avatars of neoliberalism invariably use crooked politicians

to spawn enormous “unsustainable”

debt so that the nations’ riches can be transferred to ruling elites. It works the same everywhere. It’s a form of corporate colonization, only this time the victim is the good old USA.

“The Phase of Impact” According to Richard Daughty

in his prescient article “The Phase of

Impact” the Federal Reserve and the Treasury Dept have already manned the battle-stations. Here’s an excerpt:

“Mr. Paulson, the Secretary of the Treasury, is, by virtue of his ascen- sion to the throne, now the head of

the shadowy President’s Working Group of Financial Markets (which was created by Presidential Order 12631) and he is insisting that they meet more often, namely every 6 weeks! This whole Working Group thing was originally set up as a fallback, ad-hoc, if-then defense to deal with possible economic emer- gencies, but now they are routinely meeting every 6 weeks. He has even ordered Jim Wilkinson, his chief of staff, to ‘oversee the creation of a Treasury Command Center to track markets world-wide and serve as an operations base in a crisis”! (Wall Street Journal) World-wide!! The

American government is moving to take control of the world-wide economy as the result of an antici- pated crisis? Yikes!” Daughty goes on to say: “So

a lot of the hubbub is obviously being caused by some approaching

upheaval, perhaps reflected in some- thing sent to me by Phil S., which

is the Global Europe Anticipation

Bulletin No8 which reminded us that last May they predicted that the economy would have a ‘phase of acceleration’ that would begin in June, and it “would be spread out over a period of a maximum of

See ‘MELTDOWN’ Continued on Page 18


- January/February 2007 THE AMERICAN’S BULLETIN

using borrowed money for the pur- pose – i.e., naked gambling the integrity of the dollar: but these mad- men went ahead with this scheme anyway. The European banks, being no fools, figured out what they were up to; and when Ambassador Wanta was again NOT PAID the $4.5 trillion on 20th November 2006, the European banks took immediate action to dump their dollars on a large scale. When a gambler undertakes a NAKED SHORT, he loses BOTH the money contributed for the gam- ble AND the money borrowed as well. In other words, a NAKED SHORT gambler LOSES TWICE HIS MONEY, or far more than that, depending on whatever leveraging input he was using. And that is what happened, following dissemination world- wide of our posting dated 3rd December 2006. So when George Herbert Walker Bush Sr. was tele- vised weeping at a podium in Florida, guess why he was weeping? B E C A U S E HE HAD JUST LOST A GOODLY P R O P O RT I O N OF THE FIAT 370 TRILLION D O L L A R S THAT HE HAD PREVIOUSLY CONTROLLED, DUE TO THE MINDLESS, RECKLESS NAKED SHORT TRANSACTION. OFFICIAL U.S. CRIMINAL OPERATIVES WITH RED FACES The perpetrators (culprits) who per- petrated this historically unprec- edented coup AND LOST THEIR SHIRTS, leaving the wretched United States and the whole world vulnerabletoanimminentmeltdown, include the following conspirators:

• President George W. Bush Jr.

• Former President H. W. Bush Sr.

• Former President W J Clinton.

• Senator Hillary Clinton

• John Negroponte, Director of National Intelligence

• General Michael Heyden,

Director of Central Intelligence

• Secretary of the Treasury Hank

(‘Conflict-of-Interest’) Paulson

• Federal Reserve Board

Chairman Dr Ben S. Bernanke, and key Board Members • Wachovia Bank/First Union Bank, New York

• Bank of America, Los Angeles

• HSBC, United Kingdom

• The Bank of England

• Deutsche Bank, Frankfurt, Berlin and Geneva.

The conspirators got caught in mid-play, and lost their shirts and trillions upon trillions of dol-

lars, as a direct consequence of

our authorised posting dated 3rd December 2006 [see ARCHIVE]. Their NAKED SHORT transaction failed. WACHOVIA, B of


TECHNICALLY BANKRUPT While former President George H. W. Bush Sr. wept for himself and on behalf of the DVD, of which he is allegedly the head, before the television cameras, one of the key investigators working with the Ambassador brought in the CIA (under USA Patriot Act etc legis- lation) to undertake certain mea- sures to stave off the bankruptcy

of Wachovia Bank and Bank of America (which is in fact the CIA’s

main banking arm).

At midnight European time on 5th-6th December, the Bank of Spain and Santander Bank agreed to get their representatives togeth- er in Geneva, with representatives of the Federal Reserve and, it is believed, the Treasury. The purpose of the gathering was to be to ‘work out’ means of enabling the Federal Reserve, the Treasury and key US institutions to ‘stay solvent’. On 6th December, the Boards of Directors of Wachovia Bank and Bank of America met to plan a

merger, but essentially only agreed to agree to come to a decision. They

may have no time even to prepare

the relevant documents before their respective roofs fall in. Tiles were

already crashing to the ground all day on the 6th. OFF-BALANCE SHEET FUNDS MATERIALISE AT SANTANDER BANK Meanwhile, ALL OF A SUDDEN, funds appeared from OFF THE BOOKS (please make a note of

this, in view of what follows) at

Santander Bank, which were avail-

able to collateralise a transaction

through Union Bank of Switzerland and Credit Suisse ostensibly to facil-

itate payment of the $4.5 trillion to

Ambassador Leo Wanta, via a syn-

dication of large banks consisting of

Bank of America, Wachovia Bank

and J. P. Morgan, to be arranged by

Banco de Espana (Central Bank of Spain). This crazy bank syndication

is being put together ‘as we speak’. According to European bankers

who are in a position to gauge the

situation accurately, the reverbera-

tions of the NAKED SHORT catas-

trophe will hit the United States this Friday, 8th December 2006.

The syndication arrangement is being put together in extremis and

under duress by the conspirators,

in order to save their backsides and

all other parts of their anatomies.

They choose to overlook the fact

that the Ambassador/AmeriTrust

Groupe, Inc, are the only parties on



By Christopher Story FRSA, Editor and Publisher,

International Currency Review,



provide the international financial community with a summary of some of the key developments in the dol- lar crisis, which are not being report in the ‘mainstream’ media. The cri- sis, which is now almost certain to become the biggest financial catas- trophe in human history, has arisen specifically and solely because the criminal operatives holding past and present high office in the United States thought they could continue their off-bal- ance sheet fiat money scamming operations as though it is ‘Business as Usual’, and avoid remit- ting Ambassador Leo Wanta and his Virginia- based AmeriTrust Groupe, Inc., the $4.5 trillion tagged and ear- marked in their names, and illegally retained at Goldman Sachs. Apart from the $1.0 trillion worth of US cur- rency held by the Chinese in their foreign exchange reserves, and less- er amounts held as official reserves with other key central banks, the Ambassador’s $4.5 trillion are the ‘only’ hard dollars cash available. Because of the impact of our last report [3rd December 2006], and in the context of the horrifying developments reported below, and other horrendous developments not reported here, the Chinese cannot even change these dollars into other convertible currencies on the scale that they need to do, if they are not to lose almost the entire value of them, when the US dollar collapses, as is about to happen. WHAT THESE RECKLESS CRIMINALS HAVE ACTUALLY BEEN DOING Here is what has taken place in recent days. Using the money stolen via the deceitful, fraudu- lent Treasury ‘data burst’ of 17th November 2006 as explained in our posting on this website on 3rd December [see ARCHIVE], plus funds that the official US crimi- nal operatives have been siphoning offshore through their fraudulent trading operations, the criminal operatives (who are named below) ALSO borrowed against CREDIT DERIVATIVE INSTRUMENTS, creating a pool of funds with which to buy US dollars and sell the EU Collective Currency, with a view to taking the profits (usually ranging between 10% and 15%) between the values. The resulting profit pool was being run by Deutsche Bank in Berlin, Geneva and Frankfurt and

was being used to drive down the overall valuations of UBS, Credit Suisse and key French banks – the objective being to create such pro- found economic and financial prob- lems for these banks that their valu- ations would be reduced to such a marked extent that Deutsche Bank, in particular, could then buy them up cheaply. This confirms our own suspi-



and New York: www.worldreports. org. December 07, 2006


Our 3rd December posting was severely truncated at about 11.00pm UK time on 5th December by NSA/CIA/Department of Homeland Security. The text of the ‘diary’ section from November 20th onwards was removed. The Editor restored the text in the middle of the night, and then added appropriately critical comments. Please revisit the posting dated 3rd December as it is directly relevant to what fol- lows. In addition to interfering with our posting dated 3rd December, the above parties REMOVED the entire text of our posting dated 2nd September 2006 entitled: ‘NEW:

HUGE GLOBAL BENEFITS OF THE WANTA PLAN’. This posting contained pre- dictions of the ‘win-win’ benefits of the Wanta Plan, as well as a summary of the extremely adverse consequences if it were not to be implemented (because of the cor- rupt operations described in succes- sive postings on this website). THE REASON THAT OUR ECONOMIC ANALYSIS DATED 2ND SEPTEMBER – WHICH WAS APPENDED TO THE POSTING OF 3RD DECEMBER – WAS DELETED, WAS BECAUSE ITS PREDICTIONS HAVE TURNED OUT TO BE ACCURATE. They describe exactly what is happen- ing RIGHT NOW. The Editor has restored both postings, but we urge you to review the 2nd September posting again because a number of appropriately barbed comments have been added there as well. IN READING WHAT FOLLOWS, NOTE THE FOLLOWING EQUATION:

1. Without the Iraq War, which started as a bank raid, there is no way they can continue hiding the illegal money. 2. Without the $4.5 trillion pay- ment to Ambassador Leo Wanta/his Virginia-based AmeriTrust Groupe, Inc. [see coordinates at foot of arti- cle], there is no way they can make use of the illegal monies they have ‘earned’. WHY SR WAS SEEN WEEPING ON TV: HE’D JUST LOST TRILLIONS:


DESTROYED BY A NAKED SHORT OP. We are now in a position to cions, which have

cions, which have become clearer in recent months, that the Swiss institutions, have understood the geopolitical objectives of Deutsche Bank, which is allegedly the pri- mary institution used by Deutsche Verteidigungs Dienst (DVD), Dachau, in craven pursuit of its Nazi Continuum global hegemony strategy. The Pan-German Nazis appear to have become rather disil- lusioned with the Swiss instinct for eternal independence, and the Swiss institutions have become aware of long-range German strategic inten- tions with respect to Switzerland’s prized and ancient political inde- pendence. ARTIFICIAL NAKED SHORT POSITION AGAINST THE U.S. DOLLAR A very senior European banker, well known to Ambassador Wanta and to Michael C. Cottre