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Setpoint Ammunition Gourmet Fodder for Your Precision

Rifle By: Sal Palma

Twobirds Flying Publication

rack suit designer. They are unique in that they deliver gourmet fodder for your precision rifle, which you the shooter or builder, specifies. Its not simply me thats excited about Setpoint Ammunition; in December 2011, the company was awarded the esteemed 2011 Entrepreneur Excellence Award for Greatest Potential from the NorthFront Entrepreneur Alliance Group (NEAG). Setpoints arrival means that shooters dont have to spend hours on a loading bench to achieve exceptional results at the range, and shooting well is what its all about. Shooters no longer need to be satisfied with off the shelf, one-size-fits-all, ammunition that may or may not perform consistently.

Tactical and precision shooters have known for quite some time that precision shooting systems are only as good as their four major components: rifle, optics, ammunition and shooter; finding the right ammunition to optimize weapon performance leads many professionals to develop their own loads. So, when we heard about this young new company, SETPOINT AMMUNITION, we were extremely excited. You see, SETPOINT Ammunition, is not your regular off the

The Setpoint concept is novel and it is good. A visit to the companys web site is a must. There youll find two sections Build Ammo and Recommended Builds. In the Build Ammo section, you have the ability to design your own load. You are allowed to select the case, primer, powder and bullet. In Recommended Loads you can choose loads that have been recommended

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by professionals and very experienced precision marksmen. For my review, I specified the following load based on a Lapua case and Vargnet powder.

After the order arrived, I opened the box just to take a look at the product. Often times, you can get a feel for whats under the hood by how it looks on the exterior.

I have to admit feeling like a jeweler loading diamonds in a display case or travel bag; thats how nice Setpoints ammo is. The platform I used was a .308 precision bolt action rifle with a 22 inch barrel that spins at 1:10 I fired a total of (5) five shot groups. No special methodology used I didnt cross my fingers or toes, I simply loaded the box magazine and commenced firing. The results can be best communication with the picture below.

Setpoints Ammunition was pristine, and communicated a sense of pride that is unmistakable. With that out of the way, as they say, the proof is in the pudding to quote a hackneyed clich. I loaded up this gorgeous ammunition in my abused but still functional ammo pouch and headed out to the range.


The best group fired came in at .4 inches, extreme spread; no consideration was given to the bullet diameter essentially the same hole. Conclusion The look and feel of Setpoints Custom Ammunition combined with its performance makes its price of $31.40 per box a bargain. One thing is certain, if you do your part, Setpoints ammo will do its, and I highly recommend you treat yourself to their exceptional product.

The worse 5 shot group had an extreme spread of .7 inches.

The one flyer at the 6 oclock position, from the bulls eye, was the only observable vertical spread throughout the entire session, and its likely a shooter error. I was thoroughly impressed with the ammunitions performance. In researching the company for this review, I found out that Setpoint is able to produce ammunition of extreme precision by using machinery that was specifically designed by Setpoint.