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: Ernesto Ebratt Email: Class Days/Times: MON, TU, WED, THU/9:00 a.m. 12:45 p.m. Classroom: Lafayette Hall, L202 Office: Waterman 542 Phone: (802) 656-0912 Office Hours: MON & TU from 1:00 p.m. 2:00 p.m. or by appointment Course Description: Spanish 002 is an elementary level course with a particular emphasis on oral and written communication. It builds on the grammar and vocabulary introduced in Spanish 001. It presents these topics through a variety of listening, speaking, reading and writing activities in Spanish. Class activities will involve group discussions, projects, readings, reports, presentations, role plays, interviews, and short compositions. Maps, music, videos, movies, newspaper/magazine articles and other pertinent materials will be utilized in order to strengthen students knowledge of the cultural aspects of the Hispanic world. Class activities are designed to supplement and reinforce the information found in the course textbook. The class will be conducted in Spanish. Prerequisite: Spanish 001 or equivalent. Course Objectives: 1) To introduce Spanish grammar and vocabulary through listening, speaking, reading and writing activities in Spanish. 2) To communicate effectively in elementary written and spoken Spanish. 3) To acquire a basic understanding and appreciation of Spanish and Latin American culture, geography, and current events. Texts and Materials: Textbook: Portafolio: Lo ultimo en espaol! Volume 2. Ramos & Davis. (A much cheaper version is available as an interactive e-textbook through CourseSmart at CENTRO: (Go to Blackboard under the Course Materials icon and read/follow instructions to register.) Online Learning Center (OLC)(Student Edition): (This is supplementary material you can use for out-of-class grammar and vocabulary practice.) Spanish-English Dictionary (recommended) **All students must have the textbook by the second day of the first week of class. Every student must bring their textbook to all class sessions.

Blackboard and UVM Email: It is your responsibility to check Blackboard and your UVM email frequently as these will be the primary means of communication during the semester. COURSE MATERIALS: GRADE BREAKDOWN: 1. Exams (2) 40% 2. Class participation 15% 3. Homework/Centro act. 15% 4. Oral exam (1) 15% 5. Composition (1) 15% plus corrections ___________ 100% 1. Exams (40%) There will be two exams in this course. The first exam will cover chapters 8 through 10 and the second one chapter 11 through 13. There will be no make-up exams in this class without an official excuse. Official excuses may consist of: a. religious holidays (during the first week of classes, you should submit a letter to your instructor with the dates and reasons for your absences); 2. UVMsponsored events (during the first 2 weeks of classes, you should submit a letter to your instructor, on UVM letterhead and signed by your supervisor or coach, with the dates and reasons for your absences); c. Deans excuse (contact your Deans Office if you have a serious reason to miss classes or tests and they will email your instructor). 2. Class participation, absences, and late arrivals a. Participation (15%) In the SPAN 002 classroom, active and constructive class participation is a requirement. Speaking a foreign language with proficiency is an acquired skill that entails consistent practice and self-discipline. In this class, active participation includes volunteering answers, answering questions accurately, staying on task in pair and group work, and respecting the classroom environment rules: personal conversations, use of cell phones, and leaving the classroom are disruptive activities that may negatively affect your class participation grade; if you need to use a laptop, iPad, or Kindle in class, please check with your instructor first. b. Absences More than one (1) unexcused absence (i.e., absences for which you do not have an official excuse) will lower your class participation grade by a third of a grade; for example, 2 absences will turn a final grade of B+ into a B, 3 absences into a B-, 4 absences into a C+, and so on. Unexcused absences may include light illness, faulty alarm clocks, and delayed flights.

c. Late arrivals Three (3) late arrivals equal one absence in this course.

3. Homework/Centro activities (15%) You must respect your instructors homework guidelines. Please use high-quality dictionaries, avoid automatic translators, and carefully review your work. Late homework will not be accepted. Specific information and directions about Centro activities will be given during the first week of class. 4. Oral exam (15%) Oral exams are designed to evaluate speaking and listening skills; please refer to the course schedule for the oral exam dates. No make-ups will be given without an official excuse. 5. Composition plus corrections (15%) You will be required to write one brief composition (take home composition) about a topic related to any of the chapter themes. The composition is designed to be done in two steps: first version (50%) and corrected version (50%). In the end, you will receive an overall grade for this assignment. Grading scale used in all Romance Languages and Linguistics courses at UVM: A+ = 98-100% A = 94-97% A- = 90-93% B+ = 87-89% B = 84-86% B- = 80-83% C+ = 77-79% C = 74-76% C- = 70-73% D+ = 67-69% D = 64-66% D- = 60-63% F = 0-59% VARIA A. Academic integrity: It is plagiarism to present anothers ideas or words as your own. In a foreign language classroom, this includes computer-based translations. If you have questions when preparing a composition or other graded assignment, please ask your instructor. Do not have someone else correct your writing for you before turning it in for a grade. Plagiarism is a serious academic offense, and can result in a failing grade or worse. B. Student learning accommodations: In keeping with University policy, any student with a documented disability interested in utilizing accommodations should contact ACCESS, the office of Disability Services on campus (

C. Resources for language students: 1. The Language Resource Center at the University of Vermont: 2. Free tutoring at the Learning Cooperative: 3. Bailey & Howe Library Media Collections 4. UVM has a subscription to SCOLA, the international television service: To access SCOLA, use the following information: User Id: VermontU10 Password: Catamounts TENTATIVE COURSE SCHEDULE FOR SPAN OO2 First week: June 18-21: chapters 8 and 9 HW: To Be Announced at the end of each class Second week: June 25-28: chapters 9, 10 and review HW: To Be Announced at the end of each class Wednesday, June 27: Review for Exam 1 Thursday, June 28: EXAM 1 (about chapters 8-10) Third week: July 02-July 05: chapters 11 and 12 HW: To Be Announced at the end of each class Monday, July 02: COMPOSITION 1 due Fourth week: July 09-July 12: chapters 12, 13 and review HW: To Be Announced at the end of each class Monday, July 09: CORRECTED VERSION OF COMPOSITION 1 due Tuesday, July 10: ORAL INTERVIEWS Wednesday, July 11th: Review for Exam 2 Thursday, July 12th: EXAM 2 (about chapters 11-13)