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One must keep chasing ones dreams Soichiro Honda

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A division of Honda Motor Europe Ltd. No. 857969 Registered in England and Wales
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Issue Date: 10/06

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my dream is to fly
My dream is to fly. That was the only thought of Soichiro Honda, then just 11 years old, on seeing his first plane. He couldn't afford the admission price to the airfield so watched from a tree, totally mesmerised as the biplane looped and darted overhead. 90 years later the Honda Motor Company launched its first jet plane. Like our founder, the HondaJet is a product of new thinking. Placing the engines on top of the wings has a two-fold advantage, fuel efficiency is increased and the HondaJet cabin is one of the largest in its class. If as much new thinking goes into Hondas new plane, imagine just how much has gone into the all-new Honda CR-V. Whether it leaves you as much in awe as that 11 year old all those years ago, is for you to decide.

03 04

05: : design concept 07: : exterior design 11: : exterior design details 13: : interior design 15: : luggage space 17: : interior space management 19: : interior design details 21: : satellite navigation and hands free telephone 23: : technology & performance 33: : real time 4WD 37: : engine 2.2 i-CTDi 39: : safety 41: : personalise

27: : adaptive cruise control (ACC) 29: : adaptive front lighting system (AFS) 31: : trailer stability assist (TSA)

35: : engine 2.0 i-VTEC

43: : walk up through the grades 55: : options and accessories 25: : collision mitigation braking system (CMBS) 61: : glossary

05 innovation
In 1969, a gigantic ball changed the way employees worked in Hondas factories. It was at the annual Sports Festival held at the Sayama Factory, when a ball which measured six metres in diameter appeared as part of a parade of the workers. When our founder Soichiro Honda saw this strange object, he exclaimed: "This is fascinating! It's a sports festival of dreams!" This event gave birth to the Honda Idea Contest, nicknamed "I-Con". As our founder loved the idea of promoting creativity among his employees, he created a workshop at each factory specifically for the creation of I-Con works, complete with machine tools. Over the years these workshops spawned ideas such as the portable motorcycle and the Oval Wheeler - a vehicle with oval wheels. Apart from those inventions, the I-Con produced a very special spirit among our workers: the commitment to realising the ideas they previously could only have dreamt about creating. The new CR-V is just one of them.

07 08

designed for more than just looks

A sporty drive is only achieved with a completely new body shape. That's why the sleek, aerodynamic lines of the new CR-V are more than just an elegant design feature. The sloping bonnet and the short overhangs assist the airflow over the car's body to give a smoother performance, decreased noise in the cabin and improved fuel consumption. But, being a Honda, there's more to it than just pleasing looks. To achieve agile handling and a sporty drive we lowered the centre of gravity by 35 millimetres and widened the stance. The effect of these changes can be felt the moment you start driving.

09 10

shaped to fit your life

Everything we do has a purpose. And while we consider the design to be of great importance, there is a reason behind every shape on the CR-V. To start with, the body is formed from lightweight high tensile steel - delivering a nimble performance. To match this, the CR-V has a unique suspension for cornering response and a new braking system to bring you safely to a stop. Some of the design elements are unmistakable like the plain under body or the streamlined wiper blades - both decreasing drag while at the same time improving fuel efficiency. To find out about the advantages of the newly developed boot lid, you have to drive the CR-V. Then you realise how much the bigger rear window enhances visibility and gives you the feeling of even more space.

11 12

the whole is one big detail

We are well aware that the pursuit of perfection doesn't end in the laboratory or on the race track. That's why, in our factory in the UK, we use robots with state of the art technology to weld, paint and assemble our cars. But when it comes to certain details we rely on people not machines. Take the light enhancing panoramic roof, the chiselled bumpers, the wheel arch filling 18 alloy wheels, the noise reducing wiper blades and the sculpted door handles - each one fitted by hand. It's this eye for the detail which makes the CR-V a true Honda.

1. Sculpted windows enhance the new designer look. 4. The optional Collision Mitigation Braking System (CMBS) uses radars behind the grill to predict when a car is too close and can reduce the impact of potential collisions. 7. Sculptured windscreen wipers - designed to make clever use of the airflow over the cars windscreen. The air stream presses the wipers onto the screen, ensuring all the water gets wiped away.

2. A rain sensor activates wipers automatically. You don't have to lift a finger. 5. Rear view camera - your second pair of eyes. Lets you see everything that's going on behind the car by projecting it onto the Satellite Navigation screen. Makes reverse parking much easier and safer. 8. Panoramic glass roof - brings additional light into the CR-V.

3. New light clusters provide increased clarity with a strong design statement. 6. Parking sensors all round make getting into tight spaces easier. A recurring beep becomes more insistent the closer you get to an object, whilst the onboard information system displays the affected part of the car.

13 14

control has never been so relaxing

With the CR-V, everything is designed to enhance the driving experience. It's a lesson learnt from our Formula 1 cars, where a split second can make the difference between 1st and 2nd on the podium. Using this knowledge, we've developed the CR-V to be a car you control intuitively everything is just where you need it. The high driving position results in increased visibility and puts you in command. The fully adjustable steering column adds to the feeling of control whether youre parking or driving at higher speeds. Continuing the aim of intuitive control, we moved the gearshift, bringing it closer to the driver and designed a new handbrake creating more centre console space. So now you're in control. Sit back and relax - the new seats are not only larger but also more comfortable.

15 16

Being a Honda, CR-V offers more than just space. The rear seats tumble forward using our one motion folding mechanism, leaving you with enough space for two mountain bikes making weekend trips as pleasurable as they should be. Planning a longer journey? Then the double deck cargo area will come in handy - it's a shelf that sits 330 millimetres above the load floor and allows you to hide valuables underneath. Or you can pack all your luggage without worrying that youve put the warm sweater in the suitcase with three others on top. If it gets cold, you just pull it out, as the shelf makes it easily accessible.

whatever life throws at it

17 18

effortless comfort
When we were planning the new CR-V we asked ourselves: How much space do people need? What do they want to carry? Is CR-V a family car? For work? Or for sports? The answer we came up with is that people want a car for all occasions. The result can be experienced in CR-V. The rear seat backs fold independently and each of the rear seats has ISOFix for child seat anchorage. The whole rear seat also slides by 150mm to increase luggage load space. With numerous seat configurations, we've built a car to suit every purpose and every need.

19 20

detailed design
We've designed CR-V to easily carry five people. You'll experience that once you get on board. For the driver, the leather steering wheel with audio and cruise controls gives you the feeling of everything to hand, and minimises distraction as you can adjust the volume of the sound system and your set speed without taking your hands off it. The effects of the blue illuminated dials are best experienced at night, as your eyes don't have to adjust to the dark road again after looking at the speedometer. Across the centre console we've placed a 12 volt socket, two glove boxes and a card slot for MP3 players in the optional Satellite Navigation.

1. The conversational mirror means everyone in the back can be seen at all times. 4. De-stress motorway trips. Fix your distance to the car in front with the ACC buttons. 7. Powerful and accurate optional touch screen Satellite Navigation, yet very simple to use. Increases comfort and safety.

2. Inspired materials and design create a crafted interior. 5. Luxury saloon style front seats that are sculpted to the body shape with back-supporting side wings, guarantee a high degree of comfort. 8. New handbrake design provides more space and comfort. The centre console has inbuilt cup holders, 24 cd storage, hidden 12 volt AC socket and auxiliary jack for MP3.

3. LCD touch screen displays all the vital information - with rear camera link. 6. Multi information display ensures you are aware of what's going on in and around your CR-V at all times. 9. Combined tonneau cover and double deck cargo shelf. A two tier system for storing and organising cargo, safe from prying eyes.

21 22

let your car find the way

Your safety is on top of our priority list. That's why we created an optional Satellite Navigation system. Once you set the route, the advanced technology of the Satellite Navigation makes finding the way to your destination easy. A 6.5 LCD touch screen is set right in front of you within the dashboard, so distraction from traffic is minimised. The system avoids trouble spots, because it's linked to the Traffic Message Channel, which constantly receives updates on traffic conditions. Looking for a restaurant? Just browse the 2 million points of interest which are stored on the systems DVD and you'll easily find one. Together with the Bluetooth hands free telephone a delightful dinner is just a short drive away - using voice activation you can reserve a table without taking your hands off the wheel.

23 technology & performance

The tracks at Suzuka and Motegi in Japan are among the finest names in racing. But they're not only used for Formula 1 races, as our engineers frequently take our newly developed cars there to test the performance as well as the reliability. For us those tracks resemble a giant outdoor laboratory, where we can push our technology to the limit. The results are engines and technology which are influenced by our racing heritage. Anything that's successful on the track goes into the cars we build for the road.

25 26

1) Approaching

2) Keeps approaching

3) Unable to avoid

Detects car in front with millimeter wave radar

Car in front

(collision mitigation braking system)

A new technology which has been introduced into the CR-V is the optional CMBS. The system is designed to reduce driver response times by using a radar transmitter mounted behind the front grille. The radar helps to detect when a frontal collision is imminent. CMBS works in conjunction with the seatbelt E-pretentioners to give visual and audio warnings to the driver to take preventative action. It can also initiate braking to reduce vehicle speed. Primary warning When theres a risk of collision with the vehicle ahead, or the distance between the two vehicles is too short, an alarm sounds and the word BRAKE appears on the multiplex display. This alerts the driver to take action to avoid collision. Secondary warning If the distance between the two vehicles continues to decrease CMBS applies light braking and the E-pretentioners on the drivers side gently retract the seatbelt two or three times. At this point theres still a chance the collision can be avoided. Third warning At this stage, collision is unavoidable. The system starts emergency braking and activates the brake assist function to reduce speed. At the same time E-pretensioners begin to tighten the seat belts to reduce collision forces and potential threat.


Audible and visible warnings

Warning buzzer Display

Warning buzzer Display

Warning buzzer Display


Light braking

Strong braking


Lightly rolls up drivers seatbelt

Strongly rolls up driver and front passenger seatbelts

27 28

(adaptive cruise control)

We are aware that long journeys often tend to be exhausting, so we decided to make them more relaxing by developing our optional Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC). Radar constantly monitors the gap between you and the car in front, always keeping a safe distance. If the gap closes, it overrides your preset speed, slows down and applies the brakes if necessary. Should the car in front accelerate after that, the system brings you back to your set speed.


Driver sets required speed and distance to maintain.

As car approaches car in front, automatic speed reduction maintains preset distance.

If road clears, car will increase speed to preset speed & maintain speed & distance.

29 30

(adaptive front lighting system)

Another example of how Honda's technology is making your life easier is the Adaptive Front Lighting System (AFS) available on CR-V as an option. Have you ever driven down a narrow country lane at night, wondering if there are obstacles behind the next corner? With AFS you'll never have to worry about that again. The front headlamps work independently when switched on, if turning left the left headlight turns into the bend and if turning right the right headlight turns into the bend enhancing your view of the road ahead.


1. Without Adaptive Front Lighting

2. With Adaptive Front Lighting

31 32

Without TSA

(trailer stability assist)

As CR-V comes with an increased towing capacity of 2000kg for the diesel model, our engineers applied their advanced thinking to enhance control and safety while towing a trailer. The result is Trailer Stability Assist (TSA) - it minimises potential skidding when changing lanes or when the trailer is affected by wind. Increased stability is achieved by using Honda's Vehicle Stability Assist (VSA). The system continuously monitors the yaw rate to determine if the car is staying in track. If skidding occurs, it coordinates the disk brakes along with the throttle to enhance vehicle stability and whilst TSA is engaged the brake lights are illuminated. As the movement of the trailer also influences the car's motion, TSA provides stability for both car and trailer - and increases safety on the way.


With TSA

33 34

SUV strength sedan car handling

We believe you're not just driving a car, you're connected to it. That's true for our sports cars, so it should also be true for CR-V as well. To achieve crisper responses for the driver, we lowered the CR-V's centre of gravity by 35 millimetres. That might not sound too much, but together with the 18 inch alloy wheels and the wider stance, these millimetres add up to an agility that is normally only found in sportier cars. So don't be fooled then if you read about our Real Time 4WD system. In normal conditions the system drives the front wheels only. This gives the driver excellent manoeuvrability and fuel economy. Only when the system detects wheel slip does it seamlessly transfer power to the rear wheels to improve stability and traction.

35 36

built for the racetrack

We believe testing under the toughest conditions delivers the best results. You'll find proof under the bonnet of the new CR-V: The 2.0 litre i-VTEC engine. Originally developed for our Formula 1 cars VTEC technology was found to work just as well on the road. To prove the point we have produced over 15 million VTEC units over the last 15 years none of which have failed. The secret of the engine is a microcomputer that electronically controls the valve timing. The result: It's always using as little fuel as possible for the performance needed. The i-VTEC has fuel efficiency nearing a 1.8 litre engine and the power of an engine with more than 2.0 litre capacity. Which is to say: as soon as you hit the accelerator you probably feel a bit of its F1 heritage.

37 38

can hate be good?

We have never accepted the status quo. The story of the i-CTDi diesel engine started with hate. Kenichi Nagahiro, Honda Chief Engineer, hated diesels. But then, Mr Nagahiro built our award winning VTEC engine's. And the ones powering our Formula 1 cars. Could you ever love a diesel? he was asked. Only if it's the best, he replied. So he started from scratch. The result is the lightweight 2.2 litre i-CTDi engine. This is an engine that can be found in the new CR-V. To improve the engines core stiffness we use a revolutionary casting method. This produces one of the quietest, most refined diesels around. Actually, with its increased torque, high responsiveness and astonishing acceleration, you probably won't even notice it's a diesel.

39 introducing Polar II

Let us introduce you to our crash-test dummy, Polar II. We developed Polar II because there was no dummy available to test the impact on pedestrians. We think that safety is not only for vehicle occupants, but that our cars should be safe even for those who don't drive them. Polar II helped us to design things like impact absorbing bumpers and collapsible bonnet hinges that minimise the impact on pedestrians in the event of an accident. Polar II is a dummy made to mimic a pedestrian. It measures injury levels at 8 different points of the body and helped us to make CR-V one of the best vehicles in its class for pedestrian safety.

41 42

peace of mind as standard

We are committed to safety. That's what most manufacturers say? True. But for us it's a bit of a different story. Our safety test centre in Tochigi is the world's largest indoor facility. And all the knowledge we gained there is not just for us - we plan to publish the results of our research in order to enhance safety in as many vehicles as possible. Given these efforts, it's clear that the CR-V comes with a set of safety features as standard. That's Cruise Control, Antilock Braking System (ABS), Electronic Brakeforce Distribution (EBD) for straight-line braking in all conditions and Vehicle Stability Assist (VSA) for better control under all conditions. The outcome is that the CR-V will perform safely under almost any condition - snow, icy roads and rain.

43 44

putting safety to the test

We are always willing to put our technology to the test. We've done everything possible to protect you in the unlikely case of an accident. There's 3-point seatbelts for every seat and three ISOFix child seat mounting points. Apart from that you'll find yourself surrounded by airbags - that's front, side and curtain airbags. Our headrests are not just comfortable, if you're hit from behind, they move forward, absorbing the shock and help to prevent whiplash.

46 personalise
Isn't it nice to have something to choose from? Something that expresses your personality, reflects your way of life? At Honda, choices made us the company we are. Back in 1963, Honda was a motorbike company. But Soichiro Honda decided he wanted to build his first car. So he made a choice - and a dream came true. He constructed a two-seater sports car, the S500. In 1965, he takes his idea to another stage: the racetrack. After designing the Honda RA272, it wins the Mexico Grand Prix after just eleven races. This is where choices can take you. And now, it's up to you. Once you've chosen the right colour, you'll find the new CR-V offers endless choices. A bigger stereo? Leather or fabric? A Panoramic glass roof? The choice is yours. We made the CR-V a true Honda. Now it's up to you to make it a car true to you.

47 48

S grade
Available with a 2.0 i-VTEC or 2.2 i-CTDi engine.

Comfort grade
Available with a 2.0 i-VTEC or 2.2 i-CTDi engine.

49 50

Sport/Elegance grade
Available with a 2.0 i-VTEC or 2.2 i-CTDi engine.

Executive grade
Available with a 2.0 i-VTEC or 2.2 i-CTDi engine.

51 52


Moorland Green Metallic

Nighthawk Black Pearl

Whistler Silver Metallic

Blueish Silver Metallic

Royal Blue Pearl

Milano Red

Champagne Silver Metallic

Sparkle Grey Pearl

53 54

interior options
Every aspect of the new CR-V has been designed to combine innovation and style. One of the most important designer inputs we leave to you - the choice of interior. The four models are upholstered with soft textured black or ivory fabric to match the interior colour scheme. The Executive grade features full leather interior in a choice of black or ivory, again to perfectly match the interiors.

leather upolstery

fabric upolstery

55 56

tailor your dreams

Truly versatile at heart, the CR-V feels just as much at home in the city as it does out on the open road. Confident, capable and stylish, this show-stopper combines SUV functionalities with the drivability of a sedan. In order to match your individuality and driving requirements, Honda offers a diverse range of genuine accessories to tailor your CR-V into the car of your dreams. From rugged exterior and advanced audio & electronics accessories to clever carrying & towing equipment, with the Honda Genuine Accessories you are fit for all your travels.

Side Step An SUV sits slightly higher on the road, that's why the aluminium side step offers both you and your passengers an easy step up. Door Protectors Beautifully integrated in the bodywork, the door protectors not only offer added protection but also add a sleek touch to the side of your CR-V. Front Upper and Lower Grille Fitting your CR-V with a front upper and lower grille in honey comb design will give you a commanding look on the road. Front Fog Light Kit With the front fog light kit, you will be noticed when it matters most.

Aero Pack Add to the dynamic looks of your CR-V with the front and rear aero bumpers with the perfectly designed tail gate spoiler. Running Board The smoothly integrated running board adds design and functionality to your CR-V. Front Corner and Rear Parking Sensors A capable car often comes in a slightly larger size. With the parking sensors, you will slip your CR-V into the tightest parking spots with the greatest of ease.

Skid Plates Front, side and rear skid plates not only provide a more rugged look to your CR-V, they also offer extra protection. Chrome Fog Light Garnish By adding the chrome front fog light garnish, your front fog lights will blend seamlessly into the body work of your CR-V.

57 58

tailor your dreams

From comfort and convenience to confidence and safety, the line-up of genuine accessories will certainly boost your driving pleasure and turn your CR-V into a most contemporary SUV.
1. 18 x 7.0 J Alloy Wheel Phantom design Kaiser silver paint. 2. This fully automatic detachable trailer hitch offers a towing capacity up to 2000 KG depending of engine and gearbox combination. 3. The Bluetooth Phone System offers a simple, safe and most convenient hands-free solution to easily manage your calls whilst on route. 4. Honda also offers a compact navigation system complete with a Honda start up screen, charge function and cover plate. Additional features include optional Traffic Message Channel (TMC), Bluetooth and a range of other facilities such as MP3 playing. 8. The CR-V adapter for iPod enables you to enjoy your entire digital music collection over your car's audio system by hooking up your iPod directly to your CR-V's audio system.
iPod is a trademark of Apple Computer Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries.

5. 19 x 7.5J Alloy Wheel Opus design Chrome shadow paint.

6. & 7. In combination with the rear parking sensors, the parking aid camera offers the perfect system to reverse into tight parking spots. While the rear parking sensors provide an

auditory warning system, the parking aid camera gives you a view on what is behind your CR-V. (only for cars with indash dvd satellite navigation system).

9. 19 x 7.5J Alloy Wheel Onyx design Bright machined top surface with black pearl inner paint.

10. Child Seat offers easy installation and provides comfort and protection.

11. Easy to mount and take down again, sunblinds offer sun protection for rear seat passengers.

12. Hondas dog guard enables you to safely keep your four legged friend in the back of your car. The upper and lower dog guard separately available.




59 60
2.0 i-VTEC 2.2 i-CTDi


Sport/ Executive Elegance


Sport/ Executive Elegance

Engines Type Displacement (cc) Maximum power (PS @ rpm) Maximum torque (Nm @ rpm) Fuel type Recommended fuel rating (Research Octane Number - RON) Fuel Economy Urban (l/100km) Urban (mpg) Extra urban (l/100km) Extra urban (mpg) Combined (l/100km) Combined (mpg) CO2 (g/km) Transmission 4WD miss 5AT 4WD miss 6MT 4WD miss 6MT (Diesel) Performance Acceleration 0-62mph (secs) Maximum speed (mph) Weights and Capacities Boot capacity seat up (litres, VDA method) Fuel tank (litres) Kerb weight (kg) Turning circle - kerb to kerb (m) Maximum towing weight with brakes (kg) Maximum trailer nose weight (kg) Maximum roof load (kg) * Available on specific models

Wheels and tyres 16" alloy wheels Tyres Wheels Spare wheel Instruments and Controls Collision Mitigation Braking System (CMBS) Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) Multi-function driver computer Cruise control Fuel filler release Dashboard illumination - blue Digital odometer (A / B trip) Audible headlight on reminder Illuminated ignition switch Internally adjustable headlight height* Front interior welcome light External temperature gauge (built into odometer) Digital clock Adjustable dashboard illumination Low fuel warning light Safety Vehicle stability assist (VEH) Active head restraints Side impact protection beams Foot parking brake Dual operated front SRS airbags Dual operated side SRS airbags Dual curtain SRS airbags front and rear Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) Electronic Brake-force Distribution (EBD) Emergency Brake Assist High level rear brake light Electric front seatbelt pre-tensioners Height adjustable front seatbelts 5 x 3 point seatbelts ISOFix childseat restraint mechanism Headlight washers Dual tone horn Front ventilated disc brakes Rear disc brakes Honda advanced pedestrian safety system Rear central head restraint Rear outer head restraint Vehicle Stability Assist (VSA) Drive-By-Wire (DBW) Trailer Stabillity Assist (TSA) Security Interior & perimeter alarm system (CAT1) Rolling code ECU engine immobiliser Honda Superlocks (deadlocks) Externally visible Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) Remote keyless entry Central locking High security integrated audio Tonneau cover Lockable glovebox Locking wheel nuts Exterior Active front lighting system (AFS)

Halogen headlights Automatic headlights with dusk sensor Front foglights Power folding and retractable door mirrors Body coloured door mirrors Electric adjustable door mirrors Mirror integrated indicators Body coloured bumpers Panoramic slide privacy sunroof with sunshade Twin chrome exhaust Rear screen integrated aerial Comfort and Convenience Double black cargo with light Auto dimming door mirror Auto dimming rear view mirror Cargo hook Reverse auto tilt down mirrors Driver vanity mirror illuminated with lid Conversation mirror Passenger vanity mirror illuminated with lid Leather multi-function steering wheel Electric power-assisted steering Powered tilt and telescopic steering wheel adjustment Cabin filter Organ accelerator pedal Rain sensing windscreen wipers Ashtray Tie down hooks in boot Boot light Front power socket Dual zone climate control (Left:right independent) Driver's foot rest Sunglasses storage box Rear cupholders Driver & passenger seatback pocket Front & rear electric windows Seating 8 way power-assisted driver and passenger seats Centre console leather armrest Rear seat - boot access Rear seat headrests x3 with remote fold down Rear seat central armrest Driver/passenger seat lumbar support Memory driver/passenger electric seats Front seat -three stage heating system In Car Entertainment (ICE) Premium 6 CD tuner with RDS Front speakers Rear speakers Parcel shelf speakers Tweeters Speed adjusting audio volume Bluetooth Hands Free Telephone System (HFT) Voice recognition DVD Satellite Navigation


2091mm (including door mirrors)



61 62

(short for Advanced Step in Innovative Mobility). Not only is he charming, but he also leads the world in Artificial Intelligence. With his ground breaking abilities in balance, manoeuvrability, face and voice recognition, he represents our vision of creating technologies that go way beyond our everyday perceptions of transport and mobility and this technology is already making its way into some of our cars.
ADAPTIVE CRUISE CONTROL (ACC) Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) is designed to let the driver select the following interval between CR-V and the vehicle ahead when cruise control is engaged. The system automatically modulates the throttle, and even applies moderate braking, if required, to maintain the selected following interval. Once the road ahead is clear, CR-V will automatically return to the driver's desired cruising speed. COLLISION MITIGATION BRAKING SYSTEM (CMBS) The Collision Mitigation Braking System (CMBS) has been specifically designed to help alert the driver of an impending collision or - if it's unavoidable - to reduce the severity of impact by automatically applying the brakes if a collision is detected. The eye of the system is a radar transmitter mounted behind CR-V's grille. A radar signal is constantly transmitted and the return echo evaluated. If the system detects a vehicle or obstruction in the road, it determines the distance and closing speed. If the closing speed goes above the threshold, the system immediately alerts the driver with a flashing indicator on the instrument panel and an audible alarm. If the driver takes no action to reduce speed, the system will automatically tug at the driver's seat belt and lightly apply the brakes. At the point when the system senses that a frontal collision is inevitable and the driver has still taken no avoidance action, both of the front seat belts are retracted tightly and strong braking is applied automatically. This automatic action is designed to lower impact speed and help reduce vehicle damage and the severity of personal injury. ANTILOCK BRAKING SYSTEM (ABS) & ELECTRONIC BRAKEFORCE DISTRIBUTION (EBD) CR-V's Antilock Braking System (ABS) helps to ensure that no matter how hard you brake, you will retain steering control of the vehicle. The system uses sensors to determine if a wheel is about to lock up. Upon detection the system pumps and releases brake pressure on the individual wheel several times per second, holding it at the brink of lockup. CR-V uses a 4-channel system that operates on all four wheels individually. Using the ABS sensors Electronic Brakeforce Distribution (EBD) ensures the best distribution of brake force to all four wheels is applied. BRAKE ASSIST Studies show that over 90% of drivers will fail to provide sufficient brake pressure in an emergency. To counter this, Brake Assist uses sensors to monitor the speed at which the brake pedal is pressed. When emergency braking is detected, Brake Assist applies maximum braking pressure, activating the ABS system. Brake Assist only engages when required, terminating immediately upon release of the brake pedal. VEHICLE STABILITY ASSIST (VSA) VSA helps keep the CR-V on course during fast or tight turns by detecting and correcting potential under-steer or over-steer. The system continually monitors vehicle speed, throttle position, individual wheel speeds, steering angle, lateral g-force, and yaw rate to detect when over-steer or understeer is imminent. When necessary, VSA automatically reduces the engine's torque and uses the ABS system to apply brakes to each wheel, as needed, to help stabilize the vehicle. The response is so quick that the instability may be corrected before the driver even knows it's occurring. TRAILER STABILITY ASSIST (TSA) CR-V introduces the new Trailer Stability Assist (TSA) system which works in conjunction with VSA and has been designed to enhance safety when towing a trailer. Through various sensors normally attributed just to the vehicles VSA, TSA will initiate the appropriate brake applications to the front wheels which will then stabilize CRV and trailer. REAL TIME 4-WHEEL DRIVE Normal 4-Wheel drive systems are constantly engaged even when you don't need them swelling fuel bills in the process. CRV's Real Time 4-Wheel drive system is different. In normal usage, only the refined front-wheel drive is used. However, if you were to hit slippery surfaces such as ice, mud or wet leaves the Real Time 4-Wheel drive system automatically engages, quickly and smoothly, without the driver having to think and without you noticing it happen. What the driver will notice, however, is how sure footed CRV is over all road surfaces. ADAPTIVE FRONT LIGHTING SYSTEM (AFS) To aid vision on twisting roads, CR-V's Adaptive Front Lighting System (AFS) can peer deeper into a bend, the front headlamps work independently when switched on, if turning left the left headlight turns into the bend and if turning right the right headlight turns into the bend enhancing your view of the road ahead. For the driver, this delivers a better, earlier sight, aiding to spot potential hazards in advance. CR-V is also equipped with High-Intensity Discharge (HID) bulbs to deliver a longer more focused beam than conventional halogen lamps. ADVANCED COMPATIBILITY ENGINEERING (ACE) CR-V has been designed with an innovative frame structure engineered to reduce the concentrated frontal force on occupants in front end impacts. CRV's Advanced Compatibility Engineering (ACE) design disperses and absorbs crash energy over a larger area enhancing the preservation of the cabin space, improving safety for all occupants. Additionally, ACE also helps to reduce misalignment with vehicles of different sizes. The design of CR-V's structure reduces impact forces acting upon other vehicles including the smallest of superminis. DUAL-STAGE, DUALTHRESHOLD FRONT AIRBAGS The front airbags go through an extensive analysis of conditions prior to their deployment. Soon after the ignition is engaged, the system will determine if there is a front passenger, and if so, whether that person is large enough for the airbag to deploy. Sensors will also determine if the driver or passenger is belted in. Each front airbag is equipped with a two-stage inflator, which allows the timing and strength of airbag deployment to vary, depending on conditions. In the event of a frontal impact, sensors quickly assess the severity of the collision. If moderate, the airbags may be deployed in a staggered manner to slow the rate of inflation and to reduce the potential for airbag-derived injuries. In a more severe crash, or if an occupant is unbelted, both stages are deployed at the same time to provide more immediate occupant protection. SIDE AIRBAGS To help provide upper torso protection in the event of a sufficient side collision, CR-V has side airbags mounted in the outer bolster of each front seatback. The passenger seat is equipped with the Occupant Position Detection System (OPDS), which uses sensors in the seatback to determine the height and position of the passenger. Like the passenger's front airbag, the system will deactivate the side airbag if the occupant is a child or small-stature adult. The system will also deactivate if the occupant is leaning into the side airbag deployment path and will reactivate when the passenger returns to an upright position. ACTIVE HEAD RESTRAINTS CR-V's front seats incorporate innovative active head restraints that help minimize the potential for neck injury from rear-end collisions. In this type of collision, the occupant's body will be pushed against the seatback. The pressure to the seatback is then transmitted mechanically from the lumbar plate via links that push the head restraint upward and forward to reduce the gap between the occupant's head and seat head restraint. This lessens impact forces on the head, neck and spine, helping reduce whiplash injuries. SATELLITE NAVIGATION SYSTEM WITH VOICE RECOGNITION The satellite linked, DVD-based navigation system delivers turn-byturn directions by voice and moving map display all the way to your destination. The DVD also contains points of interest such as service stations if you should require them in an unfamiliar area. The system can recognise over 550 voice commands - including many operations for the audio and climate control systems - so the driver can make adjustments without taking their hands off the steering wheel. ADVANCED 5-SPEED SEQUENTIAL AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION For smooth and intuitive shifting, CR-V features a sophisticated 5speed automatic transmission. In automatic operation, an electronic control unit houses different shift logic algorithms to suit various driving needs. In both automatic and manual modes, the transmission coordinates with the engine's Drive-by-Wire Throttle System for smooth gear transitions. SUSPENSION SYSTEMS Despite its rugged construction, the suspension geometry and tuning are designed for an exceptional ride and handling combination. The front MacPherson strut design is configured to offer long wheel travel and excellent durability that will stand up to under-maintained city streets. The rear suspension features a multi-link design for an outstanding balance of comfort and precision handling. The design features antisquat geometry to reduce pitching under acceleration and isolates springs and dampers from lateral forces to maintain composure in hard cornering. Thick front and rear roll bars control body roll for flatter cornering. NOISE VIBRATION & HARSHNESS An urban environment is the ideal setting to test a vehicle's control of noise, vibration and harshness (NVH). Varied street surfaces, potholes and other navigational hazards are all effective ways to distinguish true premium vehicles from the pretenders. From engine balance shafts to suspension mounting points to concealed windscreen wipers, Honda have engineered NVH reduction into the very core of its engine and chassis designs to ensure that the CR-V driving experience is as refined as it is thrilling. 2.0 LITRE i-VTEC ENGINE i-VTEC is the latest version of Honda's legendary VTEC engine. This intelligent technology recognises the load on the engine and responds accordingly to the driver's commands so that the exact amount of power is delivered precisely and immediately as it is demanded. 2.2 LITRE i-CTDi ENGINE Our diesel is exceptional. It is quiet and clean with the power, efficiency and finesse to create a new era in diesel technology. Manufactured using a revolutionary semi-solid casting process we have created a 2.2 litre aluminium turbo diesel engine that is light and super strong and very powerful.

this is ASIMO

63 zero emissions infinite dreams

Everything we do at Honda follows a simple insight: We do it with the future in mind. A lot of damage has been done to the environment since the combustion engine was invented. But we use cutting-edge technology and advanced thinking to reduce the effects of our engines. Our dream is to build engines with no emissions at all. And as we believe that impossible dreams only exist to become reality, we built the fuel cell engine. It uses hydrogen and the only emission is water. Water so clean that the mayor of San Francisco drank it after he tested one of our fuel cell cars. Still, the fuel cell is just the beginning. Because at Honda, belief is everything. We believe that one day we will build cars that don't affect the environment at all. We know we've got the strength to make it happen. That's what we call the Power of Dreams.