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C/D #E1-4 Urb. Mansiones de Villanova San Juan, Puerto Rico 00926 Cell: 787.948.4374 Email:

MB CONSTRUCTION CORP., San Juan, Puerto Rico
Freelance Designer
Eng. Wilfredo Martnez Mr. Francisco Barns

2007 Present

Responsible for project design and or space redistribution when such responsibilities are required by the project. Responsible for brand imaging and graphic presentations related to the Company, such as logo design and all material related.


Freelance Designer
Arch. Manuel Redondo Eng. Wilfredo Martnez Eng. Rafael Raposo


Responsible for project design and or space redistribution when such responsibilities were required by the project.


GRAPHICS & DESIGN, San Juan Puerto Rico

2005 - Present

Director/Lead Designer
Responsible for all design and/or management operations. Overall responsibility for completing the project in compliance with all contract requirements, within budget, and or time. Coordinating and participating in the development of the project budget and schedule. Communicating frequently with the owner and the contractor. Scheduling and managing project team meetings. Responsible for all brand imaging, such as logo design, ads, presentations, media kits, among other things.

Selected Highlights:
Main Entrance Cond. Washington 60 in Condado (2009), Junta de Condmines Cond. Washington 60 Total Project Cost: $20,000.00 Contractor: IDEA Development Group Terrace in Park Garden (2008-2009), Private Development Total Project Cost: $ 30,000.00 Contractor: im.pac Design & Build

Apartment Renovation in Isla Verde (2008), Private Development Total Project Cost: $ 25,000.00 Contractor: IDEA Development Group Denton Development (2008-2009), F4 Development, Inc. Total Project Cost: $ 1,100,000.00 Contractor: MB Construction Corp. F4 Development Logo (2008), F4 Development, Inc. Vaquino Plumbing Logo (2008), Vaquino Plumbing GSI New Facilities (2007-2008), GSI, Inc. / MB Construction Corp. Total Project Cost: $ 625,000.00 Contractor: MB Construction Corp. MP Elevator, Inc. Logo (2007), MP Elevator, Inc. Farmacia Benquil Remodelation (2008), Farmacia Benquil Total Project Cost: $ 150,000.00 Contractor: MB Construction Corp. MB Construction Logo (2007), MB Construction Corp. CCPR - Premio San Benito Presentation (Spain) (2007), Jimnez + Rodrguez Barcel / V Architecture Project Cost: $ 4,800.00 Residencia Rivera Outside Terrace Remodelation (2006), Private Residence Project Cost: $ 70,000.00 Private Contractor Revista arq.i.tec Magazine Design and Setup (2006 Present), Private Magazine Residencia Fernndez (2005), Private Residence Total Project Cost: $ 350,000.00 Private Contractor

REVISTA ARQ.I.TEC, San Juan Puerto Rico

President / Chief Editor

2005 - Present

Responsible for all management operations related to the magazine. Scheduling and managing project team meetings, magazine design, editorial content and collaborations, distribution of the magazine, marketing, employee payroll, and overall supervision of all daily activities.

Selected Highlights:
Honor Award 2007 AIAPR (American Institute of Architects, Puerto Rico Chapter


Project Draftsman
Arch. Manuel Bermdez


Responsible for drafting preliminary architectural drawings, board presentations, meeting coordination, among other things.

UNIVERSITY OF PUERTO RICO, Ro Piedras, PR Bachelor of Science in Environmental Designs (2005) UNIVERSITY OF PUERTO RICO, Ro Piedras, PR Masters Degree in Architecture (2008) SUMMER STUDIES, School of Architecture, UPR Architecture Summer Program (2000) SUMMER STUDIES, School of Architecture, Pratt Institute Architecture Summer Program (1999)

Language: Spanish & English Courses and Special Trainings:
Fully bilingual in English and Spanish. Work experience in MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint and other Window-based programs. Work experience with both Apple and Window-based Operating Systems. Work experience developing project schedules, cost-effective evaluations, proposals, press releases, among other things. Work experience designing and developing brand imaging, such as logo design, transmittal letters, fax covers, presentation cards, public presentations, media kits, slogans, ads, among other things.

Work experience with representation systems such as Adobe Photoshop (6.0, 7.0, CS1, CS2, and CS3) and architecture design-based programs such as AutoCAD and Sketchup. Excellent written and verbal communication skills. Ability to work in a high-stress, fast-paced environment in a calmly matter. Ability to coordinate and fulfill meetings using good public relations skills. Ability to establish and maintain an excellent working relationship with others. Self-motivated and self-assured. Willingness to learn from others. Capacity to see projects through to a successful completion.