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APleafot Pardon
and Starin Decem,.
In the Name to ,be published in
ber 26, . 1979.
and Blooel of our any mass informa
Everything . w.ent.
Lord Jesus ,Christ. ' ,tion medium the
well with us until.
.,fore'vei name of the Bro
. after some .time,
..... n ..a:._ .
of. the
. ... . ,abd
.temptations' started

to come

"lady, in cOnIlection
,with my sister
As a tnatter of
fact', it was the
of oiJr Bet1:rel who
misled us very
badly into
and in 'view
of thls"situation,we
;It we, hadellded
out self-imposed
. frustrations ' ther;e,
all could .bave
beenallrigiJ.t. but
. we went fur;tber to
lyfot wbateverr.ea;. . 'worsen ourprob
sons. lemsby
, I and my sister the name of,
. (wife) Brotherb()odand its
'into ' the . .'
hood of _ the (J.ross I happened to
in ,contact with a
Sect called the ''Hi
ble Standard Minis
try'" and I made
use,of their monthly,
,Magazine, called
wttat the Bible says'
to'tarly' out .8 vile
nyagainst the,
Brotherhood. In my

. "Testimo- '
.Iialleged tbat
Brotherhood was
nota true Church
and tlmtshe was ali
,evil ' organisation
beset .Withallsorts'
of evjl practices. I
went further to say
that it was Brother
hood that caUsed'
my wife to desert
Brethren, ' I
thought ,that I was
being wise by try
against, the sheep of
God wbocould have
, flocked into, the
Brotherhood. the
modern boat of
Noah..But little .did
I know that I was
putti{lg' my' hand
into fire which
burned disastrously.
I have now cQme
to the.
. that .blackmailillg
tl:te 'of God is
not onlyunhealttiy, ,
and suicidal.
'hIe says. anyb6dy
who blasphemes
against tile Son of
Man or the
, shall be .forgiven,
but anybody who
blasphemes against
nevetbe forgiven '. in
this generatiopan!1
in generatiops to
come. I aJ11 noW

tely with th:e' Holy
Father to', forgive.
me because ever
since that $ean

lous I
, , have been' ';:."eset "
and all kind$ ()f.aff
lictions. .
Use Ikot .A.rttan;1a:
Ibiono - Iti,aw

Cross Rive,t: SUite
"If you are 'not what you are; then;
The Church-goers thought 'that such Assembly and Church of thefirst;.borri,
. you are what you are. not." TIie whole I
vicious would offer them' ,which are written in heaven; ,and the
truth is that OlumbaOlumba Obu, the
, . opportunity to destroy Brotherhood Spirit of just men made perfect and with
, I Sole Spiritual Head of the Brotherhood
" of .the Cross And Star, but the contrary Jesus Christ our Lord who is the media.
of the C,oss And Star is the Only Appea
was ,the result. However, God at whom tor of the New Covenant.
'ranee of God who has not soiled his
tbe was direCtfd ,!as :not dis- . This country now spiritual .. '.1
bands with blood of man. fIe has never
turbed. fIe warlled HIS chIldren'to for surgery and no physician 'on "earth can
taken his offenders to law. He has never
give LinusUmoh. afford a theatre for this specialist Job.
stood to defend Himself even whe,n He
Besides, OIumba Olumba Obu is. reo Nigeria today" is worse than ,
is libelled or attacked.
vealed by His Countless Acts of com Qomorrah. Moral bankruptcy, oppres.
'Our Lord Jesus Christ had no s1,lCh
passion, . and his' teachings aooutGod's, " sion, cheating in high places, exchange of
records. Olumba Obueven. forbids
acceptallcff onhe sinnel,' as well as' His! , truth for falsehood and lawlessness. . .,_
beating of children or wife or servant.
gTlnnnnnnnnnnnrtftnnnnnnnMNMHMtP, The specialist Surgeon is... here. only)
'He forbids going to court, consulting
c: "IN SPITE OF ,MURDEROUS AND acknowledge ,the Sovereign,ty of the Al
witch doctors or any form of so'rcery
MOST SA V AGES ACCUSATIONS:::::I mighty God and His Christ. OIUlnba
'magical use of candles OJ: incenses
r:::::: FROM THE SO,CALLED CHURCH.,5 Olumba ,Obu, is the 'Sovereign of aU
etc, However, the Spiritual barrenness
GOERBOF THIS COUNTRY; things. This Country must allow God to
of this nation is making many to drift
c: WHO HAVE NO REGARD FOR CIYI =I take the Lead.,. Our Lord Jesus ChristJs
to materialism and this has chased away
LIZEDBEHAVIOURS; THE HOOD working now asHe worked in Jelusalem
merits' and enthroned mediocrity and
incompetence along the line. '
ON THEIR DRESSES; THE::::J People say tha.tBrotherhood members
Inspite of murderous and most sa
cMANYUNFOUNDED AND MOST worship man not God and Jesus. That,
vagejit accusaliions from the socalled
ANIMALISTIC ALLEGATIONS AG' 5 its songs are compoSed' withOlumba's
church.goe1s of country; people
r;;::: AINST BROTHERHOOD OF THE:::Ji name and that is not the trouble.
who have no regard for civilized be
STAR, THE ALMIGHTY 5 But 'is God not man and vice ,versa? Did
haviours; the hoodlums identified with
E::::: GOD HAS, OPENED THE GATE, FOR:::l God not come as man called
chriStian' emblems on their dresses;
MORE OF THE CHILDREN OF GOD . Now I say, Refrain from these people
the many unfounded and most anima
C TO DRIFT IN. HERE IN IMO AND:::l of Brotherhood and let them alolle
. listie. allegations against Brotherhood
ANAMBRA, STATES, IT HAS BEEN::I For if this Council or this work be of '
the Cro&s -"And Stat, the Almighty
C ESTABLISHED THAT OUR PEO men, it will coine to nought, (Acts 5:
God Has opened' the gate, for 1110re of
PLK'S DISBELIEF HAD BEENFOUN 38.39), Butifit be of God, you,:cannot,
children of God to drift in. ' '
c: DED ON THE UNGRAMMATICAL::I overthrow it;. lest happily ye be found
Here' in' brio and Anambra States, it
. AND MOST ANIMALISTIC PUULICA- even to fight agairist God.
has been established that our' people's
, disbelief had been founded on the un
J:::::: . TlON By LINUS UMOH iN 1978'," =l . .' . .
0."1 .' UUUuum No pohticlI! partx ean restore lawand
'grammatical and most animalistic pub,
uuUlJU[JUUUUUUUU _yUUUUUUU _ order in the world' no tmracle performed
licatiort by Linus Umoh in 1978, which
, grief . stricken huruap. dis . by man without God can save theNa
was circulated nation-wide; alleging
.obedlence, and belOg HImself, a fnend dons from total ruin. only answer
that BCS was' a blood-thirsty society.
of saving activity: is de- to these istoiacknowledge the sovereig-
This article, poisoned the minds of the
clared .10 the scnptures to bea demon nty of His Majesty God and His Christ.
people and'biaSed them' against the Bro- '
stratJon of the love of God; impaI;ing , .,
therhooo 'of the Cross And Star,throu, ,
life :to men: H: is . By
ghout, !he. natjo.n. His
Lpve 10 HIS teachmglS a Apostle Fogu
still fail to believe that he, Linus Umoh,
r1Og1Og,eall to ActIOn.. .' (Aba', Imo State.)
h4d for long,. wri And Brotherhood of the Cross And "
tten' again to refute his wild allegatio,ns > Star is.the City of the lilring God. 'The
., e"en on the pages of, News Journals , heavenly ;Jerusalem with an innumera
'and in Radio Net W()rk. ble company q" Angels . .,. The general \

Y JAN. 19, 1985 Page Twenty Five
,. .

In the name of ,
our Lord 'Jesus
Christ; In Ulood
of our Lord Jesus
. \
Christ; Now and for
evermore Amen.
In this Revela
tion, there are three
Spirits that impede
the ,progress of the
Father's work QOw'
op Earth. They are
Fotllication, Wealth
and Food.
So to start with
Fornication. It went
before the Holy Spi
rit for judgement.
Before the throne of
Judgement, the Fa
,ii, ther asked it, Vvhere
you come
He asked se
times hUI it
COUld not give any
answer. So the Fa
thef rebuked it and
said, for you, I
had you,
first in the time of
Adanl andsecQrJdly
on t.he Cross. Then
cefoitli anyone yqho
?ommits fornication
'IS of Adam and that
for hiS punishment,
He haf; klilt a place
for !-iuch'71 r>erson-
This place, is so
dark, with no water
.to drink, '10 food to
eat, no clothe to'
wear and no peace.
They were empty.
Just. for this reaSon
the Father is day in
day oul in the Tem-
pie .nol: to give . it
a chance. In the
Name and Blood of
Our Lord' JeSUS
. Next carne
in the. time of the
Temptation in . the. I
Wilderness", said
the Father. There
is never a time He
had corrie for' the
Earthly wealth but
to rule and re1ign
over heaven and
earth and to fulfil
all righteousness.
In the.' Name and
blood of Our Lord
Jesus Christ.
LaStly came
And h.e said "I
have created the gar
den you to
pluck and feed
your fullest to de
vice the' power and
Spirit of God. De
cause of ignorance
you pluck
Samuel Willie Udo
thereby; ,boilinfland
killing the authority
in . .
He then adviced
"Yoti . came frOm'
the Father? froni the
garden of Eden,
where. there were no
cooking nor boiling.
Now that you are
going back to .
the Father there
should be no cook- .
ing rior boiling of '
any sort of these
foods. You should
only ,go on eating'
fruits. " . 'In the.
Name of Our Lord
Jesus Christ. In the
'Blood of our Lotd
Jesus .. Christ, NQ\\"
and for ever niQte
Thank You' Fa
ther. .
Samuel W. Udoh
. Kano Bethel.'