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Section : Kherson Shipyard Working Area : Suction Anchors JSA Performed by: Roman Shalko

Doc. N OD-PRO-HSE-035 Form N OD-HSE-026

JSA # 03 Page 1 of...

Date: Project : CPC Expansion Project

Operation / Activity description: Confined Space Entry Operation / Activity Stage Activities performed into enclosed space. Possible Hazardous Situations Welding fumes release / harmful chemicals Equipment failure Work duration

Indicate Necessary Measures to be Taken Ventilation of enclosed spaces Monitor gas test before entry (if applicable) Discuss emergency escape procedure Suitable PPE for substances being used Breathing apparatus to be made available Gas test monitoring every 30 minutes (if applicable) MSDS (materials safety data sheet) discussion during toolbox talk meeting All operation phases to be performed under supervision Post a watcher man on No person to work alone Use suitable and correct tools for hazardous area All valves and lines leading to enclosed space to be isolated and tagged

To be Verified by
Welding team leader Kherson HSE Engineer Saipem HSE Engineer

Lack of supervision

Work duration in confined space has to be limited

Welding Team Leader: Kherson Safety Officer: Saipem Safety Officer: