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International School Manila

For ATTENDANCE concerns, please contact the HS Office (Sam Ramos or Laurie Atilano) Tel: 840 8650 / 840 8653 email For GUIDANCE concerns, please contact Bella, Gigi or Jasmin Tel:840-8655 / 840-8660


A weekly bulletin for Parents and Students

Message from the High School Principal:

Dear Parents, I would like to thank all the parents who came to the HS Parent Coffee on Tuesday. The main topic was dedicated to the notion of Digital Citizenship. The workshop led by Brandon Hoover and David Collett had parents inputting their ideas via the school laptops to an active Googledoc, which was then used for group discussion and subsequently served as a record of the meeting. This is a very similar process to the way that our students are utilizing information technology in the classroom. One of the elements of being a Digital Citizen is communication and I am aware that as a high school the many forms of inter and intra technological communication can get confusing and at times frustrating. I have raised this issue with the high school program leaders and we do plan to make improvements on the quantity and quality of our communication with the ISM community. To return to the parent coffee, we had a very good session which culminated in Kei Matsunami giving us a fabulous rendition of her IASAS gold medal winning oral interpretation piece. Her performance struck deep into the roots of Manilas rich history, with a graphic account of life in Manila during the Japanese occupation during World War II. Our Model United Nations representatives are this week debating in Beijing, while next weekend we send third season IASAS Athletes on their respective exchange tournaments. In this bulletin you will find information on HS MAP testing for Gr. 9 & Gr. 10 students, which starts on Monday, March 12 and also very important topic of timely advice to the school of your intentions to withdraw from ISM. It is very important given the few available spaces we have in the HS that we know who is leaving at the end of this school year. As soon as you aware of your plans please communicate these to school.

Kind regards,

William R. S. Brown High School Principal

Monday,March12: MAPTESTING Tuesday,March13: MAPTESTING Wednesday,March14: LateStart MAPTESTING IB2CASDeadline(FullDipCandidates) Thursday,March15: IB1MathSL&HLIABEGINS Friday,March16: IB1MathSL&HLIABEGINS Exchanges:BoysSoftball(JIS),VarsityBoysandGirls Badminton(TAS) IB2VisArtsIAdue(InvestigationWorkbook) Saturday,March17: Track&FieldExchange(ISM)

FROM THE ADMISSIONS OFFICE: DearParents, TheAdmissionsOfficeissendingoutafriendlyreminder regardingourWithdrawalProcedure. IfyourfamilywillbeleavingbeforeorattheendofSY11 12, we would appreciate that you submit the official Withdrawal Notification Form in order to initiate the withdrawalprocess.Pleasenote,thisdoesnotpertainto Grade12studentswhowillgraduateinMay. Please submit the completed Withdrawal Notification Formasearlyaspossible. All forms are available here: > Admission>ReenrollmentandWithdrawal WITHDRAWAL NOTIFICATION FORM (required by ES/HS/MS students) Please submit this to the AdmissionsOffice MIDDLE SCHOOL CLEARANCE FORM Once completed pleasesubmitthistotheCashiersOffice HIGH SCHOOL CLEARANCE FORM Once completed pleasesubmitthistotheCashiersOffice IMPORTANTDATEtoremember: May 11, 2012 Withdrawal Notification Forms for School Year 20112012 must be submitted. Forms receivedafterthisdatewillincurapenaltyofUSD$1000 ontherefundoftheFUD. For detailed information regarding receiving Report Cards, Transcript of Records, obtaining a yearbook and/ortherefundoftheFUDpleasevisitourwebsiteat under the Admissions TAB < Re Enrollment&Withdrawal. We appreciate your notification as we have many families awaiting word for enrollment for next school year. Please feel free to contact us at admissions@ismanila.orgforanyquestionsorconcerns. StephanieH.Hagedorn DirectorofAdmissions&Advancement InternationalSchoolManila

March21:MockCollegeAdmissionsforGr.11and ParentsLT5:15pm March22March29:IB2MOCKEXAMS March26:MockCollegeAdmissionsforGr.11and ParentsLT5:15pm March30April9:SCHOOLHOLIDAY REMINDERS

To All Juniors and Seniors From Michael Relf, IB/AP Coordinator A reminder that the last day to register for the AP exams will be on Friday, March 16th. Please get the registration form from the IB/AP Office if you are interested to take it.

Dear Grade 9 and Grade 10 Parents,

From March 12 to 28, the ISM HS will conduct the Measures of Academic ProgressTM (MAP) tests for Semester 2 What are MAP tests? MAP tests are an external assessment from the United States, used to assist in determining students instructional level. Currently there are approximately 40 international schools in the Asia Pacific region using MAP tests. Who does MAP testing at ISM? Students in Grades 3 to 10 take MAP tests. Students receiving Learning Support and ESL support will be given the opportunity, where appropriate, to participate in the MAP testing. Parents will be contacted individually regarding any modifications taking place. What do MAP tests assess and how often do they occur? These tests will measure academic growth across the school year in the areas of Reading, Language and Mathematics, and are administered twice a year at ISM. They Semester 1 tests were taken in September / October of the 2011-12 school year. How do MAP tests work? Your child will take the tests on a computer. MAP tests are unique in that they are adaptive. The test becomes more difficult the more questions the student answers correctly. When a student incorrectly answers a question, the following test question is adjusted accordingly and is at an easier level. In this way, your child will take a test specifically created for his or her learning level. How are MAP tests reported? Your childs MAP results are reported in RIT (Rasch Unit) scores. This is a different type of score than a typical test that provides a percentage correct. Parents will receive a report that shows their RIT score, the normative RIT scores for the grade level at ISM, and the normative scores for students in the United States within the same grade level. These reports will be available in early May. What does ISM do with the information that MAP provides? Teachers use the data from MAP testing to inform learning and teaching. It assists in determining which skills require enhancing, which skills students have already developed, and which skills need to be introduced. MAP tests also provide our school with a reference point for the ongoing development of the school-wide curriculum. This data allows us to look for trends within certain areas of our curriculum. How do I prepare my child for MAP testing? Factors such as sleep and how a child is feeling can all affect results of a standardized test. Your class teacher will let you know which three days in the coming weeks your child will sit the tests. Please talk to your child to help avoid him/her feeling anxious about MAP testing. Lastly It is important to remember that MAP results provide one piece of assessment data in the process of acquiring information and making judgments about student progress toward intended learning. At ISM, we believe sound assessment involves creating a multitude of ways to measure and communicate student learning over time a photo album versus a single snapshot. For more information on MAP testing, please consult the NWEA (North West Evaluation Association) website at In addition, parents can access the MAP Parent Toolkit at, or please do not hesitate to speak to Mr. Brown. Sincerely,

WilliamBrown HighSchoolPrincipal


ADVERTISE IN KAWAYAN YEARBOOK: GreetingsfromtheISMKawayanYearbook! ForthethirdtimeinKawayanhistory,wewillbeincluding advertisinginthebackoftheHSYearbook.Thisisafantastic waytoreachalargeaudienceintheISMcommunity,andwill beviewedforyearstocome!

Php16,000:1/2A4page (width=210cmxheight=148cm) Php32,000:1fullA4page (width=210cmxheight=297cm): ToadvertisewiththeISMKawayan: The International School Manila Community includes: STEP1:PaydirectlytotheISMcashier. Families of our 2,000+ students STEP2:Submitacopyofthereceipttothehighschool Local and expatriate faculty office. Alumni/ae living in the Philippines STEP3:SubmitadvertisementonCD/DVD/USBin Embassies JPEG/TIFF/PSD/PDFformatat200dpiminimumtothe Chambers of Commerce HighSchoolOffice,lookforLaurieorSam. Multinational Corporations DeadlineforsubmissionisMonday,March26. NGOs Select International Schools in SE Asia Ifyouwouldlikemoreinformation,pleasecontactthe Prospective Parents visiting the Fort Bonifacio Campus HSYearbookCoordinator,BrandonHoover,at Wehavenotincreasedtheratesforthisyear.Theyareas follows: ThankyouforhelpingtosupporttheKawayan! Php8,000:1/4A4page Brandon Hoover (width=105cmxheight=148cm) HS IT Coordinator International School Manila




Congratulations to our MS and HS Academic Bowl teams who won this weeks spring Academic Bowl Champions trophys at Tuesdays MS event here at ISM and Thursdays HS event down at Brent. Both competitions were very entertaining with our MS team lead by Mrs. Birchenall running out comfortable winners on the day with Faith 2nd and Brent in 3rd place. The HS event was very tense all day with ISM coming from behind in the last round after being 35 points behind to snatch a thrilling victory, led by a calm and composed captain Matt Borja and his team. Well done to all participants and to David Birchenall our HS advisor for the academic bowl program. Congratulations to our ISM Forensics delegates for their outstanding results at the IASAS Forensics competition in Singapore last weekend. We had 8 students make the finals and came away with 5 medals the most of any IASAS school. Akshar Bonu GOLD Extemporaneous Speaking Kei Matsunami GOLD Oral Interpretation Lynn Yu BRONZE Oral Interpretation Cody Clifton BRONZE Impromptu Speaking Sofia Benares BRONZE Original Oratory Congratulations also to Yining Zhang who was selected as a featured pianist at the IASAS Festival Concert in Taipei. To all our ISM CC delegates well done on a fantastic CC this year. Next year ISM proudly hosts Cultural Convention Art/Dance/Drama! For a full round up of CC events go check the Fine Arts Blog. ISM Goodwill Gymnastics Meet: March 10th: ISM hosts our gymnastics meet next Saturday March 10th. We have over 200 gymnasts entered from a variety of local and overseas clubs arriving to compete in the Olympic apparatus of floor, vault, uneven bars and beam, along with boys events under the Mens Artistic Gymnastics program. This day is the biggest event of the year for our ISM gymnasts and is always well supported with a big crowd filling the bleachers to watch the competition. Our gymnastics parents booster club are heavily involved with organizing many aspects of the meet and I would like to express my thanks to the gymnasts parents for all the support they will provide to make this annual meet a big success. Please come along and check out the gymnastics action. Opening parade and welcome for Level 1 gymnasts starts at 8am and is followed by Level 2/3 competition and in the afternoon the more advanced Level 4/5 competition is held. Awarding ceremonies take place immediately after each level section is completed in the Little Theatre.

All students attending the Pre-IASAS badminton at Taipei and the boys softball at Bangkok (March 16-18 weekend) should have submitted documents and passports already. Please do so immediately to Joan at ATAC if you have not done so. For 3rd Season IASAS athletes please note passports will need to be submitted prior to the break (please submit passports to your coach/ATAC (Mon/Tues March 19/20) for documentation checking. Any student traveling during the spring break must advise Joan at ATAC office so passports can be returned to you before March 29th. ATAC Events coming up: Mar 10: JV girls softball at Brent ISM Goodwill Gymnastics Meet MS Gym Mar 16: MS Track team mini meet Mar 17: ISM Pre IASAS Track meet (HS only) JV/Varsity girls softball at ISM Mar 23: Twilight Track meet Varsity girls softball v Brent at ISM Mar 30- April 9 ISM Spring break April 11: Teams depart for IASAS 3rd Season Championships Track at Taipei Softball at Singapore Badminton at Kuala Lumpur May 12 ISM Gymnastics Dual Meet (this replaces the cancelled SACAC Singapore meet) May 18-20 Mixed Touch Tournament @ Jakarta International School GAME SCHEDULE PDF: (access to game schedule information) Information about all mid week/weekend fixtures for ISM teams can be found via the ATAC blog. Please note the game schedule does change often due to involvement with many local schools so please check the page regularly to find out the latest information of where and when the Bearcats teams are playing. Click on schedules tab or the Bearcat logo to be directed to the You will need your power school user name and password to access the game schedule pdf. BEARCAT DEN: Regular Opening Hours for the Bearcat Den: Mon, Wed and Fridays from 11:30am 1:00pm and 2:30pm 4:00pm. Tues and Thurs afternoons from 2:30-4pm. If you are interested in joining our group of volunteers in the Bearcat Den please contact our BCD volunteers coordinator Radhika or pop in to the Den near the HS Cafeteria and talk with one of our volunteers they will be very happy to make you welcome.

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