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Wilmington, NC 28405 910-232-5903

Coordinating across disciplines Regulatory analysis Interpreting data on complex issues Negotiating Understanding internal & external customer incentives Program evaluation Writing & editing skills

Enthusiastic professional with an exemplary record of leading multi-disciplinary and cross-functional programs, links concepts from different disciplines, with a consensus building approach to work effectively in public and private sectors. Recognized for coordinating award winning projects, decision criteria development, evaluating programs and strategies for regulatory compliance, orchestrating commercial rollouts, and for both neutral facilitation and influencing of industry groups.

Responsible for companys first executed contract with power grid operator for IT system. Introduced proprietary software services product to market, generating multi-million dollar revenue stream. Led multi-functional teams from project inception to operations. Demonstrated technical aptitude and/or regulatory knowledge, leading diverse disciplines (energy, environment, education reform, healthcare, safety) in managing complex projects and programs.


APX, INC, Houston, TX: Software and application services company, 2000-2002 Vice President, National Products Development Led technical and policy staffs in local office and Silicon Valley headquarters for creating new products, defining software and operations needs. Coordinated with national technical marketing staff. Director to Senior Director, Texas and Southeast Built local office and business lines in region. Managed start-up technical and marketing teams, negotiated customer contracts, and coordinated continuing operations, including product updates for Texas power scheduling as an application service provider. On call to 24/7 Ops Center for customer problem resolution. Responsible for product functions, updated specifications, and primary contact to grid operator and customer. Created highest revenue return of all APX markets with scheduling product. Hosted and created presentations for Japanese investors; secured millions in venture capital. Led team that proposed and negotiated for successful bid in vendor contest for Nations first electronic renewable energy credits (RECs) tracking system. Delivered on time, within budget. ANDELER CORP, Lubbock, TX: Small company in deregulated electricity market, 2002-2007 Vice-President Wholesale Operations Conducted wholesale electricity start-up, regulatory compliance, and purchases and scheduling of power and renewable energy credit contracts. Evaluated and complied with regulations for projects in waste gas generation and retail entry to other states. Worked remotely full-time start-up 1 year and part-time for 4 years.


NORTH CAROLINA SUSTAINABLE ENERGY ASSOCIATION, Raleigh, NC, Non-profit, 2007-2010 Policy Director Synthesized policy based on economic analysis and technical information for Utilities Commission and private sector to enable renewable technologies, distributed generation, and energy efficiency markets to develop. Led engineering, quantitative analysis and legal team. Wrote and edited articles, regulatory filings, legislative briefs, reports and grant proposals. Provided expertise for growing renewable energy certificates market and IT infrastructure. Participant on state level advisory groups, including biomass and performance contracts. GREATER HOUSTON PARTNERSHIP (Chamber of Commerce & Economic Development), 1996-1998 Program Manager Education and Workforce Provided leadership and technical expertise on education and workforce development issues to Chamber Committee of Fortune 500 execs and top business leaders. Planned and managed research contracts on education reform for the affiliated 501c3 non-profit organization. Evaluated and influenced state policy.

RELIANT ENERGY Houston, TX (formerly a Houston Light & Power wholesale division), 1998-2000 Manager, Regulatory Policy Created and negotiated policy to enhance profitability of Reliants wholesale power assets outside of state. Coordinated with corporate business units. Testified before utilities commissions and Federal Energy Regulatory Commission. Influential in development of regional transmission organization market structures.


COMPLIANCE SOLUTIONS, INC., Houston, TX, Risk management consulting firm to oil & gas industry, 1996 Senior Manager Wrote protocols for emergencies, field guides and air permits for oil/gas clients. Designed project process. KPMG, LLP, Houston, TX: National environmental practice for) Big 4 accounting firm, 1995-1996 Senior Consultant Liaison to regulatory bodies. Designed benefits in lieu of penalties. Managed 4 mo. client engagement. UNITED STATES ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION AGENCY, 1990-1994 Grants Manager, Office of Air Quality Planning and Management, Durham, NC Managed $181m federal grants program for all states for implementation of Clean Air Act, including planning budgeting and success criteria. Streamlined state-USEPA Region planning-budget process. Published. Economics Project Manager, intergovernmental exchange, Metro planning association, Houston, TX Designed and promoted understanding of economic incentives for emissions trading programs, working with state and local stakeholders. Created financial ranking process for 10-year Houston metropolitan regional transportation plan project for federal and state funds working with TX-Department of Transportation. Climate Change Program Manager, Region 5 Office, Chicago, IL Developed and marketed voluntary, market-based programs. Inventoried greenhouse gas emissions. Evaluated grant proposals and strategies. Promoted energy efficiency and carbon programs to industry. Expert for transportation analysis for municipalities in (ICLEI) international climate change project. Comparative Risk Project Coordinator, Region 5 Office, Chicago, IL Coordinated comparative analysis project on human health and ecosystems for six internal departments within the six-state Great Lakes region. Managed contract and conducted assessment of economic risks from environmental stressors. Designed qualitative ranking criteria. Coordinated multi-disciplinary risk-based planning driven budgeting. TQM trained. Received Bronze Medal. Published on impacts of data gaps.


The Medical Waste Audit: Anytown Hospital by Dr J. Studnicki, Southeast, 2007 Project Marketer (self-employed) Reconciliation billing and insurance, Neurosurgery, Oncology, Wilmington, NC, 2004-2006 Volunteer (informal) HAWTHORNE COMMUNITY MEDICAL GROUP, Los Angeles, CA, summers through college 1981-1983 Urgent Care Medical Assistant

University of Chicago, Chicago, IL - MA with Honors, Public Policy Studies (2-year degree: economics, public management and statistics; and one year additional of teaching assistant in microeconomics and finance) University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, NC - BA, Public Policy Analysis


Mediation Certificate Training, (accredited continuing legal education) 2012 Statistics for the Behavioral Sciences and Psychology, University of NC-W, Wilmington, NC, 2011 Certificate in Project Management, UNC-W Cameron School of Business, Wilmington, NC, 2011 Distributed Generation, NC State Professional Development, Raleigh, NC, 2010 Rate Case Cost Recovery, EUCI, Denver, CO, (Los Angeles) 2009 Renewables Project Financing, Infocast Information Forecast Inc, Woodland Hills, CA, (Houston) 2007