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Annex B

Flowchart illustrating central Government engagement/intervention

with poorly performing social services


CSCI Inspection/ External Social Services

Investigations Star Ratings

If inspection/monitoring If zero stars, then CI to If awarded 1 star,

indicate poor social consider and advise and potentially
services performance DH/DfES Ministers heading towards
then CI to consider/advise whether council has/lacks zero star, CSCI to
assess and advise
DfES/DH Ministers capacity for improvement,
DfES/DH ministers
whether the council lacks and if council lacks on a case by case
capacity for improvement, capacity then appointing basis if capacity
and if so to recommend performance action team building support
appointing a performance recommended. required to avoid
action team. dropping to zero star

If serious failure CSCI liaise

Performance Action
with other Inspectorates/DfES
& DH liaise with ODPM to Team (PAT) appointed; ToR CSCI regular
forewarn of social services include exit strategy. If monitoring
issues and to establish if other successful, move to regular continues to
service areas affected. May monitoring by CSCI; if ensure PAT’s
result in performance action unsuccessful, then formal legacy is
team or statutory intervention intervention considered by maintained;
being considered by CI/DfES&DH Ministers and possibly by
CI/DH&DfES Ministers and departmental lawyers. commissioning
departmental lawyers. further targeted

Formal Intervention either co-

ordinated by ODPM/ social Council’s Social Services
services specific, ranging from stable/on upward
Ministerial Direction through performance trajectory;
outsourcing to taking over routine monitoring by CSCI
SociaL Services/Council according to star rating.
This is a schematic illustration of how social services specific engagement and intervention might work but in practice there is no
automaticity about action that will be taken. The flow chart is subject to refinement in the light of the outcomes of the Performance Action
Teams (PATS) that the Department of Health, in conjunction with the Department of Education and Skills, may commission.
Recommendations, either stated or implied, in the various boxes are made on a case by case basis. The chart may need to be amended
following enactment of the Children Bill which will enable an integrated and consistent approach to intervention across education and
children's social services where that is appropriate. Zero stars do not automatically mean that a PAT will be commissioned. The dotted lines
represent “this might happen”.