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****************************************************************** SURAH AL FATIHA ******************************************************************

1) A man came to the Prophet, embraced Islam then returned to his people. Onhis way there were a group of men who had with them a mad man in ironmanacles. The group said, that they heard that the travelers friend (i.e.Prophet Muhammad) had something good with him and so he exorcised the madman with Surah al Fatiha, and he was cured. As reward they gave the traveler100 sheep. He then returned to the Prophet and narrated the story. TheProphet asked if he did anything other than recite al-Fatiha, he said no. Sothe Prophet said that while these people make their livelihoods out of falseincantations (i.e. worshipping false idols) the traveler earned the 100sheep through something lawful; so he could keep the sheep.[Abu Dawood 3398/a] 2) Once the Prophet was traveling when he disembarked and began walkingalongside a companion. He asked him, 'Shouldn't I tell you the best part ofthe Quran?' then he recited 'Alhamdu lilahi rabil alameen' (Praise be toAllah, Lord of the Worlds).[Hakim 1/560; Dhahabi & Al-Albaani in 'The authentic series' 3/485] 3) The Prophet said, 'Whoever mastered the first seven (chapters or verses)from the Quran is a scholar/pope/pointiff .[Hakim 1/564; Dhahabi & Al-Albaani in Al-Silsila As-Sahiba 5/385] 4) The Prophet said, 'The mother of the Quran are the seven oft repeatedverses'[Bukhari 4704] 5) The Prophet said, 'In the Fatiha of the Quran, there is a cure for allmaladies'[Darimi 3236]

****************************************************************** SURAH AL BAQRAH ******************************************************************

1) The Prophet said, 'The Quran and those who committed themselves to it willbe presented on the day of judgement, preceded by Surah al-Baqara and Surahal-Imran.[Muslim 805] 2) The Prophet said, 'Learn how to recite Surah al-Baqara for there is ablessing in it, and there is sorrow for abandoning it, and it is unbearablefor the idle' and that 'al-Baqara and al-Imran are like two flowers whichwill shade their learner on the day of Judgement, as if there were two largeclouds or two flocks of birds'.[Ahmad 21872 & Buraida al-Aslami Muslim 1/553] 3) The Prophet said, 'Do not make your house as graves, for satan runs away from the house wherein Surah al-Baqara is recited' and in another narration he said whoever recited Surah al Baqara at nightwould be crowned with a crown of paradise. [Muslim 780, [Baihaqi in Al-Shuaib] 4) The Prophet was asked, 'Which part of the Quran is the best?'. He replied,'The Surah in which the cow is mentioned'. He was then asked 'Which part ofthat Surah?'. He replied, 'The verse of the Throne and the last pasrt ofSurah al Baqara came down from under the Throne' (i.e Ayatul Kursi) [Darimi 3248]5) The Prophet said, 'Al Baqara is the top (or pinnacle) of the Quran. Eightyangels came down with each one of it's verses and extracted the verse of thethrone from under the throne, and it was joined to the other verses'[Ahmad 5/26] ****************************************************************** SURAH AL IMRAN ******************************************************************

1) Abdullah ibn Masud said, 'What an excellent treasure Surah al Imran is tothe poor person when he recites it in prayer during the last part of the night'[Darimi 3264/A] 2) The Prophet said to Muadh, 'Should I not teack you a supplication which,when used to implore Allah, Allah shall pay your debt, even it be a shuge asMount Uhud? He then mentioned them (i.e. Surah al Imran verse 26 & 27)'[Tabarani in Al Saghir 1/330] ****************************************************************** SURAH AL ANAM ****************************************************************** 1) The Prophet said, 'This Surah was seen off by as many angels as could blockthe horizon'[Hakim, Dhahabi & Baihaqi] 2) The Prophet said, 'The Quran was revealed in one fifth part, whoevermemorised it in one fifth parts would not forget it. Except for Surah alAnam, which was revelaed in it's entirity, seen off by seventy angels fromeach hevaen until they delivered it to the Prophet. Never has it beenrecited over a sick person, without Allah granting him a cure'[Baihaqi & Khatib] ****************************************************************** SURAH YUSUF ****************************************************************** The Prophet said, 'Teach your relative sthe recitation of Surah Yusuf, for,any Muslim who recites it or teaches it to his family and slaves, Allahshall ease for him the agony of death, and give him the strength that willprevent him from envying a fellow Muslim'[Ibn Asakir] ****************************************************************** SURAH AL KAHF ****************************************************************** The Prophet said, 'Whoever recited Surah al Kahf in the same manner in whichit was revealed, it will serve for him as a light on the Day of Judgement,from his domicile to Mecca. And whoever recited the last ten verses, and ithappens that the Dajjal should appear after that, Dajjal will not beempowered over him'.[Hakim 1/564 & Dhahabi] ****************************************************************** SURAH AL MUMINOON ****************************************************************** Ibn Masud recited (Surah al Muminun from verse 115 to 118) in the ear of anafflicted person and the man was cured. The Prophet said, 'What did youreicte in his ear?'. Ibn Masud told him, and the Prophet said, 'By He inWhose hand lie smy soul, Were a believing man to recite it over a mountain,it would have melted'.[Fath al Qadir 3/502] ****************************************************************** SURAH AL SAJDAH ****************************************************************** The Prophet would not sleep until he recited Surah as Sajdah.[Tirmidhi 5/165; Hakim 2/412 & Dhahabi in Sahih al Jamiea (22/789)]

****************************************************************** SURAH YASIN ****************************************************************** With regards to Surah Yaseen, In the light of Usool e Hadith , Many great Muhaditheen have unanimously agreed or declared that all and every narration(hadeeth/athar) describing the virtue of surah Al Yaseen are either mawdoo

(fabricated) or da'eef (weak due to the sanad). However certain scholars fom the salafus swaliheen have declared that even if a hadith is weak, then certain scholars do rely upon believing it's fadhail a'amaal. however, the hadith mentioned below are weak and should not be taken to be 100% true or correct. I am only mentioning them for knowledge. 1) The Prophet said, 'Whoever recited Surah Yasin in the night seeking Allah'spleasure, Allah would forgive him'[Ibn Hibban, Darimi 3283/A, Abu Yala, Tabarani, Baihaqi & Ibn Mardawaih] 2) The Prophet said, 'Whoever recited Surah Yasin would seem (in terms ofreward) as if he had recited the Quran ten times.'[Maqal, Tirmidhi 2812/A & Dhahabi] ****************************************************************** SURAH AD DUKHAN ****************************************************************** 1) Ibn Masud said, 'The 'ha-meems' are the embeleshment of the Quran'[Hakim, Dhahabi, Ibn Al Mundhir & Baihaqi] NOTE : The 'ha-meems' refer to the seven Surahs which have ha-meem at the start

****************************************************************** SURAH AL FATH ****************************************************************** 1) The Prophet said, 'A Surah of the Quran was revealed to me tonight, indeedit is the dearest Surah to my heart, than anything under the sun'. Then thePorphet recited Surah al Fath verses 1-5.[Bukhari 5012] ****************************************************************** SURAH AL RAHMAN ****************************************************************** 1) The Prophet went to the companions and recited Surah ar Rahman but they wereall quiet. He told them that he went to the jinn and recited it to them andthey were responsive. And when he would recite the verses 'And which of thefavours of the Lord will you deny' the jinn would respond 'There is nothingamong your bounties that we can deny, all praise belong to Allah'[Tirmidhi, Ibn al Mundhir, Al Adhama & Hakim 2/474] 2) The Prophet said, 'Everything has a bride, and the bride of the Quran isSurah ar Rahman'[Baihaqi in Shuab al Eiman] ****************************************************************** SURAH AL WAQIAH ****************************************************************** The Below hadiths are graded weak by many muhadith for many reasons, however, i am sharing this because some jurists and muhadith say that even if a certain hadith is weak, in accordance to other usool of shariah and hadith it can be taken into pracitse as fadaile aamal (virtues of a'amaal) 1) The Prophet said, 'Whoever recites surah al Waqiah at night would neverencounter poverty'[Ibn Sunni 620] 2) The Prophet said, 'Surah al Waqiah is the Surah of Wealth, so recite it andteach it to your children'[Ibn Asakir] ****************************************************************** SURAH AL HADID ******************************************************************

The Prophet used to recite Surahs of Glorification before returing and hesaid that there is a verse in them which is better than a thousand verses.[Tirmidhi 5/181] NOTE: These Surahs are: Al-Hadid, Al-Hashr, As-Saf, Al-Juma and At-Tagabon ****************************************************************** SURAH AL HASHR ****************************************************************** 1) The Prophet said, 'Whoever when he wakes in the morning says 'I seek refugewith Allah against the accursed satan' and then recited three verses fromthe last part of Surah al Hashr, will be assigned seventy thousand angels topray for him until the evening, and should he die that day, he would havedied a martyr'[Ibn Ahmad, Darimi, Tirmidhi 5/182] Link to these verses in arabic with english translation--> ****************************************************************** SURAH AL MULK ****************************************************************** 1) The Prophet said, 'There is a surah in the Quran which is only thirtyverses. It defended whoevere recited it , until it puts him into paradise'i.e. Surah al Mulk[Fath al Qadir 5/257, Sahihul Jamiea 1/680, Tabrani in Al-Awsat & IbnMardawaith] 2) The Prophet said, 'Surah al Mulk is the protector from the torment of thegrave'[Sahihul Jamiea 1/680, Hakim 2/498 & Nasai] ****************************************************************** SURAH AL ZILZILAH ****************************************************************** The Prophet said, 'Whoever recited Surah Zilzilah would get the reward ofreciting half the Quran. Whoever recited surah al Kafiroon would get areward as if reading a quarter of the Quran. Whoever recited Surah al Ikhlaswould get a reward a sif reading one third of the Quran'.[Tirmidhi 2818/A] ****************************************************************** SURAH AL AADIYAT ****************************************************************** The Prophet said, 'Whoever recietes Aadiyat his reqard equals one half ofthe Quran'[Hakim 1/566 & Tirmidhi 2894] ****************************************************************** SURAH AL HAAKUMUTH TA KAASUR ( surah no. 109) ****************************************************************** The Prophet said, 'Whoever recited one thousand verses in one night wouldmeet Allah with a smile on his face'. Someone said, 'O Apostle, who canrecite a thousand verses?'. The Prophet then recited Surah and then said,'By He in Whose hand my soul is, it is equal to a thousand verses'[Al Khatib in Al Muttafaq wal Muftaraq & Dailami in Fath al Qadir 5/487] ****************************************************************** SURAH AL KAAFIROON ****************************************************************** 1) The Prophet said, 'Recite surah al Kafiroon and then go to sleep aftercoming to its end, for it is a clearance from shirk'[Abu Dawood 4396 & Hakim 1/565]

2) The Prophet said, 'Whoever recited Surah Zilzilah would get the reward ofreciting half the Quran. Whoever recited surah al Kafiroon would get areward as if reading a quarter of the Quran. Whoever recited Surah al Ikhlaswould get a reward a sif reading one third of the Quran'.[Tirmidhi 2818/A] ****************************************************************** SURAH AL IKHLAS ****************************************************************** 1) A man said to the Prophet, 'I really love this surah'. The Porphet replied,'And your love for it will enable you to enter paradise'[Tirmidhi 2826/A] 2) The Prophet said, 'By Him in Whose hand my soul is, it is equal to one thirdof the Quran!'[Bukhari 5014] ****************************************************************** SURAH AL FALAQ ****************************************************************** 1) The Prophet said, 'O Uqba, learn to recite Surah al Falaq, for you wouldnever recite a surah more cherished by Allah and more profound in His sightthat this surah'[Durais, Ibn al Anbari, Hakim, Dhahabi & Ibn Mardawaih] 2) The Prophet used to seek refuge from the jinn as well as from the evil eyeuntil Surah al Falaq and An Naas were revealed. Afterwhich he would recitethese two for those purposes.[Tirmidhi 1984]