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Civil Air Patrol Suffolk Cadet Squadron 10

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Summer 2005 Volume 1, Issue 1

Great Start for Hurricane Relief Efforts

How You Can Help Put up a flyer at
school or work.

Ask local merchants

to place a collection box in their store.

Schedule & Calendar 5 About Us & More 6

Scout out locations to set up a collection point. Get other members to join you. Contact community
fair/event organizers & set up a booth.

Have all checks

made payable to SALVATION ARMY

Quick Facts
During FY 2002, the Civil Air Patrol

Labor Day Weekend

Suffolk Cadet Squadron 10s Hurricane Katrina Fundraising efforts are off to an incredible start. Manning two locations the Squadron has already collected over $7,400.00 in donations that will go directly to the Salvation Armys Hurricane Katrina Relief fund. The two collection points were Meat Farms in Ronkonkoma and Uncle Giuseppes Marketplace in Smithtown. Those who participated were Squadron Commander Maj. Michael Kelly, Lt. Karen Rohl Deputy Commander, Lt. Mike Gotay, Senior Members Lt. Larry Buschel, SM Capt. Ron Budzinski, Capt. Peter Cubano, Cadets Mike Gotay, Mary Gotay, Matt Evko, Bruce Estrada, K. Panigrahi, B. Panigrahi, C. Byrnes, L. Fasano, M .Morrison, C. Reynolds, E. Reynolds, and K. Reynolds. A 3-week fundraising effort is underway and will be a LIG effort. Squadron Commander Maj. Michael Kelly is the project officer. Lets all get behind this to reach our LIG Goal of $50,000. If Squadron 10 can raise $7,400.00 in one weekend with just two locations, just imagine what the whole Group is capable of when we work as a team!

Flew 5,861.5
hours performing search & rescue missions in the United States,

Flew 5,353.6
hours for Counterdrug missions,

Flew 2,948
federal-level emergency services missions, and

Was credited
with saving 88 lives.

Promotions & Awards

15 June15 September
Community Service Ribbons
Joseph Theimann Christina Reynolds Michael Gotay Mary Gotay

Joseph Themann to C/SMSgt Edward Reynolds to C/MSgt Christina Reynolds to C/CMSgt Raymond Bott to C/SMSgt Eric Williams to C/MSgt Casey Byrnes to C/SSgt Chris Nicola to C/SSgt Stephania LaPiana to C/A1C V. Panigrahi to C/A1C Michaek Gotay to C/MSgt Mary Gotay to C/SrA Krystal Reynolds to C/TSgt

Above:NRA Awards.

Below: Aerospace Excellence Award

Summer Activities
JuneJuly August
June :
Participated in a real Search & Rescue mission when a small
plane went down in a remove area of NW New Jersey.

NRA Safety Course was given and 16 Cadets and 1 Senior member
qualified for NRA medals. (See article on page 6.)

Squadron 10 sponsored a LIG 1st Aid & CPR course, given by Lt

Gerry Reynolds.

We hosted a LIG Moral Leadership Training session run by Wing

Chaplain Maj. Van Don Williams.

Cadet Glider training started ! 2 Saturdays were devoted to Aerodrome Duty. Bayport Aerodrome Society Event Antique Airplane Fly-inBayport

Our Squadron raised over $2,350.00 for the Tsunami Relief fund.

Participated in a SAREX at LIG. Cadets had flight-line duty training, and Ground Team training.

8 Cadets and 2 Seniors attended NY Wing Encampment. 1 Cadet went to Hawk Mountain Ranger School. 1 Cadet attended the National Blue Beret Program in Oshkosh, WI 1 Cadet attended National Flight Encampment, Oshkosh, WI.

Hurricane Katrina Fundraising

Community Service
June July August
Aerodrome Duty August 6 & 27. Squadron 10 not only
cleaned LIG Headquarters, but also sponsors the clean-up of Lincoln Avenue.

Road Crew

Weed control repairs

Lunchtime BBQ Not only was headquarters cleaned inside and out, but we had a great BBQ lunch thanks to chef Maj. Lou Volpato. Burgers, hotdogs and ice cold watermelon!

Hurricane Katrina Fundraising Labor Day Weekend: Squadron 10 set up in two locations over the long holiday weekend and collected over $7,400.00. Our efforts will continue through the month of September. LIG has a goal of raising $50,000 for the Hurricane survivors.
Bayport Aerodrome Fly-in August 14 Again this
year Squadron 10 provided security and flight-line duty for the Aerodrome Societies Annual Fly-in. Antique open cockpit planes, a BBQ lunch...not a bad way to spend a warm Sunday afternoon!


It wasnt ALL work...there was a tug-o-war (the ladies won), volleyball, and Cadet flying. See pictures on page 2.

Calendar of Events
September 2005
1 4 11 SAREX 18 5 12 19 6 Blues Meeting 13 Meeting 20 Meeting 25 Squad 26 Competition 27 Meeting 28 29 30Pumpkin Fest 7 14 21 8 CC 15 22

2 9 16 23

3 10 SAREX 17 Intrepid 24 O Flights SLS

October 2005
Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat
1Pumpkin 2 Fest 9 3 10 4 Blues Meeting 11 Meeting 18 Meeting 25 Meeting 5 12 19 6CC 13 20 7 14 21 8 15 S A R E X Walk-a-thon 22

Squadron Meetings: EVERY TUEDAY 1900-2200 @ Army Air National Guard Hanger, Islip Airport. September

On-going Hurricane Katrina fundrais 10 & 11 Wing SAREX, Westchester 17 INTREPID Field trip 24 Cadet Orientation Flying 24 & 25 Squadron Leadership School 25 Squadron Competition 30 Pumpkin Fest

16 17 Walk-a-thon 23 Walkathon 30 24 31





1 & 2 Pumpkin Fest 15 SAREX 22 & 23 Cancer Walk-a-thon at Jones


November 2005
Sun Mon Tue
1 Blues Meeting 8 2 9 16 23 30


5 & 6 L I G GSAR Classroom 18-20 L I G GSAR Bivouac


3CC 10 17 24 4 11


5 GSAR 12 19 GSAR 26

6 GSAR 13 20 GSAR 27

7 14 21 28

10 SAREX Please check the message board & calendar at our website: for any changes & updates.


15 18 GSAR 25


29 Meeting

N Y 328
Suffolk Cadet Squadron 10
National Recruiting Campaign
GOAL: To encourage and motivate cadets to recruit other young people and teachers into the CAP program, and to encourage Aerospace Education members to recruit other educators. Prizes will also be awarded to the top 3 AEM recruiters, and cadets who recruit a teacher as an AEM member will have their name entered into a drawing for a special prize. Contest Rules: 1. Individual prizes are based on new members recruited; renewals do not count. Individuals rejoining after 1 year will count as new members. 2. Membership applications must be signed by the new member and processed between Sept 1 and Nov 30. 3. Individual listed as the recruiter must be a member in good standing at the close of the campaign to qualify. See CAP News, page 11 for complete list of rules. CADET Prize List 1st place: Laptop computer 2nd place: XM Radio kit with one-year service 3rd place: Sony PSP2Plus game 4th place: Portagle DVD player with headphones 5th place: MP3 player with one-year membership to Napster More prizes listed. Please see CAP News, page 11 Did You Know...that the top winner of the last campaign recruited 10 new members and won a trip to the cadet special activity of choice and two-years free membership?

Until further notice our meetings are being held at LIG Headquarters on Lincoln Avenue, Holbrook, NY 11747
National Rifle Association Training
On June 11 & 18th, Squadron 10 conducted National Rifle Association training. The course was held at the Eastport Police Firing Facility and was given by two Certified Firearms instructors with the assistance of Senior Members. Maj. Jack Ozer and 1LT. Barry Fell instructed the Cadets in the two phase course. Phase one consisted of basic Firearm Safety and Basic Rifle Marksmanship. Phase two was live firing on the range with scoring for the NRA Light Rifle Qualification. Sixteen cadets and a one senior qualified with scores ranging from basic practical to the expert marksman category. After the live firing session 1 LT Larry Buschell gave the cadets a demonstration on the care and cleaning of the rifles that they had just used. This exercise demonstrated the safety measures to be observed when using firearms and stressed the necessity of safe firearm management.
Article contributed by 1Lt. L Bushcell

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Suffolk Cadet Squadron 10 meets every Tuesday from 19002200 at the Air National Guard Hanger at Islip airport. Squadron Commander is Maj. Michael Kelly. Phone # 631-827-4081 Website: Webmaster: Capt. Peter Cubano CONTACT: Newsletter Editor-In-Chief: 2Lt. Karen Rohl This is a quarterly publication that is published mid month in September, December, March, and June. If you would like to contribute an article , pictures, or comments, please email Lt. Rohl . We welcome your help.