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All hours are subject to changes Please call for current hours


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MCCS TELEPHONE NUMBERS (All are 760 area code) MCCS OPERATOR 830-6163 DSN 230
Auto Skills Center Auto Service Station Barber Shop Barber Shop (C&E Exchange) Barber Shop (Camp Wilson) Beauty Shop Blood Stripes (NCO Club) Bowling Center (Sandy Hill Lanes) Bowling Center Snack Bar Bright Beginnings Childcare Center Carls Jr. C&E Exchange Camp Wilson Exchange Camp Wilson Fitness Center Camp Wilson Warrior Club Career Resource Office (CRO) Catering Office CREDO Charlies Coffee House Churchs Chicken Combat Center Library Combat Center Officers' Club Community Center Desert Winds Golf Course Drug Demand Reduction Center Duffer's Retreat (Golf Course) Dry Cleaners East Gym and Fitness Center Enlisted Club (Excursions) Exceptional Family Member Program (EFMP) Enterprise Rent-A-Car Excursions (Enlisted Club) Family Advocacy Program (FAP) Family Child Care 830-7527 830-6693 830-6163 x250 830-4101 830-7821 830-6163 x249 830-4140 830-6422 830-1316 830-3227 x252 830-5607 830-4104 830-7821 830-4353 830-5613 830-7225 830-8429 830-4989 830-4103 368-4031 830-6875 830-6610/6706 830-3380 830-6132 830-6905 830-7253 830-6860 830-6440 830-6608 830-7740 830-6752 830-6608 830-6345 830-3227 x236

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Family Member Employment Assistance Program (FMEAP) General Counseling Golf Course (Desert Winds) Hashmarks (SNCO Club) Home Store Hospital Exchange/Ship's Store Information and Referral (I&R) Information, Tickets & Tours (ITT) JT Automotive Service Station Key Volunteer Network (KVN) Lake Havasu Trailers Laundromat Lifelong Learning Education Office Lifelong Learning Library Lifestyles, Insights, Networking, Knowledge & Skills (LINKS) Marine Corps Exchange (Main MCX) Marine Corps Family Team Building Marine Palms Exchange MCCS Directorate Military Clothing Military Communications Center NCO Club (Blood Stripes) New Horizons Childcare Center New Parent Support Program (NPSP) Ocotillo Exchange Officers' Club Optical Shop Outdoor Adventures Recreational Rentals Personal Financial Management Prevention & Relationship Enhancement Program (PREP) Prevention & Education Quick Break Sandwich Shop Red Pin Snack Bar (Bowling Center) Relocation Assistance Program (RAP) Retired Activities Office (RAO) Sandy Hill Lanes Bowling Center

830-7225 830-6345 830-6132 830-6610/5080 830-6163 830-2039 830-6344 830-6163 x252 830-6693 830-4163 830-6163 x252 830-6163 830-6881 830-6875 830-1696 830-6163 830-4163 830-5610 830-6870 830-6560 830-4691 830-4140 830-3227 x222 830-7622 830-5614 830-6610/6706 830-6163 x226 830-7235 830-7342 830-6464 830-4950 830-6163 x251 830-1316 830-4028 830-7550 830-6422

SATO Travel
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School-age Care Program Service Station (JT Automotive) Seven Day Store/Package Store Single Marine Program Skeet Range Sleepy Tortoise Lodge (TLF) SNCO Club (Hashmarks) Soft-land Video Sports Program Spouse Learning Series Sprint In-Room Phone Service Stables Substance Abuse Counseling Center (SACC) Subway Sandwiches Sunset Cinema Swimming Pools Taco Bell Tailor Shop Teen Program Temporary Lodging Facility (Sleepy Tortoise) Theater Transition Assistance Program (TAP) Twilight Dunes Mobile Home Park Veterinary Services Voluntary Education Office Volunteer Programs West Gym Wood Hobby Shop Youth & Teen Oasis Youth Sports The Zone Recreation Center

830-3227 x273 830-6615 830-6163 x256 830-4767 830-7235 830-6573 830-6610/5080 830-6163 x254 830-6857 830-4163 830-4016 830-7235 830-6376 830-1782 830-7269 830-6212 830-4850 830-6011 830-3227 x273 830-6573 830-7269 830-7225 830-6583 830-6896 830-6881 830-4262 830-6451 830-7214 830-3227 x273 830-3227 x272 830-8454

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Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center, 29 Palms PHONE LIST (Area Code 760 unless indicated)
INFORMATION AND REFERRAL CENTER: 1-877-727-5300 EMERGENCY: EMERGENCY DUTY CHAPLAIN AMERICAN RED CROSS 911 (If on base with a Cell Phone 830-3333) 760-830-2190 877-272-7337 830-7200/cell 401-6393 830-6157/6189 830-6806 830-6503 830-5549 830-6387 830-6620 830-7196

Duty Officers (for after hours): Combat Center: Base Duty Officer MCCES (Comm. / Elec School) HQBN (Headquarters Battalion) 1st Marine Division: 7th Marines (1/7, 2/7, 3/7, 3/4): 3/11 1st Tanks 3rd LAR Delta Co AAV 3d Marine Aircraft Wing: 1st Force Serv Suprt Grp: MWSS-374 VMU-1 CLB-7

830-6792 830-5680 830-5134/4750

Important Numbers: American Red Cross Armed Services YMCA Base Automated Operator Base Locator Billeting Career Resource Center (Employment) Chaplain (Base) Children, Youth and Teen Programs (CYTP) Counseling Services (CS) Credit Union Pacific Marine DEERS (ID Cards) Exceptional Family Member Program (EFMP) Fort Sill National Bank Housing Office Housing Maintenance

830-6685 (1-877-272-7337) 830-7481 830-6000 830-7441/8332 830-6642 830-7225 830-6304 830-3227 830-6345 830-6103 830-7326 830-7740 830-3744 830-6611 830-6528 DWH 1-866-358-9502 AWH IPAC 830-1818 Information and Referral (I & R for MCCS programs) 830-6344 (1-877-727-5300) Legal Office 830-6111

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Lincoln Military Housing Maintenance Marine Corps Family Team Building (MCFTB) MCX-Marine Corp Exchange Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society Personal Financial Management - PFM Personal Readiness and Community Support PMO Public Affairs Office Relocation Assistance Substance Abuse Counseling Center Taxes Traffic Management Office (TMO) Temporary Lodging Facility Family Housing Office Telephone Numbers: Ken Tinquist Housing Director Admin Support Assistant Mike Harz Personnel Support Mgr Housing Referral Wanda Thomas NCO Counselor Christy Parker SNCO/Officer Counselor JE Counselor Richard Jackson PPV Liasion/Maint Mgr. Front Desk Fax Number Vista Del Sol Teresa Williams Mgr Inspector Section Bud Greene Hsg Mgmt Asst. Inspector Joe Davis & 1-100 Aztec Inspector Two Mile & 101-200 Aztec Vista Del Sol Fax Maintenance Numbers FSSI Maintenance. After hours maint. Don Wilson Juan Duran MCCS Marketing Dave McGee Office Machine Repair (Janeen) Pat Sanford

1-888-578-4141 830-4163/5131 830-6163 830-6323 830-7342 830-6344 830-6800 830-6213 830-4028/6540 830-6376 830-4829 830-6119 830-6573 830-1702 830-1705 830-1704 830-1706 830-1709 830-1708 830-1707 830-1703 830-6111 830-6469 361-6051 361-6158 361-6158 361-6158 361-6052 361-1086 272-1993/1995 272-1994 272-1996 830-5054 830-7192 830-6954 830-5172

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Additional Resource and Assistance Programs Base: ASYMC Thrift Shop Family Supplemental Subsistence Allowance (FSSA) Duty Chaplain: Chaplains and Local Clergy Naval Hospital E.R: Intervention & Treatment: Behavioral Health: PMO: Important Hospital Phone Numbers: Information (Quarter Deck) Tricare Service Center Beneficiary Counseling Officer Command Customer Relations Officer Consult Shop HBA/Debt Collection Assistance Operational Fleet Marine/Medical Liaison Pharmacy Refills Outpatient Services Pharmacy Refills

830-6847 830-7342/1818 830-2190 830-6304 830-2354 830-6345 830-2398 830-6800 830-3333 911 830-2190 888-874-9378 830-2978 830-2475 830-2590 830-2978 830-2303 830-2406 830-2752 830-2448 830-2406

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WEB SITES & OTHER INFORMATION RESOURCES FOR MILITARY FAMILIES - Headquarters United States Marine Corps - Marine Corps Community Services HQMC -Marine Forces Reserve - Navy Web Site - Marine Corps/Navy/Army/Air Force Times Stars and Stripes - DOD site Military Base Sites Packages - Online Military Resource Center - - Military Information Deployment Information - Marine Corps Reserve Support Command
MCAGCC/MAGTFTC Unit Web Sites: 7th Marines Regiment - 1st Battalion 7th Marines 2nd Battalion 7th Marines 3rd Battalion 7th Marines 1st Tanks Battalion 3rd Battalion 4th Marines 3rd Battalion 11th Marines 3rd Light Armored Reconnaissance Battalion CLB-7 3d Assault Amphibian Battalion MWSS-374 VMU-1 CLB-7

Twentynine Palms Web Sites: 29 palms MCCS Marine Corps Community Support City of 29 Palms Home Page

Finical Web Sites: - Starting your financial fitness - Saving and Investing

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Spouse Web Sites: - MILITARY ONESOURCE for Military Families- (800) 342-9647 User id: military password: onesource - Marine Spouses Web Site - Operation Home Front (866) 424-5210

WEB Sites about craft ideas and talking to your children about war and stress: - Military Child Education Coalition - Childrens Activity Cupboard/Trash to Treasure Crafts - Craft and childrens activities - Inexpensive craft/party items Understanding childrens reaction - Talking to your child about war - Talking to children about terrorism - Helping Children & Families During Deployment Lessons Learned from the Military Helping Children Cope with the Challenges of War and Terrorism

Other Helpful Web Sites: - Navy Moms - For parents of Marines For Parents of Marines - For Parents of Marines - Support for Military parents - Decca Commissary Site - History & Military References American Academy of Pediatrics website offering information and support for the military family Military Child Education Coalition Deputy under Secretary of Defense for Military Community and Family Policy Military Family Research Institute at Purdue University Serving U.S. Government Employees as relates to embassy duty National Military Family Association Military Teens on the Move

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Helpful Resources List for Wounded Marines and Sailors 4 Military A Million Thanks Alabama Job Links Alaska State Department of Military and Veterans Affairs America Support You American Disability Association American Freedom Foundation American Legion, The. 202-861-2700 American Military University. 1-877-468-6268 America Supports you. Americans Job Bank AMVETS: 1-877-726-8387 Army Emergency Relief. Any Solider Arizona State Department of Veterans Affairs Arizona Workforce Connection Arkansas Department of Workforce Services Armed Forces Foundation Blinded Veterans Organization California Employment Development Department California State Department of Veterans Affairs Career Command Post CAUSE Children of Fallen Soldiers Relief Fund Coalition of troop Support Coalition to Salute Americans Heroes Computer/Electronic Accommodations Program. (CAP) Colorado Department of Labor and Employment Connecticut Department of Labor DANTES Defenders of Freedom Department of Veteran Affairs. 1-800-827-1000. Delaware Department of Labor Dept. of Navy Civilians Human Resources Disabled Veterans of America. 1-877-426-2838 Gov Benefits: Helmets to Hardhats. 866-741-6210 Helping our Heroes Foundation Homes for Our Troops: Marine 4 Life. Military One Source: 1-800-342-9647. Military Order of the Purple Heart, The. 703-642-5360. National Center for PTSD. National Family Caregivers Association. National Military Family Association. National Resource Center on Supportive Housing and Home Modification. Navy Marine Corps Relief Society: Operation First Response. Operation Home Front.

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10 Safe Harbor. 1-877-746-8563. Serving Those Who Serve. Soldiers Angles. 615-676-0239. Tragedy Assistance Program. USA Cares. Veterans of Foreign Wars. 202-453-5230 Wounded Warrior Project. 1-540-342-0032 ARC Armed Forces Emergency Service Center. 1-877-272-7337 Military Severely Injured Center: 1-888-774-1361 AMPUTATIONS Amputee Coalition of America. Amputee Resource Foundation of America National Amputation Foundation, The. 517-887-3600 BLINDNESS American Foundation for the Blind Blind Links Blinded Veterans Association: 1-800-669-7079 Guide Dogs HEAD INJURIES Brain Injury Association of America: 1-800-444-6443 The Brain Injury Information Network Brain Injury Resource Center Defense and Veterans Brain Injury Center Traumatic Brain Injury Survival Guide SPINAL CORD/PARALYSIS National Spinal Cord Injury Association Paralyzed Veterans of America United Spinal Association: 1-800-807-0192

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TWENTYNINE PALMS DEFENSE COMMISSARY AGENCY ***We open half an hour early for our Disabled Customers!!*** Store Operational Hours: Sunday 1200-1800 Monday Closed Tuesday 1000-1900 Wednesday 1000-1900 Thursday 1000-1900 Friday 1000-1900 Saturday 1000-1900 PAPER VS. PLASTIC Commissaries tally nearly 100 million customer transactions annually and the agency spent about $20 million on bags last year. The cost of paper bags has increased 34 percent in the past years, while plastic bag costs have risen 84 percent. Baggers will bag in paper bags unless otherwise asked. SMP EVENT Single Marine Event please contact our customer service manager, Ms. Andrea Largent with any questions at 830-7572 x3010. CARRY OUT SERVICES Your commissary offers free grocery carryout service. Baggers are required to take your groceries to your car to be able to return the cart into the store in order to prevent damage to vehicles due to high winds or rain. UPCOMING DATES FOR THE FISH ROAD SHOW Come and take advantage of our savings on delicious seafood. For more information please our customer service department with any questions. UNIT SPECIAL ORDERS ALL orders need to be placed at least 3 days prior to needing the product. ALL bread orders require a 7 day notice. This is to ensure your order is complete and ready for you. When faxing an order, please give an additional day!!! Please fax orders to: (760) 830-6325. SPECIAL ORDERS If you contact the commissary at least 72 hours in advance (please give 1 weeks notice for bread items), we can ensure that your order will be here waiting for you when you arrive. Meat and Produce orders take 48 hours advance notice. Please visit our Customer Service Office to obtain a special order form. You will need to provide: contact name, contact phone number, UPC of product and quantity needed. BAKERY DEPARTMENT Your bakery department offers a wide variety of cookies, cakes, and pies. We are proud to be offering 1st place National Pie Champion winner Cyrus OLearys cream pies (coconut, banana and French Silk).


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For all your party needs, your deli offers meat and cheese trays, imported olives, salads, and Willow Brook chicken wings (teriyaki, BBQ, and buffalo). Twentynine Palms Commissarys Phone Number Cyndy Fults, Store Director Joseph Reyes, Store Administrator Andrea Largent, Customer Service Belinda Soria, Produce Manager Bernard Gomieo, Meat Manager Secretary Website 830-7572 x3001 x3002 x3010 x3013 x3014 x3003

FIRE/LIFE SAFETY Calling 830-FIRE (830-3333/3334) from a cell phone on base gets you in touch with base emergency services FASTER than simply dialing 944 on your cell phone!

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Bldg. 1083 To keep your vehicle in top-notch shape, we offer state-of-the-art equipment and knowledgeable staff to assist you with all of your automotive projects. A fully equipped shop at your finger tips.


Bldg. 5411 Hours are flexible depending on the needs of the CAX Commander. Cardiovascular equipment, free weights, and weight loaded machines.


Bldg. 1004 Community Center space is available free of charge for almost any function Mon.-Fri. with reservation, and on weekends for $10 per hour upon approval. Please submit a letter of request to facility manager.


Bldg. 3812 18 holes, driving range, new clubhouse and pro shop. PGA golf pro available for classes. Active Duty Day each Monday


Bldg. 1588 Please Note: the East Gym is not open on weekends during the summer. Composition testing and "one stop" personal training. For free personal trainer and microfit testing by appointment, call 830-6440.


Bldg. 1533 Discounts on regional attractions, trips, charters, and more.

LAKE HAVASU COTTAGES- 830-6163 x252/378

Bldg. 1533 Crazy Horse Campground at Lake Havasu provides a perfect setting for our 9 vacation rentals. $35 per night Sunday through Thursday, and $45 Friday and Saturday. These cottages fill up fast, call to make your reservation today. $50 REFUNDABLE DEPOSIT


Bldg. 1262 Recreational Rentals: winter sports, summer sports, camping, water, party gear, and Jupiter Jump inflatable. A current list of all items is available on the MCCS website.


Bldg. 1584 Created by C. M. Curtin 14

Enjoy bowling on our newly resurfaced lanes. A pro shop is available for your bowling supply needs. The Red Pin Snack Bar serves delicious lunch and dinner items. Birthday party packages and group specials are available.


Bldg. 1531 (Located in The Zone, next to Taco Bell) Special events and FUN tours designed especially for single Marines and Sailors Call your SMP Coordinator for more information or visit our website at


Bldg. 1341 Sign up for intramural sports or reserve MCAGCC fields and outdoor courts. Intramurals include football, basketball, softball, tennis, bowling, and swimming, golf, cross country, volleyball, soccer, racquetball, and more.

STABLES- 830-7235
Bldg. 1262 This self-care boarding facility for your horses includes stall, tack locker, round pen, pasture, mini-arena, covered shoeing area, wash racks, and miles of trails!


Bldg. 1510 Movie schedule published weekly in Observation Post, MCCS E-News, and MCCS website at and always available at the theater. Snack bar.

SWIMMING POOLS- 830-6212/7250/6727

Bldg. 1508 Training Tank Bldg. 1576 Officer/SNCO Pool Bldg. 697 Family Pool


Bldg. 1518/19 Free weights, strength machinery, cardiovascular equipment, and "one stop" personal training. For free personal trainer and micro fit testing by appointment, call 830-6440. WOOD HOBBY SHOP- 830-7214 Bldg. 1342 Wood and tools are available to make entertainment centers, plaques, cabinets, shelves and more. Nominal fee for tool use. Patrons must attend a free 60-minute safety class prior to using the facility.


CARLS JR-830-5607
Bldg. 1081 Created by C. M. Curtin 15

Famous burgers, sandwiches, salads and breakfast.


Bldg. 1573 Call for all hands catering at the Combat Center Officers' Club, or other MCCS locations. Stop by the Officers' Club to pick up your catering menu today!


Bldg. 1863 (C&E Complex) Gourmet coffee, pastries, and a complete breakfast and lunch menu available to all hands. Television, books, video games and pool tables are available for your entertainment!


Bldg. 1573 After 4:30 p.m. 830-6706 Dining Hours: Call for current hours and dining specials.


Bldg. 3812 (at Desert Winds Golf Course) Full menu of hot and cold breakfast and lunch items. Daily lunch specials.


Inside MCX near 7-Day Store Hot and cold beverages . . . espresso, cappuccino, latte, iced mocha, fruit smoothies and much, much more! JASMINE'S Camp Wilson (across from the MCX) Hours: Contingent on CAX


Bldg. 1533 We offer big deli-style sandwiches made to order, soups, hot dogs, rotisserie chicken, beverages, and more! Day-before-payday Special: sandwich of selected choice half-price.


Bldg. 1584 (at Sandy Hill Lanes Bowling Center) Full menu of hot and cold lunch and dinner items. Dine in or take out.


Bldg. 1517 A variety of world famous sandwiches and salads.

TACO BELL- 830-4850

Bldg. 1531 South of the border favorites!

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WARRIOR CLUB- 830-5613

Bldg. 5410 (Camp Wilson) Hours: Contingent on CAX An oasis in the desert with complete food and beverage service. Enjoy TV, video games, and pool tables.


Bldg. 1107 .

Bldg. 1532 Blood Stripes is available for private parties.


Bldg. 1573

EXCURSIONS (Enlisted Club) 830-6608

Bldg. 1532

HASHMARKS (SNCO Club) - 830-6610

Bldg. 1531 Hashmarks is available for private parties! After 4:30 p.m. 830-5080

Bldg. 690 (across from the Commissary)


Located behind Adobe Flats Housing Check-in at the Temporary Lodging Facility. (Bldg. 690) Recreational vehicle parking for eligible patrons.


Bldg. 1078

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Merchandise, Parts and Service Automated: (credit card only) gas pumps available 24hours a day.

BARBER SHOPS- 830-6163 x250

Bldg. 1533 (MCX Mall)

C&E Complex- 830-4101

Bldg. 1863 Bldg. 2347 (Camp Wilson) 830-7821 Hours: Contingent on CAX.

BEAUTY SHOP-830-6163x249
Bldg. 1533 (MCX Mall)

C&E EXCHANGE- 830-4104

Bldg. 1863 Food, beverages, sundries, books and more.


Bldg. 5400 (Camp Wilson) Hours: Contingent on CAX Food, beverages, sundries, books, music and more.


Bldg. 1524 Any cleaning and tailoring; shoe and boot repair.


Bldg. 1546 Rental cars for patrons 21 and over. Call in advance for reservations.

HOME STORE - 830-6163 x255

Bldg. 1536 Patio furniture, grills, hardware, gardening supplies and pet supplies.


Bldg. 1145 (Naval Hospital) Flowers, magazines, gifts, food and beverages.

Bldg. 1500 (behind Training Tank Pool) Hours: 7 Days a Week, 24 hours

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Bldg. 5414 (Camp Wilson) Hours: 7 Days a Week, 24 hours (Contingent on CAX)


Bldg. 1533 One stop department store shopping. UPS shipping and gift wrapping. Check Cashing department includes full service FREE Western Union.


Bldg. 1082 Food, beverages, toiletries and more. Located next door to Carlss Jr.


Bldg. 1530 Uniforms, chevrons, medals, 782 gear and more!


Bldg. 1519T1 (next to West Gym Fitness Center) Enjoy internet service, fax machine, copies, mailboxes & gift wrap. UPS & Fed Ex shipping available.


Bldg. 3851 Convenient shopping for Ocotillo and Fairway Heights housing.

OPTICAL SHOP- 830-6163 x226

Bldg. 1533 Bring in your eyeglass prescription for frames and lenses. Military Star Card accepted.

PHONE CENTERS- 830-6163 x204

Hours: Open 24 hours Located beside Subway Sandwiches and at Camp Wilson beside the Exchange. Rows of pay phones for your convenience.

SATO TRAVEL- 830-6622/6692

Bldg. 1102, Door 21 This full service travel agency offers services from airline tickets to cruise and vacation packages. Ask about military and special rates.


Bldg. 1533 Snacks, personal items, magazines, music and toiletries. Beer, wine and spirits can be purchased from 7:30 a.m.10 p.m. Hours subject to change during deployments.

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SOFTLAND VIDEO- 830-6163 x254

Bldg. 1533 Rent DVDs, Play station and X-Box games. After 4 p.m. 830-5637 x254


Bldg. 1028 Examinations and vaccinations for your pets.


Bldg 1531 The Zone Recreation Center is located next to Taco Bell. Swing by The Zone for the latest in arcade games, pool tables, and the SMP Movie Room running newly released movies.

Child, Youth, and Teen Programs

BRIGHT BEGINNINGS- 830-3227 x252
Bldg. 693 Hours: Call for current hours. Provides childcare for children 6 weeks to 3 years old.

FAMILY CHILDCARE- 830-3227 x236

Bldg. 694 Hours: Call for current hours. Certifies military spouses to provide childcare services in their homes.

NEW HORIZONS- 830-3227 x222

Bldg. 694 Hours: Call for current hours. Provides childcare for children 3 years to Kindergarten.

YOUTH SPORTS- 830-3227 x272

Bldg. 694 Hours: Call for current hours. For children ages 3-18, this program ranges from instructional to competitive sports.


Bldg. 692 Hours: Call for current hours. Provides care for children in 1st through 6th grades. After school transportation provided for 29 Palms Elementary and Condor Elementary.

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TEEN PROGRAM-830-3227 x272

Bldg. 692 Hours: Call for current hours. A place for kids in grades 7-12 to hang out (18-year-olds must still be in high school).

Bldg. 1438 (south end) Hours: Call for current hours. When it comes to career transitions, CRO is here for you. We help service and family members build their resumes for employment. Eligible patrons can become certified as a Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) in Word, Excel, Power Point, Outlook, or Access. This career enhancing opportunity is offered at no charge. Patrons can sign up for the Transition Assistance Program (TAP) class. TAP is mandatory for ALL separating military members regardless of the type of discharge.


Bldg. 1528S Hours: Call for current hours. Award winning program with Internet, videos, DVDs, audio cassettes, computers, FREE events for all ages and, of course, books!

Bldg. 1438 Hours: Call for current hours. Provides service members and their families with information on transitional and preparation assistance for future civilian endeavors. This four day workshop offers tips on job search techniques, resume preparation, personal interest inventories, internet job searches and dressing for success.

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Community Support Branch

All hours are subject to changes Please call for current hours


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Family Readiness and Community Support

Village Center Bldg 1551 (760) 830-6344 Monday - Friday, 0700 1630

Marine Corps Family Team Building and Community Support Branch is located in building 1551, The Village Center. Marine Corps Family Team Building and Community Support Branch provides sources of information, guidance, and assistance for active and retired service members, their families, as well as our single service members. Marine Corps Family Team Building and Community Support Branch has a team of highly skilled, highly trained, and motivated staff to assist in dealing with a variety of life situations. Services include: Information and Referral Personal Financial Management Program Relocation Assistance Marine Corps Family Team Building Exceptional Family Member Program Retired Activities Office Volunteer Programs The Marine Corps Family Team Building and Community Support Branch is open Monday through Friday, 0700 1630. Voice mail is in place for after hour calls with all calls being answered promptly the next working day. Marine Corps Family Team Building and Community Support Branch is a valuable leadership tool that is 100% free of charge and dedicated to serving those who serve us all.

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Information and Referral

Bldg 1551 (760) 830-6344 The Information and Referral (I & R) office is the gateway to information and referral services. The courteous staff will answer questions and provide directions to the appropriate resources both on and off base. I & R maintain current flyers and brochures about local agencies and programs, including pre-marriage packages containing a helpful checklist and other important information. They also produce a monthly calendar of Community Support classes and events, plus a comprehensive newsletter is published several times a year. Client Services New Joins Briefing A complete media presentation of all base programs and resources available. Pre-Deployment Briefings Unit presentation covering services and programs available for assistance should it be needed during the time the service member is away. Computer Kiosk Four Internet ready computers for use to retrieve/send email to loved ones or to just Internet search. Single Military Parent Media presentation covering the services available for the special needs of a single military parent. Corporals Course An in-depth media presentation geared toward the Junior Leader. Providing a leadership toolbox of products and services to improve their leadership abilities. Social Services Information Child Development Center Armed Services YMCA Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society Second Hand Rose Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) Dept. of Social Services (food stamps) Hotline for Food Pantry

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Relocation Assistance Program

Bldg 1551 (760) 830-4028 The Relocation Assistance Programs assists service members and their families with making a smooth inbound or outbound move. An experienced staff can provide an individualized appointment where their entitlements will be explained, as well as answering any questions that the service member may have. Client Services SITES Manual Standard Information Topic Exchange Provides info on specific installations o Phone numbers o Locations of agencies/programs o Local area info o Info on climate, community, schools PCS Housing Information Phone numbers Average wait time Average community housing costs BAH rates Loan Locker When they arrive at a new duty stations and their household goods do not, they can check out dishes, pots, pans, and other kitchen items for a maximum of 30 days and then they must be returned. PCS Workshops A general overview of emotion pitfalls, pay and entitlements, and additional information sources associated with a PCS move. Maps Planned and printed directions to their new duty station. The cover page highlights time, cumulative distance traveled, and how many miles on each road. Maps can be customized to include any stops or detours the client wishes to make. A listing of motels along the way can also be added. Program can be tailored to individual features such as if traveling with pets or children, restaurants, and hotel prices. Welcome Aboard Packages We can request Welcome Aboard Packages from other installations as well as provide incoming families one from Twentynine Palms. Included in this package

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are brochures and other information about the base, the local area, and things to do. These are mailed via the military post office, and their request should be made well in advance of arrival at their destination base, approximately 3-4 weeks. Welcome Aboard Videos A video tour of various bases is available for checkout. Overseas Connection Workshop on overseas PCS move Coast-to-Coast Connection Workshop on stateside PCS move Monthly Monthly

Customs & Courtesies As Requested Brief on Japanese and Iraqi customer and courtesies PCS (MCCES) As Requested PCS move brief aimed at Marines who are going to experience their 1st PCS move Welcome Aboard As Requested Informational brief covering base and local community activities, services and programs. MCCS Overview As Requested Informational brief covering only MCCS Personnel Services programs and services Sponsorship Workshop on how to be a good sponsor As Requested

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Personal Financial Management Program

(760) 830-7342 The Personal Financial Management Program is a starting point for service members and their families to acquire financial management skills and consumer education. The demands of military life are challenging. Providing the military community with the basic principles and practices of sound money management makes theses demands attainable and improves the balance between military career and family life. Consumer education and financial management skills are tools necessary to receive maximum benefits from the military paycheck and reduces the worry and frustration over the continual changes in the military life-style. When Marines have financial problems or are not satisfied with their standard of living, they may not be thinking about their job as a Marine or they may consider leaving the Corps. It is, therefore, crucial to readiness and retention for Marines to be comfortable with their standard of living and their income. Client Services

Individualized Counseling
Financial Awareness Discover spending patterns Debt rehabilitation Creditor intervention Information and referral Consumer education

Reduction of financial stressors Promote financial awareness Reduction in returns from deployments Working tool for Commands Enhance readiness and retention Improved Quality of Life

Command Financial Specialist Training

Intensive training program Commanders tool to increase Marines mission readiness Provides comprehensive and proactive approach to helping service members with financial concerns

Presentations Available
Tackling Debt/Taking Charge of Credit Basic Budgeting Car Buying Maneuvers Checkbook Management Covering Your Risks (Insurance) Pre-Deployment Planning Financial Challenges (Marriage, Divorce, Transition & Retirement) Corporals Course New Joins Brief

CD ROM Training
Financially Fit, Mission Ready Personal Financial Management

Created by C. M. Curtin


Exceptional Family Member Program

Bldg 1551 (760) 830-7740 The Exceptional Family Member Program (EFMP) is designed to provide assistance to active duty personnel with family member(s) who have special needs before, during, and after relocation due to Permanent Change of Station (PCS) orders. It is a mandatory enrollment program (MCO P1754.4A) for active duty. An exceptional family member is an authorized family member (spouse, child, step-child, adopted child, foster child, or dependent parent) residing with the sponsor who may require special medical or educational services based upon a diagnosed physical, intellectual, or emotional need. This includes, but is not limited to, Asthma, Cerebral Palsy, Mental Retardation, Dyslexia, ADD, ADHD, Autism, Oppositional Defiant Disorder or Depression. Disabilities may range from mild to severe. Client Services Enrollment Categories Category 1: Needs generally do not limit assignment Category 2: Pinpoint assignment overseas and within the Continental United States Category 3: No overseas assignment Coordinators serve as advocates for local program activities and issues

Category 4: Assignment within major medical areas within the Continental United States *A Sponsor Assigned as a Category 4* EFMP may be authorized priority assignment to government housing (NO PRIORITY HOUSING OVERSEAS) EFMP Coordinator

Program Benefits Local support groups State and National Parent Training Centers Protection and advocacy groups TriCare Region and local TriCare Service Centers Local school district special education offices, DoDEA, DDESS, DoDDs schools *Special programs, services, and adaptations that is unique to the local installations and its surrounding community. * Structural Adaptations to Government Housing If a sponsor enrolled in the program resides in government housing, necessary structural adaptations will be made in compliance with PL 93112 and DOD 1020.1 regulations.

Created by C. M. Curtin


Volunteer Programs
Bldg 1551 (760) 830-4163 The Volunteer Programs Office serves to enhance combat readiness by strengthening military families. The programs function is to involve individual spouses, retirees, active duty military, and other members as volunteers in the active life on the Combat Center. The program serves the military community by creating a pool of talented volunteers who make MCAGCC a better place to live and work. Family members can maintain current skills, learn new skills, build resume experience, meet new people, and become more involved in the community around them. In addition, the program seeks to help strengthen an organizations work force and to provide services to an organizations clients in a more effective and efficient manner. Volunteers can be found at the following places (but are not limited to):

Transition Assistance Management Program Information and Referral Relocation Assistance Program Family Readiness Team Center Education Religious Ministries Directorate Retired Activities Office L.I.N.K.S. Key Volunteer Network Navy Marine Corps Relief Society American Red Cross Armed Services YMCA Toys for Tots (seasonal) Youth Programs Public Affairs Office Single Marine Program ASYMCA Thrift Store

Created by C. M. Curtin 29

Retired Activities Office

Bldg 1551 (760) 830-7550 Marine Corps Community Services is focused on providing the Retiree community with the valued goods and service that they are have earned with their many years of dedicated service. To this end, MCCS has established Retiree Affairs Programs at each of our bases and stations that offer information about issues of interest to retirees and serves as a focal point for the group. The Retired Activities Office (RAO) was established to assist retired military members and their families with issues relating to their pay, benefits, and entitlements. The RAO acts as a single point of contact within the command at each military installation. When military resources cannot provide assistance, RAO has a responsibility to help meet a retirees or family members needs through other available programs and services. While this is not always possible, RAO will work to protect your privacy, promote your well being and advocate for you. Client Services Casualty Assistance Casualty assistance to families of military retirees on procedures to obtain and maintain military benefits. Completing various DFAS forms Completion of Dept. of VA forms Arrange for Military Honors Update DEERs eligibility Legal Assistance Liaison for burial at sea and/or spreading of cremated remains at sea Uniformed Services Former Spouses Protection Act Information per the uniformed former Spouses Protection Act. Retiree Seminar Coordination and implementation of the annual retiree seminar. Additional Service Organizations Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society American Red Cross Provide assistance with tax preparation Participate in local advisory committees

Created by C. M. Curtin 30

Marine Corps Family Team Building

Bldg. 1551 (760) 830-3110 Marine Corps Family Team Building (MCFTB) provides educational resources and services to foster personal growth and enhance the readiness of Marine Corps families. MCFTB is comprised of the following: Key Volunteer Network (KVN)/ Family Readiness Volunteers; Lifestyle Insights, Networking, Knowledge and Skills (L.I.N.K.S.); Spouses Leadership Seminar (SLS); Prevention and Relationship Enhancement Program (PREP); and Chaplains Religious Enrichment and Development Operations (CREDO). These programs are supported at all major installations by Marine Corps Community Services (MCCS) through a MCFTB office. The L.I.N.K.S. and KVN programs are supported Marine Corps spouse volunteer. Client Services Key Volunteer Network (KVN) The communication link between the Commanding Officer and the families. Provides information and referral to the families. Created by Christina CurtinLifestyles, Insights, Networking, Knowledge, & Skills (L.I.N.K.S.) Offers orientation to the Marine Corps lifestyle through spouse-to-spouse mentoring and group discussions. Relaxed atmosphere. FREE childcare. Prevention and Relationship Enhancement Program (PREP) A program that teaches couples how to increase communication and enhance marital success. Chaplains Religious Enrichment Development Operations (CREDO) A program that helps Marines and their families develop personal spiritual growth.

Created by C. M. Curtin 31

Additional Assistance Programs

Counseling Services Buildings 1437 and 1438 Family Advocacy Program (FAP) (760) 830-6345 Family Advocacy is a program designed to assist families experiencing the trauma of abuse. Counselors are trained in the dynamics of abuse in order to assist in protecting victims, as well as seeking ways to support families in need of assistance. There are many negative consequences that affect families experiencing abuse. Support resources include information on spouse and child abuse, victim advocacy, counseling for individuals, couples and children, as well as support groups for men and women. These services are provided, free of charge, for those seeking help. Additionally, classes on stress management, anger management, child and teen parenting, financial management and building self-esteem, are offered to educate individuals in dealing with stressful situations. Anyone experiencing abuse is encouraged to seek help immediately. Research shows that the earlier help occurs the sooner families can make positive changes. Research also proves that without assistance abuse problems persist and become more unbearable over time. Counseling Options for Military & Their Families MCAGCC offers a wide array of workshops, classes, counseling and self-help opportunities for Marines, Sailors and their families to cope with the emotional stresses of todays Marine Corps. AMMO-All-hands MCAGCC Monday Outreach Open Door Counseling Mondays 1700-1900, MCCS Counseling Center, Building 1438, phone 830-6245. On site general counseling is available for personal, relationships, material, anger management and substance abuse issues. Handout information on the variety of topics is also available from Prevention and Education during Open Door Counseling. On-Installation Services Family Advocacy Program Building 1438, 830-6345. Individual, couple and child counseling. Assist with the mandatory and voluntary group and individual counseling for active-duty Marines and dependents following incident. Includes Victim Advocacy. Substance Abuse Counseling Center Building 1437, 830-6376. Counseling and classes for active-duty military abs adults dependents with substance-abuse issues.

Created by C. M. Curtin 32

Prevention & Education Building 1438, 830-4950. Provides training programs to commands aboard the base. Included are: Stress Management, Anger Management, Conflict Resolution, and Prevention Brief. Handout information is available on a variety of issues pertinent to military families. Anger Management Programs go Monday 1300-1500. A short screening is required (Building 1438, Monday Friday 0800-1500) Prevention & relationship Enhancement Program (PREP) 830-6464 Chaplains Religious Enrichment Development Operation (CREDO) Build 1551, 8304989 Targets married and single service members, reservists on drilling status, family members, retirees and DoD offering Personal Growth, Spiritual Growth, and Marriage Enrichment Training, most in retreat settings. We also lead Unit Team Building Workshops and parenting and anger management training for individual Marine Corps units. There is no cost to participants or units for any CREDO training. Food and lodging are provided for all retreat training, and transportation is provided for the Personal Growth and Spiritual Growth Retreats. To register call CREDO at 830-4989, Camp Pendleton at (760) 725-4954 (DSN 365-4954), or toll free at 1-877548-5407. Drug Demand Reduction Coordinator (DDRC) Bldg 1438 (760) 830-6905 For installations with Drug Demand Reduction Coordinators (DDRC), the DDRCs primary responsibility is to support Marine Corps illegal drug use prevention activities (e.g., DDR budget illegal drug use education, and urinalysis testing). Working with the Installation Alcohol Abuse Prevention Specialist to meet illegal drug use prevention needs, DDRCs will: Conduct ongoing assessments of tenant units illegal drug use prevention needs. Interviews with key personnel in military and civilian communities are essential to the assessment. o This information will be used to develop and revise the Drug Demand Reduction (DDR) program (e.g., DDR budget, annual plan and MOEs). o To accomplish this task, the DDRC will be required to use available surveys and reports in an ongoing effort to enhance the DDR program. Prepare, review, and maintain materials to be used in the DDR program (i.e., lesson plans, resource guides, films, and other sources of information). Provide illegal drug use prevention education to Marines and civilian employees on their installation. Plan and organize DDR events and activities on their installation. Disseminate educational materials to military/civilian employees. Maintain resources and contacts associated with the DDR effort. o These activities include marketing the DDR program. Perform other duties and responsibilities critical to the functioning of the DDR program (e.g., SACO/S training, budget, reports, urinalysis statistics and command inspections).

Created by C. M. Curtin 33

New Parent Support Program Bldg. 1438 (760) 830-7622 Complementary to the Children, Youth and Teen Programs, the NPSP offers a wide range of support services to military families with children from birth through five years of age. Client Services Dads Baby Boot Camp and Moms Basic Training: Classes provide expectant parents and those with a baby an understanding of the infants world along with basic skills necessary to care for the infant. Parent Classes: Classes provide hand on information for parents to make informed, responsible decisions about their toddlers and young children. Referrals: Assistance with information and referrals can be provided to help find the appropriate military and community services to meet family needs. Play morning: Play morning is an interactive playgroup designed to teach parents developmentally appropriate play and to help children improve their social, cognitive, and motor skills. Home Visits: Provides an opportunity to form a warm, caring bond with a professional who can help with concerns you may have as a parent or parent-to-be in the privacy of your home.

Child, Youth, and Teen Programs Bldg 692, 693, & 694 (760) 830 3227 Children, Youth, and Teen Programs focus on the needs of families in order to provide maximum access to useful, flexible, and affordable programs such as child development, social, recreational, and athletic programs. Children, youth and teens, ages 6 weeks to 18 years, are served in integrated, balanced, quality programs that support the continuum of the Marines family, on and off base. Child Development Centers (CDC) Programs are facility-based childcare services that support childcare needs for children ages 6 weeks through 12 years. Care options include full-day, part-day, and hourly care. Operating hours vary from installation to installation as determined by the needs of the base community and available resources. These programs, staffed by trained caregivers must meet the accreditation standards of the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC). All USMC CDCs comply with DoD standards for staff qualifications, program quality, safety, sanitation, and nutrition. CDCs receive regular comprehensive inspections.

Family Child Care (FCC) Created by C. M. Curtin 34

Family Child Care programs provide childcare in housing owned or leased by the government and under control of the installation commander. FCC providers are private contractors certified and monitored by the Command. Providing childcare in government owned or leased quarters is a privilege extended to family members at the discretion of the installation commander. Off-base Family Child Care (OFCC) programs provide childcare to eligible patrons in private homes located off the installation. Homes shall be registered with the local command and meet all requirements as established in an agreement between the installation and State and local officials. Options for care may be similar to FCC. Hours of service, ages of children and types of services are established by individual providers.

School Age Care (SAC) School age care (SAC) provides nationally accredited comprehensive, supervised child care services for children ages six through twelve or enrolled in kindergarten through sixth grade, during duty hours before and after school, full day camps, on school holidays, teacher in-service days, inter-sessions and during school closings. SAC provides a safe, supervised, healthy, age-appropriate environment while parents are at work. SAC programs shall complement, rather than duplicate, the school day. Resource and Referral Resource and Referral serves as the central enrollment registry to all eligible patrons seeking programs for their children, youth and teens. R & R office professionals can assist by providing general information on: Available children, youth and teen program options Youth sports Various types of care, to include full day, part day, center based, home based, hourly, extended day and respite/emergency care. Families with children with special needs R&R offices monitor vacancies and maintain waiting lists for installation-based programs. They also make and track referrals to local community programs. They can also provide a listing of available qualified Red Cross-trained and certified babysitters. Teen Activities Teen activities are available to develop physical, social, emotional and cognitive abilities while experiencing achievement, leadership, enjoyment, friendship and recognition. Installation teen councils afford teens the opportunities to let their interests be heard.

Youth Sports, Fitness and Recreation The sports Programs provide quality year round activities for boys and girls ages 6-18 years which offer continuity and sport diversity to meet the needs and interest of youth and teens. Programs such as soccer, baseball, and basketball are offered appropriate to age levels. These programs help youth and teens achieve and maintain fitness, acquire a broad Created by C. M. Curtin 35

range of physical skills, develop a sense of teamwork, cooperation and fairness that lead to healthy, active lifestyles.

Emergency Child Care

Short-term child care in supportive services in family or group facility due to an unexpected accident, illness, or hazardous living condition, which would not provide proper supervision for a child. PMO and the Hospital must be notified.

Respite Child Care

Short-term child care in supportive services in family or group facility for children to relieve stress, prevent child abuse and promote family unity for a parent, foster parent, guardian or family member.

Extended Child Care

Short-term child care in supportive services in family or group facility for situations when military families have unexpected duty, family illness, or family emergency and childcare cannot be covered through their regular childcare arrangements.

Lifelong Learning Programs Bldg. 1524 (760) 830-6881 (Education Office) Hours of Operation: Mon-Thur, 0730-1700, Created by C. M. Curtin 36

Fri 0730-1630 The entire Lifelong Learning community will provide a world-class educational program that offers opportunities and that inspire and prepare Marines for success in their professional lives. Lifelong Learning will assist Marines with career progression, enlightenment and strengthen the Corps personnel base. Lifelong Learning will provide goals for the Marine Corps Community and guide them into the next century by assisting in the development of the "Total Marine." Client Services
Marine Deployed Education Programs Library Programs Marine Corps Satellite Education Network (MCSEN) Military Academic Skills Program (MASP) Military Installation Voluntary Education Review (MIVER) Montgomery GI Bill Sailor/Marine American Council on Education Registry Transcript (SMART) Service members Opportunity Colleges Marine Corps (SOCMAR) United Services Military Apprenticeship Program (USMAP)- Marines and Sailors with civilian equivalent MOS can record hours and get certificate from the Department Of Labor Military Tuition Assistance (TA) - all first time Tuition Assistance users are required to attend a Tuition Assistance Brief before submitting the form for assistance. This brief is designed to help first time, or returning, students prepare to return to college. Held every Wednesday at 1300 and Friday at 1100 at the Education Center.

Counseling: Academic advisement for both active duty and family members. No appointment necessary. Testing: Military and DANTES (ACT/SAT, CLEP, GED, etc.) tests available to active duty Marines and Sailors.

Copper Mountain Community College: Local community college; classes held on campus in Joshua Tree and on base Tuition only $26/credit hour Bldg 1526N, 830-6133 National University: Private 4 year school out of La Jolla, CA; classes held on base All classes 4 weeks long Bldg 1526S, 830-6887

Created by C. M. Curtin 37

Transition Assistance Management Program Bldg 1438 (760) 830-7225 The mission of the Transition Assistance Management Program (TAMP) is to improve the Quality of Life of transitioning military and their families. This is done through the development and delivery of quality employment services and career development activities. The needs and ideas of the Marine Corps community and a belief in peoples ability to make desired changes on their lives are important in creating and providing the programs and activities at the TAMP and in the community. Together they identify and clarify community employment needs and they develop solutions to create community change and career satisfaction. A team of Certified Human Resources and Career Professionals staffs the Transition Assistance Management Program. Client Services Family Member Employment Assistance Program (FMEAP) Specifically designed to assist military spouses, family members, retirees, MCCS, and civil service employees in finding local employment. Provides up to date job listings Employment workshops o Resume (civilian & federal) o Skills development o Interview techniques Assists with relocation and employment opportunities at next duty station Maintains contact with private companies, temp agencies, and government hiring authorities that have the power to hire. Microsoft Office User Specialist (MOUS) Certification Virtually everyone who is looking for a job needs to be able to claim computer proficiency. MOUS training provides that proficiency. Transition Assistance Management Program (TAP) A mandatory 4- day program facilitated by the CA Employment Development Department (EDD). Pre-Seps is a 1-day mandatory briefing for all separating service members. Also offer: Resume Creation Public Employment Computer Lab Services Department of Defense Job Kit o A computerized registry service that allows transitioning members and family members to upload their resume onto the DoD network. Transition Bulletin Board (TBB) o Americas Job Bank and Internet sources provide the hottest job listings.

Created by C. M. Curtin 38

Armed Services YMCA Bldg: 696 830-7481

The Mission of the ASYMCA is developing a healthy mind, body and sprit for military personal and their families stationed at 29 Palms. With our primary focus on enhancing the lives of the young enlisted personnel and their families through value oriented educational, recreational, and social programs. Client Services Operation Hero- After school enrichment program addresses issues military children face. Kids Care Club- Second phase of Operation Hero that introduces children to volunteerism. Parent /Child Interactive Program- Age appropriate programs for children 6 month -5 years and their parents. Fitness and Fun- Children 1-5 years enjoy fun and entertainment while parents attend fitness classes at the community center. Bread Friday- Free bread on a limited basis each Friday until gone. Wounded Comrade Program- Assistance for military personnel wounded in Iraq or Mojave Viper based on their needs. Fallen Hero Program- Assistance for family members of those military personal lost in Iraq. ASYMCA Thrift Store- Purpose to help military personal and their families by providing reasonably priced donated items for purchase. Free uniforms to active duty personnel (only). Donations can be accepted during business hours.

Created by C. M. Curtin 39

Additional Resource and Assistance Programs

American Red Cross Bldg 1551 (760) 830-6685 The American Red Cross knows that when your family member is either stationed far from home or on an overseas deployment, problems may arise. We can help you with emergency messages while your loved one is away from home. Common types of American Red Cross messages include: Illness: Verification of illness or injury includes diagnosis and prognosis information Death: Verification of death and description of funeral plans Birth: verification of birth of child, including weight, length, time of birth, health of mother and baby, etc. Health and Welfare Inquiry: At least 30 days without contact from service member unless immediate concern for safety such as suicide. Leave Extension: Provides verification of emergency that occurs during leave. Financial Emergency: Provides a way for family to contact service member in the event of a financial emergency. Anyone can initiate a Red Cross message by calling 1-877-272-7337 (24 hours) or by calling their nearest American Red Cross chapter or station. You can reach our local Twentynine Palms American Red Cross Station by calling 760-830-6685. Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society Bldg 1551 (760) 830-6323 A non-profit charitable organization designed to provide emergency financial, educational, and other assistance to members of military services, eligible family members, and survivors when in need. Home visiting nurse Food locker BUDGET FOR BABY ALL EXPECTANT PARENTS Wednesdays 10 am 12 noon Provides budgeting training for parents-to-be, free Jr. Seabag. Call Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society at 830-6323 to sign up today! ***Attendees must be at least 3 months pregnant & no more than one month postpartum***

Created by C. M. Curtin 40

Single Marine Program Bldg 1522 (760) 830-4767 Offers recreation and entertainment for single Marines and Sailors. In addition to parties, trips and recreational events, SMP gives participants opportunities to build life skills through volunteer work in community service programs for various trips and activities. SMP also addresses Quality of Life issues affecting the single service members aboard the combat Center. Traffic Management Office (TMO) Bldg 1102 (760) 830-6119 The Personal Property Section of the Traffic Management Office handles inbound and outbound unaccompanied baggage and household effects of personnel reporting or detaching for duty from the Combat Center. DEERS Bldg 1551 (760) 830-7441 Services include enrollment of dependants into the DEERS system and issuance of I.D. cards for active duty, retired and reserve service members and their families. Staff Judge Advocate Office Bldg 1515 (760) 830-6111 Provides assistance to military members on board the Combat Center, their family members, and to local retirees. Walk-in appointments on a first come, first serve basis on Tuesdays starting at 0730 and on Thursdays starting at 1330 until filled.

Created by C. M. Curtin 41

Robert E. Bush Naval Hospital Bldg 1145 (760) 830-2190 (760) 830-2286 (appointments) Robert E. Bush Naval Hospital is fully accredited by the Joint Commission on the Accreditation of Health Care Organizations (JCAHO). Accreditation is a professional recognition of hospitals, which strive to provide high-quality health care. The hospital contains 22 beds but has room to expand to 36. The hospital has an Emergency Medical Department, three operating rooms, and a new 7 bed Desert Beginnings Labor Delivery Recovery and Postpartum (LDRP) Unit, and 15 bed MultiService Ward (MSW) for inpatient care. A modern full-service pharmacy, laboratory, radiology department and a physical therapy clinic are also available to beneficiaries. Medical services available at the hospital include Audiology, Nutrition Clinic, Family Medicine/Internal Medicine/Acute Care Clinic, Pediatrics, Immunization Clinic, Obstetrics/Gynecology, General Surgery, Orthopedics, Optometry, and Behavioral Health Services. Specialty support and referrals for major inpatient and outpatient care not available locally are often provided by one of the local network hospitals such as, Desert Regional Medical Center in Palm Springs, Loma Linda University Medical Center, Naval Medical Center San Diego, and University California Los Angeles. Medical support in some complex cases may not be readily available. Family members and retirees may be referred to civilian sources of care; using benefits covered under one of the TRICARE programs. TRICARE Prime patients enrolled at Robert E. Bush Naval Hospital have priority for access to care. For enrollment into TRICARE, contact the hospital Health Benefits Advisor (HBA) at 830-2978. The HBA will provide education and counseling for all TRICARE Beneficiaries on their benefits, how to access care and various other issues related to the Military Health Plan. Additionally, the HBA functions as the Debt Collection Assistance Officer (DCAO) to help beneficiaries solve medical billing questions. For further information on TRICARE call 1-888-874-9378 or visit TRICARE Web Site at: . For information on the TRICARE Service Centers visit the HSSC web site at: To contact the Quarterdeck at Robert E. Bush Naval Hospital, call (760) 830-2190 Additional information is available on the hospital's web page at: . The hospital mailing address: COMMANDING OFFICER NAVAL HOSPITAL ATTN SECTION/CODE/TITLE MAGTFTC MCAGCC BOX 788250 TWENTYNINE PALMS CA 92278-8250

TRICARE Created by C. M. Curtin 42

1-888-TRIWEST (1-888-874-9378) TRIWEST Service Center Tricare Prime Provider locator: Cost- No deductibles, no enrollment fees, no co-pays Service- Access to Military Treatment Facilities or TRICARE network providers Enrollment- required Advantage- Portability- when you PCS or go TDY, TRICARE Prime moves with you Tricare Extra Provider locator: or Cost- Deductible and 15% cost share Service- Only TRICARE network providers Enrollment- Not required; just show military ID Advantage- Claim paperwork submitted by provider Tricare Standard Provider locator- 877-773-5450 Cost- Deductible and 20% cost share and a co-pay Service- Broad access to medical care providers Enrollment- Not required; just show military ID Advantage- Freedom to choose any TRICARE-authorized provider, so you have the largest choice of doctors. Who is Eligible for TRICARE Benefits: An active duty family member A military retiree A military retiree family member A surviving eligible family member of a deceased active duty or retired service member A ward, preadoptive child or former spouse of an active duty or retired service member Enrolled in the Defense Enrollment Eligibility Reporting System (DEERS) 800-334-4162 What to bring to appointments: Military ID card Tricare ID card

Created by C. M. Curtin 43

Housing Office
Bldg. 1003 (760) 830-6611/1702 The housing facilities at Twentynine Palms are located in dispersed sections of the Combat Center as well as facilities off the base. Applications for Family Housing: Marines and Sailors need to make sure you apply before you deploy. You can apply for housing 30 days prior to date of marriage. Must bring in proof of marriage within 30 days after you are married. Dont forget to leave a Power of Attorney for your spouse. Vacating Quarters: If you currently live in housing and plan on vacating you need to give a 30 day notice of your intent to vacate housing. AA Form to Re-Apply: You will be required to submit an AA form before you can get back on the housing list. You must wait 1 year before submitting your AA form. If you are retaining government quarters: Your family members are still responsible for upkeep on your yard. Having spouse deployed isnt an excuse for not maintaining your yard. No single military members are allowed in your government quarters in the absence of your military sponsor. Parking is for residents of family housing only. Dont offer to store your buddies vehicle in your housing area. Visitors: Must be registered with Family Housing Office 30 days or less requires a Visitors Pass to be filled out in our office More than 30 days requires an AA form through the sponsors unit. Absence from Quarters (THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT IN THE EVENT OF AN EMERGENCY) 30 days or less there is an Absence from Quarters from in the Family Housing Office that you need to complete. 31-90 days needs an AA form submitted through your spouses unit. You must have someone who will be responsible for your yard care in your absence. Abandoned Quarters: Military Sponsor will be financially responsible for the costs of vacating housing in the event of abandoned quarters.

Created by C. M. Curtin 44

Local Community Services

All hours are subject to changes Please call for current hours


Appliance, Furniture, and Carpet Stores Created by C. M. Curtin 45

A-OK Appliance & Repair B&L Furniture Liquidators Carpet Connection D&S Floor Covering Harts Furniture High Desert Furniture & Appliance Petersons Upholstery Plaza Furniture Mart Premiere Carpet Care Quality Furniture Liquidators Wholesale Upholstery Art & Craft Stores Florals Etc by Pat Noahs Ark Collection Shop Art and Cultural Displays 29 Palms Art Gallery 29 Palms Old Schoolhouse Museum Action Council for 29 Palms A Roadside Attraction Marilyn Fernald Gallery Auto Parts, Service, Rentals and Dealerships Auto Zone #5634 B&B Auto Parts Barr Auto Recyclers Bill Jones Auto Detail Budget Truck Rental Desert Cycle Works Enterprise Rent A Car Good Guys Vehicle Dismantling High Desert Tire Hydro Blast Mobile Washing Jiffy Lube Johns Hands on Wash Car Wash Lee Usher Tire Napa Auto Parts Yucca Valley Chrysler Dealership Chiropractic, Massage, Therapy & Physical Therapy Yvonne Warfield, Massage Deborah Scott Massage High Desert Health Center High Desert Physical Rehabilitation Ctr. Massage Masters Natasha Hauswald Massage Tanya Howard Massage Therapy & Spa Computer Sales, Software & Repair

367-5037 367-2222 367-7671 367-7671 367-4278 361-1944 367-7070 367-9817 367-4416 361-3144 361-6001 367-4322 368-9213 367-7819 367-2366 361-2286 362-4100 367-5257 367-1138 367-7014 367-7716 367-2508 367-9313 361-3226 367-3385 367-1178 367-5133 367-6108 367-1797 367-0012 367-1429 367-7578 367-1919 660-0580 361-3344 367-2010 367-1743 367-4438 367-3505 361-3326

Created by C. M. Curtin 46

Bullet Computers Collins Computer Innovations Computer Maintenance & Concepts Computer Zone PCz by AJ Sidekicks Computers The Computer Experience Convenience Drug and Liquor Stores 29 Convenience Store 29 Palms Arco 29 Palms Liquor Circle K Store # 348 Circle K Store # 743 Joshua Liquor Mart 7-Eleven Rite Aid # 5685 The Water Spout Dining 29 Palms Inn Adobe Deli Bowladium Caf Burger King Carousel Caf China Inn Chinese Restaurant Del Taco # 396 Dennys Dominos Pizza Edchadas Mexican Restaurant Foster Freeze Fuji Restaurant How How Chinese Restaurant Jack in the Box # 3563 KFC Little Caesars Pizza McDonalds Palms Restaurant Peking Inn Pizza Hut Rib Co. Rockys N.Y. Santanas Mexican Food Subway The Jelly Donut Wonder Garden

361-2454 367-7932 367-4535 361-9663 362-4777 361-3942 361-4121 367-5292 367-2676 367-9807 367-6116 367-7319 367-9807 367-2509 367-9189 361-7500 367-3505 367-6757 367-3333 367-2111 367-3736 367-9393 367-9366 361-3550 367-3514 367-2131 367-3903 367-1718 367-0568 361-5117 367-6878 361-0020 367-1247 361-2810 367-3288 367-2806 367-1663 367-9526 361-0202 361-6732 361-4202 367-4799

Entertainment & Recreation Created by C. M. Curtin 47

29 Palms Pistol and Rifle Club Blessed Sacrament Bingo Break-N-Run Billiards Hollywood Video # 005-928 The Bowladium The Stumps Sports Silver Screen Nightclub Smiths Ranch Drive In Superstar Video Florist, Gifts and Jewelry 29 Palms Art Gallery 29 Palms Old Schoolhouse Museum A Roadside Attraction Belle Star # 2 Country Corners Florist & Gifts Croft Diamond Corp De Morrows Jewelry and Repair Desert Silverworks Flower Garden Henry R Mockels Gifts Holley Mobile Marketplace Jaylas Promise Julies Candle Attic & Collectibles OConner Graphics & Screen Printing The Desert Experience The Silk Purse Triple Nichols Farms Framing, Music & Photography Services D.L. Bowden Frame Shop Geoffrey Preston Photography Immortal Images Music Etc Pams Photo Place Radio Central Reflections Photography RockinBs Dj Solutions Grocery & Health Stores Desert Ranch Market Plaza Market 99 Cent City Mart Stater Bros Wonder Garden natural Food Market Hardware & Lumber Ace Hardware of 29 Palms Barr Lumber Co, Inc Internet Service & Sales

367-4402 367-3343 367-0019 361-1339 367-9502 367-4574 361-7661 367-7713 367-4448 367-7819 367-2366 362-4100 361-0716 361-1144 361-7998 367-7185 368-0933 367-1409 361-4832 361-9600 367-5765 361-1237 367-5835 367-1422 361-5707 362-4434 367-1174 367-9538 367-1024 367-5037 361-0080 367-3111 362-4264 361-1461 367-2434 367-7216 367-3464 367-2424 367-6535 367-1238 367-9125 367-7581 Created by C. M. Curtin 48

Alfonso Razo Gifts BK Zone C. Burton Enterprise Campbells Collectables Gifts for You and Yours H&F Graphics Home Expressions J&S Merchandising Mas Tango Productions M&C House of Gifts Yarn Spinners Hello & Goodbuy New & Used Bookstores Crossroads Christian Bookstore Excalibur Comic and Games Ravens Bookstore Packing & Shipping Supplies Itsutrade Boxes, ETC OConner Graphics Steves Office Supply Pet Grooming & Supplies 29 Palms Feed Gin-Bs Pet Motel Graysands Kennel Happy Trails Mobile Grooming Head to Tail Groomers Peculiar Pets Sporting, Camping, Outdoor Goods & Gun Sales Exile Board Shop G&S Sporting Goods Hi Desert Gun Shop Jerrys Custom Cycle Joshua Tree National Park Gift Shop RSE Custom Guns Tremco Enterprises Specialty Lodging 29 Palms Inn Homestead Inn & Spa Joshua Desert Retreats Roughley Manor Thrift Stores A Second Time Around Blessed Sacrament Thrift Treasure Chest

909-317-7712 361-9100 361-0461 367-9447 367-9538 361-0308 361-3109 367-0090 865-3095 362-4854 367-6275 367-6275 367-9464 367-4673 361-7107 362-4900 361-1233 367-5835 367-1959 361-8009 362-5154 362-4140 362-4474 361-3647 361-1433 361-5147 367-3555 367-9080 367-7374 367-5525 367-9691 367-6834 367-3505 367-0030 310-558-5544 367-3238 361-4716 367-0125 367-1908 Created by C. M. Curtin 49

MORONGO BASIN MILITARY DISCOUNT PROGRAM MERCHANT GUIDE We Support Our Troops! The following Morongo Basin merchants offer a discount to Military I.D. Card holders (incl. retirees, dependents, etc.) Just show your I.D. Card and ask for your discount. Antiques, Books, Gifts, Jewelry, Plants Croft Diamond Corps. 760-361-7998 Crystal Dragon Herbs & More 760-367-6002 De Morrows Jewelry and Repair 760-367-7185 Enchanted Garden Gate 760-365-3681 Jodys Plant Shop 760-365-7441 Joshua Springs Calvary Chapel Bookstore 760-365-0769 Matties Corner 760-228-0700 Old Town Antiques 760-228-1300 Tease Shirts 760-228-2178 Appliance, Furniture, and Carpet Stores Carpet Connection Petersons Upholstery Steves Upholstery Wholesale Appliance 760-361-7671 760-367-7070 760-361-9228 760-361-6001 29 Palms 29 Palms 29 Palms Yucca Valley Yucca Valley Yucca Valley Yucca Valley Yucca Valley Yucca Valley 29 Palms 29 Palms 29 Palms 29 Palms 29 Palms 29 Palms 29 Palms 29 Palms 29 Palms 29 Palms 29 Palms Yucca Valley 29 Palms 29 Palms 29 Palms Yucca Valley 29 Palms 29 Palms 29 Palms Morongo Valley 29 Palms Created by C. M. Curtin 50

Auto Parts, Service, Rentals, and Dealerships Budget Truck Rental 760-367-9313 Good Guys Vehicle Dismantling 760-367-1178 High Desert Tire 760-367-5133 Johns Hands on Wash Car Wash 760-367-0012 Phelps Chevrolet/Nissan 760-365-2348 Barbers & Beauty Shop Adobe Barber & Styling Shop The Full Effect 760-361-3888 760-367-0161

Bridal, Tuxedo, Formal Wear & Party Rentals Memory Makers 760-369-2450 Cell Phones, Computer Sales, Software & Repair Collins Computer Innovations 760-367-7932 Computer Zone 760-361-9663 The Computer Experience 760-361-4121 CIT Computers 760-369-1222 Construction, Electrical Forster Construction GBC Electrical Services PCS Services Hi-Tek Electrical Services Cosmetics & Beauty Products Mary Kay Consultant (LeeAnn Clarke) 760-367-6808 760-367-0024 760-273-9675 760-363-6743 760-367-3840

Dining Wonder Garden Caf Fish & Brew Entertainment Club Silver Screen Fencing 29 Palms Fencing Fitness Centers Curves Fit for a Lady Johnston Family Fitness Ctr. Funeral Homes & Memorial Parks Weifels & Sons Mountain Valley Memorial Park Health Food Stores Wonder Garden health Food Sues Health Food Janitorial Services F-n-W Janitorial Milks Janitorial Locksmith Hi-Desert Lock & Key E&J Key, Locksmith

760-367-4799 760-365-1284 760-361-7661 760-361-7661 760-361-3065 760-361-8898 760-367-2440 760-367-3579 760-366-9210 760-367-1238 760-365-1158 760-362-4854 760-367-7685 760-367-9488 760-364-4421

29 Palms Yucca Valley 29 Palms 29 Palms 29 Palms 29 Palms 29 Palms 29 Palms Joshua Tree 29 Palms Yucca Valley 29 Palms 29 Palms 29 Palms Yucca Valley 29 Palms 29 Palms 29 Palms 29 Palms 29 Palms 29 Palms 29 Palms 29 Palms 29 Palms Yucca Valley 29 Palms 29 Palms Yucca Valley

Lodging Best Western Garden Inn & Suites 760-367-9141 Circle C Lodge 760-367-7415 El Rancho Delores 760-367-3528 Holiday Inn Express Hotel & Suites 760-361-4009 Homestead Inn 760-367-0030 Joshua Desert Retreats 310-558-5544 Roughley Manor 760-367-3238 Sunnyvale Garden Suites 760-361-3939 Sunset Motel 760-367-3484 Oasis of Eden Inn & Suites 760-365-6321 Massage Therapists Massage Therapist Valerie Driscoll Music Rockin Bs Dj Solutions Upwardly Mobile 760-386-3351 760-367-2434 760-365-5144

Created by C. M. Curtin 51

Packing & Shipping Supplies Itsutrade Boxes, Etc Paint, Hardware & Home Improvement Hi-TEK Electric Your High Desert Paint Store Yucca Valley Paint & Decorating Pet Grooming & Supplies Peculiar Pets TLC Pet Care & Bakery Photo Restoration

760-361-1233 760-363-6743 760-369-9097 760-365-6665 760-361-1433 760-365-0532 760-367-9538

29 Palms Morongo Valley Yucca Valley Yucca Valley 29 Palms Yucca Valley 29 Palms 29 Palms Yucca Valley

Signs, Graphics, Screenprinting, Embroidery & Promotional Items Gordon Family Graffix 760-361-7446 CYBER Photo-Graphics 760-369-1632 Sporting, Camping, Outdoor Goods, & Gun Sales Jerrys Custom Cycle 760-367-7374 29 Palms RV & Golf Resort 760-367-3320 Joshua Tree Lake RV & Campground 760-366-1213 Roadrunner Off-Road Rental 760-366-0358 Yucca Valley RV Park 760-365-5596 Storage Adobe Self Storage Cardinal Van & Storage Hi-Desert Moving Tattoo Service MediEvil Tattoo Co. Taxi & Limousine Services Hancock Limousine Thrift Store Hi-Desert Industries 760-367-2741 760-367-7529 760-367-9139 760-365-0400 760-228-0855 760-228-1860

29 Palms 29 Palms Joshua Tree Joshua Tree Yucca Valley 29 Palms 29 Palms 29 Palms Yucca Valley Yucca Valley Yucca Valley

Created by C. M. Curtin 52

CHAMBERS OF COMMERCE Twentynine Palms Chamber of Commerce 760-367-3445 Joshua Tree Chamber of Commerce 760-366-3723 Yucca Valley Chamber of Commerce 760-365-6323 Landers Area Chamber of Commerce 760-364-3924 The Chamber of Commerce is dedicated to meeting the needs of its members and the community by fostering economic opportunity and developing a favorable business climate while enhancing our quality of life. GOVERNMENT OFFICES Twentynine Palms Yucca Valley 760-367-6799 760-369-7207

The mission is to provide an open and effective City government that protects the health, safety and welfare of its citizens, maintains a strong sense of community, nurtures prosperity, and creates the highest quality of life with the resources available. Home of Joshua Tree National Park and Park Headquarters, proud host of the Marine Corps Air Ground Combat center, the worlds largest Marine Base, and with renowned world class mural and artists, the city offers a skilled labor force, a supportive business climate, pristine air, beautiful natural surroundings, desert and mountain vistas, and family lifestyle. Beyond the last of the traffic lights, we are the gateway to Mojave Desert, Joshua Tree National Park, the Mojave Preserve and the great California Outback. Enjoy our website, but experience the history, culture, lustrous starlit skies, breath taking sunsets and sunrises in person. Share our website with family and friends; use it as public access to your local government. Our goal is to provide information about our remarkable City to our citizens and visitors from near and far. Department of Public Social Services General Information Satellite Offices: 56357 Pima Trail Yucca Valley Ca 73629 Sun Valley Drive 29 Palms Ca 909-387-2020 760-338-5372 760-361-4336

Department of Public Social Services helps with Food Stamps. Please call the office nearest you to verify their hours of operation and to verify what documents you need in order to apply. San Bernardino Department of Public Health Nutrition Program Hot Line 1-800-643-6630 909-387-6261 Monday-Friday 8:00 am-3:00 pm For information about food programs or emergency food in San Bernardino County please call.

Created by C. M. Curtin 53

Government Contacts
Individual/Office Sen. Diane Feinstein Sen. Barbara Boxer Rep. Jerry Lewis [R] Rep. Mary Bono [R] Palm Springs Rep. Joe Baca [R] San Bernardino Rep. Susan Davis [R] San Diego Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger Fabian Nunez, [D] Speaker of Assembly Contact Number (202) 224-3841 (202) 224-3553 (909) 862-6030 (760) 320-1076 (909) 885-2222 Address 331 Hart Senate Office Building Washington, DC 20510 112 Hart Senate Office Building Washington, DC 20510 1150 Brookside Avenue, Suite J-5 Redlands, CA 92373 707 E. Tahquitz Canyon Way Suite #9 Palm Springs, CA 92262

201 North E Street, Suite 102 San Bernardino, CA 92401 4305 University, San Diego, CA 95814 State Capitol Building Sacramento, CA 95814 320 West 4th Street Room 1050 Los Angels, CA 90013 State Capitol, Room 3104 Sacramento, CA 94249-0029

(619) 280-5353 (916) 445-2841 (213) 620-4646

Hon. Michael Villines (916) 319-2029 Assembly Republican Leader Hon. Dick Ackerman(916) 445-9754 Senate Republican Leader

State Capitol, Room 305 Sacramento, CA 95814 1515 Clay Street, #2202 Oakland, CA 94612 6136 Adobe Rd. Twentynine Palms, CA 92277 57090 Twentynine Palms Highway Yucca Valley, CA 92284 385 North Arrowhead San Bernardino, CA 92415 385 North Arrowhead San Bernardino, CA 92415 385 North Arrowhead San Bernardino, CA 92415 Created by C. M. Curtin 54

Hon. Don Perata (510) 286-1333 [D] Calif. Senate Pro Tempore Hon. Joel Klink Mayor, Twentynine Palms Hon. Bill Neeb Mayor, Yucca Valley Hon. Brad Mitzefelt BdSups, First District Hon. Dennis Hansberger BdSups 3rd District Hon. Paul Biane BdSups Chairman (760) 367-6799 (760) 369-7207 (909) 387-4830 (909) 387-4855 (909) 387-4833

ID Theft Contact Info Identify theft occurs when someone uses your name or personal information, such as your Social Security number, drivers license number, credit card number, telephone number or other account numbers, without your permission. Identity thieves use this information to open credit accounts, bank accounts, telephone service accounts, and make major purchases-all in your name. Information can be used to take over your existing accounts, or open new accounts. Identity theft can result in damage to your credit rating and denials of credit and job offers. Equifax Order Credit Report Report Fraud Experian Order Credit Report Report Fraud Trans Union Order Credit Report Report Fraud 800-685-1111 800-525-6285

888-397-3742 888-397-3742

800-888-4213 800-680-7289

Federal Trade Commission ID Theft Hotline 1-877-IDTHEFT Privacy Rights Clearinghouse 619-298-3396 ID Theft Resource Center LIBRARIES Twentynine Palms Joshua Tree Yucca Valley 760-367-9519 760-366-8615 760-228-5455

The libraries offer different weekly programs with signing, reading, arts and crafts. Call for further information on the different programs offered. LICENSING SERVICES Drivers License 800-777-0133 Marriage License 760-366-5770 Pet Registration Twentynine Palms 760-367-0157 Created by C. M. Curtin 55

Yucca Valley


NATIONAL HOTEL & MOTEL CHAINS NAME RESERVATION # Motel 6 800-466-8356 Knights Inn 800-843-5644 Econo Lodge 800-553-2666 Red Roof Inn 800-843-7663 Sleep Inn 800-753-3746 Super 8 Motels800-800-8000 Baymont 800-428-3438 Best Inns/Suites 800-237-8466 Days Inn 800-329-7466 Shoneys Inns 800-222-2222 Travel Lodge 800-578-7878 Comfort Inn 800-441-7564 America Inn 800-634-3444 Best Western 800-528-1234 Fairfield Inn 800-228-2800 Howard Johnson 800-446-4656 La Quinta 800-531-5900 Quality Inns 800-228-5151 Ramada Inn 800-228-2828 Country Inn/Suites 800-456-4000 Dury Inns 800-325-8300 Hampton Inns 800-426-7866 Clarion 800-252-7466 Holiday Inn 800-465-4329 Morongo Unified School District Administration Office 367-9191 The Morongo Unified School District will dedicate its time, energy, and resources to improving student academic achievement. Condor Elementary Friendly Hill Elementary La Contenta Junior High Monument High School Oasis Elementary Palm Vista Elementary Twentynine Palms Elementary Twentynine Palms High School Twentynine Palms Junior High School Yucca Valley High School 367-0750 366-3811 228-1802 367-7273 367-3595 367-7538 367-3545 367-9591 367-9507 365-1138 COMMENTS Midwest, Southeast US

East, Midwest, South US, Western US

Midwest, Southeast US

Midwest, Southeast US Midwest US

Created by C. M. Curtin 56

Head Start/State Preschool San Bernardino County Yucca Valley Head Start 760-228-2808 Joshua Tree Head Start 760-366-9762 29 Palms Head Start - 760-367-2271 29 Palms Family Learning Center 760-367-1547 Free Comprehensive Child Development programs available to low in come families, families receiving CalWORKs/STNF and children with special needs. Serving 3 and 4 year olds Serving families regardless of citizenship status Full day program: 5 days per week Part Day program: 3 hour per day, 5 days per week with morning and afternoon session Services for children of domestic violence Services for foster children Nutritious meals Individualized services for families Assistance with transportation for children in some areas

Please bring the following information with you: 1) Verification of birth a) Birth Certificate, or b) Baptismal Certificate, or c) Medical Records, or d) Passport 2) Childs immunization records 3) Verification of income a) Check stubs b) Unemployment verification c) TABF recipients please bring Notices of Action 4) Medi-Cal card (if applies) 5) Foster parents or legal guardian must bring proof or guardianship

Reach-Out 29 760-361-1410 Reach-Out 29 is a network of congregation working in partnership with health and human services to train volunteers who provide support, assistance, education and referral services to people with needs in the community.

Created by C. M. Curtin 57

Realtors Century 21 Mirage 57370 29 Palms Hwy. Suite 101 Yucca Valley, CA 92284 (760) 365-2400 Del Gagnon Co., Inc. 73980 29 Palms Hwy Twentynine Palms, CA 92277 (760) 367-3535 DesertLand.Com 655 Palm Canyon Dr. Suite 211 Palm Springs, CA 92262 (760) 327-4842 Jennifer Cusack, Realtor PO Box 1257 Yucca Valley, CA 92286 (760) 567-9404 Katrina Nguyen Plaza Adobe Road Twentynine Palms, CA 92277 (760) 217-7873 Libbys Realty 73389 29 Palms Hwy Twentynine Palms, CA 92277 (760) 367-9521 Marr Realty & Rentals 73555 29 Palms Hwy Twentynine Palms, CA 92277 (760) 367-3568 MGI Realty, Inc. 6207 Sunrise Road Twentynine Palms, CA 92277 (760) 367-6068 Plaza Realtors 5688 Historic Plaza Twentynine Palms, CA 92277 (760) 367-5839 Plaza Realtors 29 Palms 5674 Historic Plaza Twentynine Palms, CA 92277 (760) 367-5643 Sabrina Commercial Real Estate & Investment Group P.O. Box 2290 Yucca Valley, CA 92286 (760) 369-9713 Tarbell Realtors 123 N. Palm Canyon #141 Palm Springs, CA 92262 (760) 401-1853 Triad, Realtors 73421 29 Palms Hwy Twentynine Palms, CA 92277 (760) 367-9585

Created by C. M. Curtin 58

TIME AND TEMPERATURE 760-345-3711 760-853-1212 TRANSPORTATION Airports Long Beach Airport 562-570-2600 Los Angeles International Airport 310-646-5252 Ontario International Airport 909-937-2811 Palm Springs International Airport 760-318-3800 Ground Morongo Basin Transit Authority (MBTA) 760-367-7433 Rail Amtrak 800-872-7245 UTILITIES Electricity Southern California Edison Company 800-655-4555 Gas Southern California Gas Company 800-427-2200 Telephone Verizon 800-483-1000 AT&T 800-288-2020 Cable Company Adelphia 877-789-3129 Direct TV 888-777-2454 Dish Network 800-815-7012 Waste Burrtec 760-367-9168 Water Twentynine Palms Water District 760-367-7546 Hi-Desert Water District 760-365-8333 Joshua Basin Water District 760-366-8438 Southern California Water Company 760-363-6615

Created by C. M. Curtin 59

Woman, infants, Children Program (WIC) 1-800-472-2321 1-909-387-8301 The Woman, Infants, Children (WIC) Program, is a nutrition program that helps pregnant women, new mothers and young children eat well and stay healthy. How to apply for WIC Call for information, appointment, and the location of the WIC Office nearest you. WIC can help Low to Medium income families. Women who are pregnant, breastfeeding an infant, children up to 5 years old, including foster children. Note: Working families may qualify. What can you get at WIC Checks to but health food. Information about nutrition and health to help your family eat well and be healthy. Support and information about breastfeeding your baby. Help in finding health care and other community services. VOTER REGISTRATION 800-345-VOTE To vote in an election, you must be registered to vote at least 29 days before that election. You need to re-register every time you move, change your name, or wish to change political parties. To obtain a Voter Registration Card, call the Secretary of States voter assistance hotline at 800-345-VOTE. You may register to vote if you meet the following requirements: You are a United States Citizen You are a resident of California You will be 18 years old by the date of the next election You are not in prison or on parole for conviction of a felony

Created by C. M. Curtin 60

Other Desert Communities

All hours are subject to changes Please call for current hours


Created by C. M. Curtin 61

Government Contacts
COACHELLA VALLEY ASSOCIATION OF GOVERNMENTS MEMBER JURISDICTION ROSTER City of Blythe 235 North Broadway Blythe, CA 92225 922-6161 (Fax 922-4938) Web address: Mayor Robert Crain Vice Mayor Chuck Grotke Councilmember Joseph De Coninck Councilmember Alfonso Hernandez Councilmember Beverly Mays City Manager Les Nelson Administrative Secretary Virgie Rivera City of Cathedral City 68-700 Avenida Lalo Guerrero Cathedral City, CA 92234 770-0340 (Fax 770-0399) Web address: Mayor Kathy De Rosa Mayor Pro Tem Bud England Councilmember Paul S. Marchand Councilmember Greg Pettis Councilmember Chuck Vasquez City Manager Donald Bradley Administrative Coordinator Teri McKeating City of Coachella 1515 Sixth Street Coachella, CA 92236 398-3502 (Fax 398-8117) Web address: Mayor Eduardo Garcia Mayor Pro Tem Jesse Villareal Councilmember Steven Hernandez Councilmember Richard Macknicki Councilmember Gilbert Ramirez, Jr. City Manager Jerry Santillan Administrative Assistant Andrea Carranza City of Desert Hot Springs 65950 Pierson Boulevard Desert Hot Springs, CA 92240 329-6411 (Fax 251-2072) Web address: Mayor Alex Biais Mayor Pro Tem Mary Stephens Councilmember Henry Hohenstein Councilmember Scott Matas Councilmember Yvonne Parks City Manager Assistant to the City Manager Cynthia Lugo City of Indian Wells 44-950 El Dorado Drive Indian Wells, CA 92210-7497 391-2489 (Fax 346-0407) Web address: Mayor Rob Bernheimer Mayor Pro Tem Mary Roche Councilmember Ed Monarch Councilmember Patrick Mullany Councilmember Larry Spicer City Manager Greg Johnson Executive Secretary Debbie Allen City of Indio P.O. Box 1788-100 Civic Center Mall Indio, CA 92201 391-4000 (Fax 391-4008) Web address: Mayor Ben Godfrey Mayor Pro Tem Lupe Ramos Watson Councilmember Melanie Fesmire Councilmember Gene Gilbert Councilmember Michael Wilson City Manager Glenn Southard Executive Assistant Martha Sommons

Created by C. M. Curtin 62

City of La Quinta 78-495 Calle Tampico La Quinta, CA 92253 777-7000 (Fax 777-7101) Web address: Mayor Don Adolph Mayor Pro Tem Stanley Sniff Councilmember Terry Henderson Councilmember Tom Kirk Councilmember Lee Osborne City Manager Tom Genovese Executive Assistant Wanda Wise-Latta City of Rancho Mirage 69-825 Highway 111 Rancho Mirage, CA 92262 324-4511 (Fax 324-8830) Web address: Mayor G. Dana Hobart Mayor Pro Tem Ron Meepos Councilmember Richard W. Kite Councilmember Gordon Moller Councilmember Alan Seman City Manager Patrick Pratt Executive Assistant Joni Almy City of Palm Desert 73-510 Fred Warning Drive Palm Desert, CA 92260-2578 346-0611 (Fax 340-0574) Web address: Mayor Richard Kelly Mayor Pro Tem Jean Benson Councilmember Jim Ferguson Councilmember Cindy Finerty Councilmember Rober Spiegel City Manager Carlos Ortega Secretary to City Manager Karen Russo City of Palm Springs 3200 East Tahquitz Canyon Way Palm Springs, CA 92262 323-8299/8200 (Fax 323-8207) Web address: Mayor Ron Oden Mayor Pro Tem Stephen Pougnet Councilmember Ginny Foat Councilmember Michael McCulloch Councilmember Chris Mills Cabazon Band of Mission Indians

City Manager David Ready Exec. Services Administrator Jan Truscott Tribal Chair Richard Milanovich Tribal Vice Chair Jeff Grubble Tribal Sec./Treasure Moraino Patencio Tribal Member Vincent Gonzales III Tribal Member Jeannette Prieto-Dadd Chief Planning Officer Thomas J. Davis (Ext.1322-650 Tahquitz Canyon Way PS, CA 92262 Fax: 325-6952) Executive Assistant Laura Fregozo County of Riverside 4080 Lemon Street, 5th Floor Riverside, CA 92502-1647 951-955-1100 (Fax 951-955-1105) Web address: 1st Supervisor Bob Buster 2nd Supervisor John Tavaglione 3rd Supervisor Jeff Stone 4th Supervisor Roy Wilson (73-710 Fred Waring Dr.Ste.222 Palm Desert, CA 92260 Fax: 760-863-8905) 5th Supervisor Mario Ashley County Executive Officer Larry Parrish Executive Secretary Diana Grant Torres Martinez Desert Cahuilla Indians P.O. Box 1160 66-725 Martinez Road 397-0300 (Fax 397-8146) Thermal, CA 92274 Web address: Tribal Chair Raymond Torres Tribal Vice Chair Faith Morreo Tribal Member Joseph Mirelez Tribal Member Mary Resvaloso Tribal Member Alfonso Loya (TAC) Tribal Secretary Alesia Reed Interim Tribal Administrator Thomas Gallager Executive Secretary Diana Chihuahua

Created by C. M. Curtin 63

84-245 Indio Springs Parkway Indio, Ca 92203-3499 342-2593 (Fax 347-7880) Web address: Tribal Chair John James 1st Tribal Vice Chair Charles Welmas 2nd Tribal Vice Chair David Roosevelt Tribal Sec./Treasurer Virginia Nichols Tribal Member April Rosales-Palmer


Department of Administration John Wohlmuth, Executive Director Joanna Stueckle, Executive Assistant Mary Godfrey, administrative Services Assistant Gary Leong, Director of Administrative Services Lance Albrecht, Information Technology Manager Vicki Mijares, Accounts Manager Department of Community Resources Aurora Kerr, Director of Community Resources Catherine McMillan, Governmental Svs. Director

Valarie Franklin, Program Assistant II Department of Transportation Allyn Waggle, Deputy Executive Director Anne Azzu, Transportation Engineer Carol Clapper, Associate Regional Planner Carol Rayner, Senior Program Assistant Department of Environmental Resources Katie Barrows, Director of Envrn. Resources Jim Sullivan, GIS Program Director Linda Rogers, Program Assistant II Nicholas Peihl, Technician

73-710 Fred Waring, Suite 200, Palm Desert, Ca 9260 (760)346-127 FAX (760)340-5949 CVAG Web site: Email address: CVMSHCP Site:

Created by C. M. Curtin 65

A Taste of Palm Springs 42-335 Washington Street, Suite F121 Palm Desert, CA 877-656-2453 Big League Dreams Sports Park 33700 Date Palm Drive Cathedral City, CA 706-324-5600 x202 Boomers! 67700 E. Palm Canyon Drive Cathedral City, CA 760-770-7522 Celebrity Tours of Palm Springs 4751 E. Palm Canyon Drive, Suite D Palm Springs, CA 888-805-2700 Desert Adventures Jeeps Eco Tours 74794 Lennon Place, Suit A Palm Desert, CA 888-440-JEEP Desert IMAX Theater 68-510 E. Palm Canyon Drive Cathedral City, CA 760-324-7333 Fabulous Palm Springs Follies 128 S. Palm Canyon Drive Palm Springs, CA 800-967-9997 The Gardens on El Paseo 73545 El Paseo, Suite 2500 Palm Desert, CA 760-862-1990

Coachella Valley Historical Society Museum Knotts Soak City Waterpark And Cultural Center 1500 Gene Autry Trail 82616 Miles Ave. Palm Springs, CA Indio, CA 760-327-0499 760.342.6651 The Living Desert COD Alumni Street Fair 47900 Portola Ave. 43500 Monterey Ave. Palm Desert, CA Palm Desert, CA 760-346-5694 760.776.152 Palm Springs Aerial Tram CopyKatz Showroom and Bistro 1 Tram road 210 Palm Canyon Drive Palm Springs, CA Palm Springs, CA 888-515-TRAM 888-771-6611 Palm Springs Power Baseball Coyote Ridge Stables 1901 E. Baristo 760-363-3380 Palm Springs, CA 760-864-6278 Palm Springs Village Fest 401 S. Pavilion Old Town La Quinta 78010 Main Street, Suite 205 Created by C. M. Curtin 66

Palm Springs, CA 760-320-3781 The River at Rancho Mirage 71800 Highway 111. Suite A208 Rancho Mirage, CA 760-341-2711 Off Road Rentals 59511 Highway 111 Palm Springs, CA 760-325-0376 Certified Helicopter, Inc. 760-835-2349 Balloon Above the Desert 83232 East Avenue 44 Indio, CA 760-776-5785 Desert Highway Riders 4775 East Ramon Road Palm Springs, CA 800-567-HAWG Childrens Discovery Museum 71701 Gerald Ford Drive Rancho Mirage, CA 760-321-0602 x103 Palm Springs Air Museum 745 N. Gene Autry Trail Palm Springs, CA 760-778-6262 x223 McCallum Theater 73000 Fred Waring Drive Palm Desert, CA 760-340-ARTS P.F. Changs China Bistro 71800 Highway 111

La Quinta, CA 760-777-1770 Westfield Shopping Town Palm Desert 72840 Highway 111 Palm Desert, CA 760-346-2121 Cabazon Outlets 48750 Ceminole Drive, Suite 100 Cabazon, CA 951-922-3000 Black Angus Steak House 69640 Highway 111 Rancho Mirage, CA 760-404-1400 The Cheesecake Factory 71800 Highway 111 Rancho Mirage, CA 760-404-1400 Chop House 262 S. Palm Canyon Palm Springs, CA 760-320-4500 Hogs Breath Inn 78-065 Main Street La Quinta, CA 866-HOGS-888 Kaiser Grill 205 S. Palm Canyon Drive Palm Springs, CA 760-325-2794 Las Casuelas Terraza 222 S. Palm Canyon Drive Palm Springs, CA 760-325-2794 Enterprise Rent-A-Car 4040 Airport Center Drive Created by C. M. Curtin 67

Rancho Mirage, CA 760-776-4912 California Pizza Kitchen 123 N. Palm Canyon Drive Palm Desert, CA Transportation Palm Springs International Airport 3400 E. Tahquitz Canyon Way Palm Springs, CA 760-318-3800 Alaska Airlines 800-426-0333 Reservations 206-878-8393 Baggage Services American Airlines 800-433-7300 Reservations 800-535-5225 Baggage Services America West Airlines 800-235-9292 Reservations 800-363-2542 Baggage Services Continental Airlines 800-525-0280 Reservations 800-335-2247 Baggage Services Delta Airlines 800-221-1212 Reservations 800-221-1212 Baggage Services Horizon Air 800-547-9308 Reservations 206-878-8396 Baggage Services United Airlines 800-241-6522 Reservations 800-221-6903 Baggage Services Courtyard by Marriott 74-895 Frank Sinatra Drive

Palm Springs, CA 800-736-8227 Classicab 100 S. Sunrise Way, Suite 530 Palm Springs, CA 888-644-TAXI Cardiff limousine & Transportation 75-255 Sheryl Ave. Palm Desert, CA 800-669-0355 West Coast Events 45-769 Flower Street Indio, CA 888-862-1218 Amtrack 311 N. Indian Canyon Drive Palm Springs, CA 800-USA-RAIL Lodging Best Western Inn 1633 S. Palm Canyon Drive Palm Springs, CA 800-222-4678 Cathedral City Travelodge 67-495 Highway 111 Cathedral City, CA 800-578-7878 Comfort Inn 390 S. Indian Canyon Drive Palm Springs, CA 888-322-1997

Palm Canyon Inn 1450 S. Palm Canyon Drive Created by C. M. Curtin 68

Palm Desert, CA 800-321-2211 Deluxe Inn 82-455 Indio Blvd. Indio, CA 760.347.177 Desert Lodge 1177 S. Palm Canyon Drive Palm Springs, CA 800-385-6343 Economy Inn 82-275 Indio Blvd Indio, CA 760-775-2229 Fairfield Inn 72-322 Highway 111 Palm Desert, CA 800-228-2800 Hampton Inn & Suites 74-900 Gerald Ford Drive Palm Desert, CA 800-426-7866 Holiday Inn Express 74-675 Highway 111 Palm Desert, CA 800-HOLIDAY Indio Super 8 81-753 Highway 111 Indio, CA 760-342-0264 Motel 6 78-100 Varner Road Palm Desert, CA 800-466-8356

Palm Springs, CA 760-320-7767 Quality Inn 43-505 Monroe Street Indio, CA 800-228-5151 Vagabond Inn 1699 S. Palm Canyon Drive Palm Springs, CA 800-522-1555 Wyndham Palm Springs Hotel 888 E. Tahquitz Canyon Way Palm Springs, CA 800-996-3426

Created by C. M. Curtin 69