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PINELLAS SENIOR SQUADRON Civil Air Patrol - Florida Wing Albert Whitted Airport, St. Petersburg Phone (727) 821-8354 July and August 2009 Vol.XXVIII,No.4 Major Eugene Olson, Commander
Adrian Cuarta, 1 Lt Robert Smith, 1 Lt Jack Wholley, Maj Kenneth McMahon, LtCol Daniel Antrim, 2Lt Vivian Olson, LtCol Sal Valentino, 1Lt Emergency Services Officer, Deputy Commander Safety Officer, Personnel Administrative Officer Communications Officer, Logistics Officer Finance Officer Aerospace Education Officer, Historian Information Technology and Web Master

Saint Petersburg Squadron Civil Air Patrol Florida Wing SAINT PETERSBURG SQUADRON Avenue S.E. 579 8th Civil Air Patrol - Florida Wing P.O. Box 352 St. Petersburg, FL 33701

St. Petersburg, FL 33733

Wynelle Deese, 1Lt Larry Tellier, LtCol Larry McConnell, LtCol Walter Pleasants, Capt Henry Jones, Capt Joyce Nader, Capt Dr. David Johnson, Capt Dr. Cynthia Moody, SM 1

Public Affairs Officer, Propwash Editor, CISM Operations Officer Aircrew Training Specialist Flight Release Officer, Deputy Comm, Glider Ops Chaplain Legal Officer Medical Services Officer Professional Development Officer

World War II Weekend

On June 6th, Lt. Dan Antrim made his fourth consecutive visit to the annual World War II Weekend that is located at the Spaatz Airfield in Reading, Pa. This was a fantastic opportunity to visit time into 1944. This year, they hosted more than 1,000 re-creators and entertainers, over 70 aircraft and 200 World War II era vehicles as well as a very special group of guests. The weekend consisted of ten shows in one (1)Air show, (2) Military Vehicle Show, (3) 1940s Entertainment Festival, (4) Multiple War Front Displays, (5) Great American Home Front Displays, (6) WWII Battle re-creations, (7) Super Military Flea Market, (8)WWII Personality Impressions, (9) Talk to Local WWII vets and (10) National Veterans. There was a fully outfitted French Village with a dramatic infantry assault on open ground and a fully staffed field hospital.

Major Jack Wholley and Phyllis Budash did a dance exhibition tango at the ARMED FORCES MILITARY WAR MUSEUM on July 9th . The event was held in the Officers Club within the Museum which is a state of the art located off of Ulmerton Road.and 34 Way N. 46 people attended while CAP Major Wholley provided the entertainment. All active and retired military personnel are admitted free. Notice the military background.

The Great American Home Front display re-created a 1940s house, with a Radio station that was on the air, and a Department store with 1940 items for sale. There was a recreation of FDR greeting MacArthur as he arrived in a C-54. These two pictures were included to share Lt. Antrims week-end experiences to his friends in CAP. More will follow in the next Propwash.