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1) What are you most likely to use when playing a computer game? A. Touch screen B. Light pen C.


2) What would be the best way to move around a 3-D environment? A. Use a space mouse. B. Use a tracker ball. C. Use a keyboard.

3) What input device could tell you the price of a bar of chocolate? A. Mouse B. Bar code reader C. Optical mark reader

4) Hard copy is a term used to describe...? A. Writing on a hard board B. Printed output C. Storing information on the hard disk

5) What are the individual dots which make up a picture on the monitor screen called? A. Coloured spots B. Pixels C. Pixies

6) What do you need for an ink jet printer? A. A cartridge 6) Magnetic tape is a...? A. Serial access medium B. Random access medium C. A parallel access medium B. A drum C. A ribbon

7) The translator which perform macro expansion is called a? A) Macro processor 8) (B) Macro pre-processor (C) Micro pre-processor

The scheduling in which CPU is allocated to the process with least CPU-burst time is called.? (A) Priority Scheduling (B) Shortest job first Scheduling (C) Round Robin Scheduling

9) Memory utilization factor shall be computed as follows (A) memory in use/allocated memory. (B) memory in use/total memory connected.

(C) memory allocated/free existing memory. 10) An assembler is..? (A) programming language dependent. (B) syntax dependant. (C) machine dependant.


What is the output of this program ? void main() { int a=b=c=10; a=b=c=50; printf(\n %d %d %d,a,b,c); } A] 50 50 50 B] Compile Time Error C] 10 10 10 D] Three Gaebage value

12) What is sizeof In C ? A] Operator B] Reserve Word C] Both (A) and (B) D] Function

13) Which is not keyword in C ? A] typedef B] const C] near D] complex

14) What will be the output of the following program ? void main ( ) { int x=10,y=20; printf (\n %d,x,y); } A] 10 B] 20 C] 10 20 D] None of these

15) continue statement is used A] to go to the next iteration in a loop C] exit and return to the main function loop B] come out of a loop D] restarts iterations from beginning of

16) When a pipe is defined its either end can be utilized for reading / writing a. True b. False

17) The decimal number 29 is equivalent to the binary number: (a) 10111 (b) 11011 (c) 11101

18) The binary number 10110011 is equivalent to the hexadecimal number: (a) 93 (b) B3 (c) 113

19) The number 1011100008 is equivalent to: (a) 16016 (b) 5708 (c) 36810

20) What is the decimal value of the hexadecimal number FF? A. 30 B. 255 C. 256

21) What is the two.s complement of the binary number 11010000? A. 00101111 B. 00110000 C. 10000001

22) Which of the following is used as a primary storage device a) Magnetic tape b) PROM c) Floppy disk d) None of the above

23) Which operator in C is called a ternary operator A] if..then B] ++ C] ? D] ()

24) For IPC communication the OS employs an internally defined data-structure which is defined: a. In user space b. As a separate area which is neither in user space nor in kernel space c. In kernel space 25) Operating system is a) A collection of hardware components b) A collection of input-output devices c) A collection of software routines d) none of the above