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THIS WILL TO CONTROL, FOUNDED IN THE VERY ROOTS OF WESTERN METAPHYSICS, ENABLES AND UNLEASHES THE MOST HORRIFIC VIOLENCES AGAINST THOSE WHO REFUSE TO ACCOMMODATE THIS ETANOCENTRIC, DISCIPLINARY REGIME. ‘THE AFFIRMATIVE SIMPLY RECUPERATES THE DISCOURSE OF WESTERN SALVATION FROM WHICH THIS VIOLENCE EMANATES, TREATING PEOPLE AND PLACES AS “STANDING RESERVE,” READY AT HAND FOR THE REALIZATION OF A SUPPOSEDLY BENEVOLENT INTERNATIONALISM, DESPITE BEST INTENTIONS, THE SYSTEM OF THOUGHT FROM WHICH THE AFF PROJECT BEGINS RENDERS BOTH REPRESENTATIONAL AND MASSIVE IMPERIALIST VIOLENCE INEVITABLE SPANOS, PROFESSOR OF ENGLISH AT SUNY BINGHAMTON, 2000 [WILLIAM V., AMERICA’S SnaDow: AN ANATOMY OF EMPIRE, PAGES 56-59] other words, my invocation of Hidegges’s meditation on the ge- anealogy of the Occidental concept of the rue and the false suggests that ‘the contemporary genealogies of imperialism, which have turned 10 Heidegger's ontological genealogy of impe- sialism has not been to offer an alternative to that of Foucault, Said, and most postcolonial critics who would interrogate imperialism as an ‘economic andlor politcal practice ot as ecoriomico-political practice 10 Thave wed to make explicit by nruction of the metaphysical thinking of ‘the ontotheological tradition (and by thematizing the affliative eystem ‘of sedimented tropes inscribed in it) into the context of more “prac- tical” postcolonial critiques of jmpecaliem is that th it iscoursis, whether Foueauldian oc New Historicist or Marxist or na Sonali tend to be blind to (or refuse to take seriously) the Sime, Be Te Wir ea sec of ind tn cpap the oath cof being and as a relay of imperial practices this tate of mind compels. “The preceding interrogation of the ontotheological tradition has shown cash rabpatetrle A Che sei) the i (cla) internal struccare and its relation sp — sclousnsas alates compat sel before “reality.” no matter what its i, ouch gma ha i camo “iota tion oe recite or dqmnsin that it cansucceatagiance. As such an optical technology, xe perceives snd orders— renders imtelligible brings “peace” to— ‘ifeental thi ing imperatives of ts measuring center. The West represents the end ofthis oclarcentsc operation atthe tra that brings te peace of flllment, of completed development. But the destruction of he ontology ofthe ontorhcologial tation discloses that his ineligiity and this peace ofthe Wester dispensation — this Pax Metapbysia— are the consequences ofa blindnes to or a coercion or assormodaica ‘of anything or event that i external to its circamference i the seul, As such a transcendental diagramming or sracuring machine that senders being intelligible by accommodating “it” to its Jmminous mex- suring center, then, the Wesemn consiqusnesst an imperial conscious- ness not simply in elation to ontological alte. Is imperial pnsciougness in relation 19 whar che dominant the re “He's a god, mani ‘HEMEGGER KRITIK THE RAGE OF THE WORLD PICTURE — INC way sotto the collective “Third World” ‘sbjec. To seconstlate Fovowtles commentary on Benthan's Panopticon quoted exer ito Simos de bckgomnde! ocala beige Sn tural and optical system: aay and must be detached from any specific us.” As Ihave thoun, thie figure isthe (gridded) centered circle that isthe symbol of Beauty andor Perfection —and of Domination. In the modern (post-Enlightenment) era, the atio of this polyvalent diagram of knowledge/power takes the form of indirection. Its acto jz” * strategically intended not simply to hide the totalizing impecal wil power operative in it, but to encode that power in the semblance of ‘a benign project in behalf of the “improvement” (cultivation, develop- ‘ment, maturation) of the “unimproved” (uncultivated, underdeveloped, ‘dolecen) Othe. I represents the act of violence at a mediating and diesel prof ide oe ace © warty cons Th ancl” dopacnion i hremalaed ov Reo he Otero _ Mich it is practiced. But this change, as I have argued, should not be interpreted, as Fou- cult ifadvertently suggests and, especially, those postcolonial extes ‘who read Foucault literally assume, as a mutation thet occurs in the she Enlgrnmen shld end hs wD eS this four ag al ee ea ie Sore complicated, all the enabling Specs OF OTT Orgel gue thet, Thave thematized —the relay of tropes informing it, its structure, its ‘operational dynamics, and so on—are operative in this He's a.god, man! ‘UTNIF 2006