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-Sinai ..... Blessed land

The land of peace and beauty ......
Precious part of Egypt ..... God gifted with charming nature

and great wealth.

-Therefore, Egypt is making great effort to achieve development

.In this precious piece …
The development of the Sinai is one of the priorities of
President Mubarak
Particularly the central Sinai, where interest
Health, education, agriculture and social welfare
The people of this region because it is a main line of
.Against any external threats

-Hasana’s city.. Is the most important cities of the region

Central Sinai .... it’s, the largest province
North Sinai area, with an area of about
10,622 km

the population is

Herding and farming on Wells water.

- The Hasana’s city contain of 20 villages

The most important village is "Algefgafa”
The population of
Algefgafa village is about 10 thousand people, and despite
Of that... The village still
lacked from a permanent source of water
for drinking and agriculture .

- From here the ... " Algefgafa " On

The head of the priorities of the Egyptian government

- The Environment Ministry doing the best to continue

projects to maintain the environment in Egypt and to improve
The general health of the citizens.

- Engineer Maged George as usual is an active

Person he always going around to north
East and south and west ... to follow up
Projects which carried out by the Ministry to supply
The water problems.

- The "innovative ways" project to increase

Water Resources in Algefgafa village
North Sinai it was the result of cooperation ...
between the Italian Environment Ministry and
with the Ministry of Defense and The Ministry of Water
Resources and Irrigation And North Sinai Governorate

- The "innovative ways" project

To increase water resources in Algefgafa village
To provide the water resource to ensure
Access to safe drinking water to its population
With the water supply to ensure better

- The project is a model for Social Development

And economic as well as through non-conventional means
To provide drinking water to underserved areas and the
establishment of
New communities in desert areas.

- The Italian government ... represented in the

Italian Environment Ministry... Have had a major role
in the innovative ways project.
To increase water resources in Algegafa village

- The Italian government provision the financial support

and technical that was Necessary for the drilling of wells
and the establishment of village unit.

- And, as always, the Egyptian armed forces

continue the great development in
Egypt .. specifically in Sinai .