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Integrated Data Center and Cloud Monitoring Intelligent. Proactive. Secure.

Capitalize on new service delivery opportunities and increase operational efficiency. AccelOps monitoring solution cuts through operational silos and disparate infrastructure technologies to enable service reliability and SLA assurance with end-to-end visibility and actionable intelligence. Delivered as virtual appliance software or Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), AccelOps offers enterprises and services providers a highly automated, fully integrated and cost-effective means to monitor data center, network infrastructure and cloud environments.

Service Reliability Challenges

Enterprises and service providers must expand their service offerings and address SLA compliance while improving efficiency. At the same time, the complexity of their growing data centers, with multiple customers/divisions and technologies spread across on-premise, off-premise and cloud platforms, makes gaining operational oversight, pinpointing issues and coordinating responses challenging. With dynamic hosting and cloud computing, new network, server, VM and applications can be provisioned or changed dynamically and at various time periods. Given automated resource provisioning, it is also difficult to foresee the amount of capacity that will be required to monitor metrics, events, operations and status data all of which takes considerable processing power to mange virtual and cloud environments. Failure to handle and cross correlate this critical data puts organizations at operational risk and possible contractual liability. IT organizations and service providers require an integrated, dynamic and cost-effective IT management solution one that avoids paying for excess capacity, adding procurement costs and increasing administrative overhead. AccelOps offers a more integrated, comprehensive and cost-effective means to assure service commitments and optimize resources that overcomes the integration complexity, time-to-value, scalability and high TCO of legacy tools, open source and modular infrastructure monitoring approaches. With AccelOps, organization can:

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Efficiently monitor data center infrastructure and optimize service levels; centralize operational oversight across IT functional domains, as well as understand application and infrastructure component relationships to effectively track and enhance IT service delivery and quality Manage change; understand and verify changes made to resources, assure configuration integrity, optimize consolidation opportunities and anticipate the business impact due to changes Quickly find the root cause of an issue or problem (MTTR); pinpoint and triage infrastructure and service disruptions, degradation and faults faster, with fewer resources, and with immediate diagnostic details Optimize dynamic virtualized resources; reconcile and control VM sprawl, identify and resolve resource contention issues, reduce excessive VM movement, and analyze sophisticated problems Operationalize security and automate adhering to compliance mandates; extend SOC and NOC agility, map requirements to operational controls, and reduce reporting and audit expenditure Maintain monitoring performance and capacity; easily scale-out infrastructure monitoring capabilities to handle the new and burst operational data generated from dynamically provisioned environments.

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Integrated Data Center Monitoring and Service-Oriented Management

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AccelOps provides a single pane of glass to monitor data center, network infrastructure and cloud environments across performance, availability, security and change management from a business service perspective. The result offers IT organizations the benefits of: end-to-end visibility, service intelligence, efficient root-cause analysis, reduced MTTR and operational efficiency. The AccelOps platform puts the who, what, why, where, how and when details at the operators fingertips with unparalleled depth, breadth and value.

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Business Service Management / Service Level Management Performance Management / Network Behavior Analysis Application Monitoring / Availability Management Security Information Event Management Virtualization and Cloud Management Automated CMDB/ Change Management Event / Log consolidation and cross-correlation Network visualization and enterprise search Identity and location management with directory service integration Compliance and operational reporting automation

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Focus on Quality, Uptime and efficiency Instead of systems and technology

accelops automates data center, network and cloud-based monitoring from a 360 service perspective, instead of the traditional way as technologies and systems.

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The Problem
Achieving service levels with reduced budget, staff and resources Difficult to quickly and accurately map infrastructure and monitor changes Reactive IT, break-fit environment Inefficient root-cause analysis that consumes resources and lengthens MTTR Unwieldy to baseline, improve and bridge DC, VM and cloud infrastructures Operational silos that result in diminished service visibility, controls and reliability Disparate IT tools that propagate operational silos which contributes to operational inefficiency and adds operational costs Loosely integrated, cumbersome and expensive IT management suites

[ Integrated Data Center and Cloud Service Monitoring Platform ]

Business Services







CxO & Directors

Business Alignment
Operational Intelligence Service Level Agreements Governance & Compliance Capacity Planning

Reporting Operational Oversight

Change & Configuration Management (CMBD) Application Performance Management Identity, Access & Security & Behaviour Location Monitoring Monitoring Service to Application Mapping Root Cause Analysis Asset Management Virtualization Management

Operations & Engineering

Discovery, Correlation, Consolidation and Event Monitoring

Incoming Data


The Solution
Integrate core data center monitoring, alerting, investigation and reporting capabilities across infrastructure technologies and IT functional domains Centralize, normalize, cross-correlate and manage diverse health, performance, event/log and security data Automate infrastructure discovery, CDMB/change mgmt., service definition, business service tracking and proof of compliance Proactively identify, visualize, collaborate on and efficiently assess data center issues Accelerate time-to-value with built-in and extensible dashboards, reports and rules mapped to best practices Deliver an easy to use, integrated and scalable monitoring platform as a virtual appliance software or Software-as-aService (SaaS)






AccelOps offers an integrated and service-oriented platform for the collection, monitoring, analysis and detailed reporting on all performance and IT/event log data that cuts through networks, systems, applications, virtualization and technology boundaries. It is delivered as a Virtual appliance or as Software-as-a-service to offer customers implementation flexibility and as needed scale. The platform efficiently collects, processes and stores massive volumes of operational data, such as configurations, logs, network flow, events, VMs, application response, identity, directory services, and user activity from diverse sources in an IT environment, and analyzes the data in real-time and historically to yield comprehensive data center and cloud service oversight. AccelOps presents a holistic view into the health of your network, systems, applications and virtual environments through an intuitive, dynamic web 2.0 GUI. The solution not only monitors, trends and profiles performance and availability statistics, but also correlates configuration changes, hardware status, system processes and capacity, application response, VM movement and security events for immediate insight into operational baselines, application outage and degradation, resource usage, incidents and anomalous activity. With automated service mapping functionality and advanced cross-correlation, AccelOps identifies sophisticated issues and provides actionable intelligence to know: where an issue is occurring within an IT service, in what IT functional domain a problem exists, how a problem with a specific component affects different IT services, and the impact to SLA/service delivery.

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2011 AccelOps, Inc.

accelops advantages + 360 degree root-cause analysis to assess and resolve complex issues for service availability,
performance, security, change and compliance, with location and identity tracking

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Extensible knowledgebase of rules, dashboards and over 1000 report templates mapped to best practices Consolidated, Web 2.0 Console provides interactive and customizable means view dashboards, respond to incidents, examine event objects and attributes, investigate issues, generate reports, administer rules and manage the system. Agent-less infrastructure discovery, monitoring and trending including virtual systems Automated application-to-infrastructure business service mapping Change tracking and validation with auto-populating CMDB and interactive topology maps Event/log management, consolidation and correlation spanning network, system, application, VM, security, directory, access, identity, location and physical sources Business service change detection, prioritization, resolution analysis, trending and impact Network behavior analysis, availability, performance and security information management User monitoring; identity, login, class, location, wireless and mobile device (PDA/iPhone) Directory service integration and vulnerability assessment integration Network behavior analysis, system resource profiling and availability management Comprehensive Security Information Event Management and compliance automation Dynamic VM oversight: cross-correlate hardware, storage, VM, v-Switch, VLAN, guest host and application relationships, contention, movement and issues Application performance management with process and synthetic transaction monitoring Real-time and historic search with iterative filtering and convert to report / widget feature Clustered, virtual appliance architecture to readily scale-out performance and gain unlimited online data analysis.

accelops discovers your infrastructure and captures configurations, network flows, directory objects, user activity and operational events enterprise-wide. The solution automatically populates its built-in CMDB and cross-correlates the aggregated operational data and events to create baselines and track changes, problems and incidents. all the correlated and raw events are assessed dynamically and stored for long-term historic analysis and reporting employing both an optimized event data repository and commercial, open source relational database. Question
How do you efficiently monitor changes, performance trends, application response, user access and activity, system faults and security incidents, physical and virtual resource utilization, and compliance policies in order to meet service expectations and measure business service improvement?

Manually obtain network, device, system and application configuration details and baseline your infrastructure. Have IT staff from different departments exert resources to associate components, dependencies and metrics in order to define services and service levels. Try to capture, normalize, trend, store and maintain all configurations, transactions, directory objects, primary and secondary logins, and infrastructure events from all sources. Coordinate IT staff and spend time filtering the noise and analyzing the isolated ops data using a variety of tools. Figure out real anomalies, faults and incidents, and attempt to resolve issues according to service level priority. Manually assess the business impact of a change or correction. Record all observations to support internal audits, operational reports and compliance validation. Repeat often or deploy AccelOps.

AccelOps helps automate each part of the service management lifecycle to improve service reliability and quality. Through an innovative service carousel, interactive incident tables and topology maps, easily customizable dashboards, intuitive search and powerful rule features, AccelOps benefits the entire organization enabling team collaboration, IT functional group monitoring, as well as individual specialized focus.

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2011 AccelOps, Inc.

Integrated Data Center and Cloud Monitoring

operational Visibility Dynamic Service Management oversight

Integrated CMDB and VM Management

Intelligent Root-Cause analysis

IT Domain Dashboard Security

Streamline Investigations and Reporting

automated IT / Business Service Mapping

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2011 AccelOps, Inc.

automated Discovery, Service Definition and analytics

AccelOps breaks down existing management silos and makes IT service management tangible, effective and maintainable. Administrators can quickly define logical business service groups within AccelOps. Simple select an application or device, and AccelOps presents the relevant systems and infrastructure to deliver that service. AccelOps monitors the defined service, which dynamically inherits each respective components monitoring profile and key performance indicators (KPIs). Operators can apply additional service level attributes to any defined service. The pragmatic, service-oriented approach links the infrastructure directly to business and business services. Armed with this on-going operational intelligence, AccelOps rapidly pinpoints the cause of a IT/business service issue or how a component problem impacts multiple services. AccelOps continuously discovers, baselines and monitors your environment using standard, secure and vendor-specific protocols such as: SNMP, Syslog, network flow, WMI, MS-RPC, Cisco SDEE, Checkpoint LEA, JDBC, JMX, VMware VI-SDK, HTTPS, IMAP, IMAP over SSL, POP3, SSH, and Telnet without requiring agents. The system supports a broad number of popular and custom sources spanning network devices, systems, security, applications, directory services, virtualization, and even physical and environment controls. [1] Continuous Discovery

[2] app to Infrastructure Intelligence

[3] Rapid Service

accelops Virtual appliance (on-premise software)

Appliance usability and integration ease + software deployment and scale AccelOps Virtual Appliance software gives you the best of both worlds the simplicity, built-for purpose performance and immediate implementation benefits associated with appliances and the software means to readily extend performance capacity and distributed coverage. AccelOps Virtual Appliance is offered as a ready-to-run, turnkey datacenter and IT service management solution running as a guest host on a VMware server. This approach leverages the resource allocation and high availability features of the VMware platform. The optimized operational event data repository supports local, NFS and SAN based storage. AccelOps provides on-demand scalability with clustered, virtual appliance architecture. Cluster members can be readily added to enhance performance and gain unlimited online data analysis; avoiding the added cost to procure, deploy and maintain complicated, multi-component approaches.

[4] Service Monitoring Inherits KPIs

[5] add Service Level attributes

Protected Investment
AccelOps gives organizations the flexibility to purchase the Performance and Availability Module, the Security Information Event Management module, or both as an all-inone platform. Our convenient subscription licensing allows you to select the model you need today with the convenience to easily upgrade capacity. The subscription includes on-line technical support, telephone support, updates and upgrades. AccelOps elastic monitoring capacity leverages our clustered, virtual appliance architecture to cross-correlate and manage new and burst operational data on the fly without requiring to buy, deploy and maintain excess capacity supporting virtual and cloud-provisioned environments.

accelops Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)

No CAPEX, Pay-as-Use OPEX, Scale-as-Needed AccelOps Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) offers immediate use simply download and install the AccelOps SaaS on-premise client its that fast, that easy, that integrated and that efficient. AccelOps SaaS provides local operational data capture with a cloud service offering high performance data processing, continuous system monitoring and enterprise-grade storage. SaaS is identical to the on-premise solution and is fully customizable. SaaS security features include: SLA-guaranteed service availability, SAS70-2 certified physically secure site, authenticated access, encrypted data transmission, perimeter and network security, data segregation, role-based access controls and snapshot technology. Remove the capital expenditure and administrative burdens from the purchase equation. SaaS subscription offers continuous service availability with operational data analysis and online retention, maintenance and support.

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2011 AccelOps, Inc.

Integrated Data Center and Cloud Monitoring

FeaTUReS Comprehensive Data center Monitoring Integrated Platform Virtual appliance or SaaS auto-discovery and agent-less automated CMDB
application to Infrastructure Service Mapping

BeneFITS Integrates CMDB, BSM, nBa, aPM, SLa, SIM, IaM and event/log management functions to provide holistic infrastructure monitoring, alerting and reporting, as well as service-oriented management. Fully integrated approach overcomes cumbersome tool portfolio, shareware and legacy system deployment, implementation and maintenance expenditures, as well as operational data redundancy. Flexible means to trial, procure, deploy and scale with low TCo, nominal Capex, pay per use and on-demand capacity. Discovers the infrastructure and continuously tracks and baselines configurations, events, health, relationships and services for easy deployment, reduced maintenance and rapid results without requiring agents on monitored devices. Readily populates, maintains and analyzes configs, CI objects and service changes including virtual systems for incident response, root-cause analysis, compliance, consolidation insight, and service controls. accurate and expedited service definition with relationships, dependencies, monitored attributes and service levels. efficient log consolidation, management and automated analysis to preempt and pinpoint issues with instant access to related event, problem, incident, true identity and location details. Puts comprehensive and relevant service and component level details readily at the operators fingertips. automates service-level controls and enhances IT responsiveness to measure, meet and improve service quality and reliability. Monitor network resource consumption, faults, attacks and anomalous activity translated into actionable measures and business terms. Monitor, alert and trend system and application uptime, degradation, resource consumption, incidents and activity. Capture, filter, correlate, track and present pertinent security incidents to reduce noise, improve incident response and fortify compliance with built in exception and patch management. Combines process monitoring and end user performance monitoring via synthetic user transactions to identify application performance and response issues ships with dashboards for VoIP, email, database, VM, IPSLa and more. Cross-correlate VM, hardware, storage, v-Swith and VLan layers with guest host and application layers to identify issues, pinpoint root-cause, as well asreconcile and optimize virtualized resources Monitor identity, primary and secondary logins, authentication and user actions to reinforce acceptable use policy, address internal threats, capture change details, and serve as a record of user action. Monitors and inherits current LDaP/aD object changes in CMDB which enhances auditing and access functions, as well as search, dashboards, reports, metrics and analytics. Layer-2 and Layer-3 network topology mapping with incident and business service overlays, filtering, location and drill-through details to support instrumentation, collaboration and investigation. extensive knowledgebase of rules, dashboards and over 1000 report templates mapped to best practices. accelerates time-tovalue with the means to easily create or customize analytics to monitor and report on any item of interest. Case management to coordinate incident response, investigations and assignment status among accelops users. Intuitive, dynamic and customizable dashboards, analytics, metrics and service management conveyed through a web 2.0 GUI. Supports popular device sources and integration protocols to ease integration without requiring agents supports new and custom sources without having to update the base solution. Layer-7 intelligent, high-speed analytics supports built-in and extensible rules. GUI rule editor with full Boolean logic and 380+ attributes enable unlimited monitoring and analysis capability. Real-time and historic search supporting Google-like free-form text search, structured search wizard, filtering and group-by features across raw, normalized and incident data. allows for longer-term, online retention only limited by addressable storage with reduced storage capacity requirements, highspeed search, scalable performance and no DBa required. Confidence with hardened system, RBaC, multi-tenant, encrypted data transmission, and SaS70-2 audited SaaS facility.

event/Log Cross-Correlation with Identity and Location 360 Degree Root Cause analysis Business Service Management network Behavior analysis (nBa)
availability and Performance Management

Security Information event Management application Performance Monitoring Virtualization Management User activity Control Dynamic LDaP / aD Integration Interactive network Visualization extensible Knowlegebase Trouble Ticketing Rich Internet application Broad, agile Device Support Powerful analytics engine enterprise Search optimized ops Data analytics and hybrid event Repository Secure System

Intelligent. Proactive. Secure.

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