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Sales:sales means selling of a product and service to customer to their needs or requirements in terms of economic ways. according


marketing is the process of transferring products and services from manufacturer to customer marketing involves satisfying the needs and wants of the customer

Principles of marketing :1. No Fear:- There should not have any stage fear to convince the customer in different ways and thoughts 2. Remember / Memory:- We have terrible memory to remember customer names .memory refers to customer ability to understanding the marketing messages and assign them value of meaning 3. Punctual:- Customers are obviously concerned about punctuality so we have to maintain punctuality to meet the customer in time and we want to complete the work in time 4. Interaction :-In order to ensure customer orientations and customer satisfaction every activity of the business and communicated each other 5. Team work:- The activity of working well together as a team 6. Communication:- The process of expressing ideas and feeling to communicate between customer relation ship Exchange process :- Marketing usually occurs to help and facilitate an exchange in dynamic environment through the creation, distribution, promotion and pricing of products ,services and ideas between the seller and buyer


Money , Credit, Labour


Some thing value of Goods, Service, Ideas

Dynamic Marketing And Environment:The marketing Environments surrounds and impacts up on the organization and its

depends up on the following factors 1.Competition :- the new entrant must have a differential advantages sufficiently strong to over come the loyalty built up by established brands that motivate buyers to purchase only their products 2.Laws and Regulations:- What the presentation and explanation is given to the customer regarding our product tell no truth but not lie 3. Economic and Social conditions:- According to the economic model whose the customer at time of purchasing a product ,customer should pay the money in time .If the customer have any personal problem in his life marketer should understand the problem and social conditions of customer for regarding our product 4. Cultural factor:-There are different cultures and religions with their unique terms and conditions . The individuals life-style and buyer behaviour are influenced by dos and donts of the religion and culture Marketing mix :- Marketing components which are used by the company in achieving its marketing objectives 1 .Product:- The right product to satisfy the needs of your target customer 2. Price:-The right product offered at the right price 3. Place:- The right product at the right price available in the right place 4. Promotion :-Informing potential customer of the availability of the product ,its price and its place 5 .Positioning:-Positioning is a process of differentiating the product from competing brands .its not a dealing with where you will place your product in market but where you will place you the product in the mind of customer


1 .Need:-A Need is some thing you have to do.

2 .Wants :-A want is some thing you would like to have.

3.Demand :- A Demand is some thing you tell some one else they must do.

Interacting with Customer :In order to customer orientations and customer satisfaction the way you interact with customer .Achieving customer satisfaction is consider as very essential in marketing concept

Positive way to interact with customer:-

Always having positive way to interact with customer to ensure customer satisfaction in every activity. There are six way to interact with customers.. 1.Be helpful:- Be helpful to the customer ,the fact of being useful to the customer make a good communication and satisfy the customer. 2.Be Committed:- A thing that you have promised or agreed to do in the way of customer satisfaction . It will develop good relation ship between each other.

3.Be problem solver :- The act of finding ways of dealing with problems which are
express the customer concerns related service and product.

4.Believe in our products :- First we believe in our products so we have confident

while explanation in front of customer ,this will helpful satisfy the customer it any stage. 5. Never Argue:- Dont show angry on customer while explanation of our products .be a patience while questing to you and Answer should be in a convince way 6. Be creditable:- A quite good standard and deserving approval is extremely important to pulling new customers people

Marketing cycles
A market cycle is a increasing identifying in developing marketing program .product and pricing planning for global markets . 1.Preparation :- In marketing to prepare involves the following
1. Developing marketing strategies and programs 2. Gathering marketing related information 3. Maintain contact with customer 4. Establishing brand image 5. Offering valve to the customer. 6. Creating an opener

7. Establishing growth

2.Presentation:- The stage of marketing process involves activites such as , setting

marketing objectivies assessing marketing opportunities and developing marketing strategies , plans and programs we are presenting product and services and new ideas to customer 1. Advertising objectivies of the company 2. Core concepts of marketing 3. Marketing mix

3. Segmentation:- Process of defining and sub dividing a large homogenous market in

to clearly identificable segments having similar need, wants, or demand characteristics

4.Cold calls :- Focus on the goal when cold calling , think that cold calling is making the
sale or not. Its about getting the chance to make the sale . Cold call is set an appointment to make the pitch 5.Leads :- A sale lead the identify of a human or entity potentially interested in purchasing a product or service . a company lead generation efforts and approach to dealing with leads can significantly impact its success in market place 6.Follow up:- Follows the leads repeatedly through phones and meet him at the place where he was living .with prospects you need to persuade them to make their first purchase 7.Closure:- When u take leads and follow up then close the deal and go back and do more business with you

8 After sale support:- You can handle quick customer complaints , services and new