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Nguyn Th Phng Chi


WRITING PRACTICE A. Complete sentence 1. I dont eat peanut butter because I m allergic to peanuts. 2. We may suffer from a desperate food shortage if we keep depending on other countries for food. 3. Even a noted doctor cannot cure a patient of a disease if the patient does not want to get well. 4. It is important for a patient to get sufficient nutrition after undergoing surgery. 5. Educating the public is the first step in preventing contagious diseases. 6. If you become physically challenged, you will know how hard it is to adapt to the environment. 7. If we had been concern about conserve the environment, we would not have greenhouse effect now. 8. I think that fossil fuels cause damage to the environment more than anything else. 9. If everyone get a physical check-up once a year, the overall death rate will decrease. 10. Deforestation due to urban sprawl has become a serious problem in this country. 11. We will be short of drinking water in the near future if we dont stop polluting rivers. 12. Many countries are turning their attention to sustainable energy resources such as solar energy, water and wind power. B. Translate into English 1. Foods in fast-food restaurants are high in calories.

2. If you try to do exercise every day and to stay in shape, you will have a healthier life. 3. Some doctors spend their lives not treating patients but conducting medical search. 4. Taking a rest after work is a good way to lower your stress level. 5. Some people believe that they can get over an illness only with medical treatment. 6. My uncle chose to become a vegetarian to lower his blood pressure. 7. It is impossible to stop global warming without saving the tropical rainforests. 8. Keeping a well-balanced diet is as important to your health as exercising regularly. 9. In order to prevent water pollution, the government strictly forbids companies from dumping factory waste into rivers. 10. Painkillers should be available only by prescription to prevent people from overusing them.

WRITING CHALLENGE 1. We should prohibit smoking in public to protect non-smoker. 2. Hygiene education is very important to protect people from disease. 3. Natural resources such as coal or oil are non-renewable resources. 4. Healthy eating habits help decreasing risks of getting diseases which are concern about cardiovascular. 5. Using less water and bringing your cup help to preserve the environment. 6. Reducing diet and doing exercise every day are the best ways to diet. 7. Polluting air is easy while purifying polluted air is very difficult. 8. Going to bed while you are nervous is not always good for your mental health. 9. A dense population causes a serious increase in temperature in our city. 10. All living things consume energy, but human consume energy most. 11. Prevention is better than cure.

12. The next generation will not consume energy as much as we do now. 13. Students should learn in school the way to care for the handicapped. 14. Although life expectancy has grown up in many recent years, many people still die young. 15. Our government is running medical facilities very well in order to compete with private medical facilities. 16. Because of indiscriminate extraction, tropical forests of Amazon river are in critical condition. 17. Optimistic people rarely come down with disease 18. People eat food that is high in calories have to do exercise regularly. 19. If we can relieve overpopulation in our city, traffic problems also are been solved. 20. People who live in urban areas are more exposed to car exhaust fumes than people who live in rural areas.