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Create Domain in Oracle WebLogic

Posted in July 28th, 2008 byAtul Kumar in weblogic

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This is third post in Series Learn Oracle WebLogic with Us . After WebLogic installation Here, next step is to create Domain. This post cover steps to create Domain in WebLogic (Simple - Administration Server or Advanced - one Administration Server and two Managed Server in a Cluster). If you are not familiar with Domain, Administration/Managed Server or Cluster then read my post here my post here or Oracle Documentation here There are multiple ways to create domain, steps mentioned here are usingConfiguration Manager Wizard ( or config.cmd). For Unix/Windows start configuration wizard using $BEA_HOME/ wlserver_10.0/ commom/ bin/ config.cmd (windows) or To Start configuration wizard in console mode use - config.[cmd|sh] -mode=console Screenshot below for creating Domain in WebLogic using Configurtaion Manager in GUI mode. Start Configuration Manager using command given above ( / config.cmd) 1) Create or Extend Domain - In First screen you select if you wish to Create new WebLogic Domain or Extend an Existing WebLogic Domain. Extending WebLogic Domainmeans you already have WebLogic Domain and want to add more Managed Server or configure cluster or configure additional applications.

2) Select Domain Source -

3) Configure Administrator - In below screen you define UserName and Password for WebLogic Domain and add/grant Administrator Role to that User (This user name /password will be used to start/stop domain if Mode of domain is Production and to login to domain Admin WebConsole)

4) Select JDK & Start Mode - In below screen, you define Mode in which you wish to start your domain and JDK (Sun, JRockit or any other JDK) Production Mode- Domain is more secure, You need username password to start domain or deploy application. Development Mode- Not very secure, You can Autodeploy application and no need to provide username/password to start Domain.

5) Customize your domain - Using below screen you can customize your domain(Create Managed Server, Cluster, JDBC Source, JMS File Store). Select initially No to create simple domain with Just one Administration Server (You can deploy your application in Administration Server but this is not recommended in Production Instance). To create Advanced Domain (one Administration Server and two Managed Server and Cluster) go to Step 8 )

6) In next screen you provide Domain Name, Location of Domain.

7) Finally, If you are installing on Windows, you can select to Start Admin Server

Click Done to finish Domain Installation. Next Step, go to Start WebLogic and access Domain Console from browser at end of this post. . Create Domain with one Administration Server and two Managed Server Instance in Cluster

Steps here are to create new Domain with one Administration Server (AdminServer), two Managed Server (MS1 & MS2) in cluster (cluster_1) - Administration Server and both Managed Server are installed on single machine (you can configure them on multiple servers as well). . Administration Server Name - AdminServer Listen Address - All IP address on machine Listen port - 7003 SSL Listen Port - 7004 . Managed Server 1 Name - ms1 Listen Address - All IP address on machine Listen port - 7103 SSL Listen Port - 7104 .Managed Server 2 Name - ms2 Listen Address - All IP address on machine Listen port - 7203 SSL Listen Port - 7204. Cluster Details Cluster Name - cluster_1 Multicast Address - Multicast Port - 8050 Cluster Address - Cluster Member - ms1 & ms28 ) Start with step 1) to 4) as shown above on screen 5) Customize Environment select Yes as shown below

9) Configure Administration Server - configure Administration Server using this screen like Name, Listen & SSL Listen Port

10) Configure Managed Server - click on Add to add managed server.

11) Configure Managed Server - Add two managed server (ms1:7103:7104 & ms2:7203:7204)

12) Configure Cluster - click on Add to create cluster and add Managed Server in Cluster. If you have NOT defined any managed server in previous screen, you will NOT get this screen.

13) Configure Cluster- Define cluster with Cluster Name, Multicast Address, Port and address.

14) Assign Server to Cluster - Use this screen to add Managed Server on Left hand side to Cluster on right hand side.

15) Assign Server to Cluster - as shown in below screen shot, We added MS1 & MS2 to cluster_1

16) Configure Machine - Use this screen if you have more than one machine in your system. In our configuration Administration Server and all Managed Server are on single machine.

17) Review WebLogic Domain -

18) Create WebLogic Domain - define Domain Name and Domain Location on this screen. This screen is similar to step 6) above

. . Start WebLogic Domain

Once you have successfully created domain, next step is to start weblogic domain and access Administration Console. (Steps here are to start basic domain - only one Administration Server, Start/Stop WebLogic Server Administration and Managed Server coming soon ) Startup Script $BEA_HOME/user_projects/domain/<domain_name>/bin/ (Unix) $BEA_HOME\user_projects\domain\<domain_name>\bin\startWebLogic.cmd(Windows) I installed domain with name base_domain and my BEA_HOME is c:\bea hence to start my domain c:\bea\user_projects\ domains\ base_domain\ bin\ startWebLogic.cmd . Access Administration Console Default Administration Port is 7001 so use port as 7001 (else use port you entered while creating WebLogic Domain) http://<servername>.domain:7001/console or http://localhost:7001/console (If you are accessing from server directly) Login to WebLogic Admin Console using UserName/Password created during WebLogic Domain Creation.

After successful login you should get screen like below.

. References Oracle WebLogic Domain Configuration Guide Previous in series Next in series

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rahul said,
in September 12th, 2008 at 11:25 pm
Hi I was tryi ng f ailover mec hanism for clusteri i have creat ed 1 admi nser ver and 2 managed ser vers like ms1 n ms2 in cl uster_1, considering ms1, ms2 and admi n ser ver exist in t he same physical machi ne and EAR fil e is depl oyed in ms1 and ms2. W hat ip/por t configur ation i need t o pr ovi de for ms1 and ms2. Does ip n port will be same for ms1 and ms2? Can you pl ease hel p me on this.

Atul said,
in September 13th, 2008 at 2:56 am
Rahul, Two ser vices (ms1 & ms2) cant start on same IP and Port combi nation. Either IP has to be diff erent OR port OR both. Usuall y we defi ne s ame IP (machi ne I P address) and t wo differ ent port number (one f or ms1 and other for ms2)

rahul said,
in September 13th, 2008 at 7:05 pm
Hi Atul, Thanks for your res ponse. I am still not very clear about t he f ail over mechanism, con tinui ng with t he same exampl e. I assume if the user is accessing some web appl n usi ng url sayhttp:// 10. 10. 10.10:7001/consol e/logi n. jsp

W here 10. 10. 10.10 is the IP addss of machi ne which i s hosting the admi n ser ver and 2 managed server ms1 n ms 2. Now if ms1 ( using port 7001) goes down it should switch automic ally to ms2 (same i p wit h port say 7101) whic h is up and running but i n that cas e us er will not be abl e to access the appl n wit h the URL htt p://10.10. 10. 10: 7001/cons ole/l ogin. js p. Can you pl eas e explai n how this scenario is handl ed in clusteri ng. Thanks Rahul

Atul said,
in September 18th, 2008 at 9:52 am

Rahul, You put l oad bal anc er in fr ont whic h distribute l oad t o vari ous managed ser ver runni ng on diff erent port. User connect to loadbal anc er on single port ( usually 80 or 443) which i n tur n fwd request to managed server on ports lets say 7001 & 7101

rahul said,
in September 18th, 2008 at 4:03 pm
Thanks At ul for all you hel p. Cheers Chandan

saurabh tiwari said,

in December 2nd, 2008 at 3:19 am
can u pl z tell me what r thi ngs required if i wanna put my applicati on onli ne thanx saurabh

Aawardhan said,
in February 19th, 2009 at 6:18 am

Can you expl ai n how t o ins tall a, Domai n (mac hine A), 1 server in machi ne B, 1 s erver i n mac hine C and a cluster of servers 3/ 4 one each in mac hine B and c. This woul d be of gr eat help.

Thanks in advance ! ! Aawar dhan

sridhar1985 said,
in March 9th, 2009 at 6:10 am

Hi, I am new webl ogic. I have i nstall ed weblogic 10. 3 in li nux machi ne. I have started it by runni ng the startW file from / home/ oracl e/bea/ wlser ver _10. 3/sampl es/domai ns/wl _server/ bi n. Ser ver is runni ng in back ground. I am abl e to c onnect to Admin c ons ole. Now i have created domai n called base_domai n at bea/us er_projects/domai ns/base_domain Now i want to r un the start W file from bea/ user_projects/domains /bas e_domai n/ bin pat h. Above t hing is gi ving me er ror. Port has already used. Start fail ed. W at can i do now. Please help me out. Is really need t o start server from $domain_home/ bi n/startW Thanks in advance. Sridhar.

Atul Kumar said,

in March 9th, 2009 at 6:32 am

Sridhar, It seems that for base domai n (new domai n) you used same port as Admin Server or port you used for bas e domain is us ed by some ot her service. Use diff erent port for new domai n.

sridhar1985 said,
in March 9th, 2009 at 8:32 am
Hi Atul, Thanks for your repl y. I have stopped weblogic server which is running from bea/wls erver_10.3/sampl es /domai ns/wl_s erver/bi n

And i have start ed the server from bea/ user_projects/domai ns/base_domai n/bi n pat h Now Admin c ons ole is opening for my domai n base_domain. Is this process is correct? To start weblogic server, which need to be run. Because t his file present i n so many locati ons. Please clarif y it. Thanks in advance.

Ravisankar C said,
in April 11th, 2009 at 1:55 pm

Hi, I have a doubt if we depl oy an applicati on in admin s erver can we access that from managed s ervers??

shashank said,
in April 28th, 2009 at 3:22 am
Can u pl z tell me how t o configure t wo i nstance on t wo diff erent ports ? by default it is getti ng confi gur ed at 7001 and its runni ng fi ne . but not able t o configure it on s ome diff erent port like 8001 etc.. plz help thanks in advance ! !!!!!

Sridhar1985 said,
in April 28th, 2009 at 6:13 am
Hi shas hank, U can creat e by creating a new domain with differ ent port other than 7001. In same domai n we c an not access same port f or 2 i nstanc es. You can us e diff er ent port f or managed server.

Sridhar1985 said,
in April 28th, 2009 at 6:16 am

Hi ravis ank ar, I think we c an not access t he applicati on on managed server, which is depl oyed on Admin s erver. I hope it is 100%

Sridhar1985 said,
in May 21st, 2009 at 10:37 pm
Hi, How t o appl y load balancing for t he 2 managed ser ver s in cluster? How c an i creat e cluster for 2 manag ed s ervers whic h are created on s eparat e I Ps( systems )? Is there any way to do this ? Please hel p me. Thanks in advanc e. Sridhar

satya said,
in June 9th, 2009 at 9:42 pm
Hi Atul, I am new t o weblogic admi nistration. I Have seen ur posti ng f or crating domai n, adminSer ver and managed s ervers. I tried and created those successfully, but i dont know how t o manage those adminser ver and clust er(managedserver) from admin consol e t o start and stop) Could you please help me on t his how t o configure node manager. Thanks in Advanc e. satya

Sridhar1985 said,
in June 10th, 2009 at 3:16 pm
Hi Sat ya, Admi n ser ver you can start from command li ne only. But you c an st op fr om console and command li ne also. Managed ser ver you can stop and start from consol e. Befor e starting m anaged server you have t o start NodeManger (bea/wls erver_10.3/ser ver/bi n/start Then you can start managed server fr om consol e. If you ar e usi ng windows this is a .cmd file to r un Nodemanager i.e, st artNodemanager.cmd Hope t his will hel p you.

DINU C R said,

in May 19th, 2010 at 9:13 am

hi i am new t o weblogic i faci ng s ome pr obl em i n domai n There is alr eay a domai n in weblogic in which a applic ation is runni ng perfectly i need to i nstall another applicati on i n webl ogic Do i need t o create a ne w domai n for t hat applicati on? If creating a new domai n will it del ete t he existing domai n? or can i ext end t he pr evoi us domain? if ext endi ng will i get a new confi g. xml file where i c an gi ve ports for that application to r un? please suggest me what i have to do so that bot h appl ication will be running par allely

Atul Kumar said,

in May 19th, 2010 at 9:21 am

@ Dinu, Applicati on is deployed on Ser ver (Admi n or Managed, usuall y managed ser ver) with i n a domai n. Now you c an depl oy on exi sting ser ver or creat e new managed ser ver. If you want new applicati on to run parall el y then depl oy it on existing domai n and attach it t o one or more existing managed ser ver. To understand domai n, managed ser ver, admi n server chec k http:// onli neapps ndex.php/ 2008/ 07/ 24/ domain -admi nistration-managed-server-clust er-inoracle- webl ogic/

dinu cr said,
in May 19th, 2010 at 3:37 pm
hi At ul kumar Thanks for r epl yi ng, if you coul d clear me t his , it would be more hel pf ul 1)I tried depl oying the new applicati ons .war file i n the existing domai n, but its not working Do i have to give new port to that applicati on so t hat t hat partic ular soft war e will run on t hat port without distur bing the main applicati on. 2) can we creat e more t han one domain? if so i will c reat e a new domai n and deploy the soft war e in t he same.

Atul Kumar said,

in May 19th, 2010 at 3:59 pm
@ Dinu, Check why its not worki ng by l ooking at ser ver l ogs. In admi nistration consol e - > Depl oyment -> [ go to your applicati on] Check health of your application and if it is down t hen start it . If this doesnt star t then check logs for issue.

DINU C R said,
in May 20th, 2010 at 2:35 am

hi At ul we are working in UNI X environment, we are not getti ng t he admi nstration console, i will br eif my entire problem so that you could sugest me suit able answer we i nstalled weblogic in UNIX, and creat ed a domai n(admi n ser ver) and assigned 9003 port t o that domai n and deployed maxi mo.ear file and t he s oftwar e is runni ng fi ne on that. maxi mo is running in 9003 port we are tryi ng to i nstall a new supporti ng s oftwar e so we depl oy ed the .war file i n that domai n with t he same 9003 port and it di dn t worked.(we tried changing the port still di dnt work). As of now 9004 port is free ,i want t o assign t his port to the software, is it neces sary to have consol e to depl oy . war file, if creating a new domai n, will the existing domain get s del eted aut omatic ally? we i coul d create a new domai n i can deploy the software i n that domai n itself . And you sai d creati ng a new managed s erver, can i creat e it in t he existing domain or wit h new domain.

Atul Kumar said,

in May 20th, 2010 at 11:31 am

@ Dinu, Consol e is not mandat ory , you can us e command li ne (W LST) or other met hods t o deploy applicati on ( http://onli neapps index.php/ 2008/ 08/ 12/ depl oy - applicati on-on-or acle-webl ogic -server/ )

W hich method your ar e usi ng ? W hat error your ar e usin g ? Enabl e debuggi ng in your deployment t o see what error message you ar e hitti ng. If you ar e new t o W ebLogic then my recommendation would be to use Consol e

Husain said,
in June 16th, 2010 at 2:16 pm
Hi Atul, I am tryi ng t o create a domain on Red Hat Linux for SOA 11gR1PS3 however I am not able t o ent er password. Do you know how to res olve that ? I see on f orum t her e are ot hers having the same issue. Thanks for your hel p! Husai n

tsurendraraju said,
in July 21st, 2010 at 2:27 am

Hi, Need st eps to creat e domain in consol de mode in web logic 10. 3 Sur endra.

pprak said,
in July 21st, 2010 at 2:34 am
Hi Atul: I m trying to bring up t he W eblogic 10.3 ser ver but while creati ng t he domain it fails with t he f ollowing error, Appr eaciate if you c oul d hel p me resol ve this i ssue: Prepari ng Extr acting Domai n Content s Creating Domain Sec urity I nformati on Stori ng Domai n Inf ormation String Substituti ng Domain Files Perf orming OS Specific Tasks Domai n Creati on Fail ed!

Domai n Locati on: C: \bea\ user_pr ojects \domai ns\adomai n Reason: Got error i n writi ng the node manager C:\bea\ wlserver _10.3\c ommon\nodemanager\ pr opert y fil e! Excepti on: java.l ang.Exception: Got er ror in writi ng t he node manager C:\bea\ wlserver _10.3\c ommon\nodemanager\ pr opert y fil e! at com.bea. pl ateng.domain. DomainNodeManagerHel per. register Domai nToNodeManager(DomainNodeMana ger Hel per. java: 138) at com.bea. pl ateng.domain. DomainNodeManagerHel per. register Domai nToNodeManager(Doma inNodeMana ger Hel per. java: 170) at com. bea. plat eng. domai n.Domai nGenerat or.gener at e(Domai nGener ator. java: 460) at com.bea. pl ateng.wi zar d.domai n.gui.tasks.Domai nCr eationGUITask$1.r un( Domai nCr eati onGUI Task. java: 232) If i go ahead and try t o start the W eblogic se rver from command pr ompt on wi ndows box, I get foll owi ng error: starting webl ogic wit h Java version: Listening for tr ansport dt _s ocket at address: 8453 java version 1. 6. 0_05 Java(TM) SE Runtime Envi ronment (build 1.6. 0_05 -b13) Java HotSpot( TM) Cli ent VM (buil d 10. 0-b19, mi xed mode) Starting W LS with li ne: C:\bea\JDK160~1\ bin\ java -Xdebug -Xnoagent -Xrunjdwp:transport=dt _socket,addres s=8453,ser ver =y,s uspend=n -Djava.compil er=NONE -Xms256m -Xmx512m -XX: Compil eThr eshold=8000 - XX: PermSi ze=48m -XX:MaxPermSi z e=128m -ea -da:com. bea - da:jave lin -da:webl ogic -ea:com.bea.wli -ea:com. bea. broker -ea:com. bea.s bco nsol e -Dplatf orm.home=C: \bea\W LSERV~1. 3 -Dwls .home=C:\ bea\W LSERV~1. 3\server Dwebl ogic. home=C: \ bea\W LSERV~1.3\s erver discover = true erati veDev=true -Dwlw.testConsol e=tr ue -Dwl w.logErrorsToConsol e=tr ue -Dwe blogic.Name=AdminSer ver -Djava.sec urity. polic y=C: \bea\W LSERV~1. 3\server\li b\webl ogic. policy webl ogic. Ser ver Listening for tr ansport dt _s ocket at address: 8453 Excepti on i n thr ead mai n java.l ang.NoCl assDef FoundError: webl ogic/Server Caused by: java.lang.Cl assNot FoundExc epti on: webl ogic.Ser ver at java. net.URLCl assLoader$1.r un(URLCl assLoader. java: 200) at java.s ecurity. AccessController.doPrivil eged(Native Method)

at java. net.URLCl assLoader.findCl ass(URLCl 188) at java.l ang. ClassLoader.loadClass(Cl assLoader. java: 306) at sun. misc.Launcher $AppClassLoader.loadClass(Launc her. java: 276) at java.l ang. ClassLoader.loadClass(Cl assLoader. java: 251) at java.l ang. ClassLoader.loadClassInt ernal(Cl 319) Stoppi ng Point Bas e ser ver Poi ntBase ser ver stopped.

Atul Kumar said,

in July 21st, 2010 at 5:58 am

@ Sur endr a, Did you mean silent mode and not consol e ? Steps in consol e mode (command li ne) ar e going t o be same as GUI . Just run config.[cmd|s h] -mode=console

Atul Kumar said,

in July 21st, 2010 at 6:42 am
@ PPr ak, Looking at error message Got error in writing the node manager C:\ bea\ wls erver_10.3\c ommon\ nodemanager\ It looks like you ar e creati ng domain fr om differ ent user (from one who i nstall ed) You main issue while st artup Excepti on i n thr ead mai n java.l ang.NoCl assDef FoundError: webl ogic/Server is because classpat h (required jar files which contai ns server class is missing) i s missing some files. Check if you ar e creating domain corr ectly.

test12 said,
in October 21st, 2010 at 4:46 pm

Hi, I have cr eat ed 2 domai ns, but on t he conso le I am abl e to l ogi n t o only one domain at at time. If I try t o logi n simult enously, t he exi sting session is killed.

Atul Kumar said,

in October 21st, 2010 at 5:27 pm
@ Test 12, You cannot run two domai n on same port and s ame i p at same time ( Ther e is one consol e per domai n). Domai n is logic al separ ation of r esource (cons ole, jdbc, admi n/managed ser ver) check mor e on Domain at http:// onli neapps ndex.php/ 2008/ 07/ 24/ domain -admi nistration-managed-server-clust er-inoracle- webl ogic/

test12 said,
in October 21st, 2010 at 6:08 pm
@ Atul, Thanks for r epl yi ng. So would t his mean I cannot access even t he managed servers belonging t o 2 di fferent domains at the same time? even t hough t he domains are on differ ent port (but same i p). And als o can you help me out with t he f ollowing scenario I want to depl oy an applic ation twic e, one for testi ng anot her f or dev, on t he same ser ver. W hat confi gur ation would suffic e this? Thanks for your hel p! Regar ds.

Atul Kumar said,

in October 21st, 2010 at 6:15 pm
@ Test 12, You can run two webl ogic domai n (and two c ons oles) on same mac hine but they should either us e differ ent I P (Multi ple Net wotk Car d) or differ ent Port (Single/ Same I P). Q. I want to depl oy an application twice, one for t esting another for dev, on t he s ame server. W hat confi gur ation would s uffic e this? A. You should depl oy them to two diff erent domains but mak e sure t hat port number you are using for Admi n Ser ver ( or Managed server) on t hes e two domains are differ ent

test12 said,
in October 21st, 2010 at 6:30 pm
@Atul, I tried wit h deployi ng it on 2 diff erent domai ns with dif ferent port numbers for Admin Server and als o the managed ser ver. I also tried creating 2 managed server in t he same domai n, with differ ent ports. But I am still able t o acces s onl y 1 applicati on at a time. To add, the r esources, server det ails ar e diff erent for these 2 applicati ons.

test12 said,
in October 21st, 2010 at 6:40 pm
@Atul, Also, I have associat ed t he 2 managed servers with 2 differ ent machi nes, but t he node manager is the same. Could t his be the reason? Can there be 2 node managers? How to creat e a new node manager? Regar ds

Atul Kumar said,

in October 21st, 2010 at 8:18 pm
@ test12, You can create 2 managed ser vers i n diff erent domai n and associ ate t hem to same machi ne (if they ar e on same machi ne). Node Manager is 1 per machine usuall y (though you can create multi ple node manager per machi ne). Make sur e to add all domai ns on mac hine to node manager .

Not e : Node Manager is requir ed if you want aut omati c restart of managed servers or start of managed servers via consol e . You can live wit hout Node Managers (start managed servers vi a command li ne t ools)

Suresh2011 said,
in January 12th, 2011 at 5:40 pm

Atul, First of all t hanks for pr ovi ding such valuable i nfor mation t o us. I hi ghly appr eciate your har d work. I was wondering if you have any steps /screens on how to deploy a war file on W ebl ogic cluster? My set up: 1 admi n ser ver 1 cluster (wit h 2 manage servers) Thanks Sur

Atul Kumar said,

in January 13th, 2011 at 5:55 am
@ Sur esh2011, Foll ow steps menti oned at http:// onli neapps ndex.php/ 2008/ 08/ 12/ depl oy -applic ation-on- oracle- weblogic -server/ Onl y diff erence f or Cl uster is at end when screen prompts tar get i nstance , it wil l give you opti ons like a) Depl oy t o cluster b) depl oy to maanged s erver1 c) depl oy to maanged s erver2 d) b) deploy t o Admi n Server Sel ect option a) i. e deploy to cluster

kanhiyalal said,
in April 13th, 2011 at 6:59 am

Problem Description: Curr ent Envir onment Oracle Applicati on Ser ver 10gR2 mi ddl e ti er with I nfr astructure with c omponent OID, SSO, portal and repositor y database integrat ed with Oracl e appl ication 11i (11.5. 10.2) wit h Oracle Dat abase 10. 2. 0.4 W hat we want Planni ng to Upgrade

FROM Oracle Applicati on Ser ver 10gR2 mi ddl e ti er with I nfr astructure with c ompo nent OID, SSO, portal and repositor y database integrat ed with Oracl e appl ication 11i (11.5. 10.2) wit h Oracle Dat abase 10. 2. 0.4 TO Oracle W eblogic Server wit h Infr astructure with c omponent OID, SSO, portal and repositor y database integrat ed with Oracl e appl ication 11i (11.5. 10.2) wit h Oracle Dat abase 10. 2. 0.4 Please gui de us.

Atul Kumar said,

in April 13th, 2011 at 7:39 am
@ kanhiyal al. Glad to see t hat you have asked question wit h all inf ormation required. I am afraid answer is not goi ng to be easy one 1. Thing to note is that there is no upgr ade for 10g SSO (ak a AS -SSO) 2. You c an upgr ade 10g OI D to 11g OID and c onti nue using 10g SSO (this is certified with EBS 11i) To upgr ade 10g OID t o 11g OID followhtt p://downl oad.or acl docs/cd/E17904_01/ upgrade.1111/ e10129/summary. htm#BGBBIDHA To upgr ade 10g Portal t o 11g Port al followhtt p://downl oad.or acl docs/cd/E17904_01/ upgrade.1111/ e10130/summary. htm#BABGIJAD and also check metali nk notes 1146044.1 Usi ng Oracle I nternet D irect ory 11gR1 Pat chset 1 ( 11. 1.1. 2. 0) and Si ngl e Si gn -on wit h Oracle E-Business Suit e 1286596.1 Usi ng Oracle I nternet Direct ory 11gR1 Pat chset 1 ( 11. 1.1. 3. 0) and Si ngl e Si gn -on wit h Oracle E-Business Suit e 876539.1 Using the Lat est Oracle I nter net Directo r y 11gR1 Patc hset wit h Si ngle Sign -on and Or acle EBusiness Suite 1074344.1 Usi ng Oracle Portal 11. 1.1 with Oracle E - Business Suite Rel eas e 11i

vishal said,
in April 15th, 2011 at 3:05 am

i hv i nstall ed oracl e 11g Database n Form -Reports..But my OEM is getti ng fr equentl y crashedDetails r her e.. Problem Event Name :APPCARSH Applicati on Name : nmupm.exe Applicati on Versi on : 10. 2.0.5 Applicati on TimeSt amp :4bbffaf 6 Fault Modul e Name : MSVCR71.dll Fault Modul e Version : 6.0. 6001.18000 Fault Modul e TimeSt amp : 4791a7a6 Excepti on Code :c0000135 Excepti on Offset :00009cac

vishal said,
in April 15th, 2011 at 3:06 am

i hv i nstall ed 11g Dat abase n forms -reports on W indows server 2008 32bit

Dharmendra said,
in July 19th, 2011 at 3:44 pm
Hi i geting this error msg pls advise me Version= W LS10. 2

Weblogic server blog | kishore2k9 said,

in December 21st, 2011 at 2:36 pm
[] http://onli neapps dba.c om/index. php/ 2008/07/ 28/c reat e -domain-i n-or acleweblogic/ GA_googleAddAttr(AdOpt, 1); GA_googl eAddAttr(Origi n, ot her); GA_googl eAddAttr(theme_bg, ffffff); GA_googleAddAttr(theme_t ext, 333333); GA_googl eAddAttr(theme_link, 0066cc); GA_googleAddAttr(theme_bor der, f2f7fc); GA_googl eAddAttr(theme_url, ff4b33); GA_googl eAddAttr(LangI d, 1); GA_googl eAddAt tr(Tag, weblogic-server); GA_googl eFill Sl ot(wpc om_s har et hrough); Lik e this:Lik eBe t he first to like t his post. This entry was posted in W eblogic Server. Book mark the permalink. Java heap memory W eblogic Applicati on Server FAQs []

OFSAAI - Oracle Financial Services Analytical Application Infrastructure : Installation Steps Online Apps DBA: One Stop Shop for Apps DBAs said,
in January 10th, 2012 at 9:37 am
[] weblogic domain by runni ng confi ( For steps on how to cr eat e domai n in weblogic click here []

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