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2010 / 2011

BOGE is a leading German compressor manufacturer with over 100 years of knowledge and experience in building quality and state-of-the-art compressed air solutions. With a worldwide presence in more than 80 countries and with more than 200 service partners worldwide along with branch offices, BOGE has created a truly global presence. For our customers this means we are able to offer a local and reliable customer service. 2010 has seen a dramatic recovery from the 2009 recession and current business levels for BOGE worldwide now exceed pre-recession levels of 2008. BOGE continues to develop itself on a global platform with the recent establishment of new Daughter Companies in India and Australia as well as staff developments in both the Austrian and Mexican markets. Creating energy efficiencies within a compressed air system remains a key focus at BOGE. It is never too late to optimize your energy usage! In this issue of the Forum we look at what the first steps are in moving towards creating sustainable compressed air energy savings. See page 2. You will also find a round up all the latest Company news and BOGE product developments in this edition. This includes the innovative K series oil free piston compressor range which has recently been extended (see below) as well as other energy saving solutions such as the airtelligence energy management system (page 3) and the new DM series membrane dyers (page 4). All the best!

Gavin Monn President, BOGE America, Inc.

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Save Energy Whats New

BOGE extends range of compact oil free piston compressors

BOGE has now extended the innovative K series oil-free piston compressor range with the addition of 15 and 40 bar options. The K series provides the smaller air user with a compact, German quality, energy and cost effective, oil-free compressor solution. The new models incorporate the same proven and state-of-the-art compressor technology utilized in developing the K series oil-free piston compressors. The cylinder is mounted horizontally, and a centrally located crankshaft operates a push rod principal, ensuring the piston remains parallel in the cylinder. This innovation vastly reduces cylinder ring wear experienced in all conventional systems. The sophisticated K series design provides a very cost effective compressor solution for the smaller compressed air user. As an oil-free compressor, the K series reduces the downstream treatment required and all the associated costs. Service times and standard service parts required are also reduced considerably. Additionally, unlike most piston compressors the K series operates on a stop/start basis controlled by a standard BOGE electronic controller which further ensures the most efficient use of energy. Such features allow BOGE to be able to offer the K series at an unbeatable cost effective price/performance ratio. The K series does not use an oillubricated crosshead drive and so as a 100% oil-free piston compressor this range is ideally suited to industries such as the food, drink, medical and pharmaceutical sectors, where oil-free compressed air is paramount. The package, with acoustic canopy, can be receiver mounted and requires a minimal footprint underpinning its versatility in, for example, point of use applications. The K series is available as a 150, 220 or 580 psi compressor with effective free air deliveries ranging from 8.5 46 cfm, motor range 3 to 15 HP. For more information visit or telephone +1 770-874-1570.

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The K series oil-free piston compressor range has been extended with 150, 220 and 580 psi options.

Save Energy

Whats new?

Take the first step towards sustainable energy savings!

Gavin Monn, President at BOGE America discusses how compressed air energy savings can be made by undergoing a comprehensive audit. Compressed air remains one of the easiest technologies with which to make quick, significant and sustainable energy savings. The first step is to have the compressed air system comprehensively audited. At BOGE we use our AIReport auditing system. This system allows us to simultaneously analyze up to 12 compressors of any make or model, while also evaluating the associated equipment. It is important to look at all areas of consumption in order to get a complete picture of current system efficiency and also to identify where savings can be made. For that reason we evaluate generation, treatment, distribution and process usage. Even seemingly small factors are also considered, for example, how often is the compressed air system serviced? Who is maintaining the system? And, are original manufacturer spare parts being used? A common cause of poor efficiency is usually down to poor or incorrect maintenance, or the use of spurious spare parts. For example, a blocked (or inferior) separator element could increase the pressure differential across the element. This will drastically decrease the efficiency and use more energy than necessary. Not using the manufacturers original parts, for example rotary screw elements can also drastically alter compressor specification and efficiency and lead to unnecessarily heightened energy costs. Air leaks are another area that creates unnecessary energy costs that should be identified within an audit. It is estimated that the leak rate on an unmanaged compressed air distribution can be as much as 40% of the output. Fixing leaks can have a large impact on energy costs with just one 3mm 0.12 inch leaking hole costing roughly 3 kW. Once an audit is completed, the whole compressed air system can be optimized to reduce and if possible eradicate the identified energy waste and misuse. In many cases the recommended changes will only incur low costs - if any. Significant low cost savings can be made by simply identifying and repairing leaks. Additionally, following the manufacturers recommended maintenance schedule, choosing a manufacturer trained technician to carry out service work and opting for original manufacturer spare parts will all assist in creating compressed air related energy savings. Where appropriate, savings can also be made by investing in low carbon technologies such as:
There are a number of areas within a compressed air system where energy savings can be made.

BOGE powers DPF cleaner for Allstate Peterbilt

The Allstate Peterbilt Group a leading truck specialist has recently invested in three BOGE S 29-2 screw compressors to power their new DPF (diesel particulate filter) Cleaners. The Allstate Peterbilt Group is an industry leader in the sales and service of all types of medium and heavy duty trucks and equipment. Compressed air is used at a number of points within the Service Departments of its fifteen locations. Allstate Peterbilt prides itself on delivering top quality service utilizing industry leading technologies. Most recently at the South Saint Paul, MN dealership this included investing in a BOGE S 29-2 screw compressor to power a new DPF Cleaner. The DPF Cleaner provides a key service to those trucks manufactured from January 2007 onwards. Since that time all trucks include a diesel particulate filter (DPF). The ash which this filter collects must be removed periodically by a filter cleaner. Recognizing the growing demand for this service, Allstate Peterbilt decided to invest in a DPF Cleaner. Dave Cermak, the General Manager at Allstate Peterbilt South Saint Paul, contacted long standing compressed air partner Kruge Air when this new project arose. After reviewing the new demand for compressed air, Kruge Air, an authorized distributor of BOGE compressed air equipment based in Maple Grove MN, recommended installing a BOGE S 29-2 screw compressor. As Dave Cermak explains When we were preparing for the installation of our new DPF Cleaner it was important that we dealt with compressed air experts. Kruge Air has always provided us with a good service and they are very capable in analyzing our needs and providing us with a number of options to choose from. A BOGE S 29-2 screw compressor was subsequently installed to power the new DPF Cleaner. Additionally, the new compressor was linked to the main shop air supply to provide a back up system. The S 29-2 forms part of the established and award winning BOGE S series screw compressor product range. Designed for flexible and reliable operation in every situation,

Frequency Control Investing in a frequency controlled compressor may assist in reducing energy consumption where a user has fluctuating compressed air demand as a result of shift or production patterns. Frequency control can exactly adapt to demand fluctuations producing the required volume at a constant pressure thus reducing energy costs. As an example, the BOGE SF series of frequency controlled screw compressors can help to produce savings up to 40 %. Energy Management Introducing a control system can assist in reducing energy costs. BOGE recently launched the airtelligence PROVIS which perfectly encapsulates the advantages of implementing an intelligent and comprehensive energy management system. Designed to continuously adapt to the consumers momentary demands, airtelligence PROVIS ensures the most efficient compressor combination is

working at all times. A permanent consumption calculation continuously underpins efficient operation of all the interconnected compressors. Heat Recovery Heat Recovery provides another energy saving opportunity for many compressed air users. The waste heat generated by the compressor can be re-directed into heating spaces, such as workshops, or for pre-heating domestic water. The associated energy costs can therefore be reduced. Once recommendations have been followed the system efficiency (kW/cfm) should be compared with the original benchmark in order to validate changes that have been implemented. As system dynamics change so will the demand for compressed air. On-going evaluation is therefore vital in order to maintain an energy efficient compressed air system.

Allstate Peterbilt opted for a BOGE S 29-2 to power their new DPF Cleaner.

the BOGE S series incorporate high quality German workmanship with an efficient compact design to ensure maximum efficiency. The innovatively designed S Series clean modern lines and simple uncluttered layout set a standard some years ago that has since been imitated but not surpassed. Dave Cermak concluded Since turning on the BOGE compressor we havent looked back! In fact we have

subsequently installed two further BOGE S 29-2 screw compressors at our Winona, MN and Eau Claire, WI dealerships. The S series is available in the standard pressure of 100, 150 and 190 psi. Output capacities range from 32 1441 cfm, motor power 10 to 340 HP. For more information visit

Are you air telligent?

Optimized operating costs, reduced maintenance costs and energy efficiency are all benefits realized through integrating the airtelligence PROVIS into a compressed air system with multiple compressors. Running a lean operation is now more than ever a high priority for businesses with the current economic climate imposing new challenges on industry. Where the user has more than one compressor, integrating an intelligent energy management system to control and monitor the compressed air system can assist them in achieving sustainable compressed air related energy efficiency. BOGE is committed to manufacture efficient and energy saving solutions. The airtelligence PROVIS energy management system from BOGE is a consumption based multi compressor energy management system able to control, manage and optimize up to 16 compressors of any make or model. By monitoring all of the compressors within a compressed air system and continuously adapting to changes in compressed air demand, airtelligence PROVIS, systematically and predictively takes control of a system, minimizing costly off load running while optimizing pressure. Thanks to the online visualization program the compressed air user can now continually manage and monitor the compressed air system at any time and in any place. BOGE has recently redesigned and updated its entire literature set which includes details of recently launched products such as the K series oil free piston compressors. Make sure youre up-to-date with the latest products available. Visit or phone +1 770-874-1570 to order your set.

Optimize your compressed air system with AIReport

BOGE has recently introduced AIReport a sophisticated compressed air auditing system which can simultaneously analyze up to 12 compressors. Logged data will then identify where compressed air savings can be made leading to an optimized compressed air system and reduced energy costs. Running an energy efficient compressed air system is one way to ensure you keep your operating costs down in the current economic climate. Fixing air leaks, adapting compressed air demand to changes in manufacturing or production patterns and where appropriate upgrading to energy efficient technologies such as a frequency controlled screw compressor will reduce waste and can all lead to significant energy savings. Assessing your existing compressed air system is the first step to reduce waste. BOGE has recently introduced AIReport a compressed air auditing system to assist with the efficient and precise assessment of a compressed air system. Up to 12 compressors can be logged simultaneously with the BOGE AIReport allowing a professional evaluation of the entire compressor station. AIReport additionally measures the associated equipment such as the compressed air dryer. Data logged can then be graphically viewed including reports on; pressure dew point, flow rate, net pressure profile and so on. This data accumulates into a report which highlights the current cost of any system in-efficiencies such as idling times and so on. By analyzing your existing compressed air system wastage can be identified and actions can be taken to eliminate unnecessary costs which in most cases start with low and no cost methods such as repairing air leaks. And, where an investment into energy saving technology is recommended, BOGE has a comprehensive range of energy saving solutions to choose from. The AIReport service from BOGE is available nationwide. Telephone +1 770-874-1570 or visit for more information.

boge intern * boge intern * boge intern * boge intern

BOGE America, Inc. has recently appointed Mark Beauchamp as a District Sales Manager, responsible for developing the distributor network throughout the North. Marks has spent over 10 years in the compressed air sector and brings a wealth of industry and engineering knowledge to his new role having worked in various roles in the industry in that time from; building desiccant and refrigerated air dryers to developing regional sales. Responsible for developing the BOGE business in the North, Mark Beauchamp said: BOGE is a leading German manufacturer recognized for its quality and innovatively designed compressed air solutions. I look forward to working with the BOGE distributors and being an asset to them in helping both our companies grow in the future.

AIReport is a sophisticated compressed air auditing system which can simultaneously analyze up to 12 compressors.

The online visualization program provides reports on energy consumption, energy costs and much more which can be accessed anywhere and at anytime.

Mark Beauchamp, District Sales Manager

Product Round-Up

BOGE launches high pressure Boosters

BOGE has just launched the SR Booster series of oil lubricated piston compressors which provide a flexible, cost effective and energy efficient solution for generating up to 600 psi at point of use. The BOGE Booster takes precompressed and already treated compressed air from an existing network or a standard pressure compressor and boosts it to the desired higher pressure. This system is ideal where high pressures are required at specific points within a compressed air network or in the blow moulding industry for PET. By only increasing the pressure at point of use within a compressed air network energy and capital equipment costs are kept to a minimum making the BOGE Booster both a cost effective and energy efficient solution for creating higher pressures. Input and final pressures can be easily regulated on the BOGE Booster providing a universal compressor to meet varying pressure requirements. An integrated oil level monitor assures operational safety and reduced maintenance costs. A pre-filter comes as standard with every BOGE Booster to optimize intake air quality. This prevents contamination damage in aggressive environments and maintains operational integrity. The BOGE SR Booster series is available as a 220 or 600 psi compressor with effective free air deliveries (depending on booster pressure) ranging from 33 - 258 cfm, rated power range 7.5 to 25 HP.

BOGE Boosters provide a flexible and energy efficient solution for generating up to 600psi at point of use

BOGE launches oil/water separator range

Now available from BOGE are the Beko QWIK-PURE oil/water separators. Unless condensate is treated or removed completely then serious environmental damage can occur. Only 1 gallon of condensate is required to contaminate 270,000 gallons of water! Most industrial nations forbid the drainage of condensate from oillubricated compressors into main drains. Non treatment of compressed air condensate can lead to high legal and financial risks. In fact, according to Section 309 of the Federal Water Pollution Control Act, a negligent company and/or the individual responsible for plant operations and maintenance could be fined from $2,500 to $25,000 per day or even face jail time or both for first time violations*. The Beko QWIK-PURE series from BOGE represent an efficient oil-water separation solution. They are environmentally safe the cartridge can be disposed of normally and is The BOGE DM series membrane dryers are the ideal solution where the pressure dew point needs to be reduced between 40 F and 100 F.
BOGE launches oil/water separators.

Dry compressed air can save you money!

BOGE has just announced the launch of the high performance, reliable and efficient DM series membrane dryers. Maximum reliability is also assured even in the toughest environments with the DM series membrane dryers. As the membrane dryer does not have a motor or any moving parts it does not need any additional energy eliminating unnecessary energy costs. The high performance DM series membrane dryers from BOGE are efficient, reliable, maintenance free and only require a small footprint. Flow capacity 7 116 cfm, maximum operating pressure 100 200 psig.

safe for any sanitary land-fill. Operational reliability is also assured thanks to the recently enhanced pressure relief chamber with nonturbulent condensate conduction and the overflow-protected oil receiver. QWIK-PURE oil/water separators are lightweight, environmentally safe, easy to service and extremely reliable working well with all lubrication types.

Information correct at time of print.

The DM series utilizes a unique technology which ensures the lowest purge consumption. The purge air is effectively distributed in the whole membrane element, thereby using the maximum contact surface available. The result is a highly efficient drying process that in turn leads to low energy costs. This unique technology also results in a compact design ensuring a small footprint.

BOGE has just launched the DM series membrane dryers.

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