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The SnowWorld is located on a site within London Borough of Newham existing dry ski slope at Beckton. Detailed planning consent has been granted for a building 15,000 sq m with 7,533 sq m of snow area along with associated leisure and retail facilities. There are over 16 million people within 90 minutes drive-time of the site We have based the projections on three alternative numbers of visitors; 550,000 and 650,000 and 750,000 for skiing and snowboarding or accompanied. The site is located on the A13 dual carriageway close to A406 North Circular ensuring easy access to the centre. The site is also located within walking distance of the nearest bus stop and near the DLR (Docklands Light railway). Experience has shown that the mixture of active and passive leisure facilities will ensure regular repeat visits. London SnowWorld has entered into a 100 year lease for the total site. The Acer Snowmec snowmaking technology is widely recognised as creating the best quality snow, thus facilitating the widest range of activities and hence attracts the largest number of visitors. Its unique thermal storage capability provides great energy benefits in operation and to other users. SnowWorld will be responsible for the operations of the snow activities within the snow demise. The initial design incorporates the snow centre with the rest of the development typically containing leisure activities such as:1,850 sq m Entertainment 2,500 sq m Bars & Restaurants 800 sq m Retail

Funding for the snow operations amounts to 20million The centre is planned to be opened in September 2003


The LSW is an entirely new leisure concept offering a unique winter wonderland experience with the fun and thrills of a full range of winter based leisure activities throughout the year together with excellent commercial and other leisure opportunities on a site at Beckton, London Borough of Newham. The centre is well placed with easy and rapid access to substantial catchments in the highly populated East London, North Kent and Essex incorporating several large and very prosperous towns and cities. The indoor real snow centre will become the unique selling point of this major attraction, adding value to a multi activity leisure and retail complex featuring the following advantages: Participation in the next generation of indoor leisure development at a stage where commercial evaluation is complete and the technology is proven The growing market of leisure users and latent winter sports market

The SnowWorld
The building of 15,000 sq m will house a 7,500 sq m indoor real snow centre will comprise of a main slope and a beginners slope ensuring that the centre will appeal to all standards of skier and snowboarder. Its full commercial potential however, lies in the promotion of active leisure though the unique winter wonderland atmosphere created by the ability to theme Acer Snowmec snow through the inclusion of Alpine style bars and restaurants offering gluhwein, strudel, hot chocolate and other meals accompanied by appropriate music. These food and beverage outlets, as well as associated retail areas within the snow area, will enhance the commercial potential of this unique opportunity.

Other Activities to be included on the Site

In addition to the indoor winter wonderland with its themed bars, restaurants, retail area and health & fitness the development will not be just for active leisure activities but also passive visitors. Associated retail, food and beverage outlets complete the package and make the centre a day out for the whole family. These tried and tested activities will attract short stay visitors but also increase the dwell time of visitors as the centre becomes a whole day experience.


The Market
The Post Office Scenario Area Profile Report shows a catchment population around Beckton as follows: Ninety Minutes 16,045,985 Thirty Minutes 10,304,284 Fifteen Minutes 6,005,282

The main target market will be the 16.0million inhabitant within a 90-minutes catchment area of the centre but research has shown that such integrated leisure destinations with a snow centre as the anchor attraction can attract visitors from up to 2 hours drive time. The LSW indoor real snow centre is the unique ingredient in this imaginative mix of high quality leisure facilities. Snow will be provided all year round and should open up totally new markets, appealing to all ages and socio-economic groups, regardless of whether they have been able to participate previously in winter based activities. Winter based activities will become a regular leisure attraction rather than a major spend annual vacation activity. The opportunity for visitors to take part in a wide range of leisure activities will enable the total development to create extended market opportunities. Inclusion of the other listed activities supported facilities will ensure the widest possible appeal. The specialist retail opportunities on the site will create a true destination for all ages and for all members of the family.

SnowWorld Market Opportunity

The market for indoor snow slopes can be compared with the growth of the UK indoor tennis and health & fitness market during the past ten years. It is likely that the SnowWorld will attract more than a million visitors per year of which 400500k will be skiing. The other visitors will be to the fitness centre, retail shopping and the restaurants. All the restaurants are overlooking the ski slope which adds to the aprs ski feeling. With the City of London and Canary Wharf 15-20 minutes away corporate marketing will be of importance. Special corporate marketing will be given high priority. London SnowWorld will have its own ski and snowboard school. A team of professional instructors will give courses to skiers and snowboarders at different levels.