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Name: Contact number: Q1. Your Gender: Male Female

Q2. Marital Status:



Q3. Specify your age Below 25 years 45-55 years 25-35 years Above 55 years 35-45 years

Q4. Do you live in a joint family?



Q5. If you have children, specify the number of: Boys Q6.Specify your occupation Salaried employee Business Q7.Specify your monthly income Below 10000 60000-100000 10000-25000 Above 100000 25000-60000 Self employed professional Any other (please specify)_____________ Girls

Q8.Do you make fixed allotments for domestic expenditure (like rent, childrens fees, groceries, LPG, petroleum expenses etc) before spending on luxury, clothing, entertainment etc? Yes No Cant say

Q9. What percentage (approximately) of your monthly income do you spend on the following items ? Housing and rent Entertainment Luxury and clothing Childrens education LPG and fuel Restaurant Grocery and other day to day expenses Others, if any (kindly specify) _______________________ Q10. What percentage of your income do you invest? Below 15% 15-30% Above 30%

Q11. Do you have a financial advisor? Yes No I am not aware of any

Q12. Which factor do you consider before saving/investing? Safety of principal Low risk High returns Liquidity factor/ Maturity period Q13. What is the purpose behind your investment? Wealth creation Regular returns Income tax benefit Planning for retirement To save for Childrens future Purchase of property Other(please specify)____________________________

Q14. Which of the following instruments you usually prefer to invest? (Rank in order of preference with 1 being the most preferred)

Bank Deposits Mutual Funds Shares of listed companies Property/ Real estate Gold Insurance policies Art / Paintings Q15. Can you take the risk of losing your principle investment amount? Yes No Yes, provided I benefit in long run

Q16. Suppose your friend incur capital loss in a certain investment avenue. You would suggest him or her to: Withdraw the money right away Wait until the boom period Change the area of investment Invest more into it Q17. Following are certain opinion statements concerning investment behavior. Mark the extent of your agreement with each of these statements. SA= Strongly Agree DA=Disagree A=Agree SDA=Strongly Disagree N= Neither agree nor disagree

a. My earning is just enough for my family to survive b. There is no use of saving as value of money keeps depreciating









c.I save because of the Income Tax Benefits I get d. Saving in stock market is risky for me




e.I do not save as I do not have much information on different schemes. SA A N DA NDA

f.Given two options of investment with same expected return, I would prefer the one with less risk SA A N DA NDA Q18. When you hear the word risk (in the aspect of investment), what comes into your mind first? Loss Uncertainty Thrill Opportunity

Q19. In general, how would your best friend describe you as a risk taker? A real gambler Cautious

Willing to take risk after completing adequate research Total risk avoider Q20. If you unexpectedly receive Rs.100000, what will you do? Deposit in a bank account, money market instruments or an insured CD Invest in safe high quality bonds or bond mutual funds Invest in stocks or stock mutual funds Invest in a portfolio of 15 common stocks Invest in commodities like gold, silver etc Invest in a combination of two or more asset classes (for eg, Fixed Deposit and Stock Market ; Gold and Mutual funds etc) Q21. You are on a TV game show and can choose one of the following. What would you choose? Rs.1000 in cash 50% chance of winning of Rs.5000 25% chance of winning of Rs.10000 5% chance of winning of Rs.100000

Q22. In addition to whatever you own, you have been given Rs.5000. You are now asked to choose between:A sure loss of Rs.1000 A 50% chance to lose Rs.2000 and 50% chance to lose nothing

Q23. Do you think investing in gold is safe? If yes, why? Positive return in last decade Instability in currency market Value of gold is expected to appreciate I do not invest in gold Q24. Which of the following companies you make investments through? Bajaj Capital Aditya Birla Capital HSBC Tata Investment Corporation Limited Others (please specify) ___________________________

Q25. If you are an existing client of Bajaj Capital, rate them on a scale of 10 Im not a client of Bajaj Capital

Q26. Are you willing to disclose your wealth, provided we will help you in diversifying your money into the best suitable avenues based on your risk tolerance and return expectance level? Yes No Cant say now

Thank you for your time and support.