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The Daily Practice Hand-Clapping [Reversal] of the Lion-Faced Dakini (Seng Dongma)

By Jigdral Yeshe Dorje (H.H. Dudjom Rinpoche)

The Daily Practice Hand-Clapping [Reversal] of the Lion-Faced Dakini

KED CHIG RANG NYID KHANDROMA Visualizing that I instantly become SENG GE DONG CHEN KUR SAL WAI The Lion-faced dakini TUG KA NGAG KYI TRO DU YI Through the radiation and reabsorbing of the mantra in my heart, ND CHED MA L TSAR CHED GYUR All harm-doers are completely annihilated. AHKA SAMA RATSA SHADA RASA MARA YA PHET Recite as many times as possible, after which:

NAMO TSA GYUD LAMA YIDAM LHA Homage to the lineage Gurus, the meditation Deities, KHANDRO DD DUL DRAG MO YI And to the wrathful mara-subduing Dakini, DEN PA CHEN PO JIN LAB KYI By the blessings of the Great Truth CHAD KHA PHUR KHA BOD TONG SOG May all curses, sorcery, black magic, and so forth, MI TUN CHAG CHE NYAM NGA KUN Dreadful, ominous, non-conducive obstacles, DANG WAR CHED PAI DRA LA JHYO - (clap) And hateful enemies be reversed! NOD PAR CHED PAI GEG LA JHYO - (clap) May the harmful obstructing forces be reversed! DUD DRA CHED MAI TENG DU JHYO - (clap) May all negativities be sent back to the harmful maras and obstructers, JE SHUL MED PAR DOK GYUR CHIG - (clap) Completely reversed with no trace remaining!

Thus the reversal is performed.

TROM RIG NGAG N PAI TU By the strength of this wrathful female's awareness mantra, CHANG CHUB DRUB PAI BAR CHED DD May the maras that cause obstacles to the accomplishment of awakening ND CHED MA L TSAR CHED NEI And all harm doers without exception be annihilated, SAM DN YID ZHIN DRUB PAR DZD And may all intentions be achieved as though wish-fulfilling.

Conclude with dedication and aspiration prayers. This was written by Jigdral Yeshe Dorje for daily mantra practice. Dzayantu Translated by Sangye Khandro.