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1. If Address is not correct in the appln, USPS will correct the address and sen d it back. 2.

Latest enrollment flow is in Pacgake1 BTRD. 3. For EE defects, make sure you referring to the Package 1 BTRD Master Edit doc ument before logging. 4. When an app is locked by a specific user say, STUSR4. Another user STUSR7 can add a diary note. This is the only functionality that the user can do on an app locked by another user. 5. Address Type "Z" is temporary address which we have in M3 and we do not do ki nd of validation. Secondary address is tagged to address type "T" (in backend) which is actually t he Mailing address from UI perspective. 6. We cannot or rather there is no logic in place currently to update an existin g PRM record for Pharmacy report/data. We can also do a copy/add. 7. we have OSB plans that cover dental and vision. but we do not have a standalo ne plan for these. member can be enrolled in both an OSB plan as well as a MAPD or PDP plan. 8.Pharmacy COB reports are run through DTS package. medical (govt and non-eghp) are run thu Business Objects. See Patty Voss's email on the same.

697755 - This is an invalid defect. 668953 697773 694697

select msp_code, record_status, create_dttm from member..member_msp_cob_tab wher e msp_code = 'G' select * from static_tables..facets_nwst_xref_tab Hi Senthil, I drafted the key points that was discussed in today s meeting for the Update PCP and wanted to confirm with you if I have captured all the flows. Please review a nd let me know if I missed anything. 1. Happy path: Update PCP on Member Portal > Request sent to Medisys with th e new PCP ID -> Medisys acknowledges, saves/confirms and sends a response back t o MP. Now the Member will see the New PCP ID on the MP PCP screen. <<This happen s real-time and the response time and update happens real time.>> 2. Alternate Path: Update PCP on Member Portal > Request sent to Medisys wit h the new PCP ID -> Medisys verifies and throws out an exception because of the following failed conditions: (i) The New PCP ID is not available in Medisys. (ii) The PCP is not accepting new patients. (iii) The PCP is not within the network. (iv) The PCP s effective date/term date is not within the term date of the cont ract. (v) Medisys system is down. Additional Questions that were discussed: 1. We need to determine the error/warning messages for all possible excepti

ons. 2. How many PCP updates can happen in a day. This would lead to determine i f there it would be real time call to Medisys or would there be any batch proces s which directly updates Medisys on a daily basis OR will Operations team update them manually 3. How quickly should the updates be seen on the Member portal. 4. What is the criteria for the Member to choose PCP from Member portal per spective.

Also, wanted to know How will the Member search for a PCP from the Member portal using a PCP ID? I was just thinking how will the Member know the PCP ID. Shoul dn t it either be the general PCP search with the search criteria by Zipcode or Na me? Please let me know. Thanks, Padmashree