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The successful management of Natural Afro-textured Hair by women in Trinidad.

Dear Madam, My name is Sahara Curry and I am collecting data for my Caribbean Advanced Proficiency Examinations (C.A.P.E), in the field of Caribbean Studies. My internal assessment focuses on The successful management of Natural Afro-textured Hair by women in Trinidad. I kindly ask that you complete the attached questionnaire. I can assure you that the contents of the questionnaire will be kept confidential; however, the data collected will be used quantitatively. By returning this questionnaire, you are giving your consent to participate. I encourage you to as far as possible complete the entire questionnaire giving clear, comprehensible and full responses as it is critical to the type of the research I am undertaking. Thank you in advance for you participation.

1. What are your reasons for keeping/wearing your hair natural when there are a range of different chemical solutions available on the hair care market (e.g. relaxers, texturisers, etc...) 2. How long has your hair been natural? All my life Between 1-2 years Greater than 2 years Less than a year 3. How frequently do you wash your hair? Everyday Once every week Twice a month Once a month Other. 4. What hairstyles do you frequently wear your natural hair in? You may select up to two (2) choices. Wigs Artificial Braids Twists/Cork-screws Corn rows/Cain rows Afros Puffs Weaves Plaits/Braids Other

5. Is it frustrating or annoying in managing and dealing with your Natural Afro-textured Hair? Always About Half the time Seldom Never

6. Please explain what aspect of your hair causes this frustration. 7. Do you require the assistance of a hairdresser or a hair care professional in managing your Natural Afro-textured Hair? Yes, I go to the hair dresser or a hair care professional frequently to help me with my hair. The management of my hair depends on the skills of my hair care professional Yes, but only sometimes. I however, do not depend on them to manage my hair for me. No, I never go to a hairdresser or a hair care professional to help me manage my hair.

8. Do you use hairdryers, flatirons, curling irons, steamers or any heat tools in managing your hair? Please state which heating tools are used. No, I never use heat tools on my hair Yes, I use heat tools on my hair ..

9. If you answered yes to question 8 above, how frequently are these heating tools used on your hair? Everyday Once a week 2-3 times weekly A few times a month Rarely, a few times a year

10. List all the hair care products used in your hair also giving the name of the product. (Hair products are inclusive of: shampoos, conditioners, leave-in conditioners, hair masks, oils/greases, moisturizers etc) SAMPLE RESPONSE: I use the Optimum Oil Therapy Ultimate Recovery Shampoo, the Optimum Oil Therapy Ultimate Recovery Conditioner and Extra virgin olive oil as a hair moisturizer

11. Do you consider pH when shampooing, conditioning or placing a leave-in conditioner or moisturizer in your hair? Yes, I take into consideration the pH of products that I apply to my hair. No, I have never considered the pH of the products I apply to my hair. 12. Do you observe breakage as shown in the image below, when styling, washing, combing, conditioning, brushing or handling your Natural hair?

Yes, most of the time whenever I am handling my natural hair Yes, sometimes when handling my natural hair Rarely do I observe this kind of breakage when handling my natural hair No, I never observe this type of hair breakage when handling my hair

13. Do you have a specific hair care plan (regimen) or strategy for managing your hair? Yes, I have a specific hair care plan or strategy No, I do not have a specific hair care plan or strategy

14. If you answered Yes to Question 13, Is this hair care method or strategy maintained and State what is done using this hair care strategy. SAMPLE RESPONSE: I moisturize my hair three times a week and wash and deep condition my hair at the weeks end. I rarely disrupt this cycle; my hair care strategy is maintained. . 15. Do you use Petroleum Jellies, Petroleum based or mineral oil based hair care products in your hair care regimen? ( Note: Usually products that are petroleum or mineral oil based are the first 3 ingredients of the product) Yes No 16. Do you maintain the moisture in your hair? Yes, I moisturize my hair regularly Yes I moisturize my hair but not on a regular basis No Other. 17. If you answered Yes to Question 16 above, Describe the method by which you moisturize your hair, as well as give an adequate description of how the products and materials are used when moisturizing. Give names of products and company/manufacturer of the product used. SAMPLE RESPONSE: I moisturize my hair using water and Organic Root Stimulators Oil Moisturizing Hair Lotion. First I part my hair into sections and mist water on each section of hair, and then to each section some of the oil moisturizing lotion is added. .. 18. Do you observe hair growth with the current hair care regimen you are practicing? Yes, my hair has gained some length No, my hair has not gained any length

19. Check the box which best describes how your hair feels when it is wet and stretched Rough, Hard, Tangly, Hair does not Stretch much without breaking Weak, Gummy, Limp, Hair stretches and stretches before breaking Strong, Hair stretches slightly and returns to original length with no breakage. 20. On average, how often is your hair manipulated with respect to styling? Everyday Once a week Every 2 weeks Every month Other .

21. How often are the ends of your hair trimmed? Every 2 weeks Every month Every 2-3 months I do not trim the ends of my hair Other .. 22. What signs tell you that it is time for your hair to be trimmed? Whenever I see fit and observe breakage /split ends Whenever I visit my hair care professional Whenever the ends of my hair feels dry and brittle Other .........

23. How do you prepare your hair for night when preparing for bed or sleep? Please explain. SAMPLE RESPONSE During the nighttime as I prepare for bed, the ends of my hair are tucked away using hair/ bobby pins and my head is tied using a satin head tie or scarf.

24. Do you believe that you are NOT obtaining sufficient dosages of any of the following Vitamins, Minerals and Food groups listed below? Protein Iron Vitamin A Vitamin B- Complex Vitamin C Yes No