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What are the main general ideas considered in the Hippocratic Oath, that are common to the modern versions given by the American and British medical associations? Both versions tell us about the importance of caring for patients. We must do our best to improve the health of our patients. Both texts mention the confidentiality between doctor and patient. II. What ideas are different from the original Hippocratic version and the modern ones? Explain why those changes were necessary The original version does not allow the abortion, while the modern version permits it with some conditions. The changes that we found in the modern version were made by the social circunstances that we now live. We have different opinions and values now, thats why we cant keep using the first oath, it has to be update according to society changes. III. Why is the medical oath important for students of medicine and or doctors in their professional practice? Its important because it tell us about the respect for the patients. Our patients expect us to do our best to heal them and they want us to be fair, friendly and respectful to them, because as human being we should treat others the way we want to be trear. IV. Do you agree with all the ideas written in the existent medical oath? Why/Why not? Yes, I do, I think it teaches us a good way of dealing with our patients, always looking for the best for them. V. Re-write your own personal version of a medical oath; you have to include the main ideas that would represent your personal values, responsibilities and engagements among your profession. I swear to God and my family as my witness, that I will treat all my pacients with kindness, no matter gender, age, religion they have. I will not lend myself or apply my knowledge to harm people. I will do my best for the health of my patient, using all my knowledge to battle his disease.

ACTIVITY #2: I. Mention the main values that we can distinguish in the oath, related to the ethics of medicine, and in what part of the text they appear. Respect: I will make every effort to ensure that the rights of all patients are respected. I will respect patients decisions unless that puts others at risk of harm Responsibility: The practice of medicine is a privilege which carries important responsibilities. Equity: I will treat patients equitably and support a fair and human distribution of health resources. II. Analyze and identify the conception of love as is given in the text, and define how love is applied to the medical field. Love is applied as actions with the patiens, the way we care them. III. Mention at least 10 situations in the medical practice where love is found as an action In some sentences that the doctor says to their patients, like sorry for your lost, or this will hurt a little but it would make you feel better and dont worry its going to be alright. When you listen to all the things that your patient have to say about his/her personal life (let people talk, and listen to them carefully in short words), also providing health services by dont expecting to receive something in return, when you dont accept your patients money because you know that they need it more than you do, when you treat a child and you dont get separate of his/her side because you know he/she is scare. Working late just because more patients arrived, getting up in the middle of the night because the patient call you and need your help and practice medicine in places where people need doctors. IV. Choose one of the following quotes and explain it with your own words. Treat your patient as you expect to be treated when youre sick: We must treat the pacient with love because we have to understand the way he feels. Everybody likes be treated with kindness, so we should do it with our patients.