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Talk about an event from the past that you would like to relive.

Describe the or iginal event and say why you would like to relive it. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I would like to relive in my College days of the year 1957-58. I was a student o f Government College Ajmer, Rajasthan, India. I am a Harmonica Player and I use to be invited to give Harmonica recitals during Social Week Celebration Events i n three Girl s Colleges namely Sophia, Convent and Savitri and two others namely May o and DAV. I use to play at least three to four songs accompanied by my college Music Club Orchestra comprising of Accordion, Guitar, Drums, Maracas, Castanets, Harp and many more. My performance use to be always a HIT. The loud ovation by the audience on each song use to be my thrill and greatest delight. Hence I woul d love to relive those unforgettable and lovely moments of my college days.