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: Bahasa Inggris : VII ( Tujuh ) : :

Silanglah salah satu huruf a, b, c, atau d sebagai jawaban yang dianggap benar !
5. We can hear something with our a. Nose c. Mouth b. Ear d. Eyes 6. Rinto : Hello Rudy. I am Rinto Rudy : Hi Rinto : I am from Banten a. What is you name? b. How are you? c. Where do you live? d. Where are you from? 7. Andy : good morning, Nano ! Nano : . andy ! a. Im fine, thank you b. Good morning c. How are you d. Very well 8. Teacher : good afternood students ! Students : good afternoon, sir ! Teacher : Students : fine, thanks. a. How do you do? b. How are you? c. Are you all right? d. How about you? 9. Asih : good morning, sri. How are you this morning? Sri : a. I am fine thank you b. Thanks c. Good morning d. All right 10.Amir : Min, this is my sister, Amel. Amin : good morning, siti.

It is the first day at school. One of the students introduces in front of the class. good morning every body. I want to introduce my self, my name is Abdul Hafizh, I am from Banten I live at flamboyan street 12 Banten. I am twelve years old. 1. Who is introducing in front of the class a. The teacher b. Good morning c. A new student d. Every body 2. Where does he live? a. At school b. In front of the class c. At flamboyan street 12 Banten d. Hafizhs school 3. Amel : Mother , this is my friend, Hasna. Mother : Hasna Zhifah : how do you do, aunt. a. How are you? b. How do you do? c. Are you Husna? d. What is your name? 4. Teacher : good morning, students. How are you? Students : . I am fine, thank you, and you? Teacher : so I am a. Good morning b. Good bye c. Good afternoon d. Good evening

Amel : good morning. Glad to meet you ! Amin : too. a. I am fine b. Good bye This is mr. Johans house. It is big, clean and comfortable. There is a garden in front of the house. There are some rooms in their hous. They are some plants flower in the garden. There are some rooms in their house. They are a large living room, a dinning room, two bathrooms, a kitchen, three bedrooms and a garage. There are a carpet and a sofa in the living room, a picture and a clock are on the wall. Television in near the book case and a fan is in the corner. The bathrooms has a shower and there is a gas stove and refrigator in the kitchen. 11.How is mr. Johans house ? a. There is a garden infront of the house b. There are some rooms in their house c. It is big, clean and comfortable d. They are some plants and flower in the garden 12.There is infront ot the house. a. Garden b. Garages c. Some plants d. Mr. Johan and Mrs. Johan 13.The word they are a large living room, a dinning room refers to a. There bed room b. The living and dinning rooms c. Mr. Johans house d. Some room 14.How many rooms does Mr. Johan house have ? c. ll rightd. thanks II. Eassay Read the text carefully Hello, my friend,

c. Glad to meet you d. Good morning

a. 5 c. 7 b. 6 d. 8 15.Fina : Good morning, sari. How are you? Sari : what are you doing? Fina : Im waiting for the bus. There are suitable responses, except a. Im ok thank you b. You are right, thank you c. Fine, thank you d. Im well thanks 16.There some ink in the botle. a. Are c. does b. Is d. was 17.There some books on the table. a. Are c. were b. Is d. was 18.X : is there some students in the class. Y : Yes, a. It is c. there is b. It does d. there is not 19.X : are there some students in the class? Y : No, a. They are not b. There are not c. There are d. There is not 20.X : may I borrow your pen? Y : of course, you may. X : thank you very much. Y:... a. I am sorry c. your welcome b. A

I want to intorduce my self

My name is Ameliatun Hasanah. My family calls me Amel. I am from Tangerang. I live at 35 jalan merpati, Tangerang I am thirteen years old.

I was born on 35th 1990 in Tangerang. I am in the first year of SLTP 1 Tangerang I am 145 meters tall. Iam 36 kilograms

1. Who is introducing herself in the classroom? Answer :__________________________________________________________________ 2. Is she a student? Answer : _________________________________________________________________ 3. How old is she ? Answer : _________________________________________________________________ 4. Where does she come from? Answer : _________________________________________________________________ 5. What do her parents usually call her? Answer : _________________________________________________________________ 6. A : it is march. What month is next month? B : next month is . . . Answer : _________________________________________________________________ 7. Hasan and I are students. . . . are students. Answer : _________________________________________________________________ 8. A : What are those? B : they . . . pens. Answer : _________________________________________________________________ 9. A : . . . ? B : I live at 6 Jln. Mawar. Answer : ________________________________________________________________ 10.A : Today is Sunday. What day is tomorrow? B : tomorrow is . . . Answer : ________________________________________________________________


Berikan respon untuk situasi seperti di bawah ini (menggunakan Bahasa Inggris) ! 1. You come late for school Answer : _________________________________________________________________ 2. You forget to bring your friends book. Answer : _________________________________________________________________ 3. You make your friends upset (sedih). Answer : _________________________________________________________________ 4. You can not attend your friends birthday party. Answer : _________________________________________________________________

5. You kick someones feet. Answer : _________________________________________________________________