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A Case Study on

Presented to the Faculty of the College of Hospitality Management and Tourism Laguna State Polytechnic University Siniloan, Laguna

In Partial Fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of BACHELOR OF SCIENCE IN HOTEL AND RESTAURANT MANAGEMENT

Submitted To: Mr. Rainer Roldan Fiscal

Submitted by: Ian Harvy O. Agellon Francis Rafael Mendoza S.Y 2011 - 2012

A "Resort Hotel" is essentially a near-meaningless marketing term, but generally it indicates that the hotel offers vacation amenities and not simply a place to sleep. A place calling itself a "resort hotel" usually has a variety of pastimes either on the grounds or immediately adjacent and somehow affiliated with the hotel. Exactly what these are varies, but some common ones are golf, skiing (snow or water), a spa, fine dining, etc. Resort hotels are hotels where you go for a family vacation and to have peace. The term "resort" is now also used for a self-contained commercial establishment which attempts to provide for most of a vacationer's wants while remaining on the premises, such as food, drink, lodging, sports, entertainment, and shopping. The term may be used to identify a hotel property that provides an array of amenities and typically includes entertainment and recreational activities. A hotel is frequently a central feature of a resort, such as the Grand Hotel at Mackinac Island, Michigan. A resort is not always a commercial establishment operated by a single company, although in the late twentieth century this sort of facility became more common.

A. Physical Resources

Facilities and Amenities

Cristina Villas Resort Facilities

Three (3) Big Lovely Pools (2 ft. - 5 ft.) Picnic Tables 35 Casitas

Cristina Villas Hotel Facilities

Nine (9) Executive Rooms

Forty (40) Standard Rooms Two (2) Dormitory Rooms (40 pax)

10 Open Villas

Three (3) Functions Rooms (Maximum capacity 300 pax)

10 Open Villas with Loft Multi-purpose court Billiards, Darts, Mahjong, Chess & Boardgames First Class KTV Rooms Cafe Cristina Bar & Resto Barbecue Grills Big Shower Areas

Room Service Catering Service

Laundry Service

Stand-by Power Generator

Three (3) Big Lovely Pools (2 ft. - 5 ft.)

View Park

First Class KTV Rooms


Information Center


Open Villas

Souvenir Shop

Caf Cristina Bar & Resto

Function Hall

Executive Rooms

Cristina Villas Blueprint

Meal in Breakfast

Deluxe Bathroom

The Hotel

Resorts Department

Room Facilities & Services Department

Front Desk / Front Office The Front Desk or Front Office department checks the guest into the hotel on arrival, provides much of the initial information that the guest needs to quickly feel at home and answers their questions and generally facilitates their arrival. They also check the guest out on departure. Concierge The Concierge department is there to answer the guest's inquiries about the city and its surroundings, make reservations at restaurants, theaters, sightseeing tours and many other services. Guest Services The Front Door: Often the first person the arriving guest sees is the Door Person, who will open the door and extend a warm welcome to the guest. This department also takes care of the arriving and departing guest's luggage, calling taxis and parking the guest's vehicle. The Bell Desk: The guests' luggage is brought to and from the room by the Bell persons who also provide the guest with the hotel orientation and with much needed information such as the hotel hours of operation, shoeshine service etc. Housekeeping This department is charged with keeping the hotel clean and in order, to include twice daily service of all guest rooms and the maintenance of all public and heart-ofhouse areas. Our guests expect the very highest levels of cleanliness when they enter Cristina Villas Resort. This department plays an important role in meeting this expectation. Laundry This department cleans all of the hotel's linens and terry to include rooms and food and beverage. Guest's laundry and dry cleaning needs are also processed through this department.

Transportation / Garage The Transportation department oversees the parking garage and also any special transportation needs that a guest might have. Guest Relations This department is responsible for surprises and anticipating our guests' needs, by pre-calling all guests prior to their arrival to help garner preferences, identify special occasions and offer additional hotel services.

Food and Beverages Department

Kitchen/Culinary This department prepares foods and beverage that the entire resort & hotel needs. This department includes all the kitchens of the hotel. Typically, a resort will have a Main Kitchen, a satellite Fine Dining Restaurant Kitchen, a Banquet Kitchen, a Cold Kitchen, a Pastry Kitchen and sometimes, a Pool Kitchen. These various kitchens order, receive, store and prepare all the meals in the Hotel. They also prepare the beautiful buffets and the guest room food amenities. Restaurants/Bars/Lounges This includes all the restaurants, bars and lounges that are located throughout the hotel. Banquets This department sets up the rooms where small and large meetings and events including weddings and receptions are held. They take place in the various conference rooms and ballroom of the hotel. They also provide the service of food and drink to the guests at these events. The Banquet Department coordinates the details of an event as it is happening, executing the requests the guests have made prior to their arrival and responding to any unexpected needs of each guest. Room Service Also known as In-Room Dining, this department provides meal and beverage service to the guest in his/her room. The meal is always beautifully presented, as if the guest were at a table in one of our restaurants. This department operates 24 hours of the day.

Stewarding This department stores, cleans and distributes all the equipment (glassware, silverware, chinaware) that is needed in food and beverage service for our guests. This Stewarding department supports the entire food and beverage operation, providing important equipment supply and cleaning services to the kitchen and to every food and beverage outlet. Storeroom This is the storeroom where all fresh produce, meat, dairy and preserved foods as well as beverages are stored at the correct temperatures and in an orderly way until they are needed for preparation in the kitchens.

Accounting Department
Finance/Accounting All transactions involving cash, billing, purchasing and other numerical data processing and reporting are done in this department. This department also assists with the preparation of the annual budgets and the profit and loss statements and other accounting reports. Finance Purchasing/Receiving This department ensures that all the products, food and beverage, equipment and other operating supplies required to run the hotel are ordered in a timely manner, received, checked and stored until they are needed by the operating departments. Sales Reservations & Revenue Management The Reservations department takes calls, emails and faxes from guests and makes their room reservations for arrival at a future date. The Revenue Management department establishes the optimal room rate at any given time, based on demand and other market variables. Sales & Marketing This department sells the hotel and all its services and brings in the guests. Sales people have targets to meet and their goal is to keep the hotel busy all year

Catering Sales The Catering Sales Department sells, plans, and coordinates all social and local corporate catering events such as weddings, bar/bat mitzvahs, retirement parties, society events, local functions and meetings. After booking the event, the catering sales department works with event planners to understand, record and coordinate the details of what the guest is looking for and communicate these to the relevant departments. The team works to ensure the guest's utmost satisfaction at the event. Each catering sales manager is also responsible for individual booking goals and for achieving departmental budget requirements. Conference Sales This department sells the space that guests need to hold their meetings and social events in our hotels. They also take care of recording and sharing with the appropriate departments all the details (other than food and beverage needs, which are handled by the catering department) related to the function such as flowers, audiovisual needs, table layout etc.

Engineering Department
Our hotels need to be kept continuously in an excellent state of maintenance and repair for the safety and comfort of our guests and employees. This department ensures that air conditioning, heating, ventilation, water supply, sewage, furniture, carpeting, painting etc. are kept in good working condition at all times. Audio Visual The Audio Visual department supports the Food & Beverage and

Meetings/Special Events departments by providing audio (sound), light, projection and other services to guests who hold meetings and events at our hotels. Information Systems / Technology This department ensures that all the computers and computer systems in the hotel are installed correctly and run properly at all times. This department also ensures the efficient functioning of the telephone switchboard equipment.

Human Resources Department

This department ensures the well being of all employees. It also assists the other departments with their recruiting and selection activities so that they are adequately staffed.

Loss Prevention / Security Department

The Loss Prevention department ensures the safety and security of all guests, employees, their property and the hotel building and the equipment contained within it. This department responsible for the security of the resort property and workers;


Cristina Villas Mountain Resort and Hotel

Class AAA Taktak Road, Brgy. Sta. Cruz, Antipolo City 697-4521 to 22 Fax No. 697-5188
A Mediterranean resort and hotel in the sky, nestled atop the cool peaks of Antipolo City, Cristina Villas Mountain Resort and Hotel offers the ultimate retreat for true relaxation and recreation. Choose from our wide range of accommodations depending on your needs from our hotels executive and standard rooms, to our cozy resort villas and casitas. Comprising a sprawling village complex of hotel and resort facilities, Cristina Villas provides a perfect blend of the best of hotel comfort and convenience, uniquely combined with the many pleasantries of a resort in the sky. It boasts of its well-landscaped grounds, charming architecture, cozy and spacious function areas, delectable food and cocktails, and most specially, its warm and courteous staff always ready to serve you.

The Researchers were found Antipolo City has a lot of resorts. In fact, aside from Laguna, its probably one of the cities that have a lot of resorts and pool, possibly because of the great view and the large area. So when summer time comes, the city is one of the busiest places. One of the most commendable resorts, without a doubt, is Villa Cristina Resort or Cristina Villas Mountain Resort and Hotel, otherwise also known as Cristina Villas Resort. Located in Taktak Road, a very steep and creepy, might we mention, road that had resorts lined up along the way, at the end of a fork at the road, Villa Cristina Resort consists of a hotel and a very large area for a resort. With 4 big pools and a newly built kiddy pool with cute small slides and swings, the resort was already at the top spot for the best. Their pools, two of them situated at the top while the Olympic pool was located at the lower areas of their sort, completely opposite the new kiddy pool. One of the pools had a really cool statue of a mermaid in the middle and the other pool supported shallow areas where you can sunbathe while be in the pool at the same time great place for any family outings of reunions with friends. A newly built part of the resort had been the infinite pool at the top, the statues and the playground bridges at the top of the resort. There is also a cross at the top as well as a romantic little hut where you can see the whole resort. The resort hosts a hotel with standard and executive rooms, a KTV room, Caf Cristina a bar and restaurant, multi-purpose court, affordable accommodations and commendable shower areas that could probably fit a whole school. The food in Villa Cristina is a little expensive, but they do allow you to bring food inside (except alcohol, which most people would hide in their bags instead) and even use their grill to make barbecue.

For events, there is a Pavilion, church and chapel like events place perfect for weddings, debuts or big parties. The resort is a wonderful place for

conventions, seminars or just a place to relax. The best thing about their sort is its breath-taking view of Manila and the amazing sunset that you may be lucky enough to catch.

Republic of the Philippines LAGUNA STATE POLYTECHNIC UNIVERSITY Siniloan Host Campus Siniloan, Laguna College of Hospitality Management and Tourism

THE MANAGER __________________________ __________________________ __________________________ Dear Sir/Madam: Greetings! The Bachelor of Science in Hotel and Restaurant Management students are conducting an interview as part of their requirements in their subject HRM 422 Resort Operation and Management. In this regard, I would like to request from your good office to accommodate them to interview some of your personnel. Your cooperation regarding this request is highly appreciated. Thank you very much and more power.

Respectfully yours, Rainer R. Fiscal Subject Instructor

Interviewing of HR Officer

Interviewing of other Staff

Taking picture at Pool

Taking picture at Pool

Conclusion and Recommendation

The researchers found that Villas Mountain Resort and Hotel offers the ultimate relaxation and recreation because you can enjoy with your love one or someone while bought of you are seeing the wonderful and beautiful sceneries of mountain. Then having fun when swimming in 3 big lovely pools, eat in Picnic Tables, Barbeque and more. Comprising a sprawling village complex of hotel and resort facilities,

We recommend to visit the Villas Mountain Resort and Hotel at Taktak Road, Brgy. Sta. Cruz, Antipolo City. Cristina Villas provides a perfect blend of the best of hotel comfort and convenience, uniquely combined with the many pleasantries of a resort in the sky. All facilities and amenities are provided in the resort. So please come and enjoy to the beautiful place of Villas Mountain Resort and Hotel.