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LESSON PLAN DATE : TEACHER: LEVEL : Intermediate TIME: 50 minutes Grade : 5 th TEXTBOOK: ROB NOLASCO, WOW!

, Oxford University Press, 1990; Virginia Evans , Jenny Dooley, Reading &Writing , Express Publishing, 1998 Unit: 17 Try it! A WOW holiday report- Morocco Unit: 13 Going North LESSON: A WOW holiday report AIMS : - to intoduce vocabulary related to holiday; - to practise reading comprehension; - to give students the opportunity to discuss prefrences for holidays, ideal places; - to enable students to write an informal letter to a friend from a holiday; - to broaden students vocabulary in the context of holidays; - to use be going to future and present continuous; FUNCTIONS: - describing pictures, making comparisons - expressing opinion, giving arguments and examples - expressing agreement and disagreement - expressing solutions , prefrences ( likes and dislikes) SKILLS : Receptive skills: -reading for detailed information Productive skills : - describing pictures, comparing and contrasting pictures and places, palying roles in a dialogue on a certain theme, writing an informal letter to a friend from a holiday AIMS: - to acquire vocabulary related to holidays - to practice speaking and writing skills - to enable students to speak and to write about holidays MATERIALS: textbooks, blackboard, a cassette recorder, teacher s book, pictures, hand-outs. LANGUAGE PRACTICED : vocabulary related to holidays, specific language used in dialogues with different ways of expressing future tense; informal writings, letter to a friend;


Activity 1 Warm up T- Ss Ss- Ss Ss- T Speaking 10 minutes 1. Checking the homework from page 82 from their books A WOW holiday report 2. Introducing the new lesson 3. The Surprise Play Giovanni s cafe played by 4 studens from the class Activity 2 T- Ss Ss- T 15 minutes Vocabulary exercises 1. Matching the questions to the pictures exercise 1 page 52 2. Reading comprehension and answering the questions 3. Filling in the correct words exercises 3 and 4 page 53 Activity 3 T- Ss 10 minutes Teaching the writing of the letter 1. The teacher gives Ss a handout with the tips and the plan for writing an informal letter to a friend 2. The teacher explains what each paragraph should contain 3. A student read a model letter for the rest of the Ss Activity 4 Ss- T 10 minutes Writing a letter 1. The Ss write a letter to a fiend about what they are going to do in a holiday; 2. The T asks some students to read the letters; Activity 5 Ss- T 3 minutes Singing a song 1. The students are going to sing the song Holiday

Activity 5 T-Ss 2 minutes Home assignment:Ss will have to write a composition: My ideal holiday