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Pain is a necessary condition of punishment, however, it is not sufficient.

In addition to pain, what is necessary is the victims consent that it is justified. The father of the lie is childhood. You know you have found the right answer if it first offends you. What teeth are to a tiger deception is to women and children. Deception is always the price of slavery. What I pray for most is a fit God to worship. We are all asked to participate in the same crimes. This we call law. There is nothing like a footnote to give a fool a place to stand. There is no easy way to become ordinary. You have to be born into it. The value of a shepard is determined by his flock. Thus, no leader is worthy of envy. The ultimate price for male superiority is femininity. The spiritual health of a man is diagnosable to the degree he relies on morality as an explaination for his actions. The sins of the father are heaped on the son by the mother. The desire for constancy is the mother of morality. Who is its father? The best way to measure a man is to give him what he wants. The anatomy of the sexes is simple: women are all soul, and men are all heels. Teach nothing to anyone unless you're willing to suffer from it later. Shame is admitting that we desire applause from people we despise. Religious freedom is an oxymoron. Punishment is a crutch which morality must endure. Only a man who can choose from whom he receives applause is worth applauding. My ultimate goal is to perish in the pursuit of myself. Morality allows the exploited the opportunity to feel noble. Just because men are similar doesnt mean that they are the same. Everyone desires to be seen, just so long as they are envied. Every promise is a lie. Even a brilliant idea like the U.S. Constitution can be ruined by bad company. There are no paradoxes in nature What does a sheep know of wool? The most humane thing to do for a dying man is to convince him he served a noble purpose. Who can worship a God who knows His next move? Those desperate for applause can never hear it. No other animal on this planet is so desperate for something to compare himself to that he invented God. If you desire to be raved about never ask anyone to do it unless you pay them. Self acceptance is based on self contempt. When I compare myself to another man I am either feeling superior of searching for justice. What is the relationship between morality and orality? The mouth. The belief in truth began with a lie. What is that lie? A) That truth is necessary and B) That a description is an explanation. You know nothing unless you can apply it. To name someone is to claim them, thus the power of parenthood. Do not fear the serpent who needs to bite more than once. Morality soothes the pain of life by providing the victim with a sense of superiority. There is a fine line balance between people feeling grateful or contemptuous when in the presense of someone they regard as superior. When I am feeling strong I have no need to ask questions of myself. The majority of men have been delt cards to a game which they do not know how to play. The question, "What future can we expect?" is a guarantee that the future is not possible.

I am angered that anyone from the Mid-West thinks they understand those of us who live on the edge. Why are people so terrified of strangers? Most have forgotten that they were raised by two of them. The best cure for misery is to learn to endure pain. There is only one universal social law - obedience. Knowledge is the original sin for the priest and the politition. Why? It sends them to the unemployment line. The stupid and the brilliant believe they are the standard for everything: thus my fear of democracy. In order for an inequitable system to survive it must be believed that most people will turn their heads away. Thus all morality relies on the sense of smell. Lies are closer to the point than the truth. They convey what someone is trying to hide. Everything I despise is a statement of my esteem. The fool, the priest and the bureaucrat are fascinated with averages. There is no issue until you propose one. Concepts are like helium balloons; they float higher and higher until they shrivel and fall. One thing which makes man different from animals is he is forever comparing himself to his inventions and finds himself wanting. Man is the missing link. We know who is on his left side but who is on his right? Men flock together to protect themselves from wolves, never realizing that their greatest enemy is the shephard and the flock. Whether there are two choices or a hundred, the next one is always heresy. It is up to each person to decide to whom he owes the truth. By pulling the leaves off a tree you won't expose its roots. Credit, Alcohol, and Christianity - three legal drugs in America. To believe that pain can be avoided not only causes misery, but makes you weak. Everyone who claims that he is an altruist is guilty of counterfeiting. A humanist is one who cannot tolerate being violated without advance notice. To believe that love is more than proximity is to deny the reality of war and adultery. It is amazing how biology transforms itself into philosophy. To reproduce is the only imperative. What most people want guaranteed is poison to a hard soul. Who can love a God who pities and loathes his finest creation? Morality is sowed at the Breast and reaped on the Body. Every plan assumes constancy: thus the belief in progress. The only difference between hiring a thug or a lawyer to settle your affairs is of the senses; one is unsightly and the other smells. When someone tells you that they trust you be on guard; you are soon to be violated. Capitalism works for those with capital. Freedom of the press belongs to those who own a press. Justice belongs to those who make the scales. To be in awe of Life is the only true religion. Beware of the man who claims to be free. He is about to commit suicide. The entire base on which Western Civilization and its religious humanism rests is the prevention of pain and the guarantee. The fanal payment for this insurance policy is slavery.

The value of a man's word or for that matter a government's currency are determined by how well they can tolerate uncertainty. Thus, weak currency and fascism sleep in the same bed. The greatest danger to a budding genius is the middle class who are pulling him up by their bootstraps. A man who learns how to benefit from pain and adversity becomes stronger and stronger; thus, the need for pity and bureaucracy. My greatest pain? When a woman rejects me for God. My next greatest pain? When a man rejects me because I am Godly. To respect a man's opinion is to simply acknowledge that he had a mother. It is now obvious that Hitler was unsuccessful in awakening us to the horrors of which mornal men are capable. Thus, if we believe in progress, what might the next lesson be? In order to understand Hitler you simply have to understand your neighbor, or for that matter, yourself. Laws allow lawyers to send their sons to Harvard, while yours go to City College. Justice for the man in the street is simply someone to blame for his most recent discomfort. If the weak and helpless didn't exist lawyers and politians would invent them. How else could the middle class be exploited? For most men the veil between opinions and hope is opaque. The ultimate goal of Christianity and Socialism is; Earth as Asylum. Like sleeping pills most opinions are designed to put the user to sleep. The halls of divorce courts are paved with high hopes, romantic feelings and promises. What claims do any of these have on human decency? Civilization is nothing more than a disguised form of genocide. The criminal is indispensable to a society dominated by the politician. Where Christianity goes, the Hangman follows. Science, however, has given us the atomic bomb and the electric chair.