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Preparing to Write Your Resume

There are some items that you need in order to write your resume. Please complete the following sections to be prepared for your resume workshop. Choose an objective from the following list.
1. To obtain a position in a setting where I can apply my skills, knowledge, and hardworking ability as well as be an asset to the company. 2. Seeking challenging work where I can utilize my skills and experience; as well as perform, enhance my knowledge, and contribute to the growth of your organization. 3. Customer service position where my experience can be utilized to improve customer satisfaction. 4. Position where I can effectively utilize my experience in job field should be entered here 5. To obtain a position that utilizes my skills and enables me to make a positive contribution to the organization. 6. To secure a position with a well established organization with a stable environment that will lead to a lasting relationship. 7. To obtain a position that will enable me to utilize my strong organizational skills, educational background, and ability to work well with people. 8. A challenging career opportunity which would help me utilize my academic background, gain experience, and enable me to make positive contribution to your company 9. Dedicated and experienced [Insert Job Title] looking to contribute my skills, solid work ethic, and education as well as become an asset to your organization. 10. An opportunity to [insert goal] in [insert organization, sector of field] where [insert qualifications or skills or experience you wish to highlight]. 11. To obtain a position where my skills and experience will significantly contribute to a recognized, substantial, and dynamic company. 12. Seeking a position with a company which will require me to utilize my skills, abilities, and experience in the ________ field to ensure the companys success. 13. To obtain a position in the ________ field where I can utilize my work experience and education to improve the companys operation. 14. To obtain a responsible and challenging position where my education and work experience will have valuable application. 15. To obtain employment in a ________ setting. 16. To secure a responsible position leading to a progressive career path while utilizing educational background and personal potential.

Choose 6 Key strengths from the following lists. (They can be from any category).
Prompt Customer Oriented Customer Centered Administrative skills Self Disciplined Adaptable Critical Thinker Career Oriented Dependable Reliable Organized Trustworthy Superb Work Ethic Flexible Detail Oriented Professionalism Conscientious Hardworking People Oriented Leadership ability Work Well Under Pressure Energetic Personable Technology Oriented Problem Solver Quick Learner Friendly Resourceful Creative Ability Teamwork Facilitation Excellent Interpersonal Skills Solid Work Ethic Timely Punctual Motivated Independent Team Leader Multi-tasker Versatile

Work Related Accounting

Payroll/Billing/Budgets Accounts Payable Job Estimating Procedures Accurate Cash Handling Skilled in Accounting Project/Estimate Finances Interpersonal Communication Phone Etiquette Record Keeping Bilingual
Follow Confidentiality Procedures

Proficient in Microsoft Office Administrative Skills Ability to Multi-task Proficient in Clerical Duties Interpersonal Communication Perform Presentations Phone Etiquette Record Keeping Multiple Phone Lines Bilingual Prepare Contract Documents Communication Skills Knowledge of Schematics Educational Experience Data Entry Provided Technical Support Network Troubleshooting Office Supervisor Bookkeeping

Design Draftsman Construction Background Proficient in Power Tools Electrical Experience Install/Prepare Components Interpersonal communication Ability to be Adaptable Safety Procedures Warehouse & Logistic
Commercial/residential renovation

Customer Service Sales Experienced Retail Experience Marketing Strategies Interpersonal Communication Perform Presentations Ability to be Adaptable Bilingual Prepare Contract Documents Communication Skills Quality Oriented Inventory Control Money Handling Experience Troubleshooting Skills Customer Relations Money Order and Lottery Sales Layaway and Payment Plans Stocking and Pricing Promotional Displays and Layouts

Ability to Read Blue Prints

Knowledge of Geographic Coordinates

Prepare Contract Documents Communication Skills Knowledge of Schematics Forensic Accounting Education Experience Data Entry Finance/Auditing Bookkeeping

Forklift/Loader Bilingual Administer First-Aid Treatment Clean/Lubricate Machinery Parts Prepare Contract Documents Communication Skills Knowledge of Schematics Perform Presentations

Long/Short Term Planning Marketing Strategies Interpersonal Communication Perform Presentations Ability to Be Adaptable Ability to Incorporate New

Patient Care Medical Background Knowledge of Medical Terminology Monitor Vital Signs Understand Drug Products Collect Clinical Data

Food Service
Food and Beverage Vendor Relations Quality Assurance Control Catering Experience Simple Food Prep Health Code

Child Care/Education
Safety Procedures Classroom Management Web 2.0 Technology Tools Multicultural Experience Low Income and At Risk Children Innovative Teaching

Concepts Phone Etiquette Record Keeping Multiple Phone Lines Bilingual Follow Confidentiality Procedures Prepare Contact Documents Communication Skills Counseling/Training Knowledge of Schematics Data Entry Administer Disciplinary Procedures Negotiation Techniques Quality Oriented Maintenance Supervision Bookkeeping

Administer Medications/Treatments Clinical Sterilizing Technique Interpersonal Communication Perform Presentations Ability To be Adaptable Safety Procedures Great Patient Care Skills Record Keeping Bilingual Follow Confidentiality Procedures Administer first-aid treatment Prepare Contract documents Communication Skills

Compliance Inventory Management Menu Planning and Pricing Guest Relations Special Event Dinners Workplace Safety Food Styling
Short Order Cooking

Methods Curriculum Development Inclusion Classroom Experience Large Group Instruction Small Group Instruction Assessment and FCAT Training Parent Collaboration
Non-Traditional Students

Barista (Coffee) Ethic Food Preparation Desserts Serving/Delivery

Virtual Teaching Experience Special Needs Students One-on-One tutoring Activity Planning Teacher Support Sunshine State Standards Early Childhood Education Pre-School and Pre-K

Employment History
(List in reverse chronological order). Job Title Name of Company City, State