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Java Programming Diploma Part 2 Asia Pacific Institute of Information Technology 2009 RAIL TRANSPORTATION SYSTEM For more

than 20 years, CountryExpress has delivered services for all rail operations- transit, light rail, high speed rail and long haul train journey in the country. Efficiency is a daily challenge that operators of rail transportations systems face. From operation management to passenger management, operators are entrusted with the responsibility of ensuring high levels of efficiency and safety at all times. The company had recently restructured its ticketing scheme and has entrusted your group to develop a system for them embodying the following modules; 1. Registration Module Every customer has the option to register onto the system. This information is used for the reward module mentioned below. Customer details such as name and identity card are required for registration. The system will subsequently generate a unique 6 digit code which will be used by the customer to purchase train tickets. This is a one-time registration. The customer however, need not register to purchase a train ticket, in which case points will not be credited to the user for purchases of the train ticket. 2. Reward Module For every RM1.00 spent, a customer shall accumulate one point which will be credited to the account of the customers 6 digit code. 3. Ticketing Module Provides a facility to the customer to purchase ticket at the train station. There are a total of 30 stations. The cost of getting from one station to an immediate station is RM1.00. Using the same calculation, the ticket price of getting from station 1 to 6 is RM5.00. In the same way, ticket price for getting from station 10 to 30 should be RM20.00. The rates however differ at night (7 pm 11 pm) and early mornings (6 am 7:15 am) where a 25% discount shall apply. Children are subjected to a 50% discount regardless of the time of travel. For group purchase (more than 5 people), a 10% discount shall apply. For every 1000 points accumulated by a customer, a discount of RM5.00 shall apply. Fields required for purchasing ticket(s) 6 digit code (optional), station (departure), station (arrival), travel time (24 hours), No of adults, No. of children. The system will subsequently generate the ticket price and the customer will enter the payment amount. A remainder is produced should the payment amount exceed the required amount. Apart from generating a ticket the system will also display a customers cumulative points on each generated ticket. Develop a stand alone application using Java which will observe the defined specifications. In the interface use appropriate GUI components. Make appropriate use of the Layout managers. The interface should be attractive, very user friendly, crash proof, intuitive (i.e. acts as someone would expect it to act), and reasonably realistic. * You can use your own judgements and assumptions should the above requirement specification is insufficient in order to develop a realistic program. You are required to include all the assumptions that you made in your assignment. SECTION B : DELIVERABLES This is an individual assignment. Each individual is required to submit: a. a softcopy of the program coded in Java submitted in a CD. The program should include the following: advanced concepts / knowledge in Java such as interfaces, packages, abstract classes, and other objectoriented concepts in addition to the basic concepts ranging from looping, control structure and arrays Basic Java concepts such as displaying and reading of text, variables, and assignment of values, comments to explain various parts of the program, selection control and iteration structures, and arrays single / double scripted Object-oriented concepts incorporated using Java such as definition of classes, creation of objects / arrays of objects, constructors, method overloading, method overriding, polymorphism, etc. Advanced features of Java such as packages, interfaces, event handling, exception handling, etc Any other aspects of Java b. a documentation of the system, that incorporates basic documentation standards such as header and footer, page numbering and which includes Cover page Table of contents Source code of the program in Java which adheres to the requirements in Section A Sample outputs when the program is executed with some explanation of the outputs / sections of the program Additional features which have been incorporated in the solution in terms of Java codes Assumptions if any

References The documentation should be comb-bound with the CD attached.