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Emerson Valve Automation

Delivering Value in the Middle East Through Local Facilities with Automation and Integration Capabilities

Emerson Valve Automation Your Single Source in the Middle East


Local Facilities with Vast Capabilities

Emerson has established world-class facilities in the Middle East region, along with an experienced distribution network. Our World Area Configuration Centers (WACC), including the modern 9,000 square meter manufacturing facility in Jubail and another in Dubai, provide our clients in the Middle East region with state-of-the-art manufacturing, assembly, integration and testing of globally recognized brands and proven systems for valve control.

Local facilities with exceptional capabilities Local expertise and service excellence Certified plant standardization and efficiency Largest on/off Valve Operating System portfolio Broad product offering from renowned brands Local parts availability and quick shipping

Expert Application Engineering and Complete Integration

To add further value to our brands, Emerson Valve Automation has engineering and integration professionals in our facilities with extensive knowledge of both automation and control as well as applications in oil and gas and process industries. They are able to understand the unique needs of our clients to create specific Valve Operating Systems that are fit-for-purpose. Our team provides systems for emergency shutdown (ESD), hydraulic partial stroke and diagnostic testing (PST), and high integrity pressure protection system (HIPPS), to name a few applications. We provide full Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT), systems testing and staging, and can integrate full wireless capability for use in any facility. We assure that Emersons high level of quality is always maintained. Our technical staff is available to support and advise our clients throughout the life of their system.

Exceptional Local Service Capability

Emerson Valve Automations World Area Configuration Centers (WACC) and local authorized service facilities differentiate us from everyone else. We have experienced technicians , modern facilities with cutting edge automation capabilities, high-quality standards and a strong dedication to serving our customers throughout the life-cycle of their valve automation packages. Our factory trained and certified technicians can provide immediate assistance as needed , and we offer long-term support contracts and service agreements.

Knowledgeable Field Service

Our large cadre of service engineers in the Middle East are knowledgeable about all aspects of valve automation and control. And have been specifically trained and certified in the intricacies of all Emerson Valve Automation brands. Their many years of industry experience translates into their ability to provide valuable assistance with specification development, consulting regarding sizing and installation, and expert after-sales service in the field by technicians who know how to diagnose, trouble shoot and solve problems and are available 24/7.

Continued Training, Continual Advancement

We provide in-house training courses for clients and Emerson personnel to further their knowledge of valve automation and field operations of Emerson products. Our courses are tailored specifically for your applications and offer hands-on opportunities to work with systems in order to maximize the learning benefits. We can also provide on-site training upon request.

Special Products for Special Applications

Emerson Valve Automation provides products and system solutions that add efficiency, reduced risk and added value to oil and gas operations. An example is the Multiport Flow Selector (MPFS). This unique automated system provides a cost effective and compact means to improve production management and well optimization. By selecting and diverting well fluids from up to seven flow lines to a single test outlet, the MPFS reduces installation, operation and maintenance costs for a well test system. Bettis Multiport Flow Selector is supplied with an EIM MPA uni-directional electric actuator with many unique features including high performance microcontroller, solid state starter, 12 bit magnetic encoder, high position measurement resolution and a Local Display Module for interrogation and commissioning. The MPA can be controlled or monitored locally, or remotely via Modbus, Foundation Fieldbus or Profibus.

Brands You Can Trust

Our actuator brands stand on their own for quality and proven service in the field. Whether you require pneumatic, electric, hydraulic or gas/hydraulic service, Emerson has the valve actuator and operating system to fit your requirements. In addition to our leading valve automation brands, our facilities have experience with Emersons complementary control products PlantWeb, Fisher, Rosemount, TopWorx, ASCO, Delta V, Daniel and other trusted brands. Bettis
Scotchyoke pneumatic and hydraulic actuators

Rotary vane actuators

Electric actuators

For more information about our complete products offering and available services, please visit our website at /valveautomation or contact one of our local sales offices.

Rack and pinion actuators

The single valve automation solution

Rack and pinion actuators

Helical spline actuators

Ready Parts Availability

Emerson facilities in the Middle East , partnering with local authorized service facilities, have essential parts availability when and where you need it. We make it easy to fill MRO requirements and even fast turnaround OPEX investments. We anticipate customer needs and carry parts for all our valve automation brands, with stocked materials to serve unexpected shutdowns.

Complete Control Accessories Offering

Emerson has a complete offering of accessories and control systems to complement the selection of valve actuators. These Emerson accessories positioners, controllers, solenoids, regulators, breathers, wireless control are in stock at our World Area Configuration Centres and Valve Automation locations below. They can be expertly engineered into a Valve Operating System, mounted and tested locally by our trained technicians.
WACC P.O. Box 17033, Jebel Ali Free Zone Dubai, United Arab Emirates T- +971 4 811 8100 F -+971 4 886 5465 WACC P.O. Box 10305 Jubail 31961 Saudi Arabia T- +966 3 340 8650 F - +966 3 340 8790 P.O. Box 4015 Abu Dhabi U.A.E. T- +971 2 678 8800 F- +971 2 678 7678
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