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Dear Parents:

Check it out! We have expanded our research in World Book Web. Our library subscribes to the World
Book Web giving parents, students, and staff the ability to access World Books reference collection to
cover the needs of students in all grade levels. The World Book Web includes:

World Book Kids-the premier general reference web site developed especially for younger users.
World Book Student-includes all articles from the 22-volume World Book Encyclopedia, plus
thousands of additional articles and more than 20,000 pictures, maps, videos, and sounds, and a
Spanish-language encyclopedia.
World Book Advanced-tailored for the needs of older students, it includes encyclopedic content, e-
books, multimedia, a vast collection of primary source documents, and a wealth of research tools that
allow students to customize and save their work.
Enciclopedia Estudiantil Hallazgos-the optimal beginners Spanish language reference site.
Early Peoples (World Book Digital Libraries)--offer an online, interactive complement to World
Books most popular print reference sets. Each library features all the content from the print set as
well as videos and animations, interactive activities, curriculum correlations, and links to encyclopedic
Social Studies Power combines richly varied lessons with instructive multimedia, read-aloud text,
literacy tools, and geography basics to provide a well-rounded learning experience for students and an
effective instructional tool for their educators. More than 100 lessons are presented in differentiated
versions to meet the varying learning capabilities of upper elementary students.
Science Power uses engaging and visually rich multimedia lessons to teach on-level and
differentiated lesson content to upper elementary-age children. The site is correlated to popular
science textbooks as well as state/provincial standards, and includes differentiated content to help
struggling readers master the material.

Our World Book subscription allows us to give you and your family access to this valuable reference source
on your home computers and mobile device 365 days a year, 24 hours a day.
We hope you and your children will use the World Book Web often to help with their homework, special
projects, and at-home learning.

To access the World Book Web from home, follow these simple steps:

1. Go to the World Book web site:
2. In the Login ID box, type in (lower case): 1thompson
3. In the Password box, type in (lower case): worldbook

Please remember that login and password information is for students and their families only,
and extending this information to people who do not live within the school district could result
in loss of at-home access for our students.