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Yonatan Schapira a former captain in the Israeli Air Force said this to BBC News: Yonatan Schapira on January

6 BBC News24 Telop: War crime, On 6 January 2009, Yonatan Schapira, a former Captain in the I sraeli Air Force, said this on BBC News 24: BBC: I mean, in terms of what's going on now, what's your assessment of what Israeli is doing in Gaza? Yonatan: I can answer you with two words, "war crime." My government is now engage in mas sive war crime, killing hundreds of innocents. It's not just the war crime again st Palestinians, it's a crime against the Israeli people, and on behalf of thous ands of Israelis that are demonstrating right now on the streets of Telaviv and Jerusalem and many other places with Palestinians,with internationals. People fr om all kind of background and all part of in these of society are completely com petely ashamed against this crasy assault. We know that you cannot kill as Jewish people, we know that you cannot kill the desire of people to be free. As a Jewish person that was raised on all these val ues of liberation and humanity and freedom, we can not kill the desire of Palest inian people to live in freedom. And on behalf of those people in Israel and in the world, I want to call the int ernational community, the Jewish community in the world, and everyone that liste n to me now. Please join our force to stop this massive killing. Please, for the sake of Israel, for the sake of Palestine, and for the sake of t he world, I want to cry and to shout and ask you. People are dying right now. The rockets, by the way, can kill also me and my parents, when we work in the so uth not far from Gaza, but it's crazy that my government at the same time that p eople are being killed on our side, is continuing this crazy assault, thinking t hat they can kill the desire of millions of people to be free. BBC: The argument that your governmnent has: Tzipi Livni was saying that its extremis ts responsible small number granted, but every rockets fired out of Gaza into Is rael must be stopped and this is an active deffence. Yonatan: Yeah, and Palestinians are the same thing. This is active deffence that they are being trapped in this open air prison for decades. And they cannot eat, they ca nnot have medicine, they cannot go in, they cannot go out. We lock them there in a big ghetto. We have to put the words in a very clear con texts. We are locking this one and a half million people for so long and we trea t them as animals and this is the result. Telop: On 2 January 2009, Liverpudlian comedian, Alexei Sayle was quoted thus by Sky Ne ws: "It is the psychology of the murderer, the rapist, the bully. That's what Is rael is in this situation". Yonatan Schapira and Alexei Sayle are both Jewish.

The Murderer, the Rapist, the Bully may be found at the I Am An Engilishman web site. "We treat them as animals and this is the result". Yonatan Schapira