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Mobile Assistive Technology: Enhancing Learning and Communication for Students with Exceptional Needs

AAC 25.99 Expressive 14.99 Look2Learn 199.99 OneVoice: See YouTube Links 189.99 Proloquo2go 49.99 SoundingBoard seems too young 299.99 TouchChat 99.00 Verbally

PECS 24.99 Grace 49.99 iCommunicate 49.99 iPrompts XL 14.99 Look2Learn see above 9.99 My Choice Board Organize

4.99 Complete Class Organizer I want it!!! 2.99 iStudiez Pro 4.99 ToDo for iPad 2.99 Planner

39.99 Sosh

Token Economy
Chore Pad HD 4.99 iReward

Visual schedule

9.99 First Then Visual Schedule 49.99 iCommunicate 49.99 iPrompts XL 9.99 My Choice Board 7.99 SharingTimer 38.99 Articulate it 29.99 ConversationBuilder 5.99 QuestionBuilder 9.99 Scene Speak 5.99 SentenceBuilder 7.99 Story Builder: 1.99 Speech Journal

1.99 Elephonics LanguageBuilder 1.99 Shake-a-Phrase 4.99 Word Sort 4.99 Word SlapPs Free ABC Magic 3

3.99 Column Addition 3.99 Column Division 3.99 Column Subtraction 3.99 Column-Addition 3.99 Fraction Math 3.99 Grid Multiplication 3.99 Lattice Multiplication 3.99 Left-to-Right Subtraction 3.99 Long Division Mathematics 3.99 Long Multiplication 3.99 Math Academy

free MathBoard 3.99 Opposite-Change Addition 3.99 Partial Differences Subtraction 3.99 Partial Products Multiplication 3.99 Partial Quotients Division 3.99 Partial Sums Addition Same-Change Subtraction Free Skill Builder Numeracy Trade-First Subtraction

free Skill Builder Spelling 4.99 SpellBoard

1.99 ABC Tracer 1.99 ABCTrace free PaperDesk LITE free Pdf-notes free .99 Penultimate

__________________________________________________________________________ Instructional Games

Fine motor
2.99 Baby Explorer free Build-it-up 1.99 Kandy Fish free Match it up 1 free Match it up 2 free Match it up 3 free My Scene 1.99 Puzzld!

1.99 Slide & Spin 4.99 Dexteria

.99 Cosmic Quest Fun Run 1.99 Park Math HD Rally Race I learn Math

Numbers & Letters

1.99 ABC Numbers 1.99 Fish School My Numbers Play Phone 1.99 Zoo Train

Reading Comprehension
1.99 Cosmic Quest Fun Run 1.99 Peepers_ I Say... You Say Rally Race 1.99 Word Wagon 1.99 Word Wall HD

4.99 Ansel & Claire 1.99 I Learn Seasons: 2.99 I Learn With Animals: 3.99 Treasure Kai


free Talking Bacteria free Talking Ben free Talking Gina free Talking Robot free Talking Tom Cat 1.99 Wheels on the Bus

Click for list (Coming Soon)

free Angry Birds HD Free free Angry Birds Rio HD Free free Angry Birds Seasons HD Free 2.9 Casey's Contraptions HD free Frisbee Forever free Hangman Free .99 My Underwear .99 Pins 1.99 Puji's Shootout 1.99 Seek and Find 1.99 Twinkle Little Star HD Word Search 2 Word Search 2 Zubopp

4.99 GarageBand Glow Piano Lessons Singing Fingers HD free Virtuoso Piano Free 3 DTT Autism DTT Apps Shapes 7.99 ` numbers 6.99

Words 2.99 Letters 6.99 Colors 13.99

AutismTrack BehaviorTrackerPro Calculess for iPad Chapters iAnnotate OCR Tap Forms Turbo Scan
Identify App

All About Me i Get... My Family i Get... People at School i Get... My Classmates i Get... People in my Community

Complete Class Organizer iStudiez Pro YouDo Planner

39.99 Sosh

Social Cartooning
4.99 ReplayNote 4.99 ReplayNote4Kid

Toontastic 2.99 PlayTime Theater

Social Story
9.99 Keynote 18.99 Pictello Social Skills 13.99 Stories2Learn i See-quence... Going to the Beach i See-quence... Going to Birthday Parties i See-quence... Going to the Playground .99 i See-quence.... Going to the Grocery Store 2.99 i See-quence... My Day at School

Video modeling
4.99 iMovie 4.99 My Pictures Talk Your Price: $255.00 The iAdapter 2 is a fully rubberized housing case that is designed to protect your iPad2 from damage and everyday usage. It has dual amplified speakers to enhance the sound quality and volume of the iPad2. A unique feature of the iAdapter is the slide cover that can hide the iPad Home button to keep the user from accidentally leaving the current application. The iAdapter comes with a plastic stand as well as a carrying strap.

Rubberized and durable casing Amplified sound Optional covers for the Home button Wheelchair mountable Carrying handle and carry strap Plastic stand included Screen protector included Access to both the front and back cameras 10 hours or battery usage Weight is 1 lb without the iPad

Since the Spring of 2010, more and more schools are using the iPad in mainstream educational courses to give students a hands-on experience to learning. iPads make it easy to research information on the spot, quiz students on new knowledge, and keep track of multiple textbooks with its ease-of-use and abundance of apps.

Whats more, iPads multi-sensory design, which meets a wide range of learning styles, makes it ideal for teaching students with increased learning needs. Brian S. Friedlander and Christine Besko-Maughan published Enhancing Learning & Communication for Students With Special Needs, a six-page reference guide to using the iPad in the classroom.
Mobile Assistive Technology: Enhancing Learning and Communication for Students with Exceptional Needs Enhancing Learning and Communication through Mobile Assistive Technology