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REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, JAKARTA Apparently, it is not only the fans who miss the celebrity.

. The celebrity can also miss their fans. It is Laura Fygi, a star who misses her fans in Indonesia. Welcome Jakarta, I miss you and look what I got to you. Its gonna be a good party, Laura, wearing bronze dress, said to her fans in Java Jazz Festival (JJF) 2012 on Saturday. Her smoky voice was perfectly collaborated with Bob King orchestra. She sang some her new and hits songs. Some of them were The Best is Yet to Come, Its to Dawn Heart and I Foolish Love You. Smile became her cheerfull song while she interacts with her fans. Laura could successfully persuade her fans to sing along with her. Laura also sang her France song Si Bonc and her Spanish song Quizash. Seeing her fans were enthusiastic, she said, Wow, its better than Malaysia. I really love your country. The crowd cheer to hear that.

Malaysia detains 17 Indonesian fishermen

Saturday, 03 March 2012 22:21 WIB REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, MEDAN Malaysia still detains 17 Indonesian fishermen from North Sumatra over alleged border violations, according to the North Sumatra branch of the Indonesian Fishermen Association (HSNI). "Although many have been released, at least 17 are still serving the rest of their sentences in Malaysia," HSNI North Sumatra branch secretary Ihya Ulumuddin said on Friday. The traditional fishermen hailing from Deli Serdang are serving between three and five months in jail. He said HSNI continued to help the fishermen among others by asking the Malaysian government to reduce their prison term. "They (the fishermen) were caught mostly because of the ignorance of the border as their boat is not equipped with navigation instruments," he said. He said he hoped the provincial government would be more proactive to fight for their release. The authority, he added, could provide advocacy and aid to the fishermen`s families. The director of violations handling of the ministry of fisheries and marine resources, Nugroho Adji, said after the release of 13 fishermen from Batubara, North Sumatra, on February 29, 2012 there were still 19 other fishermen in detention in Malaysia. He also urged the local government to be proactively helping the process of releasing the fishermen.

Dozens Indonesians evacuated from Syria

Thursday, 16 February 2012 21:18 WIB REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, JAKARTA - More than 37 Indonesians are being evacuated from Syria following worsening of political crisis in the country, the Foreign Affairs Ministry says on Thursday. Students and household workers are among those who are being evacuated. Earlier, the Indonesian Embassy in Damascus evacuated seven nationals, all migrant workers, to Jakarta. There are around 98 Indonesians staying in temporary shelter in Damascus, ready to be evacuated to Jakarta. Indonesian legislative body has been urged to evacuate immediately around 12,500 nationals from Syria following the escalation in violence in the Middle Eastern country. "The foreign ministry must consider effective measures to save more than 12,500 Indonesians staying in that country by immediately evacuating them," chairman of the Indonesian House of Representatives (DPR) Commission I Mahfudz Siddiq Mahfudz said recently. He suggests that the Indonesians can be moved to Syria's neighbouring countries temporarily. "We need to pressure President Bashar Al Assad to stop violence against civilians," he said. "Indonesia must push for a peaceful solution to end the turbulence in Syria and encourage a democratic transition." Foreign Affairs Minister Marty M Natalegawa earlier reiterated his call for an end to the escalating violence against civilians in Syria. Indonesia also called for a political process in Syria following a failed attempt the United Nations to issue a resolution on the country, the foreign ministry said recently. Marty said this during a meeting with Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu in New York on last Friday. "Indonesia has so far emphasized the need to end the violence and to conduct a political process to respect the Syrian people's aspirations," the minister said, echoing President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono's recent statement on Syria. The Indonesian and Turkish foreign affairs ministers stress the significance of their roles as democratic and Muslim-majority states in responding to the situation in Syria.They also explores the possibility of organising an international meeting on the Syrian crisis.

An hour never enough with Depapepe!

Saturday, 03 March 2012 21:15 WIB REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, JAKARTA Depapepe, acoustic jazz musicians from Japan, also performed at Java Jazz Festival (JJF) 2012. The group came to Indonesia to greet their fans. It was for the second time for Depapepe, Miura Takuya (29 years) and Toluoka Yoshinari (35 years), to come to Indonesia. They performed at Java Soulnation on the last September. The Band which formed in 2002 successfully fascinated the audiences at JJF. After playing several songs, Miura Takuya surprised the audience by introducing himself in bahasa Indonesia. Hai Indonesia perkenalkan nama saya Miura Takuya dan Tokuoka Yoshinari, kami senang kembali ke Jakarta (Hai Indonesia. I am Miura Takuya and Tokuoka Yoshinari. So glad to come back to Jakarta), he said followed by audiences burst of cheer. Miura said Depapepe was very proud to come to Indonesia, especially in Java Jazz Festival. Lets enjoy the show tonight, Miuro shouted. The audience is lulled with soft symphony from their songs, 'Sakura Mau', 'Koi Mizu', 'Kitto Mata Itsuka', 'Spur', 'Aishu Violet', and 'Rosy'. Miura, tried to communicate with the audience. He said, Are you having fun? I want to try to speak bahasa. Album kami sudah ada di Indonesia. Jangan lupa beli CD kami ya. Kami cinta kamu semua. (Our album is sold in Indonesia. Dont forget to buy our CD. We love you all. While Tokuoka Yoshinari was only smiling to the audience. The duo only played for an hour. The enthusiastic audience seems disappointed when the group ended their performance. It was obvious, one hour would not be enough!

Rasulullah bersabda: Tujuh hamba yang akan dilindungi Allah pada hari kiamat nanti 1. Imam pemimpin yang adil 2. Pemuda yang tumbuh dewasa yang hobbynya beribadah pada Allah padahal disaat nafsunya bergejolak 3. Hamba yang hatinya selalu terikat pada masjid, senangnya berjamaah dan beraktivitas ke mesjid 4. Dua orang yang saling mencintai karena Allah, berkumpul, berjumpa, bersahabat karena Allah dan berpisah karena Allah pula, 5. Seorang hamba lelaki yang dirayu oleh seorang wanita yang mempunyai kedudukan dan kecantikan tetapi ia menolaknya seraya berkata Aku takut kepada Allah" 6. Hamba yang bersedekah sehingga tangan kirinya tidak mengetahui apa yang diperbuat oleh tangan kanannya, ikhlas karena Allah 7. Hamba yang berdzikir dan berdoa kepada Allah dalam keheningan malam, dalam kesendiriannya, dalam muhasabah dirinya lalu ia menitikkan airmatanya. (Tafsir hadist HR. Bukhari Muslim)..." Ya Allah yang Menguasai langit bumi, jadikan kami diantara tujuh golangan hamba-hamba-Mu yang Kau lindungi kelak di akhirat... aamiin".