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The Project of Autonomy: Pier Vittorio Aurel cet com co SSR anata en 4 ‘Autonomy and History 8 Autonomy and the Left 8 ‘Autonomy and the Intellectuals a Panzietl: Capitalism and Technological Innovation ‘Aro One and the Same 3 Tronti: Society Is a Factory 9 . ‘rontl and Cacciar: Autonomy ofthe Political ‘and Negative Thought = Rossi: The Concept ofthe Locus as a Political Category ofthe City 0 Acchizoom:The Autonomy of Theory versus ‘the Ideology ofthe Metropolis n AStocmath a Notes and Credits . 0 Iustrations ‘Autonomy and History 1989 the Greek-French philosopher Cornelius Castoriadis gave a lecture at Boston Unlversity with a signieant title: "The Retreat from Autonomy." The cove of Castoriadi's lecture was 2 polemical attack on the widely accepted historical poviodization ‘modern/postmodern. Castoriadis objected to this perioization because it provoked an impasse within history’s necessary ‘movement of ruptures and revolutions, Ifthe idea of modernity ‘existed only as @ prolonged state of the prosent—which ‘contradicted its explicit pretensions tobe the tradition of the new —italso announced the antimodern theme par excellence the end of history" On the other hand, the idea of postmodern, as the antithesis of modernity, manifested a pathetic inability ‘ something postive foul court, "leading toits 3 definition as simply post-something thats, through areference tothat which was buts not anymore, andte its attempts at sol-