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The Golden Thread The Great Catastrophe - Originally posted on 09/15/2008

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timeline_39 [ Fri Apr 03, 2009 12:01 am ] The Great Catastrophe - Originally posted on 09/15/2008

My apologies this post should have originally been posted in this form. Please find below the original post along with a new one after it. Well, its good to see that amongst the many new names that have sprung up over the past four years, theres still some that I recognise. And from a quick skim through the forum, it seems like not much has changed. For those who do not remember me or have never heard of me, please go to this link to refresh your memories.... Cat=&Board=time_travel&Number=14934&page=22&view=collapsed&sb=3&o=&fpart=1 I will put all that in a nutshell... Originally sent to November 2003 to try and coax John Titor out of hiding, my mission changed from Search and Recover to one of Observation of events pre 2006. During that time I imparted information to the general public on this forum about my life, a basic explanation of the workings of time and time travel (Above link post timestamp 11/23/03 02:54 AM), a correct catastrophe prediction (Above link post timestamp 11/24/03 02:25 AM) and in that same post, even some misinformation that I hoped would have got a reaction from a certain group of people. It didnt work.. but replace 2006 with 2011 on my date of birth and now its all accurate. I also stated other things about the current state of your society and how you may think you are free, but youre not. How choices were being made for you without you even realising it. I talked about an internal & external civil war in the United States thats being played out right now...... and I also briefly mentioned what we term The Great Catastrophe but never really went into that much detail. Well, this Great Catastrophe is the reason Im here. When I first came onto this forum, the year 2003 from your perspective, much of the circumstances leading up of the Great Catastrophe were unknown to us. Two Time Travel teams were formed to study and record events leading up to the Great Catastrophe. I was a part of a team that specifically studied 1983 to 2004 which was commissioned in 2039 with all assignment finished by 2044. This team had four sub-groups. 1) Technological Surge of the 1990s; 2) Global Political Relations 1995 to 2004; 3) Climate & Environment 1997 to 2004 and 4) Astronomical Observation 1983 to 2004. The Technological Surge Teams responsibility was to observe and record exactly that and how it changed the Global Human Consciousness. As you have probably ascertained, a major change in Global Consciousness began after internet use became more widespread from 1994. A mere two years after the internet started. Then, we observed and recorded the sheer speed of how technology not only evolved but became intertwined with nearly all aspects of everyday life. The team went on to record how Y2K significantly impacted the Global Consciousness and how its effects still exist today. And by the end of 2004, they documented the birth of Quantum technology. Simply put, the primary purpose of the Global Political Relations Team was to observe and record

how the US peoples trust in the democratic process was broken and how this changed the world without many even realising it. The team observed what happened when the ability for you to make a choice was denied and what the consequences were of that fraud up until 2004. The Climate and Environment Team studied the Earths rapid climate change from 1997 where it began to accelerate. Of course, you know this as Global Warming and this was sold to you very well. Indeed, fossil fuels and the like did make an impact to atmospheric changes that were recorded from the 1960s leading to the Global Warming theory but this was not responsible for the sudden changes in global climate that really started to kick in from 1997. Finally, the Astronomical Observation Group was charged with the responsibility of recording all relevant astronomical events including NASA & JPL missions. Some functions of this group and the Climate & Environment Group merged from about 2002. The second team was commissioned in 2040 and was sent to study various relevant aspects from the year 2005 up to the Great Catastrophe. I do not know how this team was segmented specifically, but I do know there were a Climate & Geological Catastrophe Team and an Astronomical Team among them. Finishing their mission in 2046, it wasnt for another 3 years that we truly grasped everything that took place. Lets just say the revelation was astonishing and Im not specifically referring to the Great Catastrophe itself. While it is true, the Great Catastrophe was a significantly devastating event, the revelation of how the entire world was blinded until the very end and why this occurred was just shocking. It is something that we just could not fathom. And this leads me to why I am here..... As Ive stated on my posts in 2003, Time Travel was developed as a learning tool, a way of realising humanitys past mistakes so they are never repeated in the future. Our ability to travel through time was co-developed with The Visitors following the formalization of the Technology Exchange & Development Treaty in 2020 and is overseen by a Council made up of representatives from both species. (I understand that full disclosure regarding our cosmic neighbours has not happened but it is not far off.....) Anyway, until now, observation was our primary mandate and even though our interaction with you in circumstances such as this was frowned upon, most of the ripple effect would always be negated by the Great Catastrophe. If you haven't read my posts from 2003, here is how I explained Time & Time Travel and hopefully in a way that everyone can grasp... (Post Timestamp - 11/23/03 02:54 AM) One can travel into the past though, as this is "road travelled" by the universe already. (Think of it as) An endless rope stretching back toward infinity. It can be unwoven and rewoven. The past has been built and has grip knots in the rope or markers as such. A term I am sure you are all aware is the Space/Time Continuum. This is a name for stating that matter and energy may be in another place, or occupying a different space, depending on the time. That matter/energy leaves a trail, which is the continuum, over time. Imagine making a rope and

various strands are matter/energy and the rope itself in its woven form is the continuum. Think of time travellers appearing now at this "knot" in the rope (continuum) of time. By being here, we have altered a single strand, at best. Does this significantly affect the rope as a whole? No. There is an effect but it is extremely low. The reason for this is because not a single strand of time has a great effect of the whole. Strands are interweaving and crossover. Essentially, any small changes will be muted by the crossing over of this strand with another as the rope continues. An example might help. (Please don't take this example as a warning!! It is only an example) Just say, I know one of the buildings in a major city that will collapse due to a minor build defect in the materials used. If I arrive at the point in time before the first foundation is laid and change the material used, the building will be okay. But say I arrive after the first foundation is laid and then change the material, it would essentially mean that I did make a change affecting that strand onwards but since the strand of that building had already started down a different path, over a greater period of time, it would mute my change.................. What Im trying to say is that at this point in time, depending on the action, we would have little to no affect to the final outcome of the Great Catastrophe. But even a small change for better, even if it is for only a small group of people is something we believe worth doing. Im probably not making much sense as yet, but please continue on..... After years of debate, the Council has for the first time authorised direct and deliberate manipulation of historical events in the hope that more survive what is coming. That all sounds big and dramatic but in reality our actions will be subtle and based on disseminating vital information during key periods. Our Team has four sub-groups. Based in Australia, my group has been assigned to this forum along with two others. We have the authority to disclose ourselves as Time Travellers and be open with our reason for being here. Two of the other groups are based on opposite sides of North America and have more direct contact with the populace while remaining totally anonymous. And, the final group is an Astronomical Observation Group based near the Cordoba Ranges in Argentina. Our Primary Mission is to assist with the information that is already trying to warn the general public about certain coming events. We do this because most major Governments in the world know, either by being informed by the US Government or discovered it on their own but they do not ready the populace and only themselves. They have no plans to inform the public as they fear losing the control they have over you and firmly believe their survival is more assured because they are counting on implementing Martial Law when they know for sure its about to begin. The only thing they do not know exactly is when.... And this is our greatest weapon. Without disclosing the exact date, we believe the combined efforts of our team can have an effect on the survival rates particularly focussing on the country the cover-up stems from the US. Disclosing the exact date will allow the Government to plan Martial Law activities but by making as many people aware to the warning signs as possible, these people can act more swiftly when

everything begins which will increase their chances of survival. The other 3 groups have orders to return to the future at a certain point in the Great Catastrophe timetable. But my group will remain, releasing more and more information to help all those who will listen right up to when the internet shuts down. After that, we will do what we can to help those here in Australia. This is the point where Governments will want to impose Martial Law but it will be too late because the Military and Emergency Services will have their hands full. The coming posts contain information that will hopefully clarify what we are trying to achieve here. These posts will contain information about the past (from this point in time) and the future. But I must warn you....... A lot of what has been written so far in our initial communication and the words that follow will be debunked and ridiculed by many people. These people can be classed under two categories: 1) Established and Deliberate Debunkers 2) Reactions from people due to denial As some of you are probably aware, there are Government sponsored debunking teams that patrol internet websites and forums attempting to counter comments and assertions like the ones we are making. What happens on the Godlikeproductions forum is a perfect example of this. These debunkers are clever, structuring their comments to appeal to the denial people suffer when reading assertions like ours. And that brings me to the 2nd category: reactions by people in denial. Denial is one of our most basic reactions to a bad situation. Ever heard the term, IGNORANCE IS BLISS! ...... Ask yourself if this is truly so....... and maybe this example will help. When I was here in 2003, I watched the movie Titanic and although it was obviously more fiction than fact, it did portray how people go into denial when initially faced with an undesirable situation. It wasnt until their fate could not be ignored that denial turned into panic to get off the ship. There are some parallels with the events that are coming..... Therefore, we ask that you consider our words for what they are and make up your own mind. We are not trying to force you to do anything....... we only want to help you prepare for whats ahead. I believe that this is something that humanity had to go through and I can truly say that the future Im from is worth the struggle ahead. Even if our efforts here lead to a few more thousand people surviving, then itll be worth it. In the next day or so, I will post a full summary of the Great Catastrophe and further explanation into why we can't just tell you the date.... but we will give you other information. Regards, Charlie Author: timeline_39 [ Fri Apr 03, 2009 12:03 am ] Post subject: The Great Catastrophe - Originally posted on 09/15/2008 This post will outline what the Great Catastrophe is, the signs that exist now and how each region around the world will fare.

The Great Catastrophe The Great Catastrophe is a term we sometimes use to describe the series of events surrounding the lead up to and climax of a large Planetary Body not native to our Solar System passing the upper breakthrough point of the solar system ecliptic where it will be in close magnetic proximity to Earth resulting in a pole shift. At this point the Anomaly temporarily overrode our magnetic alignment with the Sun. The Suns magnetic influence responsible for Earths orbital and rotational characteristics, ie: the 23.93 hour day and 365.25 day year as well as our four seasons. During the climax of this brief encounter, the highly magnetic region of the Earths crust as well the Earths core aligned itself with the Anomaly. This permanently changed the magnetic pole positions and caused rapid widening of the Atlantic and compression of the Pacific tectonic regions forever changing the face of Earth. Im sure that many of you have heard parts of this theory before The Pole Shift theory. But some of you might not have found what causes these pole shifts. For those who have, you may have come across the Planet X theory. If not, a quick search of the internet can yield significant information on both theories with some much more accurate than others. Although the length of the actual pole shift event was quite small (less than a day) the medium and short term lead up events, starting many years ago, became increasingly dramatic. The period were in right now is classed as medium term and has been since early 2006. Below is a basic rundown of the pole shift event and its affect on Earth followed by a brief summary of the local affects by continent. POLE SHIFT 101 In the weeks leading into the shift, the rotation of the Earth slowed gradually to a complete stop. This is due to the Atlantic Ridge being highly magnetic, which was gripped by the Anomaly when it got close enough to Earth. Complete stoppage occurred about 5 days before the actual pole shift itself. The Atlantic Ridge is highly magnetic due to fresher lava flows and being centrally located between neutrally magnetic continental masses. When the rotation stops Africa, the US and Europe will experience a permanent variation of day with much of Asia in permanent dusk/night. The lead up to the shift and the shift itself causes the Altantic Region to stretch and the Pacific Region to compress/subduct. This process has been happening naturally via plate tectonics at a very slow rate for many thousands of years. Evidence of this is everywhere. Eg: Remains of forests on the US East Coast and evidence of civilisation now underwater in the Caribbean and west British Isles. Compression of the Pacific caused plates to be pushed under others which caused

violent Earthquakes and rapid mountain building particularly along regions of the Ring of Fire. During the period of ceased Earth rotation, tension built up between the crust and core. Eventually the tension released when the core broke away from the crust and moved independently of it. Separated from the core, the sliding crust caused rapid Atlantic stretch and Pacific compression and changed the face of the planet. All that happened within a few hours and was an extremely violent event that caused near total destruction of the world cities and infrastructure along with billions of lives lost. In addition to the earthquakes and volcanic activity there was massive tidal waves because the oceans are not fixed to anything and the crust moved through it at speed. After the pole shift, the core started to settle and realigned with the sun once the influence of the Anomaly was over but the crust continued to move due to its immense mass until the extreme quakes and mountain building eventually bought it to a halt. The face of the Earth changed forever and so began the time that I, and my team, grew up in the Aftertime and this was/is full of challenges. At the beginning of the Aftertime, the survivors were shell shocked because most of them were going about their normal routine almost up to a week before the shift! They struggled at first to understand what had happened. Everything around them was destroyed either by the Earthquakes, volcanoes, wind storms or tidal bore. Later, as reality started to set in and survival groups started to form, the survivors had to contend with another disaster. The oceans started to rise again due to the polar ice cap melt. For over a decade, everyday living was set back to the way it was in the 19th century. None your current infrastructure such as the power grids, sewage systems, communications and transit system survived. And although I cannot go into specific detail, suffice it to say without these things, people started (needed) to rely on each other in their small isolated groups all over the world. And then finally something good came out of all of what we went through.. without main pressures in this time period, which all revolve around money, humanity spiritually evolved. We accepted what had happened and recognised what we lost was small compared to what we had gained. I probably made that sound a tad simple..... believe me, it wasnt. AN OVERVIEW OF WHAT WILL HAPPEN ON YOUR CONTINENT The Great Catastrophe had a significant effect on seismic activity during and leading up to the primary shift event. This is due to a rapid separation of the Mid-Atlantic Ridge which causes havoc all over the Earth. All well as changing traditionally predictable weather patterns into erratic ones.

Widening of the Altantic Ridge caused subduction/compression in the Pacific. While this is only happening at slow and small increments right now, the shift caused it to happen at a much accelerated rate. Basically, Tectonic activity that would normally take many thousands of years got compressed into a few short days. As you can probably imagine, this will be an extremely dangerous period for everyone with some in more danger than others depending on their location. In top of all this, the Earths core was magnetically pulled by the Anomaly which all culminated in a dramatic change in the current continental arrangements on Earth along with new magnetic pole locations. Here is a brief summary of what will happen by continent: EUROPE Europe was primarily affected by the Atlantic Stretch which increased volcanic activity both with currently active and inactive volcanos. Tidal bore was also significant in the low land areas and areas that lost sea level elevation. Earthquake activity was minor compared to other continents particularly those in proximity to the Pacific Region. Which means they were 7 or 8 and not 9.5s or higher like most other regions. Any country along the Mediterranean (particularly Greece & Italy) and its many fault lines, which was a tectonic stretch zone, suffered from increased volcanic and earthquake activity. As tectonic stretching is not a release of stress or tension, trapped lava exploded upwards through volcanos. Volcanic fallout was a substantial problem for nearly a decade after the shift. Spain, also on the Med, was permanently pulled down by approximately 15 metres due to the Atlantic stretch. This makes coastal communities a very dangerous place to be. England, Ireland and Scotland were also pulled down at least 20 meters. The Balcans mainly were affected by the volcanic ash from the Mediterranean. Switzerland, Finland, and the lower lands of Germany and France suffered greatly from tidal activity associated with the shift as well as fallout ash from volcanic activity. Sweden and Norway fared reasonably through the earthquakes and did not have to contend with tidal bore due to their high elevation but couldnt escape intense volcanic ash. Russia found itself in a slightly warmer climate after the shift but in its lower lands like Siberia and Ukraine, the polar melt put it all under water. Along with the rising water levels caused by the melt, rain fall also increased and the local rivers and creeks couldnt handle all the water. Much of Russia was in a perpetual flood after the shift.

MIDDLE EAST & INDIA India & Pakistan were forced under the Himalayan Mountains by the Australian plate due to Pacific compression. The earthquakes associated with this were very violent leaving few survivors. As a double blow, the crust rearranged positioned India near the new South Pole causing a dramatic change in climate. Nepals climate also changed due to its closer position to the South Pole. Karachi was swamped by tidal bore due to low elevation but was made worse when its eastern side was pulled slightly downwards when India got pushed under the Himalayas. Iran & Iraq are essentially now Polar Regions being that close to the new South Pole having been pulled away totally from the African plate. AUSTRALIA Australia dramatically changed due to the shift. Pacific Compression forced nearly 60% of the continent underwater due to the Australian Plate being connected to the Indian Plate. However, due to the sinking of Western Australia and most of central Australia, the eastern states rose up and had still gained land after the polar melt. This will also benefit New Zealand. The sinking of the western side of the continent was fast enough that the ocean just kept heading inland at a swift pace. There were very few survivors. Those who survived on the land that remains above water will find what was once East is now North and close to the equator. AFRICA For the most part, Africa remained above sea level even after the polar melt and the west side now faces north. Due to the difficult circumstances of living in Africa with its people facing serious hardship, the survivors will mostly be no worse off after the shift and that statement is by no means a good thing. ASIA & THE PACIFIC RIM China rode out the shift well. Much of Chinas land is high above sea level thus evading the shift tidal bore and polar melt. But China geographic position will be closer to the new South Pole and therefore changed its climate slightly. Hong Kong was destroyed by the quakes and tidal bore with the polar melt being the final nail in the coffin.

The highlands of Taiwan survived the tidal bore and the polar melt but its proximity to volcanos from neighbouring countries rendered it a difficult place to live after the shift. Japan did not do well leading into the shift nor well in the shift itself. Due to Japans position on fault lines, it suffered from immensely powerful Earthquake activity, some volcanic activity and massive tsunamis. Korea was basically destroyed due to significant Earthquakes, new volcanos followed by the tidal bore. Vietnam, Thailand and Indonesia experienced significant Earthquake activity, tsunamis and tidal bores. But the end of these two countries was the polar melt. Aside from the quakes and tidal bore destroying much of Singapore, its proximity to the South Pole froze the small amount of survivors. Guam, Fiji and the Solomans were hit hard by the compression quakes, completely washed over by the tidal bore and then swallowed by the polar melt. SOUTH AMERICA South America significantly changed due to the pole shift. This was primarily due to its new location in Earths newly arranged continents. The bulge of Brazil found itself positioned very close to the new North Pole thus dramatically changing the climate after the shift. Aside from the large quakes associated with the Pacific Compression (which created the Andes Mountain range over time), South America had to contend with severe tidal activity in some cases much worse than other regions which simply devastated everything. The cause of this was due to a new land mass that surfaced out of the ocean due to the part Antarctic Plate rising up between the tips of both the African and South American continents. The rise of the new land mass forced the water away in all directions. This water went over most hills and some decent sized mountains and into the low land areas. An inland sea was present for a long time but is now slowly turning into an ice cap. Argentina, Buenos Aires & Chile were decimated by the tidal bore from the Earths stopped rotation, then followed by the rushing water from the new land mass surfacing. Dont think Chile is safer due to its higher elevation; the waves will be that intense and needed to go somewhere that it had the energy to go over some decent mountain ranges. The Andes will gain elevation over sea level from the pole shift due to Pacific

subduction. It was a fair assumption for many to take refuge in the perceived safety of the Andes but for reasons yet completely understood many suffocated from oxygen deprivation. The current hypothesis is that the Anomaly stripped away some of the Earths atmosphere enough to affect air levels at the Andes new height above sea level. THE UNITED STATES THE EAST COAST The East Coast from south of the New England area suffered during the shift due to the stretch from the Atlantic Ridge and the crust resisted being pulled apart so much of the coastal areas were be pulled down into the ocean. The level of sinking increased the further south you go. Only New England gained land due to the separating St. Lawrence Seaway but larger scale earthquakes were also present in this area. WEST COAST The situation is completely different on the West Coast. Firstly, the Pacific Compression forced oceanic plates under the continental plates along current fault lines. This happened with such force that heating of the substrata rock occurred and actually caused rock to melt in low laying areas. So remember, VALLEY + SUBDUCTING FAULT LINES = DEATH TRAP. Also significant mountain building occurred in certain regions. Think of Yosemite equivalent size to understand the sheer scale of the mountain building that will happen. Secondly, the tidal waves smashed the coast and went over the hills and mountains in close proximity to the coast line. CENTRAL The Central areas of the US generally fared well during the shift which was not its biggest problem. Due to the havoc on both the East & West coasts, shift survivors headed inland and overwhelmed towns and cities that had trouble taking care of some many people. Many more lives were lost due to these circumstances. ACTIVITY IN THE MEDIUM TERM LEADING INTO THE SHIFT The approaching Anomalys effect on Earth has been gaining strength for at least the past decade but in the past two years, its influence has become more intense with many obvious signs. In fact, Earth has already started to slow significantly on her orbital path and a fact not being reported by NASA. The interference with her core is causing a number of things to happen. 1) Core reaction is generating increased heat output significantly warming up Earths

oceans. This has led to, among other things, accelerated Polar Ice melt particularly in the Arctic. The higher ocean temperatures are, in part, causing bigger and more frequent extreme weather events globally. This ranges from increased frequency of tropical storms to weather events not native to areas. Eg: snowing in tropical areas and extremely warm winter days in traditionally cold regions. 2) Abnormal core activity has also increased levels of volcanism and earthquakes 3) A slight anomaly in the Earth rotation has already been noticed but not reported. I sure some of you would have noticed the sun rising/setting too far north for a period of time last year and earlier this year. This contributed to the erratic weather seen in a few years leading up to the shift. 4) One of the most obvious signs is how Luna is reacting to the presence of the Anomaly. This is something that you can easily observe yourself. Typically, Lunas orbit the Earths equator with a slight inclination of 5 degrees and is something that is not very obvious to the occasional glance at the sky during the monthly orbital period. For nearly 4 years, Lunas orbit has been erratic and continues to be so. I suggest that you find a position in your house or just outside and line up Luna with a ground object like a tree etc. Over a period of just a few shorts weeks, you will see Luna move significantly away from your grounded object, either much higher or much lower and far greater than a small 5 degree inclination. This is primarily due to Luna having a second magnetic influence rather than just the Earth nearby. At the present point in time, meteorological and geological activity is significantly increasing and will do so at a non linear rate until we enter the short term period before the Pole Shift. As I have already said, there are forces at work to keep you in the dark as to what is coming. The greatest advantage we have is that the Government doesnt know when the pole shift will occur either. And by the time the signs get blatantly obvious, they will be unable to fully implement martial law. The next post will outline political activities focussing on the US and explain how and why they are not warning you that this is coming. I will also briefly outline the active role the two teams in the US are doing in the lead up to the upcoming election. This leads us to the short term events leading into the shift which I will not go into yet but suffice it to say that when we enter this period, we WILL disclose full details and the exact date of the pole shift. We may release this information sooner should we achieve some keys goals in the next month or so. I do apologise as I said in my initial post that this post would only be a few days away but something came up which required our full attention. Expect the next post soon. Peace to you all. Charlie

Author: timeline_39 [ Fri Apr 03, 2009 12:05 am ] Post subject: Response to a question - Originally posted on 09/15/2008 Quote: In reply to: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------Timeline 39 What is your temporal divergence from you time line to ours. This will determine if your events will occur. Temporal Divergence as currently defined although sort of on the right path is missing several key facts of the nature of the universe. If the universe on contained a single level then today's defintion of Temporal Divergence would be closer to the truth. But the universe does not have only one level. We do not know how many exactly but are aware of the two above us and we thank the Visitors for that as they come from level above us. Any changes we make in this level of the universe does not affect the other levels upward although we understand that is not necessary correct working downwards. Meaning, a higher level can alter lower levels. So while we freely admit we are here to change things knowing its causal effect, it is only the causal effect of the next 100 years from this point in time we are concerned with. This is because we know that within the next 100 or so years this level of the universe won't be our home anymore. Unfortunately, I won't live long enough to see the next level but what we are doing here now makes the journey to the next level easier. The more people that survive what is coming the better and as I have stated already, the choice will ultimately be yours when the time comes. What we learnt in the Aftertime is that most of us did't have the choice. You can't make an informed choice without knowing all the facts and it was the facts that were held back. We understand and accept that only a small number will listen and therefore become aware and that the way society has conditioned you will cause the vast majority to mock and ignore our message. So, basically the scale of the Great Catastrophe is that large the only way we could severly change the next 100 years would be to prevent it and that is impossible. Instead, we aim to lift the survival rate slightly as having children in the next two or so decades will be difficult due to the environmental conditions and stress associated with that. My next main post will be about the Government, particularly on the US

Government, and how and why they are holding back the truth from you right now. Also, some of the methods they used to do it. We will also tell you what we are going to do to try and even the odds.

Peace, Charlie Author: timeline_39 [ Fri Apr 03, 2009 12:07 am ] Post subject: 2nd Post - Government Cover Up - Originally posted 10/04/08 Apologies that I have not been around. I was needed in America to complete one of the stages of our mission........ HOW COME YOU DO NOT KNOW ABOUT THIS YET? To understand what is really happening behind the scenes exactly, you need to understand who is in control of the world right now. We will focus on the United States as it is there where all this began and where the control stems from right now.... Firstly, some history everybody should already know....... INTRODUCTION The US Declaration of Independence was signed by Congress on August 2, 1776 which other than announcing the established 13 colonies of America were no longer a part of the British Empire it also declared Individual Rights and the Right of Revolution. Written into law, this essentially gave the power to the people via the democratic process of electing their Government representatives. This key event in history was done for the good of the people but the corruption of the philosophy did not take long to begin to erode the hard work of your Founding Fathers. The power of good continued though with Abraham Lincolns objection to slavery leading to his Gettysburg Address in 1863. But not long after that, certain events began that ultimately shifted the balance of power from the many to the few and remained that way almost up until the Great Catastrophe. From the year 1874 to the mid 1890s, the worlds first Corporate Powers were emerging and began influencing the Government to focus on their interests instead of those of the people. Their Power overcame the law. A separate Historical Observation Team, who specifically studied the late 19th century, documented the 3

main companies that ultimately spawned the Corporation Elites for the next 130 years to the current period. 1) STANDARD OIL COMPANY Founded by J.D. Rockefeller and was a company that refined, transported and marketed oil. Standard Oil is considered by many to be one of the first multinational companies. They used highly aggressive tactics against their competitors and bribed those in Government they needed on their side. By the time the company was broken up the US Supreme Court in 1911, the corruption had already leaked into the US political landscape. 2) CARNEGIE STEEL COMPANY Founded by Andrew Carnegie in the mid-1870s. This company continually funded campaigns of political figures that would implement policies that would be profitable for the company 3) WESTINGHOUSE ELECTRIC Founded by George Westinghouse in 1886, Westinghouse Electric originally beginning with Electric supply/generation eventually moved into radio broadcasting, aviation (defence electronics), electric appliances, elevators, finance and finally to TV broadcasting (CBS). Throughout history, political bribes used to ensure the goals of the company were realised.

You have probably realised, that these companies were primarily involved with the energy supply and building infrastructure for much of the 20th century. It is the people at the head of these, and many of companies, that people in this time period term The Elite. But many people think The Elite are those in Government pushing the button but many do not realise that today, those in Government are pushing the buttons they are being told to push by The Elite that put them there in the first place.

THE COVER UP OF THE GREAT CATASTROPHE We call the upcoming Pole Shift the Great Catastrophe not only because of the devastation it caused to the Earth and the lives that were lost but also because of how it was covered up by your Governments to protect them and their Elite from having to deal with the general public. This left them in power up until the pole shift and the rest of humanity caught off guard. To completely go into detail here is impossible to due to the extreme extent of the

Cover Up therefore I will give broad general overview and answer specific questions...... The planetary anomaly was first detected and mistakenly (for the Government) reported by JPL to the public in December 1983 in the Washington Post. The IRAS satellite detected the Anomaly twice which was estimated to be about 80 billon kilometres from Earth and therefore was considered a part of our solar system. The story was later altered by NASA/JPL to counter their first conclusion of what the Anomaly was and this event is considered by us to be the first of the Cover Up. NASA/JPL originally estimated Earth would be at critical proximity of the Anomaly in 2005 but later revised it to Late 2003. Most NASA/JPL missions were dedicated to tracking the Anomaly which proved difficult due to its erratic velocity and orbital dynamics. This included most of the probes they sent up, the extension of Hubbles service life and the control of nearly all ground-based telescopes capable of tracking the Anomaly. Shuttle missions were to build and ready the International Space Station for the Government & Corporate Elite as one of the places to ride out the pole shift. Although, this plan was setback when the Columbia was destroyed during a mission in 2003 leading to the grounding of the Fleet until 2005. It became clear that the Anomaly would start to affect Earth long before the Pole Shift and several tactics were employed to counter them. Global Warming, largely dismissed by Government and Scientist for a long time, was suddenly accepted in the 1990s to answer the increasingly erratic weather and warming of the planet. It just takes some common sense to realise that the Earths weather patterns are primarily influenced by the oceans which have been heating up especially in the past decade. Global Warming was initially used to explain the ocean warming and there were scientific models done on weather and polar melt. As the harsh weather and polar melt accelerate, to the surprise of scientists, Global Warming can no longer explain the ocean warming which is being caused by the core and its increasing reaction to the approaching anomaly. Earths rotational characteristics have been changing since the late 1990s and the discovery of this has been countered by the manipulation of the clocks by the world timekeeper.... the US Navy. The internet made this very easy but for the past few years people have noticed the gap between their computer clock and wall clock. Covering the rotational changes has been harder to maintain for the US Navy which is why in the past two year there have been changes to the start and end of Daylight Savings. After attack on New York on 9/11/2001 (an interesting story in itself), Homeland Security which consolidated many Government agencies except the CIA and FBI, was setup. The primary reason for this was to make it easy to bring the US under martial law when the time was right which would have restricted the general publics movement while The Elite flee to safety. If you recall, there were many Homeland

Security exercises conducted in 2003...... The Cover Up was not only to keep the public in the dark. It was also used to try to secure valuable resources that The Elite could use to rebuild after the pole shift. This started with the war in Afghanistan which, under the name of the war on terror, the US secured the territory and therefore control of the Trans-Afghanistan Gas Pipeline which is a conduit for natural gas from the Caspian Sea to Pakistan & India. Invading Afghanistan was simple because the Government claimed that is where the evil Bin Ladin was residing who they blamed for 911. But as the year 2003, the estimated Pole Shift year, drew nearer they needed to secure oil. This led to the invasion of Iraq in early 2003 based on false claims of nuclear and biological weapons. And when the Pole Shift did not occur as predicted, the lies they had told started to surface. In the later part of 2003 the Anomaly moved close to the Sun and has not been possible to track from Earth since that time. We are guessing they thought the actual shift date wouldnt be too much past 2003. This meant they had to stay in Iraq until the Pole Shift and have manipulated everything and anything since then to maintain their position there even rigging a Presidential Election in 2004 to stay in Government. The sheer cost of the war was also difficult to hide and a tremendous drain on the economy. The US, continually borrowing money from China, even printing money weakened the strength of the US dollar. But in an attempt to hide all of this and keep them in Iraq longer, the Government relaxed certain regulations and turned a blind eye on other one for the financial sector. Lax, sometimes shady credit practices by finance companies and banks spawned the housing boom and kept the retail sector strong. This could only go on for so long though which bring us to the present time and the current financial crisis. The Primary Goal of the Bush Administration was to keep the public in the dark and secure natural resources so that they and The Elite would be in ultimate control after the pole shift. Obviously, there plans have not worked as they were working toward the wrong date but they are still ready to engage martial law once they know when the Pole Shift is. That is why we have said, their lack of knowledge is our greatest weapon.

SO WHAT HAPPENED NEXT FOR THE GOVERNMENT....... History recorded that on November 4, 2008, Senator John McCain won the popular vote for President of the United States and was sworn into Office on January 20, 2009. There he was able to continue the previous Administration Cover Up and tried his best to do so. Martial Law implementation did not go as smoothly as planned

because the Extreme Weather and Geological events got stronger and stronger before the primary Pole Shift events were obvious as the Military and Government agencies were exhausted from helping the public. The Government did not risk not assisting while the Pole Shift date was unknown due to what happened after Hurricane Katrina. But when it was obvious to everyone that something was wrong with the Earth, martial law went smoothly enough to restrict the movement to safety of millions of people in the US and around the world. In the end, the Government nor Elite survived any better than anyone else but the Great Catastrophe is that many werent given the chance (nor choice) to survive by those who wanted to keep themselves at the top of the food chain after an event that ultimately levelled us all out. SOME CHANGES........ As already stated, our mission here is to lift the survival rate of the initial Pole Shift event which should flow onto higher total survival numbers after the rebuilding. I have already disclosed our group structure and their goals and have also stated that we will warn you on certain events. But here and now, we are going to tell you of a future event that we will be changing...... As we have said, John McCain won the upcoming election. He won this narrowly and did so by voter fraud. As part of our strategy, we intend to change events so that Barack Obama wins by the margin which he originally should of...... a landfall. The majority our group is already positioned in the states that participated in the voter fraud to stop it from occurring. Having studied Barack Obamas psychological profile, we believe once he has been told, that he will inform the public about the Pole Shift. When we see what his intentions are after being briefed on the Pole Shift, we will make the decision on whether to expose ourselves and offer assistance. We anticipate this being so and should coincide with a couple of severe earthquakes in the region above Australia and the West Coast of the US not too long after Inauguration Day. (More Info as the time comes closer) We understand that from this point in time, an Obama victory looks 50/50 as the current political polls dont include independents and also SMS respondents. The Republicans already know a win is unlikely and have setup voter fraud tactics (as they did in 2004) so that they are successful. Not this time around....... I'm sorry if this upsets those who are Republican but all I can say is that you need to trust us when we say you will be better off if McCain does NOT win. Peace

Charlie Author: timeline_39 [ Fri Apr 03, 2009 12:09 am ] Post subject: A reply to RainmanTime on TT forum (10/04/08) RainmanTime, Thank you for your opinion. Remember that we have always stated that it is YOUR choice whether you believe what we say or not. I think maybe you need a clearer picture of what we seek by communicating this way on the forum.... The primary goal of this particular phase of the mission is to raise awareness by giving information to the people that visit this forum. We predicated that the readers reaction/response to what we say would be classed into 3 categories: 1) Those who accept and listen to what we say. Ask us questions and for advice and with their own instincts plan accordingly. 2) Those who are in between neither totally rejecting nor totally accepting but having read what we have written become more astute (conscious) to what is really happening and will recognise the signs as they grow stronger. At this point, they will either move to totally acceptance or go into denial (reject) 3) Those who totally reject what we say for whatever reason but would be usually due to a form of denial or some sort. We will NOT try and persude individuals away from there chosen course or else we would be no better than those who currently control your way of life. We will just continue to present the information and let the individual decide. Peace, Charlie Author: timeline_39 [ Fri Apr 03, 2009 12:15 am ] Post subject: Response to Darkbreed - Originally posted on 10/06/08 Quote: In reply to: --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Not sure if timeline 39 is still around, but I found this statement intersting: In reply to: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------Two of the other groups are based on opposite sides of North America and have more direct contact with the populace while remaining totally anonymous. And, the final group is an Astronomical Observation Group based near the Cordoba Ranges in Argentina. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

There is indeed a very interesting place in Cordoba in Argentina (I live here), with a secret astronomical observation base, by a mountain that is well known for UFO observations. This place is called Cerro Uritorco and is located in the town of Capilla del Monte. There is actually a small notice about it on wikipedia: In reply to: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------Since 1986 the Uritorco has been mentioned in media reports of UFO sightings, extraterrestrial visits, and visions of "parallel dimensions". The nearby Capilla del Monte and the base of the Uritorco attract many tourists interested in the alleged mystical/energetic qualities of the mountain and other paranormal phenomena, and a local artisan industry has developed around this topic. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- And on Capilla del Monte: In reply to: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------The main tourist attraction in the area is the Cerro Uritorco, a small mountain only 3

km from the city, famed around Argentina as an alleged center of paranormal phenomena and UFO sightings. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I've been there several times myself, last time was actually in July. The base is located on a different side of the mountain than where the tourist area is located, and its strictly guarded and no one is allowed to be on the mountain after 4 in the afternoon. So, obviously, my curiosity is if this is the place timeline 39 is talking about? Could explain many things going on there at least. -DB The mission of the Astronomical Observation Team is to establish an secured and hardened installation to house various equipment which in it's first phase, will be tracking the Anomaly. The Cordoba Region was selected due to it's location in the Southern Hemisphere (which is where you need to be to track to the Anomaly), for it's elevation above current sea level and generally how the region will fair from the Earthquakes caused by the Pole Shift. The team has orders to leave well ahead of the Pole Shift date. The installation they constructed was designed to survive the Pole Shift intact which it can then move to phase two. After the Pole Shift occurs, the second phase of the mission commences. At a pre-set date and time, the equipment (assuming it survived) will attempt to locate any surviving orbital satellites and re-program them to create a sensor network which hopefully will cover the entire planet. Not many satellites survived as they were mostly destroyed by inbound debris but some did fall back to Earth. Once the sensor net is established, it will connect with the portable devices of those team members that are staying behind. Regarding the other observatory you speak of, the team has been careful to hide ourselves which initially wasn't easy I was told. We do not want to make contact with anyone from that facility due to who they are affiliated with. Regarding the UFO's...... It is a subject which I have not touched on yet in the public forum but am planning a specific post to explain UFO activity and the current Alien agenda in detail soon..... But in a nutshell, The Visitors agenda can be split into two primary phases. Pre-Pole Shift they will only establish links with contactees

subconsiously and then at a point post-Pole Shift is when they will make face to face contact. Over the past few years, sightings of space craft has been gradually increasing as public awareness (and acceptance) grows despite cover-up and debunker efforts. The percentage of people who are contactees are also increasing. What is happening in the Cordoba region is that they are communicating telepathically and subconsiously to the people in the area and are saying that Cerro Uritorco is the place to go once the primary Pole Shift events start. Contactees further away are even being taken there and shown the best route to take from where they reside. I will elaborate more on the Alien presence in a later post but I hope this answers your questions. Author: timeline_39 [ Fri Apr 03, 2009 12:17 am ] Post subject: Response to henrylwh - Originally posted 10/11/08 Quote: In reply to: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------Timeline39, How many people survived in your timeline? If you are referring to the survivors immediately after the Pole Shift, we don't have exact numbers but have estimated somewhere between 300-500 million globally. Our first global census was about 12 years after the pole shift and the total was just over 117 million. Author: timeline_39 [ Fri Apr 03, 2009 12:19 am ] Post subject: Response to Rainmantime - Originally Posted 10/11/08 Quote: In reply to: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------You make this statement as if does not apply to every personal decision in if it is somehow unique or related to your offering. The exact same thing is true of a swindler's prey. It is always the victim's choice whether or not to trust the swindler. That does not change, in the least, the fact that the swindler is seeking to take advantage of someone. Same thing in your case.


In essence, you make a decent arugement but you make it sound like we have something to gain from "swindling" the people here. We are not asking them to send us money nor sign up to a group. We are merely presenting information that will either be listened to or not. When I make reference to it being YOUR choice, we mean just that because whether you choose to accept it or not, your society doesn't give you this choice right now. Those who control your society manipulates information in such a way that you are denied the choice even though you think that you are not. Using phrases such as "taking advantage of" to describe what we are doing needs to be put into perspective as we are not asking anything back for the information we give. We will never ask for anything in return so how does make it that we are swindling people.... Like we said before, we expect the majority of people who read our words to go into the Undecided category - at least in this stage of the mission..... while in this category, people still have their minds open and this is all we can ask for. Quote: In reply to: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------Another over-used statement by hoaxers, not to mention cornspiracy theorists. Kerry Cassidy at project camelot says all the time "we are just putting information out there..." This says absolutely nothing about the quality or veracity of said information, does it? In fact, my reply to you was specifically to point out the "junk status" of your information, because it is 100% unfalsifiable. You have covered both bases of the election. If Obama wins you can say "see, we told you we were doing was our mission." If McCain wins you can say "well my friends, despite our best efforts the Republicans committed massive vote fraud to get McCain in office." Don't you see then how your information is worthless, and only intended to sway people to believe something for which there is no evidence? Many people in this time take the word of your Fox News and CNN without much debate even when the so called proof is suspect... aren't they just putting information "out there"? Your politicians says things that many of you just accept also! My point is, I understand that right now we seem no different to the examples I've

just mentioned above but we have put a line in the sand....... I cannot deny your point regarding our comments on the election but what everybody needs to understand is that our whole strategy hinges on the results of the election. So, take that as us saying that Obama WILL win. When our plan works and Obama wins, our mission will enter it's next phase so you won't have to wait long after Inauguration Day for us to start giving information that the passing of time will verify.... In the meantime, our approach is as such. If we come across sure of the election result..... well... we are. Everything is in place to counter the fraud tactics that were used. Quote: In reply to: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------Speaking of voter fraud... it seems clear you believe Republicans and right-leaning organizations are the only ones capable of committing voter fraud. Are you and your operatives also on the lookout for left-leaning organizations commiting voter fraud to get Obama elected? Look here: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------I never stated that we believe only Republicans etc. are capable of voter fraud. But in recent years, 2000 & 2004, it was the Republicans who committed it.... Author: timeline_39 [ Fri Apr 03, 2009 12:20 am ] Post subject: Response to MyTime - Originally posted 10/11/2008 Quote: In reply to: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------Hi, What year was your first global census and how often do you have them? Hi There, Since I've stated that Census Alpha happens 12 years after the Pole Shift, I cannot tell you the year without giving away the year of the Shift. I cannot devulge that information at this time.... but stay tuned.

Author: timeline_39 [ Fri Apr 03, 2009 12:20 am ] Post subject: Response to henrylwh - Originally posted 10/12/08 Quote: In reply to: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------Timeline39, There is something I don't understand. John mentioned world war III. Is that before or after the pole shift? If it is after pole shift, how can each country start the war while almost everything is destroyed? Titor referenced two different wars. An civil war in the US and a world war. The world war Titor was referencing was primarily between the remnants of the US, Russian and Chinese military fighting to secure what remained of the resources used today for energy production. Ie: Oil & gas fields (plus any surviving infrastructure), coal deposits etc. Well.... the resources that we accessible anyhow...... You see, while ordinary people were trying to survive anyway possible, the remains of those who controlled the super-power nations and their military today were trying to position themselves as kings by having the most oil etc. etc...... I hope this answers your query. Author: timeline_39 [ Fri Apr 03, 2009 12:21 am ] Post subject: Response to MyTime - Originally posted 10/24/2008 Quote: In reply to: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------So, let me get this straight in my head, you were born in 2011 after the 'GC' so the 'GC is going to happen sometime in the next 3 years. Then, between your birth and 2025 there was a war,you helped rebuild Sydney, aliens visit, give us time travel technology and you join the world government special age 14? Hello, Yes. The Great Catastrophe will occur before 2011.

Yes. There was a war between what was left of the military of what are the superpowers at this point in time. That happened not long after the pole shift. I joined our agency in 2027 just before my 16th birthday in a junior position. One of The Visitors assigned to our area championed my application. I can see how this could be difficult for you to understand but it certainly wasn't uncommon. Many of those who survived the pole shift and the few years proceeding it were young, early & middle aged. There were many orphaned children also..... In many cases, teens and young adults were among the leaders in survival communities depending on the challenges faced by a particular community. Regardless of age, everyone had to significantly contribute to their survival group to ensure its success and well.... survival really. I hope this answers your query. Author: timeline_39 [ Fri Apr 03, 2009 12:22 am ] Post subject: Response to MyTime - Originally posted 10/24/2008 Quote: In reply to: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------For over a decade, everyday living was set back to the way it was in the 19th century. None your current infrastructure such as the power grids, sewage systems, communications and transit system survived. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Also, given that you were born in 2011 (after the GC) the above suggests that the rebuilding of infrastructure took until at least 2020/21, did you swim to the states? or did the visitors give you a lift? or were you able to compress time before you travelled it???? In reply to: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------And although I cannot go into specific detail, suffice it to say without these things, people started (needed) to rely on each other in their small isolated groups all over the world. And then finally something good came out of all of what we went through.. without main pressures in this time period, which all revolve around

money, humanity spiritually evolved. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Infact, you were all feeling soooo spiritual you had a big war (god knows where you found time for that!) Dude, this story has more holes than a packet of polos! Hello again, Firstly, you need to understand that the population of the Earth heading into the 2020's is at a mere fraction of what it is at this point in time.... in the hundreds of millions. Not over 6 billion as right now. Obviously, infrastructure requirements are different for population centres with hundred thousands or below tens of millions than hundreds and hundreds of millions. Secondly, many of the major cities in this time period are coastal and did not survive either the tectonic movements and polar melt let alone the huge earthquakes. What is currently the east coast of Australia was chosen as a major hub because it gained land after the pole shift and even after the polar melt. Damaged infrastructure and buildings were recycled and the city was partially rebuilt enough for the population it needed to support. The Visitors with their technology greatly accelerated the task. Similar rebuilding happened in a few other regions around the planet and continued well into the 2030's. There are still many cities and towns left in ruins all around the planet but are not needed to be rebuilt as they are simply not needed. And finally, travel between continents is taken care for us by The Visitors. Author: timeline_39 [ Fri Apr 03, 2009 12:23 am ] Post subject: Response to Recall15 - Originally posted 10/24/08 Quote: In reply to: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------As Charlie Say... Quoted: Huge news Cnn reporting ELECTION FRAUD right now...Clip is today fronm CNN

showing election machines cheating for Mccain!! The vid is 3 min 47 seconds....The first 30 seconds is just dumb music but after that it shows the CNN footage......UnFREAKEN real!!! Hello Recall, This is exactly what we are here to stop which played a major role in what got George W. Bush re-elected in 2004. My team has just returned from the US where we were assisting our other two teams with installing our own subroutines into all electronic voting machines. One of these many subroutines prevents alterations to and will continously calibrate touch screen alignment. Now installed in just over 80% of machines, our alterations are only to stop others tampering and will make the machines operate as they should. The will & power of the people must be given the opportunity to heard as it was meant to be. As I have said in a previous post, the months after Inauguration Day we will see increases in disasters including Earthquakes. Many Government officials know something is coming but don't know exactly when either by being formally briefed (the few) or through rumour (the majority) and this includes both Presidential Candidates and their Running Mates. We are confident that with Obama/Biden in the White House, they will do their part to ensure humanity takes a different path into and beyond the Pole Shift...... Author: timeline_39 [ Fri Apr 03, 2009 12:24 am ] Post subject: Response to Recall15 - Originally posted 10/25/08 Quote: In reply to: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------There is another event associated to a Pole shift that is called: Crust Tsunami Well the reference of this on English wiki is just Dissapearing.... But you can find it on Spanish Wiki: and the Simmulation Video @ Spanish Article on Wiki Hi Recall,

As you can see below, this is a theory based on a meteor striking the Earth's crust. This won't happen during the coming Pole Shift. Here is the Spanish wiki in English: Crust tsunami refers to the consequences that would have the impact of a giant asteroid or meteorite, on the order of hundreds of miles to the surface of the Earth. For resemblance to conventional tsunami in the ocean water is forming a huge wave in a tsunami crust would rise the earth's crust, off the mantle. This phenomenon is the episode in the saga of the origins of the documentary series Planet Earth. Author: timeline_39 [ Fri Apr 03, 2009 12:25 am ] Post subject: Election not far away - Originally Posted on 10/26/2008 ot long to go now in the Presidential Election! Things are going to start to get very interesting..... I want everybody to note this and keep your eyes on it. Even in the face of trailing in most polls and many by double digits and with the whole Republican Party in turmoil due to events of the past week to the point where they are almost seemingly about to implode.... there will be no change in campaign tactics. And John McCain will not portray what somebody should be in the position that he's in. This is because he has been "promised" victory and he would have no reason to think that it won't still happen. But watch closely for the change in him when it becomes obvious the vote fraud tactics failed...... I just suggest you all just sit back, watch and enjoy the show...... And of course vote on Nov 4. for the candidate of your choice. McCain and the Republicans should put on a great show these next few days leading up to the election and for quite a few weeks afterward too. Author: timeline_39 [ Fri Apr 03, 2009 12:26 am ] Post subject: Response to henrylwh - Originally posted 10/27/08 Quote: In reply to: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------Will the people living in the underground bases survive?

That really depends on the location on the planet but it most cases underground installations either imploded or were cut off from the surface and became tombs. Being underground is one of the most dangerous places you can be during the Pole Shift. Quote: In reply to: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------When can we see the 'anomaly' in general? Someone said we can see it somewhere in Australia now. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------Until a few years ago the Anomaly was able to be viewed from anywhere in the southern hemisphere with small telescopes or even binoculars if you knew where to look. Now, it is in the direction of the sun when viewed from Earth so it cannot be viewed from anywhere. NASA is trying to use existing equipment in space and even launched new probes (with other stated public agendas of course) to try and observe and even triangulate it's position. But most of those probes launched met with technical difficulties. SOHO has not detected it. And the Hubble has been taken out of mothballs even though not in the best condition to try to find it..... So they have so far failed on all accounts. It will become slowly visible again a month or so before the pole shift. And in the weeks leading up to the shift will become one of the brightest objects in the night sky. Author: timeline_39 [ Fri Apr 03, 2009 12:26 am ] Post subject: Response to henrylwh - Originally posted 10/27/08 Quote: In reply to: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------In your timeline, did the government officially announce the existence of other beings in the Universe? The British government has just released more files regarding UFO and it seems the government is doing a test right now. What is the implication of such move? With so many sightings of space craft especially in the past few years, the general

population is getting more comfortable with the thought of beings from elsewhere in the universe. So much so, that the typical Government tactic of denying their existence was on the verge of bordering on ridiculous in the public eye. Weather balloons, experimental aircraft, tricks of the light etc. was enough when UFO sightings were few and far between and then only witnessed by a small group or even one person. But now that they are being seen by anything up to whole cities of people at the same time and increasingly more often, the strategy that served them well for decades wasn't enough anymore. Therefore, a change in tactic has occured. Outside the US, Governments in countries such as England & Russia are releasing documents on their observations of UFO and interviews with witnesses. But they are falling short of coming out and saying officially that Aliens exist instead when being asked to comment they give a very fague response. Remember what UFO stands for... they can say UFO all they want but they will never say Alien space craft. Instead putting out these documents portrays a picture of disclosure which has made the problem go away....... for now anyway. The US is different. Some of the old strategies are still being used depending on the circumstances but generally the topic as a whole is ignored. The reason why complete official disclosure will not happen is because they don't want to explain the fact they have been lying to the public for 60 years. Explain about MJ12 and everything else take took place. In any case, as the Pole Shift draws nearer the number of sightings will increase significantly particularly in areas more comfortable with the thought of ET's. And after the Pole Shift, they will begin to make contact with humans face to face and will assist us in rebuilding. We will be introduced to hundreds of different species and will slowly become members of the greater galatic community. I hope this answers your question. Author: timeline_39 [ Fri Apr 03, 2009 12:27 am ] Post subject: Response to reactor1967 - Originally posted on 10/28/08 Quote: In reply to: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------Heck, why not just jump on the first UFO out of here and miss the pole shift all together? Then come back when everything has settled down. When The Visitors made face to face contact after the pole shift and they told us they have been in contact with humans around subconsciously for over 60 years, we asked them why they didn't rescue us. In reply, they said that the disasters were something that mankind had to go through to grow spiritually as a species. With the

destruction of the today's way of life, everybody was put on the same level. We realised that through the horrors of the shift, we learned to work together as never before because everybody had the same goal - survival. We gained far more than we lost. Author: timeline_39 [ Fri Apr 03, 2009 12:28 am ] Post subject: Response to JanEx - Originally posted on 10/31/08 Quote: In reply to: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------I didn't read all posts what you have send here, but I presume that you are from different time, right? If so you must have some kind of time machine/device (I think you have machine, but nm)? Fix if I have understand something wrong. (Bad english) JanEx Hello JanEx, Yes. We have a device designated the C300 which is the version up from C204 Titor used in his travels back to 2001. Author: timeline_39 [ Fri Apr 03, 2009 12:30 am ] Post subject: Response to henrylwh - Originally posted 10/31/08 Quote: In reply to: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------People in your timeline also know about MJ12? How do you know anything about it when everything is distroyed after pole shift and the war? It has never made public and I wonder how you can find this information......... A complete record of all the iterations of MJ12 is found in The Visitors database in my time period. Some of The Visitors assigned to Earth in my time period were primary MJ12 contacts even a few of them were there at the Roswell incident. While most MJ12 documentation kept by humanity (and there wasn't much) were destroyed in the Pole Shift, The Visitors kept very precise records of meetings etc. Quote: In reply to:

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------Also you mentioned that human being must go through this painful process to change spiritually. Then why don't you just leave us alone and let things happen instead of changing it? How do you know you are not creating another disaster in the long run? All time travelers come to our time and say they are doing something good for us but how do they know they are not making us worse off in the long run? If it is the way God has laid down, why should human being override it? That is a very good set of questions. I've stated in previous posts that a significant portion of the population is going to die from either the primary Pole Shift event or in attempts to survive in the aftermath. Nothing is going to change the impact to this planet from the Anomaly. My history records that the general population had very little warning of the Pole Shift. It wasn't until nobody could deny something was up, only weeks before the Shift, did an announcement get made. And not a very clear announcement either. Some people tried to leave the cities, others went into denial but it was clear that the populace weren't given direction. With a different Government & President, the message will be given earlier and will be clearer. The populace will be given a greater chance to survive and if that translates into 20 million, 3 million or even just 1 million more survivors than what the history I know recorded, then we consider the mission a success. How do we know that Obama will do anything different from McCain? The first answer is in Obama's Psychological profile which we have in detail from The Visitors. Obama just doesn't say he believes in free will.... he actually does. And this will reflect in how he informs the public when the time is right. We will assist in other ways but decline to go into specific details at this time. In summary, what you are living in this time period right now leading into the Pole Shift is the final stages of events that began over 60 years ago and has played out in your society behind the scenes since then. Let's just say that our mission here is to correct an imbalance that began at the start of those events which has put the general public in the dark regarding all matter of significant importance... not just the Pole Shift. Now, not much of that probably made a whole lot of sense. We are keen to disclose more but the time isn't right just now. Though I do promise you won't have to wait that long........... Author: timeline_39 [ Fri Apr 03, 2009 12:31 am ] Post subject: Response to KEMET - Originally posted on 10/31/08 Quote:

In reply to: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------Poster: KEMET My question is about spirituality. I belong to a very large spiritual organization connected to the United Nations. Some who are involved in the organization wish to see a one world religion eventually. In your time, what role does spirituality play? Are there what people today term "lightworkers"? I am possibly willing to answer that but first I need to know what YOUR definition of spirituality is, please. This is just so I can understand where you are at. Author: timeline_39 [ Fri Apr 03, 2009 12:32 am ] Post subject: Response to MyTime - Originally posted 10/31/2008 Quote: In reply to: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------Timeline39, In reply to: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------I need to know what YOUR definition of spirituality is --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Why? In reply to: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------This is just so I can understand where you are at.


Why? In reply to: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------In your time, what role does spirituality play? --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Why don't you just answer the question? In reply to: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------Are there what people today term "lightworkers"? --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

I think a simple yes or no will suffice, what's the problem with answering that? Hello My_Time, It is important for us to understand what the person asking the question understands as spirituality or being spiritual. Generally spirituality has a different meaning and concept in this time period for a multitude of reasons. The clearer our understanding of the question being asked and an insight into what the asker understands as spirituality, the more effective our answer will be. Author: timeline_39 [ Fri Apr 03, 2009 12:33 am ] Post subject: Response to Warrior381 - Originally posted 10/31/08 Quote: In reply to: --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

well true but I am tired of fake time traveler who post it on the board saying that there a coming something in the future and it a fake story from Timeline_39. need proof not word Hello Warrior381, As stated in some of my previous posts, we are here to give information to those who will listen. By listen, we mean, the reader reading our words and based on their instincts/subconscious feeling accept, remain undecided but open minded or reject them. We are not here to have you blindly follow what we say purely on the fact that we presented some small proof that satisfied your conscious mind which demands such proof. Using this type of strategy would make us no better than the forces at work in your society. Free Will is paramount. This stage of the mission for my team is to progressively present important information in preparation for the different outcome to the US election than recorded in my history. Firstly, to give background as we have already done with only a few more posts to go. Secondly after a certain point in the near future, start to warn on natural disasters only in select regions of the planet. And finally, give the full timeline account of the last months leading into the Pole Shift. Timing of the timeline account will depend upon the Obama disclosure strategy but will be posted long before the internet becomes useless. In conclusion, all we ask is that you keep an open mind and consider the words we have to say. Nothing more. Author: timeline_39 [ Fri Apr 03, 2009 12:34 am ] Post subject: Response to MyTime - Originally posted 10/31/2008 Quote: In reply to: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------You think? I doubt it. No government would release information likely to cause panic until the last minute. And only then because it could not be kept secret. And what of all the other nations? Believe it or not there is a whole world outside the U.S and people do talk you know. All governments in all countries would not release information of this magnitude, don't think for a minute that the McCain/Obama question will make a blind bit of difference to that fact. We believe that information given to the public, no matter how dire, will be accepted with minimal panic if there is a plan/solution to the crisis. If the Government

announces that the world will end next week but they have this plan to ensure the survival of as many people as possible and this is what each person must do, it will be much better than they announcing, the world will end in 3 days and sorry there's nothing we can do. Either scenario will produce panic. That is unavoidable. But a properly warned public can be assisted to make their way to safe locations long before the Pole Shift happens and survival rates will lift as a result. And finally, the US is not the only country in the world to know of the Anomaly. There are quite a few countries that are aware but not to the full extent which was provided by the US Government. Author: timeline_39 [ Fri Apr 03, 2009 12:35 am ] Post subject: Response to JanEx - Originally posted on 10/31/08 Quote: In reply to: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------I like to have clear answers (if possible) for these following guestions touch your time device: Hi JanEx, Name: Class 2 Temporal Displacement Pod Manufacturer: U.E.F. Temporal Science Institute with input from The Visitors as agreed in the Technology Exchange Program Corporation: Implies a business, firm or conglomerate which does not exist in my time period Year of manufacture: 2038 (for the particular one I came in) Model: C300b Class: Class 2 - Small Personnel Country of manufacture: Primarily the US & Australia Output: Measurement will be unknown to you as you do not understand how the power is generated. Weight: I'm going to have to get back to you on that one..... It is not listed in my specs. Lenght: 8.5m Widht: 3.7m Height: 4.2m Volume: Nothing in my specs regarding this but from my own measurements just over 100,000 liters Energy source: Put simply, a Reaction Chamber that harnesses the power released from the step by step "deconstruction" of what you currently refer to as "Element

115" to simple hydrogen (Technology provided by The Visitors) Control system: Neural Interface Number of persons: 3 to a max of 6 in emergencies only Predecessor: C204 Successor: None Similar models: There are several types of C300 models. Not sure how this helps but I hope its enough to satisfy your curiousity. Page 1 of 4 All times are UTC - 8 hours Powered by phpBB 2000, 2002, 2005, 2007 phpBB Group

The Golden Thread The Great Catastrophe - Originally posted on 09/15/2008 Author: timeline_39 [ Fri Apr 03, 2009 12:36 am ] Post subject: Response to Warrior381 - Originally posted 10/31/08 Quote: In reply to: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------all right have it your way but remember something it just word when you speak but people have to see the proof instead of are you going to show proof to the Obama that you are from the future? and by the way are you planning to stay 3 more years in this timeline? Who said anything about 3 years? Quote: In reply to: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------and then post it the last month of coming pole shift?? that sound scary to me..but how are you going to save lives?? if this going to happen...then you should save the whole world lives instead of few millions lives..?? Page 2 of 4

If you read carefully, I did say "months".... not month. It will be too late only one month before the Shift. Author: timeline_39 [ Fri Apr 03, 2009 12:37 am ] Post subject: Response to Darby - Originally posted on 11/01/08 Quote: In reply to: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------Charlie, What happens when someone, who has considered your words with an "open mind", makes a decision? At that point their mind is no longer open. Now if they argue in your favor are you going to tell them to reconsider, recant and once again get an open mind on the subject? If they argue against your position are you going to do the same? Having an open mind also means more than you are suggesting here. It also means to trust your instincts and listen to the voice inside - the subconscious. But as you put it here.... Yes, I have said to some people who private message me that the most important thing is that they listen to their instincts.... not what you say, I say or what anyone else says.

Quote: In reply to: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------Telling people to keep an open mind is telling them to never make any decision on your propositions. It's an argument from a position of weakness and lack of confidence. Kinda silly, isn't it? Having an open mind let's people examine the information while limiting preconceived ideas and in an objective fashion. Even if they feel they have made a decision one way or the other, it is very important that retaining an open mind continues so that each and every post doesn't matter who is from is read in the same vein..... I can see how you think this way is weak and lacks confidence but from my perspective it is the exact opposite. And as we move forward through the many

months to come and our strategy continues to play out, I hope you will see just how strong and confident our methods are. Time will telll.....

Quote: In reply to: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------The plea for the members to continue to keep an open mind after half a decade of your posts is, frankly, mindless. As for me, I've read your posts over the years and at best my strongest reaction has been...Zzzzzzz. There's no mind to open or close because the posts are for the most part silliness. And if you have a concern about that, if you really desire to respond, then the response should probably address your lack of an ability to solicit even a negative response from me. That is your failing, not mine. That is your choice and I respect that. And I am happy that we have woken you up from your slumber....... Author: timeline_39 [ Fri Apr 03, 2009 12:39 am ] Post subject: Response to Darby - Originally posted on 11/01/08 Quote: In reply to: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------And then, eventually, they make a decision. Making a decision shouldn't close your mind off to the information that presents itself after the said decision is made. Quote: In reply to: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------From what you post, the theory seems to be never make a decision - just keep an "open mind"...instincts, feelings, touchie-feelie 60's "philosophy", whatever. It sounds somewhat vaccuous to me, if not just self-serving. Puts me to sleep, actually. Zzzzzzz... Suit yourself. And like I said, I understand your position. Society in this time period

does not teach it's people to use their instincts, subconscious etc. Anyway, my work here will continue even if only one person is getting the message, we know that it will be read & considered by many. Author: timeline_39 [ Fri Apr 03, 2009 12:39 am ] Post subject: Response to Rainmantime - Originally Posted 11/01/08 Quote: In reply to: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------It is much worse that just being weak and lacking confidence. No, in fact, what you say above that I have embolded is downright dangerous and irresponsible. For in those few words you are suggesting we simply ignore the fact that there are liars, cheats, thieves, and conmen out in the world today. You are asking people not so much to "keep their minds open" but literally to allow themselves to be gullible to anyone, "doesn't matter who", that comes along with a wild story to share. And you are the perfect example of that, Charlie. For you have given us absolutely NO reason to trust you or even to "keep an open mind" about what you are saying. You have offered absolutely NO evidence to substantiate any of your wild claims. None. And yet you ask people to believe....'scuse me..."keep an open mind." That is your code word for "believe me". Furthermore, no matter how many times you sign your posts with "peace", you have given us absolutely no reason to believe that any of the propaganda you share is meant to be peaceful. However, you have given plenty of reason for us to question you, and your intentions. Indeed, you have set up a story here which could have very nefarious intentions. People who believe you are being asked to come to the conclusion that if Obama does not win and McCain does, that it was a result of foul play. In one reading of what you are doing, one could come to the conclusion that you are attempting to foment dissent if "your candidate" does not win. Such an intention is dark indeed, and very characteristic of a manipulator. And here are some pertinent quotes with regard to the dangers of having a mind that is too open: "The trouble with having an open mind, of course, is that people will insist on coming along and trying to put things in it" -Terry Pratchett I try to keep an open mind, but not so open that my brains fall out. - Harold T. Stone You can have such an open mind that it is too porous to hold a conviction. George Crane

An open mind is all very well in its way, but it ought not to be so open that there is no keeping anything in or out of it. It should be capable of shutting its doors sometimes, or it may be found a little draughty. - Samuel Butler An open mind, like an open window, should be screened to keep the bugs out Virginia Hutchinson If we keep an open mind, too much is likely to fall into it. - Natalie Clifford Barney And by asking us to "keep an open mind", you have shown every indication that you want our minds to be open to BS so that you can load your propaganda into them. Try providing some evidence for your claims, and then you may have some people open their minds. Until then, your statement quoted above is dangerous. Until you prove to me otherwise, I consider you a liar, cheat, and conman.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------Again... this is similar to what Darby was saying. And like Darby, you are very much entitled to express your own opinion. Some of your comments though (on the assumption that I am a fraud) still very much suggest that I am personally gaining for all this in a big way...... Please explain. Regarding the US election, after comments in one of your previous posts a few weeks ago, I updated my statement to say that Obama WILL win. We are extremely confident that we have been successful in our efforts. Furthermore, your comments about how I have been fomenting dissent, please show me where I have said anything even close to that...... (This should be good) Oh, and thank you for the amusing & entertaining quotes. I especially enjoyed the ones by the people born in the late 19th century....... Finally, your personal attack comments. Be they sincere or just a baiting tactic the effect on me is the same....... as in nothing. We will continue posting on this forum as per our planned strategy of firstly general information, then more specific and finally to very specific. We will also reply to as many questions as we can. This will not change. Author: timeline_39 [ Fri Apr 03, 2009 12:45 am ] Post subject: Originally Posted on 12/08/2008 Hello All,

We apologise for our absence but have been very busy since the US election result. It won't be too long now until we have another series of documents to post. We will answer the questions of us on the forum at that time also. I hope you are all well. Author: timeline_39 [ Fri Apr 03, 2009 12:47 am ] Post subject: 3rd post entitled THE NEXT PHASE - Posted on 01/31/09 Greetings Everybody,

I hope that all is well with everyone. Once again, we must apologise for the length of our absence but the next phase of our task requires on going extensive preparation. Before we continue, we would like to know peoples thoughts and impressions regarding President Obama. It was certainly an emotional experience for us when he won the election but not just due to what he represents. Witnessing the will of people prevail the way it should have was an equally powerful experience for us. A segment of our team has been monitoring him since Election Day and we are now confident of what his short & medium term goals are which fell within our predictions. The first months of his Presidency will be to guide America through the economic crisis. This crisis is much more serious than it should have been because the previous Administration was trying to prevent it from blowing up while they were still in office. This just made matters worse, of course. Nothing will stop the markets from eventually reaching their true value (DOW @ 7500) but the Government can influence how rough or smooth that journey is. As you know, the financial markets is primarily based on confidence and this confidence is influenced by various data sources and of course, the Government. In a couple of months, the markets will get to their true value and stabilise allowing the President and his Cabinet to start the rebuilding process without the constant distractions from bush fires that keep popping up at this time. Obamas next goal (which he has started on already) will be to rebuild global relations with the United States. Part of this strategy will include a different approach to countries such as Iran than the previous Administration. We are uncertain of what his timetable is for the above two goals but we suspect adjustments will have to be made once he gets full disclosure regarding the Anomaly.

We do know that in the first meeting with President Bush after winning the Election, Obama was told that there is a object moving through our solar system that has a chance of affecting Earth when it passes. This is all that he was told and we believe that he has not been officially briefed any further since taking Office. However, we estimate that he will have a full briefing within the first couple of months of his Presidency. We do hope that it is sooner rather than later because the earlier he knows, the longer he can consider courses of action. In any case, the Anomaly is only a few months away from exiting the primary magnetic boundary of the Sun at which point sunspot activity will start up again. You see, the reason why there has been literally no sunspot activity (baffling Scientists in the process) is because of the Anomalys slow and close progression past the Sun through its primary magnetic boundary. Once clear of the Sun, the Anomaly will start having a greater influence on Earth. To put it a different way.. right now is the calm before the initial beginnings of the storm. And if by some chance Obama has not been completely briefed on the potential of the Anomaly, he most certainly will at this point. Anyway moving on.

We will be posting again shortly. Over a period of 6 to 8 weeks we will upload 3 posts covering these topics as follows: 1) Preparing for the Pole Shift:- A Complete Guide 2) Countdown to Zero Hour:- Complete Chronicle of the final weeks leading into the Pole Shift (From the point when something is wrong is impossible to deny) 3) The first 365.25 Days After.. Then, after the Anomaly has cleared the Sun's primary boundary and the effects on Earth slowly begin we will have another series of posts. All through this period we will attempt to answer what we can from the forum and private messages. Stay tuned. Author: timeline_39 [ Fri Apr 03, 2009 12:51 am ] Post subject: Response to Softkiller - Originally posted on 02/11/09

Quote: In reply to: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------Dear Mr. Charlie: Can you elaborate more about the mentioned "anomaly"? Like orbit period? Primary Magnetic Incursion differs each encounter but if you count from one incursion with Earth, complete a full orbit to the next over several orbits it will average out to approximately 3607 years. Quote: In reply to: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------Orbit inclination (from ecliptic)? This differs depending on what point the Anomaly is viewed. If outside the moderate particle density of this solar system then it approaches approximately 11 degrees below the ecliptic. Once the Anomaly encounters a certain point of particle density as it enters the solar system, it changes to a 32 degree approach. Quote: In reply to: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------Orbit eccentricity? Parabolic to Hyperbolic. Quote: In reply to: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------Perihelion and aphelium? To What? The Anomaly does not orbit one central mass. Quote: In reply to:

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------Actual distance from Earth? At point of primary magnetic incursion this pole shift? Very close compared to past Pole Shifts according to Visitor records 23.1 million km or 14.1 million miles. Quote: In reply to: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------Anomaly radius? Approximately 24,000km or just over 15,000 miles. Quote: In reply to: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------Mass of object? 4.1 M (addition made 04/03/09: Don't know why the symbol I need won't show up) Quote: In reply to: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------Albedo? The surface of the Anomaly is mostly water therefore shares similar reflective properties to Earths oceans. However, the Anomaly is shrouded with cosmic debris which affects incoming and outgoing light. This is a particularly complex area considering the planetary nature of the Anomaly which requires further explanation. Hope this answers your question. Author: timeline_39 [ Fri Apr 03, 2009 12:55 am ] Post subject: Response to henrylwh - Originally posted 02/11/09 Quote:

In reply to: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------Charlie, You must be happy at this stage seeing Obama made it. Questions: 1. John mentioned that billions of people were killed in the war, not the disaster. Did you guys come to our timeline and make more people die in the disaster instead of the war? I still do not know the reason why John did not mention the Pole Shift but as I have said already, much of the population die off will come from it. Quote: In reply to: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------2. If the government made a mistake 60 years ago, why did you come to this specific time to fix the problem instead of going back earlier? Humanity would not have learned the lessons that we did. Everything that happened up to the Pole Shift was important to the spiritual development of humanity or in other words, it was something that we needed to go through. The decision to come back and make changes, such as the Presidential Election outcome, is only to increase the survival rate and our best outcome projections are that we will do so only marginally. The Pole Shift is such a massive event that even if the entire population was told today it would only have a small percentage affect on the survival outcome. Quote: In reply to: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------3. Can you disclose which other countries know about the anomaly? All countries that are a part of the G8 know anything of substance. England knows more than most. Quote: In reply to: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------4. Technical question: When someone in your future said bring me a name card of President McCain when you travel backward. Then you changed the event and

Obama won. When you return, 1) will that guy still remember asking you to bring a name card of McCain or Obama? No. In the timeline we are in now (with Obama as President) why would there be a mission to go back and change the outcome? Quote: In reply to: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------2) in your mind, you remember that guy asked you to bring name card of McCain or Obama? n my own personal mind? Yes I would remember. Author: timeline_39 [ Fri Apr 03, 2009 12:56 am ] Post subject: Response to Softkiller - Originally posted on 02/11/09 Quote: In reply to: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------Dear Charlie: Congratulations to you and your teams for the election of Barack Obama, instead of John McCain. It seems that your efforts to defuse the potential ballots fraud for the benefit of the republican candidate succeed. Let's see your promised more information about the issue. Best regards. Luis Please dont thank us. It was the will of the people... it always was. We just allowed it to play out the way it should have. Author: timeline_39 [ Fri Apr 03, 2009 1:00 am ] Post subject: Response to sibir - Originally posted on 11/02/09 Quote: In reply to: --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Hello! I`ve got some questions for you: 1. You were born in 2006 (your timeline) and (2011 in our timeline), why are there 5 years of time-gap? I already stated that this was done deliberately. When I was trying to communicate with Titor during my original visit to this timeline, I thought I would get a reaction from him by suggesting that the Pole Shift would occur before 2006. It didnt get any reaction from him at all. In reply to: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------2. So, if you were born June 18. 2011, and no one got pregnant for several years after the GC due to stress, then the GC should occure between sept 2010 and june 2011?! And what did I say to suggest it would be before then? (added during upload to GT "looking back on that now that should read = And what did I say to suggest it wouldn't be before then?") Quote: In reply to: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------3. Have you met your mother in this timeline, and is that even possible? I have not met her but I know roughly her location at this point in time. And yes it is possible. If we did meet, It is even possible that she could be aware of some sort of connection but wouldnt really understand what that connection means. Quote: In reply to: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------4. is it possible for you to have children in this timeline? (your children would then maybe be born before you ) It is possible but not permitted. Quote: In reply to: --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

5. I can see that you are describing your timeline as no. 39. Why? How many are there? 39 refers to the year that I was from when I first came to this time period in 2003. It has no other meaning. Quote: In reply to: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------6. Does every timeline go through the GC? Im guessing this is in connection to the previous question so please see above. However, if it wasn't, the transit of the Anomaly through our solar system is a natural phenomenon. To suggest to prevent it would be like suggesting to prevent the obrit of Mars or Jupiter. Hope this answers your questions. Author: timeline_39 [ Fri Apr 03, 2009 1:00 am ] Post subject: Response to Softkiller - Originally posted on 02/11/09 Quote: In reply to: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------Dear Charlie: Thanks for your answers. But yhe anomaly's mass appearedd garbled in your post... 4.1 x 10^? From your data it seems that the anomay is a little less than half of Moon' diameter, as viewed actually from Earth. At such distance 23,1 million kms it is very plausible that the thousand amateur astronomers scattered through the whole world can pick it in the night sky, even assuming the possibility that the albedo is very low. But, in the infrared wavelenght the object is perhaps franlky visible, despite the cloud of debris surrounding it. Is there a global cover-up at the astronomical society? I find strange that the orbit has a period of something like 3607 years, but the geometry of the path is parabolical or hiperbolical, which are open orbits, without returning to the same loactions. How is that possible? Best regards. Luis

Hello again Luis, For some reason I cannot put the symbol that I want in this text. The Anomaly is 23 times approx. the mass of Earth... if that helps. Yes, when the Anomaly is at the distance of 23.1 million kms (the point of which the Pole Shift will occur) it will be visible as you suggest. However, it is currently approaching the interception point from the direction of the Sun and therefore (as I sure you're aware) telescopes are useless. Regarding your last question, it is difficult to explain without completely going into the orbital mechanics and planetary dynamics of the Anomaly as well as introducing you to the concept of repulsion (opposite of Gravity) particles. However suffice it to say that the Anomaly has two orbital focal points, one being the sun. Each time it returns, due to the different position of the planets, it encounters a different density of gravity and replusion particles which therefore leads to slightly different entry trajectories and velocities each time. The Anomaly starts encountering these particles at the point we term the Deflection Point which is about 2.5 times the distance from the Sun and Pluto. At a point approx. at the distance of Saturn's orbit or 880 million km, the particle density significantly increases thus further altering the vector of the Anomaly's entry into the solar system. We call this point the Refraction Point. I hope this helps. Author: timeline_39 [ Fri Apr 03, 2009 1:01 am ] Post subject: Response to Softkiller - Originally posted on 02/11/09 Quote: In reply to: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------So at his closest approach (23.1 x 10^6 kms) the anomaly has a gravitational tidal effect of 167 times less than the combined effect of the Moon and the Sun. Unless better judgment I think quite negligible the tidal effect from the anomaly. As Charlie said, indeed, the pole shift cause must be a magnetic effect. Peace. Luis. You are correct. The core of the Anomaly contains a heavy concentrations of iron which, for the most part, is the reason it is highly magnetic. Earth is unique amongst the rocky planets in this solar system where the composition of it's core allows it to

be influenced by the Anomaly. Also, due to the tectonic activity on this planet, magma is close to and/or right upon the surface at the mid-atlantic ridge which widens while the pacific region compresses/subducts. This magma is also highly magnetic more so than other crustal rock. This mean that parts (particularly so the mid-atlantic region) of the crust are influenced by the Anomaly as well. Planets in this solar system orbit at or near the ecliptic due to the Sun's magnetic influence. Although, the Moon orbits around Earth, the Sun influences it's inclination (typically approx. 5%). If you note from one of my previous posts where I stated about abnormalities in the Moon's orbit, this is mostly caused by the Anomaly's influence causing the Moon to move higher and lower along it's orbital path. Author: timeline_39 [ Fri Apr 03, 2009 1:06 am ] Post subject: Response to henrylwh - Originally posted 02/11/09 Quote: In reply to: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------Hi more questions 1. Are you able to disclose who killed Kennedy? The database we have with us does not contain the names of the people that assasinated JFK but it contains the following details.... JFK was assasinated on the orders of MJ12 via one of their Government Agencies known as the CIA. It was well established during the 1960s that elected officials will not be officially informed about the Alien presence and the circumstances of Roswell. They undertook extraordinary efforts to keep the public in the dark. However, JFK learned of the truth through various leaks from the CIA & FBI. He believed that the general public would be able to handle the reality of Aliens & UFOs without causing a panic. Apart from pushing onto MJ12 his desire to release the information, he told his girlfriend about it also who was considered a significant security risk due to her addiction to pills and the resultant tendancy that she could talk. It was after this that MJ12 approved the decision to terminate JFK and his girlfriend. Quote: In reply to: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------2. After the pole shift, what happened to those dead bodies and how could that be cleaned up?

Those who died in coastal cities which eventually was flooded after the polar melt and island countries that were swallowed by the ocean were..... "fish food".... is the best description. Inland centres where there was a significant death toll were mostly avoided by survivors. Remember, the total population of the Earth is significantly smaller than it is now and there is areas (even in my time period) that are still geologically active that we avoid. Quote: In reply to: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------3. How many presidents do you have in your timeline? The structure of our society is very different to what it is today. Nations, as today, just don't exist anymore. We are the people of the planet Earth and we are all human. Working together to survive the aftermath along with contact with The Visitors gave us realisation of what our place is in the galaxy which has moved us past race, nationality, gender etc. Quote: In reply to: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------4. I believe John implied that the president would be a 'she'. Do you think the changed result was a direct result of you guys coming to our time? There has been females in charge of what you would call our Government. One in the late 2030's and then again in the mid-2040's.

Quote: In reply to: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------5. I believe the CERN experiment will be behind schedule from original John's timeline. Do you think we will have enough time to discover the time travel theory before the pole shift - the history of time travel invention may be totally changed! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

The machine that John used to travel (C204) differs significantly from the ones we use (C300) now. The C204 was designed and contructed by human scientists with Visitor advisors. When it was realised that our attempt was not entirely successful (which lead to the sloppy Titor incursion) the C300 was built with more input from the Visitors as well as more of their technology. To answer your question, some of the basic fundamentals of some C204 systems have been and will be discovered via CERN. In reply to: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------6. I notice there has been a very bright star at night and I believe it should be Venus. Anything to do with the anomaly? You are correct. That object is the planet Venus. Quote: In reply to: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------7. John mentioned clearly that 2008 would be a year that everyone would know the world they are living is going to end. What happened? "Going to end" is a little extreme. Things that people had faith in all their lives are now uncertain such as the Government and the economy. The world is also starting to glimpse how wild the weather is going to get as well. Eg: The harsh winters currently in the northern hemisphere and the heatwaves in the southern hemisphere..... these are nothing of what is yet to come though. Soon, earthquakes and volcanic eruptions will increase as well further adding to the anxiety. Quote: In reply to: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------8. I don't understand how you can pick and return to an exact timeline that you came before. Your machine only recorded the timeline point when you returned to your time. When you jumped to another year, how can the machine trace back the original timeline you left - a extension of time (2008) of the original 2003 you came before? Have you read the post where I give a description of the nature of time - strands of rope? If not, please do as it will answer this question. Quote: In reply to:

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------9. Since life is very difficult, how do your people treat those mentally retarded people and disable? Life for physically disabled individuals is easier in the future due to technology provided by The Visitors that assists in communication via telepathy. Furthermore, a fewer number are born into our society due to technology as well. Some are born for a specific reason also. Quote: In reply to: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------10. How can you survive that long in our timeline when you have no money (I suppose) and no identity document to prove yourself? Creating indentity documents is very easy and accessing the required computer systems that validates these documents is also not difficult. Setting up an account at a bank and adding only the money we need to survive is also not difficult. We try to remain "off the grid" (as you would put it) as much as we can. Our computer systems access the internet via a stealth connection to the cell network. Our identity documents allowed us to rent a dwelling but we generate our own power. Quote: In reply to: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------11. You mentioned interent shutdown? Yes it does. Quote: In reply to: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------12. I encountered the '11:11 phenomenon' (whenever I watch the digital clock, I see 10:10, 11:11, 2:22 etc) for the past couple years. Do you know what it means? I wouldn't read too much into this. The body clock is more precise than most realise. You probably started noticing certains time like 11:11 etc. at random a few days in succession and this conscious awareness probably left a mark on your body clock.

Quote: In reply to: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------13. The pole shift is a cyclical event. Human must encounter the event before but the survivors did not evolve spiritually (look at ourselves). Why are you so optimistic that human being will evolve in the direction you think? - what we learn from our human history is that we never learn anything! That is a very good question. Firstly, the last pole shift (which is in human folklore Noah's Ark and the Flood) wasn't anywhere near as severe that the upcoming one will be. Secondly, the human population during the last pole shift was still very small and the races of man were still largely separated. People understood something strange was happening and tried to record as much as possible. This time around, humanity everywhere is interconnected and although people here still have conscious barriers for race, gender etc.... subconsciously we are all connected very strongly. The other part that differs is that we had the technology and the time to prepare but the few in power took that chance away from the many. How do I know the lesson will be learned apart from knowing the way humanity will be in the future? That's because lessons have already been learned (many important ones since about the year 2000) and continue to be learned today and will continue leading into the pole shift. Author: timeline_39 [ Fri Apr 03, 2009 1:07 am ] Post subject: Response to Rainmantime - Originally Posted 02/11/09 Quote: In reply to: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------Ummmmmm.... In reply to: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------Primary Magnetic Incursion differs each encounter but if you count from one incursion with Earth, complete a full orbit to the next over several orbits it will average out to approximately 3607 years. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

then In reply to: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------Parabolic to Hyperbolic. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

then In reply to: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------In reply to: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------Perihelion and aphelium? -------------------------------------------------------------------------------To What? The Anomaly does not orbit one central mass. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Someone needs to clean-up their hoax from a consistency standpoint (and bone-up on orbital mechanics). He says it does not orbit a central mass, and that it has an "escape orbit" (parabolic to hyperbolic), which is referenced to a central mass. But then he also provides a measure of periodicity, which would indicate it is not an "escape orbit" and that it does orbit around a central mass. Charlie is hopelessly confused. He can't make up his mind about which BS he wishes to spew. So he makes up a mishmash. Hello RMT, You could have just asked me to elaborate further on what I meant when I said the Anomaly does not orbit a central mass. If you did, I would have given an answer similar to the one I gave Softkiller on the post time marked 02/11/09 06:22 AM

which should clarify it further for you. I respect that what we say you consider "BS" but instead of promoting constructive back & forth between us, you have chosen a more hostile approach. This, of course, is your choice but you will find that you will get more of a response from us if you choose the former rather than the later. Author: timeline_39 [ Fri Apr 03, 2009 1:08 am ] Post subject: Response to Warrior381 - Originally posted 02/11/09 Quote: In reply to: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------Charlies I have a quesiton for you? after the pole shift..will we all get the high tech stuff from ET?? all human being become perfect in body mind and soul?? write back thank you. Hello Warrior381, The Visitors made contact with human survival groups progressively for many years after the pole shift dependant on a number of factors. Eventually, after the contact phase was complete all the survivors (approx. 115 million as history recorded in the timeline I left) were relocated and settled on the safer areas of the planet. They then assisted us in building infrastructure to support us. After we had set up a working "Government" our alliance with The Visitors was formalized and this led to eventual sharing of some technology. For the most part, humanity has continued to live what you would call a simple life that we had become accustomed to after the pole shift. Access to their technology made rebuilding easier and quicker. They provided us with energy production technology and communication technology. We have access to their ships for travel etc. etc. etc. If you're question was whether they just gave us all the technology they had... the answer is no. Mostly because we do not require most of their technology to live our daily lives. Perfect in mind, body and soul, you ask? Well that is the goal as it is always, is it not? Author: timeline_39 [ Fri Apr 03, 2009 1:08 am ] Post subject: Response to Warrior381 - Originally posted 02/11/09

Quote: In reply to: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------charlies i have a more questions for you...if I make it after the polo shift..will every one will have the time travel technoghy?? this is important i need to know if every one will have access to time travel techongy? if not then why live after the polo shift because you are still alive and after the polo shift..I want a time travel tech from Vistors so that way I can alway go back and visit my family or meet someone. write back Charlies thank you. Only a certain division within our organisation has access to time travel. Anybody is free to apply for membership in this division. However, time travel is strictly governed by The Council of which humanity has a representative on. It is not as simple as entering your desired temporal and spatial coordinates and off you go. Our time pods are uploaded with a mission plan and will only operate within those parameters. Furthermore, interacting with components directly relating to ones personal history is forbidden. Author: timeline_39 [ Fri Apr 03, 2009 1:09 am ] Post subject: Response to Warrior381 - Originally posted 02/11/09 Quote: In reply to: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------so I just wonder if you time travel do you age??? If I travel back from a point in the future where my age is 40 years, 1 month exactly and I spend two weeks in the past, my arrival point when I get home would be two weeks after I left and my age would be 40 years, 1 month and 2 weeks. Does that answer your question? Author: timeline_39 [ Fri Apr 03, 2009 1:11 am ] Post subject: Response to manub_91 - Originally posted on 02/12/09 Quote: In reply to: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------SI abnormality returns every 3607 years, then affection no other earlier civilizations?

The Mayans said that Nibiru returned, more or less in that amount of years, then they know that 2012 were saved because of it and had contacts with the human future (P45 P-52)? My English is not good, sorry In spanish SI la anomala regresa cada 3607 aos, entonces afecto a otras civilizaciones anteriores no? Los mayas decian que el Nibiru regresaba, mas o menos en esa cantidad de aos, entonces ellos saben del 2012 porque se salvaron de es y adems porque tuvieron contactos con los humanos del futuro no (P-45; P-52)? Mi ingles no es bueno, perdon La ltima vez que la anomala fue aprobado durante lo que la Biblia se refiere a que la gran inundacin que No construy su famoso barco. Hay muchas ideas errneas en relacin con los mayas y su calendario. La fuente de gran parte de su cultura que les sorprender, pero que en s es una muy larga historia. En cuanto a su calendario, las principales cosas que comnmente se equivoca es la fecha de finalizacin, as como el supuesto de que la fecha final es cuando se produce el Polo Mays. La fecha de finalizacin es en realidad a finales de 2011 pero el Polo Mays ocurre mucho antes de esa fecha. Estudiar el calendario con la correcta comprensin revelar el Polo Mays fecha. Quote: In reply to: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------Where are you now Charlie? Actualmente, estoy en Australia. Quote: In reply to: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------Obama will tell about Pole Shift?

Nosotros no estamos totalmente determinados o cuando Obama era exactamente lo que Obama revelar. Lo que s sabemos es que se tomen medidas cuando sea necesario. Quote: In reply to: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------In this linetime the Pole Shift can be start earlier (2012 2011)? El Polo Mays ocurrir en la misma fecha, independientemente de la lnea de tiempo. Author: timeline_39 [ Fri Apr 03, 2009 1:12 am ] Post subject: Response to stukov - Originally posted on 02/12/09 Quote: In reply to: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------timeline_39, Q1: Do you still use toliet paper in your timeline? No. Author: timeline_39 [ Fri Apr 03, 2009 1:13 am ] Post subject: Response to Thoth - Originally posted on 02/12/09 Quote: In reply to: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------Hello Charlie Some questions if you find the time (pun intended lol). What are the Spiritual beliefs of Humanity in the timeline you come from? Do The Visitors refer to any spiritual beliefs of their on culture?

Keep posting. Namast Hello Thoth, i quickly put this together and I hope it answers your question. This is a subject that we haven't really said much about during our time here. We have to be cautious when discussing this and other topics relating to religion because we are aware of how sensitive the subject can be to various people. But we do know that people are losing faith with their religion as they are/were with other establishments. Firstly, like we have said repeatedly on this forum, we hold highly the individuals ability to choose their own path. This is one of the most powerful things that humanity has in their lives and, of course, includes spiritual beliefs. What we will document here is essentially the nature of the universe. It is not OUR nor THE VISITORS belief, it is simply fact. However, we are not saying that all current religions are incorrect quite the opposite in fact. This message was given via several Messengers/Prophets to the many human groups around the globe between 1500 and 3000 years ago and told in such a way that the people of that time period could grasp. After these Prophets moved on, those groups of people constructed the early forms of what are today the major religions. But in the couple of thousand years that followed, the message was corrupted by self-serving individuals or groups who twisted and controlled elements of the message with the ultimate goal of control over its followers. Obviously, some major religions are far worse at this than others. Dont forget that for much of the past 2000 years until recently, religious organizations were essentially the Government of the people. We will elaborate further on the major religions later in this post. So, what is this fact we speak of? Well, we will explain as best as we can with the limited understanding that we have. Even The Visitors scarcely know more than us. Lets start of with something for those with a scientific mind. Our Universe is basically 5 dimensions. The first 3 are the axis of ordinary space being x, y and z, which most of you should be aware of. The 4th is Time. And the 5th is the vibrational frequency of all matter and energy within our Universe. For lack of a better term, this vibrational frequency is superimposed on all matter and energy at the subatomic level. We term this the Resonant Frequency of this Universe.

The 5th Dimension has many many different levels possibly an infinite amount. Even The Visitors are not entirely sure as we both are not meant to know such things in its entirety at our level. Each level has a different Resonant Frequency and therefore they are independent of each other. However, they occupy the same space but matter and energy with different Resonant Frequencies just slide past each other. Each of these levels has different densities progressively less matter and more energy the higher the level - and that is how we identify them and why the term Density is used. Furthermore, each Density has the same Density Constant but different laws of physics. Density Constant is known by a different term in this time period Cosmological Constant. This formula should help you understand: Density Constant = [Time (progression)] * [speed of light (C)] In other words, higher Densities have the same Cosmological Constant but Time and the Speed of Light vary in proportion. So, if you were standing in a higher density right now, you would observe that light will travel at a different rate of speed per the standard unit of time. The lowest is the 3rd Density in which you and I currently exist. The Visitors that we mainly have contact with are from the 4th Density. We have scarcely encountered some 5th Density Aliens as well. These Beings themselves once existed in one form or another in the 3rd Density millions and even billions of years ago. Ok enough of the straight science talk and lets start connecting some dots.. You are probably asking what this has got to do with spirituality. The next section maybe difficult to grasp and unfortunately the choice of words I have at my disposal wont help me. a) Part One: All of us are a part of something much bigger At the very top of these Densities there is either an entity or group of entities (we are not sure) whose energy permeates all the levels below right down to our level. The Visitors refer to this entity/entities as God and due to a lack of a better term on our behalf we have to as well. However, do not think of it as God that current Earth Religions describe. This is not a God we pray to, nor worship or anything along those lines. Think of God as a forest that is continually trying to spread itself, expand and grow. One method used by trees is dropping seeds to the forest floor. So in other words, God grows itself by planting small seeds of itself and each stage each level of growth is a challenge for that individual seed. Each level (Density) requires a specific outcome for that seed to grow to eventually be a tree thus expanding the forest.

So to summarise, the God entity/entities creates fresh tiny parts of itself and plants these small seeds in the lowest Density our Density. If you havent already guessed, these seeds are the soul/spirit and over the course of perhaps a thousand or more lifetimes, this soul would progress and reach the outcome for this density or abort and disappear into nothingness. You have probably heard of reincarnation? Well it is the soul, not the physical body, that reincarnates. b) Part Two: The meaning of life well, in this density anyway. We do not come close to understanding what souls are made from but we do know the soul is not restricted by the barriers separating the various densities should they need to travel to them. However, each soul must learn the lesson of each density before calling the next level up home. Our knowledge on the density lessons is limited where we only know details of our own, the 4th and a brief outline of the 5th and 6th. The 3rd Density is where the soul must establish whether it is ultimately a giving or selfish soul. A simplistic view would be Good or Evil but I have seen other descriptions in this time period which fit like Service to Other or Service to Self. This is accomplished small step by small step over hundreds of lifetimes. For example: if a soul is incarnated into a human that was wealthy, had servants tending to their every need then more than likely that souls next life would be in a poor family or some other sort of difficult living circumstance. You see, when in a comfortable situation, such as being wealthy, it is easy for the young soul to turn towards a selfish nature where as living in a poor family can promote giving/sharing/caring nature. So, over the hundreds or even thousands of lifetimes the soul will move back and forth between leaning toward giving or selfish and ultimately the soul chooses one orientation over another. To elaborate further, the soul is placed with each Human according to the lesson it needs to learn which can be from scratch or by using experience already gained in previous lifetimes. However, it is strictly forbidden for the human conscious mind to have direct access to the memories of the souls previous lives. The soul is continuously talking to the Human conscious mind but in the past 100 years or so, the Human conscious mind has been more occupied than it ever has and thus slowing down the giving/selfish lessons. But that again is a whole other story. Once the majority of souls on a planet have reached a firm orientation either way, therefore completed the 3rd Density lessons, they ascend as a group of souls to the next density. The minority that finally chose to go the opposite way of the majority are moved to be with their own kind. There are also those who are still undecided and they are moved to other 3rd Density worlds to continue there lesson. This is a very simplistic explanation of this specific part of the process as it goes a lot deeper than this but I fear the length of this post already is very long

c) Part Three: And beyond the 3rd Density? The goal of the 4th Density is challenging according to the Visitors. Where in the 3rd Density souls of the two different orientations reside together, this is not true of the 4th Density. Concentrating specifically on the good orientation, these souls must learn to work with groups and completely trust those in that group. This may sound simple but truly sit down and fathom complete and utter trust and youll realise the enormity of the lesson. The 5th Density is all about the exploration of the entire Universe to understand, among other things, how it was constructed. As you can imagine, exploring the entire Universe would involve an extensive amount of travel. In the 6th Density, you gain a greater understanding of God and what the plan is and take an active role in working that plan. 6th Density souls occasionally incarnate into the physical bodies from lower densities where they typically take on a leadership role within a group to guide those young souls to the correct path. This links back to the Messenger/Prophets mentioned at the beginning of this post. You can probably guess who I am talking about now. Jesus, Buddha, Mohammed etc. We know nothing of the higher densities and nor do The Visitors,

Just going back to Earth Religions in this time period, specifically Christianity, where they say that Jesus told us that we are all Gods children. Well that was interpreted wrong because each of us has a soul which is a piece of God and how we live our lives either makes God stronger or weaker. Everybody concentrates on the Ten Commandments etc. etc. but his true lesson was misunderstood. The Church says that Jesus died for us on the cross but what is misunderstood is that he sacrificed himself, the ultimate act of giving, to demonstrate selflessness for the betterment of the group. Thoth, this reply is probably a lot longer than you expected but in reality this is only a fraction of what I could have written for you. This will at least give you a better understanding of what our spiritual focus is in the future. However, more than likely that we have created a mountain of questions..... which is totally understandable. Author: timeline_39 [ Fri Apr 03, 2009 1:14 am ] Post subject: Response to stukov - Originally posted on 02/12/09 Quote: In reply to: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------timeline_39

Q2: What do you use instead of toilet paper? How do you clean your bottom after a normal human function? Water. Author: timeline_39 [ Fri Apr 03, 2009 1:17 am ] Post subject: Response to henrylwh - Originally posted 02/12/09 Quote: In reply to: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------Quote: Charlie, 1. You said 'We do know that in the first meeting with President Bush after winning the Election, Obama was told that there is a object moving through our solar system that has a chance of affecting Earth when it passes.' How can you possibly know that? Did someone tell you? Unfortunately (and obviously) I cannot answer this in any detail..... but i will say it is not difficult to get that info with the technology we brought with us. Unfortunately (and obviously) I cannot answer this in any detail..... but i will say it is not difficult to get that info with the technology we brought with us. Quote: In reply to: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------2. Why will internet shut down? I should clarify and state that the internet will not completely shut down rather it will be severely impaired. As the earthquakes increase due to the approaching Anomaly, Sub-marine Communication Cables in tectonic stretch zones will break when those areas widen. An example of a stretch zone is the Suez Canal that contains 3 undersea communication cables of which two snapped in early 2008. The latest occurance in a different location close by happened in December 2008 where 3 cables were cut (a ships anchor was reportedly to blame) that links Alexandria, Egypt, Sicily, and Malta reducing internet capacity in that region by 80% and disrupted communications by up to 75% between Asia and the Middle East.

These events will start becoming more and more frequent in the very near future. Quote: In reply to: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------3. You said 'DOW @ 7500'. How do you know? And are you afraid of giving out this 'stock tips'? This is what it settled at as recorded in our history and a different President won't alter that outcome. Quote: In reply to: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------4. Was the Dinosaur killed by anomaly? An interesting question.... I too had the same curiosity upon first having access to The Visitors database. You see, planets that can support life are constantly monitored and their records show that the Dinosaurs gradually died from a viral microorganism. This wiped out nearly all species of dinosaur (excluding the rate ones with a natural immunity) because they were all very close genetic relations. Quote: In reply to: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------5. I guess Norway government knew about it as they built a seeds bank? A very astute conclusion. But what is the plan to help the public. One could say that seeds seem more precious in Norway than people, couldn't they? Author: timeline_39 [ Fri Apr 03, 2009 1:20 am ] Post subject: Response to Warrior381 - Originally posted 02/12/09 Quote: In reply to: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------Charlies I was thinking of something?? I know I talk to you private message before but this is not right because you have to join in a time travel org...and that you can't

go and see your mom or dad or anybody to change timeline or not...I don't get it Charlies Altering a strand of time is a complex undertaking which requires extensive calculations and planning to achieve - such as what was done for this mission. This mission is unique in that we are here to intentionally to alter the timeline but this is for the betterment of a potentially large number of people, and not for the individual. Other than that and the mistakes made that lead to the Titor incursion, time travel was used as an observation and learning tool only. Quote: In reply to: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------and are you sure about the polo shift coming?? Yes. Quote: In reply to: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------also did you know about the underground bases all over the earth and that they are UFO and time travellers....UFO been contact us mostly Human in over the world..and there is life on another planet... Yes. I do know about the extensive underground bases and bunkers around the world - much of them being in the US. There is an entire other story which explains why there are so many tunnels but it will take a long time to explain. Some other time perhaps. However suffice it to say, these bases and bunkers will end up being tombs for those who try and use them for refuge from the Pole Shift. Quote: In reply to: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------but Charlies know this that you have the time machine and able to escape or change timeline you on..and live in another time line instead of facing the time org or time cop.. Like I said to you before, The Council regulates the use of time travel due to the damage that can be done should an accident or something similar occur. Put it this way, for this mission the time pod for my group will only do as per the mission plan

(see below). My group is the only group in the entire team that has permission to remain to ride out the Pole Shift and help in the aftermath but as you can see from the Return Date below, we have time to finalise that decision. Incursion Date - September 12th, 2008 0000 hours (Local Time) Return Date - August 6th, 2009 0000 hours (Local Time) My point is, that our pod won't time travel to anywhere else except for those dates above. Also, time org/time cops don't exist. AND ONE MORE THING EVERYONE.... DO NOT READ INTO THE RETURN DATE OF OUR TIME POD AND THINK THAT POLE SHIFT IS IMMEDIATELY AFTER THAT DATE BECAUSE IT IS NOT. THE DATE WAS CHOSEN DUE TO A LOW REPLUSION PARTICLE DENSITY FROM THE SUN AT THAT TIME - NOTHING MORE! Quote: In reply to: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------I just remember something this guy said he have his own time travel machine from the UFO concert that UFO appears before the 2012 or later that date here the web page charlies That was an entertaining read. Author: timeline_39 [ Fri Apr 03, 2009 1:23 am ] Post subject: Response to CatJammin - Originally posted 02/12/09 Quote: In reply to: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------Charlie, will water be a concern? Monsanto has genetically altered seeds for a reason and the bees are disappearing. Yes. Access to clean drinking water will be difficult after the pole shift. One of the posts that we will be uploading very soon contains water distillation and purification

instructions. I didn't actually know anything about the bees until you mentioned it but there is information in our database about this subject. Healthy bees were difficult to find after the pole shift because of the pre-pole shift practice of people moving hives around the country to pollinate specific areas. Along the way, the bees encountered a tiny mite that carried bad microorganisms and the movement of hives by people all over the country caused the mite to spread to other bee populations. Over time, this impaired the bees immune system leading to the disappearance you are seeing now. Quote: In reply to: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------Who are the Visitors?

The Visitors is a generic term we use for our Alien friends. We have met literally hundreds of different species (mostly not humanoid) however our primary interactions are with a group of 6 species who reside on Earth with us. Quote: In reply to: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------I've noticed the sun is much lighter compared to when I was young. The Moon and Venus have become much more luminous. You are correct, it is not an illusion but it is wrong to say the sun has gotten stronger also. It's output has not changed. The Anomaly carries with it debris which is mostly dust. With the Anomaly approaching from the direction of the Sun, this dust debris is changing the mix in the light spectrum that is reaching Earth essentially removing the spectrum the human eye can properly adapt to. Simply described it is the yellow spectrum that is being filtered by the dust and that is the cause of your perception of a brighter Sun. This cause is also the reason for the perceived increase in luminousity of the Moon and Venus. Quote: In reply to: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------I've seen flood and drought, both, but no ice age, only intense heat.

You won't have to worry about an ice age especially at your location. Illinois is for the most part flat land with many rivers boarding or running through the state. During the Pole Shift large amounts of water will move across the land further added to by the polar melt in the year or so afterwards. Should you manage to take refuge on a hill that is 350 feet above the flat land during the shift, I would move onto another area as soon as possible - by boat if you have to. This is because once the water comes it will never drain spreading sewage everywhere thus risk from infection. You should also consider that livestock that will drown from the waters will eventually add to the risk of infection. So don't worry about an ice age in your area. It just won't happen. Author: timeline_39 [ Fri Apr 03, 2009 1:24 am ] Post subject: Response to CatJammin - Originally posted 02/12/09 Quote: In reply to: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------Thanks Charlie, It's interesting you mentioned that the core of this anomaly is iron oxide. If that's true, wouldn't the close proximity to the moon and sun(when it comes around)create a ricochet effect, throwing out debris into our atmosphere and even moving stars from their position? Excellent! You are correct regarding the ricochet effect of the debris from the Sun. This is only just starting to step up intensity right now. People in greater numbers will notice more and larger fireballs in the sky. Please clarify your moving stars question.... I don't understand it if it is in relation to the Anomaly debris. Quote: In reply to: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------Wow, you know I live in Illinois? Don't think that it is anything special that we know that. Your IP address gives away your position.

Quote: In reply to: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------I'm very interested, because of a prophetic dream I had two years ago. There was very little water after the drought. How will people grow food without water? I was an observer in this dream and the dream was so detailed and real that I actually do think I saw into the future, but there are variables and nothing is absolute. That dream could be from several sources but more than likely your soul was communicating the dangers approaching via your dreams (all souls on Earth right now know what is coming). The other real possibility is that you are a contactee and the visual sequence you saw was shown to you by an Alien responding to your call for information. Page 2 of 4 All times are UTC - 8 hours Powered by phpBB 2000, 2002, 2005, 2007 phpBB Group

The Golden Thread The Great Catastrophe - Originally posted on 09/15/2008 Author: timeline_39 [ Fri Apr 03, 2009 1:25 am ] Post subject: Response to CatJammin - Originally posted 02/12/09 Quote: In reply to: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------Charlie, can you also check your database concerning autism and vaccines? It seems to be an epidemic. The rise in autism is not being done on purpose by mankind rather it is more accidental. People with minor even minute characteristics are to some degreee obsessive in nature. These individuals are not comfortable around highly charged Page 3 of 4

and random people and therefore seek out a mate that more matches their wellorganized way of life. So essentially intermarrying is occuring and therefore the genes that cause autism eventually become dominant. Quote: In reply to: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------I understand your philosophy on spirituality. I'm looking forward to positive change, but I'm not looking forward to a cataclysm, even though it's needed. I don't wish to be micro-chipped and numbered. If the new energy sources were allowed to come forth, instead of all money going for war and greed, life could be very different. If you can manage to survive the pole shift and the several years of the aftermath you will see what a paradise this planet can be. Author: timeline_39 [ Fri Apr 03, 2009 1:26 am ] Post subject: Response to CatJammin - Originally posted 02/13/09 Quote: In reply to: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------Charlie, to clarify the moving stars, I meant "falling" stars. They will be knocked out of their position by the anomaly, unless there's something on the moon shooting at them, lol. Fireworks! There will be a gradual and noticable increase of fireballs in the sky which is from the debris field of the Anomaly. Quote: In reply to: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------Would you call the anomaly a Brown Dwarf? In this time period there is not a classification for the Anomaly but Brown Drawf would be the closet if one was forced to choose. The problem with the Brown Drawf is that it classifies large gas giants and low mass stars. The Anomaly is a Terrestrial planet with 85% of its surface covered with water but has a fusion process within its core.

This process, occuring at a much lower level, is similar to our Sun. In our Sun, there is a smaller proportion heavy elements to hydrogen nuclei present within the core compared to the Anomaly. This allows the fusion process to proceed at a rate where the energy produced overwhelms its mass dissipation rate, consequential there is a build up of energy, resulting in a lit stellar object. Within the Anomaly, the fusion process is contained to a very small area in the center core where the force of gravity provides sufficient compression of the hydrogen nuclei to fuse into other elements, most notably helium. The fusion process, dampened to a very slow burn by a larger proportion of heavy elements (mainly iron resulting in a power magnetic field) to hydrogen nuclei. Energy is released in a controlled manner and transferred to the surface of the Anomaly. The energy originating from the Anomaly's core is absorbed by the magma flowing near it. This moves the magma to an extremely excited state; its lower density pushes the magma towards the surface. Immense fissures in the surface crust (mostly under the oceans) acts like pressure relief values, allows the magma to be exposed and interact with the surface environment. As the molten matter in the magma cools, it moves from an excited state down to a state of equilibrium a chemical process, and energy is released in the form of light and heat. In the case of light, the majority of is dispersed in wavelengths near the red end of the spectrum. The rate of heating of the crust is dependant upon the conductivity and thickness of the crust. Author: timeline_39 [ Fri Apr 03, 2009 1:27 am ] Post subject: Response to kratos - Originally posted 02/13/09 Quote: In reply to: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------good day.. i read that someone mentioned meteors or falling stars: I keep having the same dream, where meteors are falling, and the sky is very red, and lots of fire.. then some one waked me up saying: u gotta wake up, you must wake up, when i open my eyes is a tall person, wearing whitte,very bright, peacefull, smells like flowers... since 9 yrs old ive had this dream, now im 28... cant tell what does gotta wake up means.......

I am not sure either but it could be a message to be more aware of the environment around you especially for signs that the Pole Shift is approaching. Author: timeline_39 [ Fri Apr 03, 2009 1:27 am ] Post subject: Response to Warrior381 - Originally posted 02/13/09

Quote: In reply to: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------Charlies thank for posting back I do have some questions to ask you..but this is for all the people who have disablies,like AIDs,mental illness,any kind of dieases that they suffer in life I must ask you something Charles if the people make it though polo shift...for example people who have AIDs or Mental illness will they be cure after the polo shift?? I would like to know that part thank you..and write back.. Those with disabilities, mental illness or a life threatening disease perished if not given assistance by those around them and left to fend or their own to ride out the Pole Shift or as a survivor in the initial aftermath. However, this mostly happened in areas with a larger than average proportion of humans with self-serving souls. Medical data and technology given to us from The Visitors cured diseases such as AIDS and Bird Flu etc.... Author: timeline_39 [ Fri Apr 03, 2009 1:28 am ] Post subject: Response to CatJammin - Originally posted 02/13/09 Hello CatJammin, Your last two posts where you ask about the pyramids and the Annunaki is a very complex subject that will require significant time to explain. We will answer your questions completely at a later date. But here's some quick info on what you specifically asked about. Quote: In reply to: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------What is the purpose of the Pyramid of Giza Have you ever wondered why no tombs were ever found in the Great Pyramid? Well that because they are not tombs. They served two primary purposes - 1) They were a constant reminder to the primitive humans at that time of how powerful and intelligent the Annunaki are. And 2) The astromonical viewing tunnels in the Great Pyramid were used so that the Annunaki stationed on Earth knew when their home planet Niburu (or what we term the Anomaly) was about to make another close passage past Earth. Furthermore, when viewed from directly above, the 3 pyramids are arranged exactly as the stars in the Belt of Orion are which is the general

direction the Anomaly approaches our solar system from. Think of it as a sort of monument or recognizable pattern to any Annunaki ships that were approaching the site for a landing. Quote: In reply to: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------Are you familiar with the ancient Sumerian artifacts and drawings? Yes. The Summerians were one of the many groups of humans the Annunaki used as slaves. Author: timeline_39 [ Fri Apr 03, 2009 1:29 am ] Post subject: Response to Warrior381 - Originally posted 02/13/09 This question regarding the Annunaki needs to be answered immediately. Quote: In reply to: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------Charlies I just wonder The alien from the future who help us after the polo shift..can you name the aliens that can to help us after the polo shift?? is this the alien name Annunaki or not?? Definitely not! If you knew the extent of what the Annunaki did to humanity you wouldn't want them anywhere near us. And thankfully they are not. At the time of the last Pole Shift which is the period the Bible refers to as The Flood where Noah built an ark after receiving instructions from "God". In reality it was a scout class alien ship and a bit of a light show according to Visitor records. So to continue, when the Annunaki's home planet was close enough to Earth, the Galactic Council initiated a quarantine that effectively banned the Annunaki from Earth while there are humans inhabiting it. Typically, the rule is that should two or more 3rd density species develop within the same solar system they would be allowed to interact if they reached the technological ability to do so. One of the main reasons the Galactic Council took such action is because the Annunaki race is significantly older than humanity and were worshipped as gods because of their technology and knowledge. This links with the other main reason for their course of action; the majority of souls of Annunaki are service to self in nature. When you combine the two reasons you should be able to fathom the impact to a more primitive race with mostly undecided

souls. In summary, they were removed and quarantined because their presence was not giving the souls of humanity a chance to choose their orientation. Author: timeline_39 [ Fri Apr 03, 2009 1:30 am ] Post subject: Response to CatJammin - Originally posted 02/13/09 Quote: In reply to: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------This mean the sun will shine from the North? I'm asking, because I did see this also, but still, there has been no extreme earthquake on the "Ring of Fire" as you claimed in 2003. I'm going to go with my dream and hope for the best. I remember writing that... November 2003 if I remember correctly. So only 13 months and 17 days later, the Sumatra earthquake and resultant tidal wave that killed over a quarter of a million people is not considered extreme to you? Back when we posted that, we were here for a different purpose and releasing specifics about that quake was not considered as important. Regardless, the mission protocol at the time did not allow such detail to be released. Author: timeline_39 [ Fri Apr 03, 2009 1:35 am ] Post subject: 4th Post - Surviving The Aftermath SURVIVING IN THE AFTERMATH - ADVICE TO GET YOUR PREPARATIONS STARTED Words cannot convey the gravity of the situation that waits should you survive the Pole Shift. It is easy to say complete devastation but when you think about it, can you really fathom what that means? For the majority, we would suspect not. Even the best description that we could provide you with will not prepare you for the immense shock you will experience. The purpose of this post is to get you to think about survival in the aftermath. The information here is the bare minimum essentials that you need to consider and we hope this will provide some direction towards your own preparation research. Should you survive the primary Pole Shift event, your goal must be to move away from currently established cities and towns into the most remote area you can find. Other like-minded families/individuals will do the same and it is with these people that you should form small survival groups.

The main reasons that it is important that you move as far away as possible from current civilisation is because: 1) Those who ignored the signs even when it was right on top of them (essentially went into denial and will stay in denial until their deaths) will crowd the cities trying to live off the few resources that remain; 2) Gangs orientated toward the Service to Self will form in the cities/towns where they will either attempt to dominate the survivors and/or kill and destroy to try to acquire resources for themselves. When supplies dry up they will eventually head out of the cities to try and find supplies they need from anyone they encounter; 3) Severely damaged and destroyed city infrastructure can be a hazard like exploding gas lines and contaminated water from sewage systems; 4) Most cities are by the ocean which means they will be engulfed by water from the Polar Melt; 5) And finally (and probably the most important), the sheer amount of dead bodies. These will immediately start to decompose and spread disease. Not to mention it is not a good sight for the children you may have with you. So, although you may start with a very small survival group (eg: just your family) it is important to join forces with those you encounter on your trek to your remote areas. For the most part those you encounter making their way to remote locations just before or immediately after the Pole Shift will be Service to Other. But please use your instincts to determine this. Generally, the Service to Self, along with those in denial, will remain in the cities in the immediate aftermath. Those who choose to remain in the cities to ride out the Pole Shift, due to family that wont move or have the calling to help the elderly etc., should attempt to get out with those you care about as soon as possible after the shift. Just remember the rule when it comes to selecting a location to settle at least 160km (100 miles) inland from current coastal regions and at least 180 metres (600 feet) above current sea level. THE MAIN ESSENTIALS FOR YOUR CONSIDERATION The post that will come after this one will describe the final weeks when, if you havent already moved away from the cities, you should do so at this time. Therefore, we will work on the assumption that you have ridden out the Pole Shift away from the cities, possibly on route to your pre-determined safe destination. YOUR PERSONAL PACK For whatever reason, most probably because your vehicle has exhausted its supply of fuel, you will find yourself on foot before you reach your chosen destination. Therefore, you should prepare a personal pack that you can carry on your back. A good quality backpack is important. One with a hip belt is recommended and in dark

colours as not to attract attention. It should also have other external straps that you can attach bulky items to, like blankets (do not take sleeping bags with you) wrapped in three/four garbage bags. The garbage bags should also contain one change of clothing with two or more pairs of socks. On the other strap, should be a small military type shovel. (The first use of the shovel will be explained in the next post detailing the Final Weeks before the Pole Shift). Inside the pack, you must have at least the following items. As a general rule, ensure everything you can is low-profile (no bright colours) and can be camouflaged. 1) Small Axe To cut and split wood 2) A Wok Excellent cooking utensil and good for boiling water 3) Good solid meat cleaver and a small Arkansas Stone in which to sharpen it This is good for chopping the outside of wood to get to the dry tender for starting a fire 4) Pliers 5) Vice Grips 6) Heavy Duty Metal Shears 7) Two spools of wire For making traps to capture small rodents for food; a. One that is 30m (100ft) twisted steel; b. And one that is 10m (33ft) of No. 14 Solid Brass; As much salt as you can carry with you With the monetary system gone, the barter system will be the means of exchange and you will find that salt will be extremely valuable. A generous quantity will be the equivalent of $100 bills 9) Water distillation kit a. 2 x four litre (1 gallon) paint cans; b. A metre (3 to 4 feet) of copper tubing; 10) A book that describes (with pictures) edible plants in your area 11) Medical Kit 12) Cooking corn starch excellent foot powder 13) A Crank Up torch 14) A generous supply of various seeds that you can use to start a vegetable garden You should also have the correct footwear. This is extremely important in the aftermath and you should purchase a high quality walking shoe/boot that you are comfortable in. It is likely that you will be able to carry more than the pair you are wearing so ensure you have confidence that they will last a long time. Furthermore, you should always wear two pairs of socks a synthetic against your skin with a wool pair over them but more about clothing later. Finally, try to have one of these from the beginning but you should be able to find one along the way with too much trouble, but a walking staff is also essential. DRINKING WATER It wont take you too long to appreciate just how for granted you took on-tap running water. Remember, under normal circumstances, the human body requires 2 litres of

water a day to replace fluids lost from urination, breathing and sweating etc. Having a reliable clean source of drinking water should be one of your top priorities. Apart from the obvious ways of collecting rain water, water can be collected from fog by hoisting a cloth over a bucket or as morning dew can be collected of the ground by dragging a blanket around. Whichever way you acquire it, collecting water will not be a problem. The problem will be the pollutants in the water you collect. Depending on your location, the water you collect can contain anything from volcanic ash, ash from forest fires, industrial chemicals and more than likely hydrocarbons from dust debris left by the Anomaly. Distillation is a very effective process and can be done with a lot of improvisation. But if you packed the two paint cans and copper tubing this will be perfect for the job. Boil the water in one of the cans and ensure the steam is directed into the copper tubing with the other end in the empty can. The cooler sections of the tubing with turn the steam back to water and start to fill the empty can. Distillation will remove almost anything from water including poisons, bacteria, viruses and heavy metals. However, be aware that substances that have lower boiling temperatures than water will not be removed. This can include, alcohol, oils, petroleum. These substances dont mix with water and therefore can be easily filtered. And finally, the substances that are removed when boiling remain in the boiler can and must be cleaned frequently. If you can find any containers made of polyethylene, these can be used to store the water out of sunlight. HYGIENE No more going to the store and buying what you need...... Personal care will be very challenging to adjust to in the aftermath but it something that you cannot avoid and being prepared (especially mentally) can assist with your adjustment. What happens when the toilet paper runs out? There are good alternatives. A bunch of soft green leaves, some use fir cones and even corn cobs (without the kernels obviously) but even these items may be hard to come by. So then you are left with your hands...... and therefore it is extremely important you clean your hands with water and sterilise afterwards with herbs such as juniper and sage. As water will be a premium, you should only count on showering once a week. This may not sound too appealing to you right now but you will find that when you spend much of your time outdoors in the open air, the wind/breeze will keep you fresher than you think. If you have access or find almond oil, it is good for healthy skin

while allowing you to smell fresh. Soap can be made through lye water passed through campfire ashes and animal fat. It wont have the fragrances of the soap you use today but it will do the same job. Dental care is also possible and recommended. If you have a toothbrush, use that for as long as possible, even without toothpaste, after each meal. To remove bacteria, slosh hot water around your mouth with your cheek muscles. And with care and assistance from others, a small syringe can be a substitute water pick. CLOTHING Depending on your location, you will find that the local climate in your area will be different after the Pole Shift. Nonetheless, you should be prepared with warm clothes. Your outer most clothing, especially if you are travelling, is important. Avoid cotton as it is a poor insulator and does not dry easily. Wool, polyester and nylon should be your primary considerations. For your upper body, an open weave woollen sweater is good and for the rest woollen pants as your outer layer is also good. Wool does not hold moisture so even when damp/drying out from soaking, wool regains its insulating ability better than most fabrics. Layering is the key to keeping warm. In addition to the outer coverings explained in the previous paragraph, your inner layer should be some sort of long underwear that is capable of moving perspiration away from the body to the outer layer of clothes. You should try to have several pairs of underlayers to replace should they get too wet. Try to avoid non layered clothes such as ski suits and parkas as they will not allow you to remove them should the temperature fluctuate slightly. To elaborate further on my previous comments regarding footwear, we cannot stress how important this item is as it is very important to keep moisture away from your feet. Rubber-soled boots with insulation between the insert and the rubber is recommended. Remember, wear two pairs of socks, a synthetic inner with a woollen outer and ensure they are kept dry as much as possible. FOOD Eventually any food you bring with you will run out and it is important that you keep a wide diet as much as possible. Using various bit of metal you find lying about, fashion yourself spears and knifes and teach yourself how to hunt for deer, boar or any where you can get meat from. Protein intake is important. We suggest that you research various methods of setting traps for smaller rodents using the wire from your backpack. If you are located near a river or creek, teaching yourself to net and gut fish is a must. But until you adapt and hone your skills in these areas, you may find yourself short on food. Using the book you packed as a guide, you will find a range of edible plants

and weeds that will stave of starvation. 1) Burdock. Roots can be harvested from wetlands and are similar to potatoes. 2) Bamboo. Good source of fibre. 3) Hickory. Care must be taken when cleaning before cooking to eat 4) Dandelions. Collect towards sunset when the heads have closed up. The entire plant is edible and is an excellent source of vitamins 5) Cattails. Seeds are edible but the pollen is a good flour substitute. 6) Sorrel. A good food enhancer. 7) Chickweed. Can be eaten raw at any stage of growth And finally, plain old grass...... May not sound too appealing, and trust me it is not too tastey either, but it contains many elements that the human body is made up of. Pick young grass from shaded areas. Further to plants, there will still be many bugs in the aftermath which can be a good source of proteins and fats. But you need to follow a simple set of rules so you dont get yourself into trouble: 1) Always attempt to cook insects to kill any parasites that exist with them 2) Always avoid the poisonous ones, the one that have fine hairs, have bright colours and have 8 or more legs 3) Always remove head, wings and legs before cooking. 4) Never eat a bug that you find dead on the ground 5) Dont try and eat bugs that can bite you back Okay... lets start with..... Earthworms, which are extremely high in protein. Ensure that you wash them properly and we recommended chopping them up. Grasshoppers, locusts, crickets and slugs are edible. Crickets contain amino acids! MAKING LIGHT The immense global volcanic activity caused by the Pole Shift will cover the globe in ash that will last for a few decades (it still isnt completely gone in my time). While there will be light during the day, the nights will be extremely dark especially in the first few years after the Shift. Never underestimate the psychological impact of light either. Therefore it is important you know how to create light easily. Learning how to start a fire is a must. There are several methods that you can research and we recommend learning how to start a fire in the rain. Surround with rocks to store and radiate the heat generated. Oil lamps made from animal fat is good for heat and light. Even the smallest animal has fat which can be found around the internal organs, especially the kidney area.

Ball up whatever you can find to about fist-size. A twisted strip of garment (cotton) will do for a wick. Cordage can be made from many barks, grasses, or plant fibre. The wick can be made as big as required: but remember, although larger wicks burn more brightly, they also burn faster. Melt a small quantity of fat in a depression in a rock next to a fire, and soak the wick thoroughly. Form the ball firmly around the wick and youre done. Make sure the candle is placed in a fireproof container, such as a hollow rock, to catch the fat as it melts. Try to keep the burning portion of the wick out of the oil. This candle/lamp can be used indoors or outdoors. If you packed your Crank Up torch, you can use this also. OTHER INFORMATION When leaving the cities and you have a road vehicle, load up with as much fuel as possible rather than food. This will ensure you get the maximum head start out of the cities. Once out of fuel, abandon your vehicle and continue on foot. Forming survival communities with other caring and sharing individuals is a must. Combining family strengths instead of going it alone will lead to a greater chance of survival. Communities should not be too big (below 50 people is recommended) as really large groups stand a greater chance of being discovered by raiders/gangs. Although we did not include this in your items to pack, if you have a firearm we recommend that you take it with you. The purpose for it is not to hunt with (resist the temptation to use it for hunting and conserve ammunition) but to defend your group from the eventual attack by raiders and gangs. If you moved to a remote enough location, it will take many months or even years for you to encounter them but you more than likely will and should be prepared. Service to Self raiders/gangs will either want to kill you and take your resources or use you to be slaves for them. We do not tell you this so that you turn away those who genuinely need help but so that you are prepared and keep that fact of life in the back of your head. And finally, The Visitors. After the Pole Shift, The Visitors will not restrict themselves to subconscious contact with the human general population but will start face to face contact. Without getting too deep into another subject, some decades ago Earths human population of souls voted to be Service to Other population so therefore only Service to Other Visitors are allowed to make face to face contact after the Pole Shift. The Visitors will begin first contact by introducing themselves and then isolating pure Service to Other survival groups from other groups with Service to Self elements that are close by. These groups will essentially be cloaked however; these groups will be in the minority. In many cases, these groups contained contactees and were guided to these locations for protection.

The majority of groups will be Service to Other mixed with Undecided and/or Service to Self. Here, the soul orientation lesson must continue without interference in order to reach one result or another. As an example, those groups who were mostly Service to Other but contained Undecided & Service to Self elements and they somehow rid themselves of the Service to Self and the Undecided becomes Service to Other, then first contact will then occur. Another example would be those groups, who have an equal mix of STO, Undecided and STS and some Undecided move towards STS thus tipping the balance towards that orientation will eventually suffer the same as other pure STS groups. Those STS humans that die will have their soul reincarnated on a STS planet and for the few STS humans that survive in the longer term will be removed in human form and taken to a compatible STS world. All in all, 8-9 years after the Pole Shift, Earth will be STS free and first contact will be complete. We are happy to give you this information regarding The Visitors but the biggest mistake a person can make is to expect (or even demand) help from The Visitors in the aftermath. To them, Earth (and humanity) is going through a transformation which ultimately sets every human soul to STO or STS the catalyst for this being the Pole Shift. They will not interfere with groups/individuals who are still trying to establish their orientation.

We hope that this post has given you something to think about in relation to the conditions and survival techniques needed in the aftermath. There are various information sources on the internet that can assist you further should you require and as always, we will be happy to answer questions you may have. Our next post will give a very descriptive account of the Final Weeks before the Pole Shift and will be uploaded very soon. Author: timeline_39 [ Fri Apr 03, 2009 1:41 am ] Post subject: Response to Forest Keeper - Originally posted 03/30/09 Quote: reply to: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------Hi Charlie. What is your advice for loners? For some reasons, they couldn't find any like-minded people to discuss about this (let alone forming survival group). Most likely they would/have to survive alone.

You don't need to have people informed about the Pole Shift ahead of time to form survival groups. If you are truly service to other, you need to find people like yourself. I suggest joining a volunteer group that does activities to help the needy etc..... There you will be able to form friendships with people that you can contact and/or meet up with when the time is right. Don't think or plan to try and survive on your own. You won't survive. Your survival will depend on those around you. You will no longer have services and corner stores etc. that support you now. In the aftermath, the real commodity will be the people you have around you (if they are the right people) and how well you work as a group. Author: timeline_39 [ Fri Apr 03, 2009 1:41 am ] Post subject: Response to Softkiller - Originally posted on 03/30/09 Quote: In reply to: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------Thanks for the information, Charlie. I was informed moments ago that this date of today, March 28, 2009, by noon (UT), was the time of the pole shift in Timeline T2 (as described by Dan Burisch). As it's obvious we're in another timeline. I think that the timelines are somewhat screwed. So, is it for sure that we are inbound to a pole shift, like you described in your post of 09/15/08? Peace. Luis. Hi Luis, No matter which timeline, there was only ever one point when the Anomaly caused the Pole Shift. There is nothing that can cause a planet to arrive early. Changes to planetary movements requires a significant event and none has happened to my knowledge. Author: timeline_39 [ Fri Apr 03, 2009 1:45 am ] Post subject: Response to henrylwh - Originally posted 03/30/09 Quote: In reply to: --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Hi Charlie, More questions. 1. More governments are now releasing UFO information. Does it have something to do with the anomaly? Not directly. UFO sightings having been sharply increasing over the past decade and there are so many people that have seen one now and are sure it is a UFO that Governments who deny just look stupid. They either start releasing documents like England has done and they will stay silent about the matter like the US Government will. Quote: In reply to: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------2. John clearly mentioned that in his history, the US is managed 5 presidents each time. It seems your history is different from his? (There is a website recording all his on-line conversation. You can check it our youself and you will be suprised.) There is much of the Titor story that you are unaware of (like side effects he suffered from using the C204 device when the whole project was about to be scrapped after it failed bio-integrity testing) but will be happy to explain when I have more time. I guess what you can call the authority or Government in my time is a Council made up from a representative from the four major population centres on the planet and a Visitor representative - when I left it was a Pleiadean on the Council. I can only assume that is what Titor meant by 5 Presidents.... Quote: In reply to: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------3. When you say the soul comes to the physical body for learning, what is the point of coming to a mentally retarded body? The soul cannot learn anything and wait for death?? On the contrary, this type of incarnation is where the soul can learn significantly. If the soul is undecided but leaning towards Service to Other, this sort of incarnation can produce empathy for others like him/her and gratitude for the carers who revolve their life around them.

If the soul is undecided leaning towards Service to Self, the incarnation maybe one where it is a mentally retard person who does have a hard life and cops taunts etc. from those around him and possibly have no one to care or some who does but makes it blatantly obvious that they resent the individual for it. Here, the soul can realise just how bad it is and start the slow journey back towards Service to Other it's next life will most probably be another but different hardship - or it can get enraged and swear revenge and head further down the Service to Self path. If leaning towards Service to Self and the soul chooses to continue down that path and wants to move onto the next life where it can take another step towards that path, it can do what all souls do when they feel they have finished with their current incarnation..... cause the body to shut down it's ability to fight of cancer cells which would very quickly end the incarnation. When a soul wants to make a loud gesture that they have chosen their orientation, the spirit guides put them into an incarnation where that opportunity could exist. As an example for STO, it would be something like sacrificing yourself willingly to save the lives of others. For STS, it would be taking a gun into a school and start killing innocent people...... I'm sure you have heard that happen a few times in the past couple of years. In reply to: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------4. After the disaster, many bodies will be gone. Where will so many souls be going? That depends on the orientation of the soul in question. If well on the way to Service to Other, it will be reincarnated back on Earth immediately in various incarnations. If undecided but leaning towards Service to Other, it would be up to the Spirit Guides based on the development of that particular soul. It may be granted permission to wait for the next available incarnation on Earth or it may go to another 3rd density world to continue it's lessons. If well on the way to Service to Self, they will be taken to planet to be with their own kind. If undecided but leaning towards Service to Self, they will not be allowed back on Earth and will be taken to another 3rd denisty world to continue it's lesson. However, because life bearing planets with intelligent species like Earth account for less than 8% of all life bearing worlds, it is more than likely the soul will incarnate into a body/environment that is completely alien. The Spirit Guides will pay these souls close attention during the first few incarnations to ensure they adjust properly and not let that difficulty have to much effect on their orientation lesson. If a soul is completely undecided, and that will be as much as 50% of the souls on Earth at present, means this the souls is very young but didn't use the time it had to accomplish anything. Depending on the evaluation by the Spirit Guides, if no progress in either direction the soul will be aborted and that will happen naturally. Depending on the small progress made by the soul, the Spirit Guides will choose a

suitable incarnation on another planet elsewhere in the galaxy. Quote: In reply to: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------5. Will we see a lot of UFO leaving off the ground during the disater? No. Quote: In reply to: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------6. Are you able to post a picture/drawing showing the orbit of the anomaly? I have already promised this to another who private messaged me. I will let you know once I'm done. Quote: In reply to: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------7. What is crystal skull? Nothing too exciting. It is a record of that particular species visits to the Earth in the past so that when or if others of the same kind arrive they know who was here before them. It is the same as a tribual group of humans thousands of year ago painted the walls of caves.... either to tell a story or give a warning etc. etc. the skulls share a similar purpose. Quote: In reply to: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------8. What is crop circle? All genuine crop circles are various alien groups communicating to the human subconscious regarding the status of the Anomaly amongst other things such as orbital information, solar information etc.

Quote: In reply to: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------9. How can you get element 115 as your fuel while it is not a natural resources? I believe you need to spend a lot of energy to create this. Then what is the point of wasting a lot energy to create this fuel and then consume it? Should alien have technology to make use of free energy? --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Element 115 may be difficult to make in this density but not the higher ones. Quote: In reply to: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------10. Did we have alien/human exchange program? --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

If you mean before the Pole Shift, then no. The Visitors are prohibited from making physical contact with Humans before the Pole Shift and this rule has been in place since the mid-1940s. They can only contact via subconscious and the Human has to initiate that contact. The only Humans that have had direct contact with aliens are the various MJ12's over the past 50 years. Early MJ12's were in contact with STS aliens but the more recent ones and the current MJ12 is in contact with STO. Quote: In reply to: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------11. Where is Alanta? --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

I presume you mean Atlantis? Of the west coast of Africa and sunk beneath the ocean during the last Pole Shift. Quote: In reply to: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------12. Is fat in sin (consume more resouces than needed)? Have you ever seen any fat alien?


No. Fat is not a sin. It is just that Humans moved from a life where food was scarse to one where it is everywhere relatively quickly. But tens of thousands of years of existance with low food trained our systems to store food as fat for leaner times..... unfortunately this society doesn't see leaner times and the weight goes on. But the body has a way to stop excessive eating behavior. I have never met a Visitor that you would call fat. Hope this answers your queries. Author: timeline_39 [ Fri Apr 03, 2009 1:47 am ] Post subject: Response to henrylwh - Originally posted 03/30/09 Quote: In reply to: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------Charlie, 1. What is the secret of the back of the moon? --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

A Service to Self group of aliens has a facility there which exists in the 4th density.

Quote: In reply to: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------2. Was Moon artificially put into its orbit? --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

No. Lunar was originally a satellite of a young Anomaly or Nibiru. During the chaotic early solar system when the Anomaly first entered it passed by Earth which was larger, a total water planet back then and in the orbit that the asteriod belt exists in today. When it passed by Earth, a satellite of Nibiru slammed into the Earth spewing out water and rock into space and caused a massive dent in the Earth in what is today the Pacific Ocean. The rocky surface of the Earth is not perfectly round because of this collision. The collision fractured the crust of the Earth starting the plate tectonic engine. In what is today the Pacific there is a massive dent and in what is today the Atlantic a massive supercontinent was formed. Much of the water and rock that was expelled into space either became the asteriod belt or the ones with a greater velocity became comets. Due to the Earth losing so much of it's mass, it settled into the new orbit between Venus and Mars where it is today. Lunar was locked to the Earth but has been slowly moving away every since. Quote: In reply to: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------3. What is the true nature of 'dark matter/dark energy' in this universe? --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Does not exist. Science in this time period is yet to realise that there is an opposite to gravity we call the repulsive force. This is the binding force they are searching for..... there is no dark energy filling the gaps.... Quote:

In reply to: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------4. Any explaination why Mayan calendar ends at 2012 Dec 21? --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

It doesn't. It ends earlier than 2012. The current accepted interpretation is not correctly lined up with the Gregorian Calendar. Quote: In reply to: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------5. DOW did not stop at 7,500. How did you explain that? --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

I never said it would not go below that. This is the average where it will settle. Quote: In reply to: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------6. Was AIDS invented? --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Yes. It was realised in Africa to limit the amount of people who survive the Pole Shift. The creators never thought it would leave that continent..... how wrong they were........ Quote: In reply to: --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

7. If Obama really did disclose the anomaly to public, do you worry that he would have the same destiny of Kennedy? --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Depends on when he discloses it. Quote: In reply to: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------9. Is Vatican part of the secret government? --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

No. But they did have influence on some matters it the past. They also own a ground based telescope in South America..... Why would they need something like that? Obviously because they have known about the Anomaly from the last Pole Shift (during the Jewish Exodus) and have kept key books out of the bible to keep it a secret. They have been trying to track the Anomaly much like the US Government tried. Author: timeline_39 [ Fri Apr 03, 2009 1:49 am ] Post subject: Response to Recall15 - Originally posted 04/01/09 Quote: Hello Charlie, do you have any info of the Old Alien Bases on South America and Antarctic? Hi Recall15, There are none in either of those locations. There is a small colony of Visitors (who are STO orientated) living on Earth in this density in the Gobi Desert. It serves as a co-ordination centre for the thousands of Visitors who have come to help those people who are calling out subconscious to guidance (ie: The Call) because the sense something big is coming.

The facility also has the ability to house about 60 ships. The other alien installation near Earth is the one on the side of Lunar that is permanently facing away from Earth and is operated by the STS. Author: timeline_39 [ Fri Apr 03, 2009 1:50 am ] Post subject: Response to virtualgirl - Originally posted 04/01/09 Quote: Hello Timeline_39! I am Virtualgirl. If you are truly part of the JT saga then you should know who I am. Please let me know. I'm curious as to what method you used to travel to our time? Btw, I mean no disrespect with my questions. You should be able to travel to my current coordinates. I'll be waiting for you. Please advise to the exact location and time. Me and one of my associates have been working on the exact problems that you have been discussing. It's quite interesting that we are coming to some of the same conclusions. Anyway, I'm looking forward to hearing from you. Hello virtualgirl, My original incursion to this time period was to find John and our communication on this forum then was attempt to coax a response after all other location methods failed. I only have basic knowledge of who he interacted with and know the key things he told people on the TT fourm. When he was finally located, I took him along with the C204 back to my time but I did not debrief him myself. But much of what he says was questionable due to his condition. I have only seen him a couple of times since then when I went to visit him at his care facility in New Melbourne. I promised in an earlier post that I would elaborate more on Titor so now is a good a time as any I'd say. In my time, the computers in every home or building accesses what we call EarthNet. EarthNet is the central computer system that runs all our infrustructure, communications and it contains a massive database that allows you to access information based on your security level. If you were a normal person (therefore having no special security clearance) who queried the database about Titor this is the summary the computer will tell you: (The section encased with <> is information I have removed) <REAL> a.k.a. John Titor was born in Tampa, Florida in the year 1998. First official U.E.F. entries relating to John Titor are from a Sirian First Contact team in the year 2017. He was one of 64 people found in a survival community designated by the Sirians as STO-10026. Located in West Virginia, a region notorious for being a high STS area in the aftermath, explains why First Contact with this community

occured <DELETED> years after the Pole Shift. In 2024, Titor was accepted into the still young U.E.F. assigned to the department that would later successfully negotiate the Technology Share Treaty with The Visitors. This led to a senior position within the new U.E.F. Technology Research & Development Centre. The groups first accomplishment was the construction of the Earths first Fusion Power Facility in New Sydney, Australia in 2029. Following Council approval for the development of human time travel technology in 2032, Titor was a member of a scientific team of 6 humans who, with Sirian and Pleiadean scientists, designed & built the prototype Temporal Displacement Unit designated C204. In 2035, after doubts were raised on some of the key fundamentals of the C204 device, (See Separate Summary on the C204), Titor made an unauthorized temporal incursion to the year 1975 earning him the title of the first human to travel through time. This was later referred to by many as the Titor Incursion (See Separate Summary on the Titor Incursion). According to Titor, his failed attempt to return to 2036 landed him in the late 20th century where his mental degenerative condition began to take hold. His communication with the general public created a following and earned him a small degree of popularity although, due to his condition, what he said was a mixture of fact and imagination. In 2039 using the new C300 Temporal Displacement Technology, a recovery team led by Charles Haynes was sent back to 2001 when it was discovered Titor was in that time period and communicating with the people of that time. The first two missions to retrieve Titor were unsuccessful. A third mission to 2003 was commissioned after an energy signature was detected from the C204 by equipment left behind by Charles Haynes in the previous mission. Upon his return, Titor was diagnosed with the first and only recorded case of a neurological disorder resulting from time travel unofficially and rather inaccurately termed as Time Psychosis. At last report in 2047, Titor was residing at a medical facility in New Melbourne, Australia. End Summary. That is the official summary and here is more to help you understand further.... In February 2035, the C204 Temporal Displacement Unit was entering its final test stages and there was excitement in the air as the first round of organic testing began. We thought we were very close to starting time travel missions. The Council had

already stated they would not allow travel further back than 1755 so mission proposals were being drafted within the allowable parameters. And by June of the same year over 350 missions mostly of an observatory nature were submitted for Council approval. One of these missions was a request from John to retrieve an IBM 5100 from the mid-1970s. By October 2035, concerns were raised after initial organic test results showed minor anomalies in the organic test modules. Eventually over the next 9 months, it was determined that some of the key basic fundamentals of the technology were flawed and a ruling by the Council cancelled development of the C204 in favour of a complete redesign of the power systems that were the cause of the problem. This included greater input and further technology sharing with The Visitors. Titor disagreed with the Councils ruling which eventually led him to believe he can prove them wrong by testing the device on himself by completing the mission that he requested of the Council. Although John claims he stopped in the year 1999 first before going to 1975, we knew that wasnt accurate. If he had stopped there first and went onto the TT forum, we would have realised and sent back a team to retrieve him. All we had to do was wait for him to power up his device which is when we would have detected him. We now know that he stayed in the 1970s for two years and during that time the anomaly that came up in testing was slowly degrading Titor's neural and nervous system. After recovering the C204, we found out that an error had occured in the operating system which sent John to the year 1999 instead back to 2036. His logs indicate that for nearly a year he tried to correct the problem with the C204 but could not and he was worried if he went on the internet and left evidence that he was there we would have realised. His plan was to arrive back in 2036 one second after he left for 1975..... according to his logs anyway. Eventually he realised that he could not fix the problem and that something was seriously wrong with him. Just by reading what he posted on the TT forum, we could tell that he was in a bad way mentally. Which is probably why he stopped communicating on the forum. Everything that he told about the future was a mixture of real events and his imagination. Eg. calling himself a soldier was one of his fantasies that he mixed in with the truth in the forums. Although, still to this day (and we are thankful) we dont know why he never mentioned the Pole Shift..... We recovered John and brought him home but we were unable to treat the damage to his system and now he is slowly dying. Lessons were learned by many from Johns ordeal and steps were taken for it not to happen again. The C300 Temporal Displacement Unit was fitted with more Visitor technology than the C204. Primarily, a user interface that is like the ones found in Visitor space ships. It is telepathically controlled and requires a human and Visitor

mind to initialise with base mission parameters coded by The Council. This is why I cannot use my Pod except to return home as this was the programmed mission parameters. The original power systems that were singularity based and was the cause of the trouble were replaced with the same Element 115 power systems found in Visitor space craft. Although this sort of power system is far inexcess of what the technology requires, it is the safest and we are eternally grateful to the Visitors for their contribution. I hope this answers your questions and I would be interested to hear more about the conclusions your associates and you have come to. Author: timeline_39 [ Fri Apr 03, 2009 1:51 am ] Post subject: Response to Forest Keeper - Originally posted 04/01/09 Quote: In reply to: --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

In reply to: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------By total loss, I mean that that whole region gets rocked by earthquakes and when the rotation of the earth stops just before the Pole Shift it will be inundated by the oceans because they don't stop rotating when the Earth does. But the final nail in the coffin is the polar melt. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------(I was asking about Peninsular Malaysia in which I live.) Horrible! Do you think a small boat made of wood would survive? Or perhaps a simple life jacket to swim to the higher things? A small boat will not survive the chaos of the Pole Shift event but you can use one in the aftermath. Although there is mountainous regions in Malaysia I do not recommend that you remain there. It will be overcrowded and resources will be limited. Many from that general region made it by boat to Australia or made for

Laos/Macau. The later is closer to you and when you get there ensure that you move inland as quickly as possible. Do NOT head towards what is today west towards the Bay of Bengal/India region. Also you would probably know that travelling by boat can take a long time and even though you can cast a line and catch a fish for food, drinking water will be the major problem as you cannot drink the sea water. Author: timeline_39 [ Fri Apr 03, 2009 1:52 am ] Post subject: Response to Warrior381 - Originally posted 04/01/09 Quote: In reply to: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------charlies I just wonder? i just wonder there is a lot of Underground bases..but will people go there when the time of pole shift come?? or they all die in the underground?? write back..thank you.. You definitely do not want to be underground during the Pole Shift. The quakes will either crush the installation you are in..... or seal you in. My next post will outline the best way to ride out the actually pole shift. Author: timeline_39 [ Fri Apr 03, 2009 1:52 am ] Post subject: Response to Forest Keeper - Originally posted 04/01/09 Quote: In reply to: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------Hi Charlie, I appreciate your replies, thank you. Now come to the real part of life, is it a STS act when one deliberately not to inform a clearly STS person about the impending disasters (provided he would believe once he is told)? And how about deliberately not to rescue someone who is clearly a STS during the disasters (if he might threathen one's survival afterwards) ? Hope you can shed some light on this. Those are difficult questions without knowing more but consider this..... is not telling this person because you fear how he/she will affect others in your group in the

aftermath or because it is easier for you not to tell him? You have to understand that your actions dictate your orientation not your thoughts. You may have good intentions but it is whether you act on them that is the true test. If you think about being a volunteer or something like that and you think it is a good thing to do but you don't act on it then it is meaningless. Being Service to Other means that you think and act for other people at least half the time. Self to Self is thinking about yourself and what is best for you over 90% of the time. And regarding your second question, during the heat of the moment how will you determine the person is STO or STS? You won't. If faced with this situation, the STO will come to the rescue without a thought and the STS will not. If you rescue someone and invite them into your STO community and they turn out to be STS the community will have to decided as a group what is best for them. Probably doesn't help you that much but I hope it sort of does. Remember it is your actions not your thoughts that dictate your orientation. Author: timeline_39 [ Fri Apr 03, 2009 1:53 am ] Post subject: Response to Warrior381 - Originally posted 04/01/09 Quote: reply to: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------charlies will the people over throw the Goverment when the polo shift?? write 2009 when or how do we know about the pole shift coming?? will it be on TV live telling people to take cover or not?? write back.. Many people will look to the Government for help when it is obvious something is wrong. As recorded in my history, during the final weeks before the Pole Shift when it was obvious something was up (I will be discussing the final weeks in detail in the next post) the Police and Military tried to stop people from leaving the cities so the Government and Elite could easily leave. But not everybody was trying to leave, those in denial stayed and tried to go on with their lives and/or waited for the Government to come to their rescue. Eventually, the Police and Military "grew a conscious" and let people leave and in many cases joined them but by then it was too late........ This is what we hope will be different this time..... We don't encourage to sit there waiting for Government help because it won't happen... what we hope will happen is that the people will be told during the final weeks and will be told the truth that there

is nothing that can be done and what to expect. Additionally, martial law will not be called. This is how sure we are of how different it will be with Obama instead of McCain. Even though we would like to see an announcement before the final weeks, we know that is possibly too much to hope for. Author: timeline_39 [ Fri Apr 03, 2009 1:54 am ] Post subject: Response to Recall15 - Originally posted 04/01/09 Quote: In reply to: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------Charlie, Shall you talk a bit about the Mayans? Thanks! Hi Recall, I will give details about the Mayans in a later post. Author: timeline_39 [ Fri Apr 03, 2009 1:54 am ] Post subject: Response to curious5 - Originally posted 04/02/09 Quote: In reply to: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------Hello Charlie, You gave so much information, thank you. I really hope that my family can detect the right time to move out from the big city we live in. My family is looking into buying a small land in upper New England to have better chances of surviving. I also know that many people, who are preparing themselves for pole shift, are building dome houses from concrete and steel reinforced roads. There is different information on this, some say it is the best way to go, some do not agree. What is your suggestion? Do you know if there were cases that the whole family will survive? Is it OK to kill in self-defense? Or it consider STS? Amrita. The New England area is one of the more safer areas in the US. It still suffered from major ground shaking but not as severe as other places. There is another positive for this region..... the tectonic re-adjustment that occurred around the world caused the

St. Lawrence Seaway to widen. The rocky land was pushed up and gained elevation of around 500-550 feet but the polar melt took back what was gained plus another 150-200 feet. Therefore, homes that are today 150-200 feet above the coast line found themselves right on the coast line. Dome structures are strong but that is not the concern. It is the ground they are built on that should be the focus. This goes for those roads you speak of as well. Many families survived the shift and many of those families did make it to first contact. Regarding you final question regarding killing in self defense.... I will need a more detailed example to answer it properly. Author: timeline_39 [ Fri Apr 03, 2009 1:55 am ] Post subject: Response to Kronos - Originally posted 04/02/09 Quote: In reply to: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------Hello, this is my first time posting. I have been following thisforum for awhile and I have a request for you Timeline_39. After reading through your postings I gather that the entire Earth's landmasses have changed dramtically and I'm just wondering, could you possibly show us a map of the new topography. We are preparing one and will release it soon. Author: timeline_39 [ Fri Apr 03, 2009 1:58 am ] Post subject: Response to timecycle - Originally posted 04/02/09 Hello there, I hope this answers your question to your satisfaction. Quote: In reply to: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------Hi Charlie,

I am new to the forum and relatively new to looking into detail on things like UFOs, Planet X and the mysteries of the world/ universe, But I have followed some of your posts and they do cover many things that are of interest to me or that I would like answers to. I am uncertain if I believe what I am reading on this thread or IF I believe you or anyone is a real time traveller, BUT I certainly find it interesting . And if you are a Hoaxer you certainly go to a lot of trouble and time which one would have to question what you would get out of it. The Forum members and Your replies certainly make some thought provoking questions. I appologise if I have overlooked some thing and not yet managed read all the comments made so far that May answer some of my questions. I surpose I was 50/50 on if I believe that time travellers could exist.. but as I get older I certainly do think there is more to this life than pure coincidence..and IF time travel is or will be in the future at all possible, then I would say.. yes in theory it may well be a high possibilty. Can I ask you a few initial questions ? as I say Appoligies if I have not as yet come across some of the past comments that MAY answer them. You Mention about STS and STO....and How we are being judged in our actions and that we are are being tested and this seems to determine our fate and next life etc if IT does exist. You have misunderstood. Nobody is judging or testing you. Your choices on how you live your life determines the path of your soul. Quote: In reply to: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------YOU Mention Spirit Guides... Who or what are they ? Is this God as we know it, Angels, or Aliens that are controlling US ? CAN YOU GIVE US MORE DETAIL ON THIS as this is a HUGE question to me ! and I am sure many others.. We are not sure exactly what the spirit guides are. Not even The Visitors we are in contact with know that. That information is only for beings in the much higher densities. What we do know that in this density, they place the souls in lives that would give them the opportunity to learn the lesson they need based on the souls development. We have very limited information on this process.

What I can say for sure that it is not God as your religions describe or Aliens. Quote: In reply to: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------What are egs of STS.. that are seen as bad ? Would this be like speculators ? traders.. or are we talking criminals ? Mafia etc... Here is an example people can relate to..... say a group of 5 people walking down the street... they don't know each other and are simple walking in the same direction by chance. Then suddenly, a man who is in his 50s collapses possibly from a heart attack. 2 of these people instantly (without even thinking) rush to the mans aid and try to get him help. Of the other 2, 1 stays and watches the scene play out, not even asking if there is anything he/she can do to help. The other looks around for a second but keeps on walking... possibly saying to him/herself that there is enough people they don't need me in the way. Ok... this is a very loose example but it should give you the general idea. Obviously, the 2 that instantly rushed to the mans aid re possibly leaning towards STO. The one that hangs back debating within whether to get involved could be an undecided soul. And finally, the one that walks away is possibly leaning towards STS. It takes more than one minor event like that to completely orientate a soul... it takes many of these sorts of steps over many incarnations towards either orientation to be classed as leaning..... Quote: In reply to: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------but if so what if they use their money for some sort of good ! Those with wealth who simply donate a sum to charity do so for more their own reasons that the charity. What have they done personally to get their hands dirty and make a difference? Nothing. They simply wrote a cheque. Quote: In reply to: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------Why are some people born much more stronger / cleverer than others, as these people will usually on average always do better in life and create more STO....or is this part of the rewards of our evolution through our past ancestors? Are they also

keeping track one what we do ? Genetics is a factor here but also the incarnating soul plays an important part. Quote: In reply to: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------You say Atlantis is buried under the Sea of the West Coast of Africa, Can you be more specific and Is this OF Morroco or near the Canary Islands ? We cannot disclose the exact location of Atlantis as there still some Annunaki ruins that were not discovered before the Pole Shift. We cannot give information that will alter that outcome. Quote: In reply to: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------Will we be able to see Planet " X " from the month of MAY 2009 ? No. Quote: In reply to: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------Are you suggesting that the Dow has bottomed now and will rally ? IF so will this rally to new highs above the Oct 2007 14200 high ? My previous statements regarding the DOW was to indicate the level (at least for now) that it will settle around. As the changes to the Earth get stronger in the lead up to the Pole Shift the world economy will take another hit. Quote: In reply to: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------When the Pole shift occurrs, Will it be possible to Survive any where in the UK ? IF NOT where would you suggest they may ? would they have to head for the Alps in Europe ?

Where in Europe would be the best option... I have heard Turkey. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

In a previous post, you would have read that New England gains ground elevation during the Pole Shift.... it is the opposite in England but not to the same extent. England will lose elevation at a level of approximately 100-120 feet. Combine this with the increased tidal activity in the oceans and you can picture that the coasts of England will not do well. Go to high ground and stay there.... i hope this answered your queries. Author: Post subject: timeline_39 [ Fri Apr 03, 2009 2:00 am ] You are now up to date with what I have posted....

You are now up to date on what I have posted in the TT forum.... You can view the whole thread here... Cat=&Board=ttclaims&Number=57763&page=0&view=collapsed&sb=5&o=&fpart=1&vc=1 I hope you find the information here useful. Author: recall15 [ Wed May 20, 2009 9:48 am ] Post subject: post missing 1 In these thread are 2 more messages... quoted: Re: FYI: War of The Worlds 193x re: mayak1 In reply to: timeline 39 or Charlie, What is the most obvious evidence that pole shift is imminent? What is the most obvious sign that planet X is inbound?

The answer I expect is not a generic one... )

Last but not the least, what is the threat level on India, Sri Lanka and Maldive Islands? You mentioned to the reader from Malaysia to avoid Bay of Bengal sea are for a possible avacuation route. What is the reason for this? Can you please answer these questions?

Hello mayak1, I understand that abnormal weather and quakes are localised and are not affecting enough people as a whole at present. I have mentioned before that Luna's orbit around the Earth is being affected by the Anomaly and this is something that everybody can track on a regular basis. Luna (or what is still called The Moon in this time) typically has a slight orbital inclination to the ecliptic of 5 degrees. While Luna orbits the Earth, it is the Sun that dictates this inclination. With the Anomaly approaching from the direction of the Sun from beneath the ecliptic, it's magnetic proximity it affecting Luna and causing it to bob up and down in it's orbit. As I have previously suggested, note where Luna is against a fixed object (mountain, lightpole, tree etc.) and come back a week or two later and see how much higher/lower Luna is against that object. You will see that it has moved much more than 5 degrees in the sky. Other signs will start increasing as the Anomaly leaves the Sun's primary magnetic zone one being the return of sunspots as well as increasing quakes in number and severity..... we will give greater detail when the time is right....... Sadly, India/Sri Lanka are regions what we termed a total loss region and this is for two main reasion. Firstly, it is because these countries are on the Indo-Australian plate. What is happening ever so slowly right now is that the western side of the Indo-Australia plate is sinking with India being pushed under the Himalayas. This process will be greatly accelerated during the pole shift with the western half of Australia, India and Sri Lanka going under the waves. Secondly, for those who survive this, this region will be very close to what will be the new geographical south pole. So the survivors of the land disappearing into the ocean had to deal with severe climate change. It was the combination of the two that sealed the fate of those in this region.

Peace, Charlie end quoted... Author: recall15 [ Wed May 20, 2009 9:49 am ] Post subject: missing message 2... Quoted: Re: Pridiction [re: mayak1] In reply to: Charlie, There is a predication by the Russian Indigo child Boriska about a possible event in Sep.2009 involving Russia. He says Russia will go under water due to an incident during Sep. 2009. This is predicted in Jan. 2008. Would this materialize? Thank you for answering. Mayak1.

Hello Mayak1, This is not accurate. There will be nothing significant happening to Russia in September of this year.

Peace, Charlie

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