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By: Fitrahtur Rahman (07)



It is a buffalo race in Negara,in West Bali. It happens on Sundays, every year between July & October in Perancak, close to Negara, a place that is located slightly inland from the coast, about a 3 hour drive west of Kuta. The races start 7-8 am and go for few hours. Pampered bulls are spruced up with accessories, hitched in pairs to makeshift chariots and steered by jockeys who combine their riding skills. Two pairs race at a time around a dirt track that is about half a mile around. The driver also rub chili powder on the animals rear just before the race starts.



Kasodo is a ceremony that held in Bromo Mountain by the people of Tengger. It happens once a year in a temple on the slope of Bromo Mountain. After that theyll go to the top of the mountain.


Metatah is a ceremonial process for the a Hindust when they begins to be a teenager, his/her teeth must be cut. The purpose is to make them holy and to clear themselves from the sins they have done.



Ngaben is an event from Bali. Its a ritual to send a dead person through the transition to his/her rest of life. If his/her family has enough money, theyll have to do it. But if his/her family doesnt have enough money,they must not do it. After Ngaben the family must bring the ash of the corpse to the sea. The family must sweep it away.

E.Pakelem Rinjani

Pakelem Rinjani is one of few traditions in Segara Anak, Rinjani Mountain. Pakelem Means guest offers something to God like goat and buffalo head as expression of his/her gratitude for His blessing in his/her life.Thousands of Pilgrimates will go up to Lake Segara Anak.