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What if every marriage could come with a "Guaranty"? Just like we have life insurance to protect our life, car insurance to safeguard our car and health insurance to secure our health, we have wedding insurance to ensure our wedding goes off smoothly. Scope of Cover : Cancellation or postponement of the wedding ceremonies due to: Fire & Allied perils including Earthquake at the Venue. Burglary & Theft at the Venue Sudden, unexplained, unintimated failure of the Named Person (s) to appear for the wedding ceremonies on account of any of the following contingencies: Death of such Named Person(s) Personal injury, either temporary or permanent, which renders the Named Person(s) incapable of appearing at the insured event. Illness resulting in hospitalization of the Named person 10 days prior to the printed declared wedding date. Basis of Sum insured for Wedding Cancellation: Expenses on the following things will be covered: A) Printing of Cards B) Advances given to venue C) Advances given to caterer D) Advances to Decorations, music etc E) Advance given to hotel room bookings / travel bookings. Subject to a max of Sum insured Main Exclusions: The Company shall not be liable for cancellation of the wedding event due to: Bandh/Civil unrest Any act of terrorism Kidnapping of the named person. Complete breakdown of transportation services which prevent the Named Person(s) from reaching the venue. The non-appearance of any Named Person(s) due to such Named Person(s) being a part of an air flight, other than as a passenger in a duly licensed commercial aircraft, without the knowledge and consent of the Company. Any consequential loss due to cancellation of the insured event. Unexplained or mysterious disappearance or shortage in respect of the property to be utilized for the insured event discovered upon taking of inventory. Damage to, or destruction of, property caused intentionally by the Insured or at Insured's direction.

NAME: AGE: Below 20/ Between 20-25/ Between 25-35/ Above 35 PROFESSIONAL STATUS: Student/Businessmen/Service/Others MARITAL STATUS: Single/Engaged/Married GENDER: M/F Please answer the following: 1) Have you ever heard about the concept of Marriage Insurance? No 2) If yes, from where have you heard? Friends/ Others Newspapers/ Internet/ Yes/ Date:

3) Have you taken any Insurance Policy other than Marriage Insurance? 4) If yes to above, what amount of premium you pay annually? Below Rs. 10,000 Between Rs. 25,001- Rs. 50000 Between Rs. 10,000 - Rs. 25,000 Above Rs. 50,000

5) If you are offered a Marriage Insurance policy, what amount of premium you are willing to pay annually? Below Rs. 5,000 Rs.10,000 Between Rs 5,000 Rs. 10,000 Above

6) Which of the following features of the Marriage Insurance attracts you the most? Cover to damage of marriage halls. Cover to Burglary & Theft at the Venue. Cover to fire and allied perils including Earthquake at the venue. Non-availability of groom or bride owing to stranded transport or law and order problem. 7) What other features (if any) would you like Marriage Insurance to cover?

8) Do you think that this type of Insurance can survive and grow in the Indian Market? Yes/ No 9) What sum of money would you like to get insured with? Rs. 200,000 800,000 Rs. 400,000 Rs. 600,000 Yes/ No. _____________ Signature Rs.

10) Would you recommend the same to others?